Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED Radio 6/16/22

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Here’s the audio of this week’s underground radio transmission, emanating from Occupied Oregon! Bill and I discussed the Orange Fail – among the other fails he’s ultimately responsible for:

06-15-22_EP on KMED     


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  1. You discuss electric car subsidies for rich liberals.

    I looked it up. $7500.

    Electric cars are heavily subsidized for large income earners.

    What about $7500 credit for Geo Metros or other eco gas cars?

    What if a extremely efficient 3 cylinder gas engine car that gets over 50 mpg was subsidized?

    Geo Metros MSRP was less than $7500.

    • Can’t find Geo Metro on AutoTrader anywhere in the country. I have lately seen one, at a junkyard where government no longer “allows” them to sell whole cars. Used to be able to get a junker that ran and rolled there years ago.

      • RE: “at a junkyard where government no longer “allows” them to sell whole cars.”

        Now that you mention it, I can’t recall the last time I saw a true, beater.

        …And, I’m in a State without goobermint inspections of cars.

      • Hi B,

        Yup. Also, most – if not all – of these junk yards will no longer allow you to pick parts off the junkers. For “safety” reasons, of course. You ask the guy behind the counter if he has such-and-such on the shelf.

        Sigh. I miss America. It was a not-bad place to live, once.


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