Reader Question: Engine Bans?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: I check out some EV websites, and I saw an article that will be of interest to you. It says that 14 states are seeking to ban ICEV (i.e. gasoline or diesel) vehicle sales by 2035. You can go here for more details:

Any thoughts?
My reply: Indeed. I fully expect such to happen as part of the “nudging” of Americans out of cars that aren’t electric. What worries me more than bans on the sale of new cars that aren’t electric, however, are bans on the use of cars already bought that aren’t electric. I doubt this will be done outright as that is too obvious and blunt. Rather, what I expect will happen is a kind of progressive tightening of the noose, as by making it more and more expensive to register not-electric cars  and also to fuel them, as via exorbitant taxes on gasoline and diesel.
And if that doesn’t work, then I expect some states will follow the example set by some European countries that have already prohibited the use of cars that are not electric in certain areas, progressively expanding until the non-electric car is as useless as a locomotive without tracks.
But this can be defeated – provided enough of us fight it. The big question is – will enough of us fight it?. . . 

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  1. The best laid plans. There are a lot of monkey wrenches, or unanticipated consequences. We do live in interesting times. Be ready to fight to the death, be ready to live without a grocery store. Do not fear.

    The State is afraid. It trembles, it knows how shallow it’s roots are as they stand in sand. They fear the armed state of most US citizens, it is a rare household in the US that has less than a couple firearms. The poor Canucks, Aussies and Brits (with the exception of the IRA) missed the significance of being armed. They gave up their weapons, look at what they are being subjected to. Not happening here, our rulers do fear us as they should. They will reap what they have sown.

    The Morons in Washington are afraid of us armed citizens. Heck Joey plans to nuke us if we get out of line.

    Why do you think the current meme get the white man with a gun is being pushed so hard. Well Black folk have guns as well and can use them as well as our white brothers to keep our freedom. It will not be a color war. Hopefully the LGBTQY group (such a small group really only useful as a target, that’s what you are being used as) will figure out that they are being used as well and try to keep their freedom, hang on to your guns my LGBTQY friends, the only freedom you have is what you can defend against Joey and his nukes.

  2. Reality has to set in at some point…….

    New gas and diesel vehicles are going to be around far longer than 2035. There isn’t even a good reason to move away from them. If anything, the automakers should be moving towards bigger engines not smaller ones. If a company wants to be in the car business, they will have to have cars powered by gas and diesel. It really is that simple.

    After twenty years of trying to increase electric cars sales, they still are under 1% for the most part. If it wasn’t for the government the car makers would be canceling them (or not even bother with them to begin with). Consumers have yawned at every electric car made, and yes that includes Tesla.

  3. I took a look at the article. Apart from Colorado, all the states listed are solid blue states from the Northeast or West Coast. Since I used to live in Colorado, I was curious to read their “plan” regarding EV’s (referenced in the article). It’s a sick joke. They’re looking to eventually (by 2035?) transition everything, including heavy trucks, to ZEV (zero emission vehicles). Gee, let’s see, how are things working out for the electric semi? Haven’t heard squat about it. Sounds like a pipe dream to me.

    • I’ll take issue with you about one thing: PA isn’t solid blue. Philly and Pittsburgh are, but the rest of the state is red. Two, the legislature here is GOP controlled; granted they’re more of the RINO variety vs. hard core conservatives, but they provide check on Fuhrer Wolf. Three, Wolf became governor by running as a centrist-right candidate; he touted his business background. It was only after the COVID lockdowns that we saw his inner Fuhrer come out. Finally, the guy he ran against, Tom Corbett, wasn’t a likeable, engaging candidate. He also signed a steep gasoline tax hike in to law 11 months before the election. Anyway, I’d characterize PA as more of a puple state; it’s not hard blue like CA or the People’s Republic of NJ where I’m from originally.


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