Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 6/7/22

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Here’s the audio of this week’s Underground Radio session with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show, somewhere in Utah!

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  1. Eric, the internet understanding of “democracy” is a government run and controlled by Jews for Jewish interests.

    When the Jewish run media complains about some nation not being a “democracy” what that really means is that nation has a government not controlled by Jews; thus Jewmerika must bomb that nation until they accept Jewish rule.

    Jewish control of Amerika is truly staggering, it is a fact that Israel was the primary player in the 911 false flag, not only did Israel do 911 – plant the charges for the controlled demolition of the WTC towers – they killed nearly 4,000 people and blamed the Arabs (the patsies) then they got Amerika military machine to go bomb their Arab enemies that lead to millions dead and whole nations turned into shitholes.

    Since Jews want to control the entire world, often called the New World Order, it really means the entire planet under Jewish rule from Jerusalem which is really the Jewish World Order – a world run by Rabbis, fags, pedophiles, and trannies.

    They are well on their way to accomplishing their goal except Russia decided to not go along with their plans, Russia decided to stay Christian and moral and not be degenerate like Ukraine which is run by a coke snorting Jew Zelensky. Ukraine is not only the center of the Khazar mafia, it is a leading child trafficking nation.

    All these people waving their blue and yellow Ukraine flags are damn fools – Ukraine wants to be the leader of the NWO. So if you put 2 and 2 together it is pretty obvious that the woke agenda is really a Jewish agenda of subversion and immorality.

    Your readers ought to watch this clip of Quentin Tarantino explaining the hidden embedded gay message in the “patriotic” movie ‘Top Gun’. Be sure to watch to the last word where he says it’s about gays fighting Russians.

    Quentin Tarantino about Top Gun

    • Sorry to break it to ya Jack, but Putin’s just a Chabad-run satrap of the Jew World Order too, enslaving the Russians to the same digital-Noahide slavery for which all the goyische nations are fated, in fulfillment of the global domination promised to the Jews in the Book of Isaiah.

      Know More News – PUTIN, KGB, CHABAD, & MOSSAD:

    • Hi Jack,

      Occasionally, the curtain is parted and we get to see . . . provided we look. Nahhhnlevven was one such moment.

      Some recollections will be forthcoming.


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