Immunizing Ourselves

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A reader mentioned the way chicken and egg prices have been manipulated – upward – by culling flocks, ostensibly on account of some avian virus, probably as dubious as the ‘Rona but just as useful. Now comes word that the flocks are to be “vaccinated,” just as we were all supposed to have been – with the grift going straight into the pockets of the drug cartels who, conveniently, have “vaccines” at the ready.

Meanwhile, we’re paying $7 for a dozen eggs – probably soon $12.

But there is a way to immunize ourselves against this – and not just with regard to eggs and chickens – although that’s as good a place as any to start, if you’re able.

We got our own chickens – and so have our own eggs. We are immune from the grift – and our birds don’t have whatever’s-in-those-drugs coursing through their bodies and so, inevitably, ours.

We have unvaccinated chickens – and eggs.

Just as important, we are not dependent on the rent-seekers’ supply of chicken and eggs. We pay what it actually costs us to raise our birds – and get their eggs – which is less than what the corporate-owned stores charge for theirs. Over which we have no meaningful control, precisely because they are corporations – and so own practically all the stores (most of the small, independent ones having been “locked-down” out of business during the “pandemic,” which strangely was held in abeyance at those big corporate stores, which were curiously allowed to remain open).

Our choice – and yours – at these stores is to pay what they say or don’t eat eggs, etc. Your not shopping there will have as much effect on their policy – and prices – as a handful of people deciding they’re not going to ride the city bus anymore.

But we can produce our own eggs – by having our own chickens – and thereby have the same kind of control the corporations have, only it’s moral – because we’re not controlling (or grifting) others thereby.

We are re-asserting control, over ourselves.

This policy can – and should – scale to encompass many other things besides. Perhaps most urgently money, as opposed to the grifted currency that they currently control. For more than 100 years, they have controlled the supply of this currency, which control they have used to manipulate its value, to their benefit at our expense. At whim, they – the cabal of grifters – are able to inject more money into the economy, devaluing the purchasing power of our money – an insidious hidden tax that very few fully understand. This enables the grifters to buy more things of real value, for less – and it enables them to cause things to cost less or more (e.g., real estate) and profit from that by manipulating that.

Imagine if we were able to immunize ourselves from that.

How would we go about it? The obvious way would be to stop using their currency and begin using money again.

The distinction here is the difference between a piece of paper issued by the grift-machine that styles itself the “Federal” Reserve – which is in fact a cabal of private banks that bought the government back in 1913 and arrogated to itself the sole legal right to issue and so control the currency – and real and tangible money that does not require a central banking cartel, only places to store and lend it.

Gold and silver cannot be created out of thin air and lent – at interest! – as the “Federal” Reserve does with the “notes” it prints and intends to digitize, next. This latter is the ultimate danger, the nail in our coffin, if we let it be. Bad enough to have our currency devalued, the value of what we own endlessly manipulated by a cabal of grifters whose greed is as insatiable as their humanity is nonexistent. Worse, almost beyond imagining, would be allowing them to control in fine detail every transaction we make, every payment we receive – and ceding to them the power to allow us to transact only to the degree they see fit.

Then we will no longer have currency. Or any control over our lives. We will become livestock of the bipedal kind.

We will be allowed something akin to company-issued script, which won’t even be a piece of paper – which we’ll be allowed to use – maybe – at stores controlled by the company, to buy what the company says we may, at prices decreed by the company – but only so long as we obey.

Real money, under our control, would immunize us from all of that. Gold in your pocket cannot be “turned off,” as an “app” on a phone can be. It is very hard to track and almost impossible for them to know what you used it to pay for. And for them to know you were paid, in turn.

It is not perfect. But it is vastly preferable to having your wealth reduced to something utterly under their control, that can be turned off or disappeared at their whim.

Having chickens – and so, eggs – is a start. A next step is having gold – and silver – rather than “notes.”

And then we proceed from there!

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    • It’s astounding how many people complied with these draconian COVID measures, and sought to sic authorities on those who “disobeyed” orders from unelected bureaucrats such as Anthony Fauci.

      2-3 years later, people who fell for the fear porn continue to insist that lockdowns and mask/ vaxx mandates SAVED LIVES. Why, even Oregon’s former Queen, Kate Brown, during her final State of the State speech last year, had the gall to claim that her draconian COVID policies saved 1,000s of lives. What she failed to mention was that her COVID response DESTROYED FAR MORE LIVES than they might have “saved”, especially after she instituted COVID vaxx mandates for employees in certain sectors.

  1. If digital dollars come to pass, I predict a vibrant “off market” currency of physical dollars & specie.

    Right now silver is a good price @ $20/ounce, but if the DD happens, I expect that price to shoot up, esp once people realize the IRS will be watching their accounts.

  2. ‘Gold in your pocket cannot be “turned off,” as an “app” on a phone can be.’ — eric

    Or a government benefit. With the financial skies turning dark, suddenly the MSM is dialing the fear up to 11:

    Here’s why your Social Security checks could stop if the U.S. debt limit is hit — MarketWatch headline

    Oh my, oh my!

    To be clear, the probability of this actually happening is less than 1 percent. Politicians aren’t going to touch that third rail.

    It goes to show, though, how the fickle Lügenpresse, which was goading us to buy tech stocks last week, now warns that granny may starve this summer.

    Who switched the lights off?

    And where’s “Joe”?

  3. ‘Our choice – and yours – at these stores is to pay what they say or don’t eat eggs, etc.’ — eric

    Then there is the Third Way, much beloved in Democratic coastal cities such as New York and San Francisco: just swipe as many eggs as you need, then march out proudly, sneering at anyone who would impede your way: you can’t be jailed for this.

    Certainly the highly-leveraged, thinly-capitalized Federal Reserve is a Third Way institution. It has had a negative net worth balance sheet since 2019. Now the hole is much bigger, owing to massive unrealized losses on its Treasury and mortgage backed securities portfolios as interest rates rose. So the Fed has stopped remitting interest income to the Treasury, since now it is bleeding red ink on its income statement too.

    Yet no one has standing to file a Chapter 7 liquidation petition in federal bankruptcy court to wind up the insolvent Federal Reserve. It is, to use Eric’s term, immunized. And it’s all legal! 🙂

    Whereas, under a gold standard, a flood of paper dollars would have been redeemed for shiny specie today, after Silicon Valley Bank gurgled down the drain and investors started looking for the next cockroach in the pantry. And when the specie ran out (as liquidity did for SVB today), the Fed would have had to close its doors for good this afternoon.

    Clinging to our jingling rounds of the barbarous relic, we would have enjoyed an all-night rave at the Eccles Building this evening, celebrating till the purple dawn with the ruby-lipped, good-timing flapper girls.

  4. I’m wondering if “vaccinating” the flocks of chickens is a back door way of getting something evil into our bodies if we eat the eggs from said flocks. Who knows what’s in those “vaccines” and how they can be manipulated? I’ll be buying all my eggs from farmers markets from now on, as long as they can assure me their chickens are vax free.

  5. Digitized currency, the “you will own nothing” part of the plan. Fentanyl being the “be happy” part. Yeah, you can kiss censorship goodbye if the dollar is digitized. There will no longer be a need for it to control public opinion. If the state doesn’t like what you say or do they can just turn you off.

    • Central Bank Digital Currency Is The Endgame, Part 1

      Central bank digital currency (CBDC) will end human freedom. Don’t fall for the assurances of safeguards, the promises of anonymity and of data protection. They are all deceptions and diversions to obscure the malevolent intent behind the global rollout of CBDC.

      Central Bank Digital Currency is the most comprehensive, far-reaching, authoritarian social control mechanism ever devised. Its “interoperability” will enable the CBDCs issued by various national central banks to be networked to form one, centralised global CBDC surveillance and control system.

      Should we allow it to prevail, CBDC will deliver the global governance of humanity into the hands of the bankers.

      The purpose of CBDC is to establish the tyranny of a dictatorship. If we allow CBDC to become our only means of monetary exchange, it will be used enslave us……..Be under no illusions: CBDC is the endgame.

      The more personal identification data you share with the central bank and its state partners, the sweeter your permitted use of CBDC will be. It all depends upon your willingness to comply. Failure to comply will result in you being unable to function as a citizen and ensure that you are effectively barred from mainstream society.

      If we simply concede to the rollout of the CBDC, the concept of the free human being will be distant memory. Only the first couple of post CBDC generations will have any appreciation of what happened. If they don’t deal with it, the future CBDC slavery of humanity will be inescapable.

      Currently if the state wishes to lockdown its citizens or limit their movement within 15 minutes of their homes they need some form of legislation or enforceable regulation. Once we start using CBDC that is linked to our Digital ID, complete with biometric, address and other details, they won’t need legislation or regulation.

      They can simply switch off your “money,” making it impossible to use outside of your restriction zone. Potentially limiting you to online purchases made only from your registered IP address. CBDC will ensure your compliance.

      The whole point of CBDC is to control the herd and enhance the power and authority of the parasite class. CBDC is a social engineering tool designed to establish a prison planet. Unless you want to be a slave, there is no possible justification for using CBDC.

  6. The pharmaceutical industry must have tremendous influence over politicians in DC and other states, as many politicians have become vaxx mandate happy the past few years. Now there’s a bill in California that would make it MANDATORY for school children entering 8th grade to get an HPV vaccine. If this isn’t stopped, it’s likely to spread to other states.

    • Hi John,
      That is just pure evil; I’ve read many stories of girls getting that shot and then having horrible reactions, to the point of becoming disabled. They want to give it to boys too, who don’t even have a cervix. I guess with this gender fluidity horse sh*t it doesn’t matter, but it figures it would start in Commiefornia. Whatever happened to the mantra of “my body my choice”? Guess it doesn’t apply if mandated by the saaaaaafety cult.

      • Hi Mike,

        I first heard about it on The Highwire yesterday. What is it with politicians who’ve gone vaxx mandate happy the past few years? And with the CDC having added the COVID shots to the childhood and adult vaccination schedule, states will likely rush to MANDATE the COVID jabs for children to go to public school, even though COVID was never that much of a threat to children. Try telling “My body, my choice” to an abortion advocate or member of the Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety cult who also ADVOCATES vaxx mandates, and their heads explode.

      • Sorry about that, here’s a non-paywall version:

        It’s interesting that, while I find the term obnoxious, I don’t think it’s totally off the mark. I have previously felt that large entity producers/retailers were engaging in some sort of contrived shenanigans regarding upward moves in pricing. Not reacting to inflation but sort of front running or managing consumer expectations, perhaps. Almost like they’re running cover for the real reason for inflation, the increase in the money supply, while juicing profits. This may be a symptom of the almost command type economy we now have, with corps and gov working hand in hand.

        • Doc,
          Well of course they are jacking prices ahead of inflation. Everybody EXPECTS prices go get higher, so they meet their expectations, ahead of schedule.

          • Sure, but that doesn’t explain the hidden stockpiles of lumber at defunct train depots, the mysterious fires at myriad food facilities, or the irrational panic and mass destruction of animals over a phony virus detected by fraudulent PCR tests. It’s hard to tell the chicken from the egg (pun intended). Perhaps it is the “chaff” mentioned in the piece Helot linked.

        • Oh “they” have been chomping at the bit for decades for this opportunity! I’ve seen it lately just for simple hardware items such as bulk bin nuts and bolts for double the price pre Covid days. I just bought a simple stamped metal utility grade pull handle for a shed door $6, a $3 item before. Still China mfg.

          I’m rebuilding stereo speaker crossovers so went online for the various capacitors. US suppliers spendy and half the stuff out of stock. I wanted all the same manufacturer – found a hi fi shop in England that stocked it all, no back order. Even with the exchange rate and shipping the parts were at least a $ wash or cheaper than here. Gouging away the USA way, no thanks.

      • Good article. The whole “J6” thing is crazy. Lies about provacateured fakery rendered through the courts such that it’s said 600 people are in jail. The shaman character has been in jail for 2 years already! He should be out of there yesterday. You just can’t trust lawyers these days. The ”Twitter Files”as well. If this stuff is true, I have to think people are now simply numb to the overt tyranny and gaslighting.

        • It seems like it’s impossible, or it takes a sheet-ton, to get through to those who were gaslit, even then, heels can drag. A surprising case in point:

          ‘Dear Conservatives, I Apologize’

          …”From the start, there have been things about the dominant, Democrats’ and legacy media’s, narrative of Jan 6, that seemed off, or contradictory, to me. (That does not mean I agree with the interpretation of these events in general on the right. […]

          I am sorry my former “tribe” is angry at a journalist for engaging in —- journalism.

          I am sorry I believed so much nonsense.

          Though it is no doubt too little, too late —

          Conservatives, Republicans, MAGA:

          I am so sorry.”

          • This caught my eye:

            Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate minority leader, did not say the video on Fox News was fake or doctored. He said, rather, that it was “a mistake” to depart from the views of the events held by the chief of the Capitol Police. This is a statement from McConnell about orthodoxy — not a statement about a specific truth or untruth.

            Then the old turtle fell and “hit his head” at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in DC. The guy is 80+ but…

            • It does make ya wonder, doesn’t it. Rather convenient timing, too.

              Right up there with, “I’m sick, I can’t go to school & take the test” etc..

  7. About ten or fifteen years ago I saw a video from the backroom of a small grocery store where the clerk had some scales and was weighing some precious metals a customer had given him to make the purchase. I had hoped at the time to see more of that going forward.

    Then, I learned about counterfeit gold & silver coins. After getting scammed by just that, the cool guy at the coin shop has this electronic gun-looking device he uses to determine if a coin is real or a clad covered fake.

    It looked kind of expensive, this tool. I wonder if they can be made more, less expensive?

    Anyway, similarly(?) when Eric wrote, “We pay what it actually costs us to raise our birds – and get their eggs –” I thought about the hog farmer in this video who said he calculated his labor,… once.

    When I collect eggs I often stop myself from considering the cost of the coop and my labor value while doing so and focus on a version of this part:

    “We are re-asserting control, over ourselves.”

    • With eggs at $3.99. a dozen, I was losing money. At $6.99 per, I’m sort of breaking even. At $10-12 per, I’m winning. Or at least that’s my guess. I still give away more than I eat. But yeah, reasserting control or even just sticking my middle finger up to the system for one minute, is worth it.

      • Wholesale egg prices have been coming down. I have seen some price declines in the grocery stores near me as a result.

        Wholesale beef & pork have gone down as well.

        Who knows how long that will last though.

    • The eggs we used to sell to a local restaurant more than paid for the feed. A flock of thirty hens netted us about 100$ bucks a month, with 3$ a dozen eggs. The labor of feeding, watering, collecting was a wash. Offset by all the healthy non GMO eggs we could ever want.

    • Trust and verify. This is why there are standards and the concept of everything being relative is bull. Touchstones were one of the early portable and nondistructive ways to verify metal content. Accurate scales another. One function of governments is keeper of weights and measurement standards. Too bad they can’t even do that right, and instead manipulate them for their purposes. Imagine being a carpenter and every day your tape measure is a slightly different length (never mind that cheap tapes are never verified).

      This looks pretty cool…

      Back in the 1970s dad would get called out to the mill during or after a thunderstorm because the Spectravac went down again. It was used in the metallurgy lab to verify the “heat” was the correct formulation. Apparently this thing used a very high voltage arc, diffraction grating and photomultiplier tube to analyze the sample, collected data was then run through a DEC PDP-8e minicomputer which would graph out the intensity of the different colors for a metallurgist.

      At the time all I knew was that it didn’t like lightning storms and dad was always grouchy the next day.

    • In the olden days, there were devices that would measure the size & weight of a coin to determine if it was real. Fit in a jacket pocket. Not high tech, but math doesn’t lie.

      • RE: “the size & weight’

        That’s not good enough nowadays. The newest counterfeits are That good.
        I think, as I recall, the core of the fakes are tungsten, just the right weight & size to fool any scale, ya gotta have an e-lectronic zapper gun to know if it’s the real deal. …But, don’t take my word for it, stop by your local coin shop & ask.

        • Put a 2023 quarter in one hand and say, a 2010 or older one in the other. My daughter did this today and then asked me to the same. The 23 one felt like a plastic token coin from a skee-ball arcade years ago. Much lighter. Talk about debasement.

        • Correct, helot. Chinese Pandas have had this issue, with tungsten being added. Without drilling into them, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. Now apparently gold from the Australian Mint is fraudulent as well.

  8. Gold used to be in our pockets and it prevented the government from deficit spending, which is why its use as currency was destroyed. FDR’s Executive Order 6102 seized all private gold, and broke the gold standard. Furthermore, gold became treated as a commodity for tax purposes, meaning that you need to pay capital gains tax on it when you spend it if its value changes in terms of dollars (which it will, because of inflation). If you don’t comply with these rules, men with guns will show up to educate you about how it works.

    Like in the Hunger Games, we now have a government, comprised of millions of people, who lives off society like a parasite. We are taxed directly, and even more so indirectly via inflation, so that these parasites can survive. When a parasite gets big enough, it’ll kill the host, and we seem to be heading in that direction. The parasite is powerful, and it will never allow a currency which limits its power. It would rather die, and kill us, than accept the possibility of becoming less powerful.

    • “men with guns will show up to educate you about how it works.”
      Ahh, but I have guns, and I know exactly how they work. I will lose that fight, but hopefully I can make the cost of that defeat very very high.


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