Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 8/30/21

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Here’s the audio of this week’s talk with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the untalked-about major risk factor for the ‘Rona, as well as some other things!

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  1. A light that doesn’t change late at night? In my area look for the hiding cop. They are either gaming the light or using the malfunctioning light to raise revenue.

  2. While listening to you and Bryan, I had an epiphany.
    As things now stand, smoking cigarettes is safer than the vaccine.
    We have a very good notion of the negative effects of smoking cigarettes, and how long they take to manifest. We have no idea what the negative effects of taking a vaccine are beyond a few months, and the negative effects aren’t looking too good so far. More have died from taking the vaccine than have died from recently starting to smoke.
    As an aside, early on it was discovered that smokers were less susceptible to the virus than non-smokers. Of course this was hidden from view shortly thereafter.
    I am not suggesting anyone start smoking, God forbid. Being a hopeless addict, I would not wish it upon anyone.
    Regarding Bryan’s description of the ensuing predicament, we are being immersed in segregation between the vaxxed, and the unvaxxed. It’s much deeper than that. It’s a segregation of the critical thinker from those who refuse to engage in it. No one in their right mind and capable of critical thought would take any medication with no long term safety testing, with no knowledge at all whether it would kill you in a year or not, unless they were in immediate risk from a terminal disease that they had actually contracted.


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