Reader Question: Electronic vs. Electric?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Gene asks: You are quoted in an American Thinker article as saying, “ Also intrinsic to the EV is that it is electronic as well as well as electric. This distinction is important. Electric motors are controlled by the electronics which control the charge cycle and determine how far the electrically powered vehicle goes, and this control is exerted by other-than-the-owner.” Can you elaborate? Will the electronics control how far, where and track where we go?

My reply: A device can be electrically powered, like a drill. Electricity is what “makes it go.” It can also be electronically controlled, as by a computer.

Modern cars have engines that are computer (electronically) controlled.

The electric car takes this one step further. Its electrically powered motor and battery pack are also controlled by electronics, but with the added distinction of being – like a smart phone – “updatable” via wireless data feed, over which the owner has no real control.

The EV’s charge capacity/charging rate (which correlates closely with recharging time and driving range) can be altered by wire. Tesla does this openly. Also, “apps” – features and functions – can be turned on or off and implicitly, so can the car itself. It is specifically designed to not be independent of external control, exactly like a smartphone.

This is all on purpose. The object is to give the corporate-government nexus (my neologism) the means to control cars at whim, just as they can over-ride “your” phone to make it play an Emergency broadcast or just turn it off or use it to track you without you knowing.

So that – as an example – in the event of the next decreed “lockdown,” they can simply turn off the cars of those deemed “non-essential.”

I realize it sounds a bit much but consider: Would you have thought, a year ago this time, that just a few months down the road America would be populated by Face Diapered Freaks standing six feet apart?

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  1. I recall a few years ago a big hurricane was heading straight into Florida. Eloi announced he was “allowing” Tesla owners to use more battery than normal.

    Consider you own a Tesla or comparable and legitimately or illegitimately became and enemy of the start. You need to get the hell out of Dodge(so to speak)and your car quits. Well, you’ll get a ride, maybe at a truck stop. You have any one of those new cell phones with non-removable battery(s). Location on/off doesn’t really work since my Samsung Galaxy S5 was turned off for a stealth mission. Only when I was on location did I turn it back on briefly, not being at my final location. It had be “talking” to weather sites and whatnot the entire way. I had no foil so I ripped the back off, took the battery out and stuck it in a steel toolbox. Once back home it was just as I had left it…..internally. I know a guy who came back to Texas last week through Colorado. His phone had a Covid tracker message on it. When he said something about it, everyone in the room said “Thanks asshole, nice of you to bring that crap to us”. 1984 doesn’t even begin to describe our prison planet.


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