Reader Question: Saaaaaaafety Seats?

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Heres’ the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom asks: What’s the deal with kid car seats? Is it actually for safety, or to get people to obey? What’s really behind the mandate for child seats, even up to teen years?

My reply: Well, the seats themselves may offer a hypothetical “safety” benefit, if there’s a crash. Of a piece with seat belts – if worn. If there’s no crash – and if it’s not a serious crash – there is no actual benefit. But there is always control – and the excuse to exercise it. That is what seat belt laws and child safety seat laws are all about. Both also serve, in my opinion, to foster fear of cars in kids – so as to make them more amenable to being controlled as adults. They grow up accepting that “their safety” justifies government forcing their parents to “buckle them up” – and strap them in. Such a mindset is primed to be obedient when told “their health” requires them to wear a “mask” – and accept being drugged.

I do believe there is a close correlation between the lack of interest in cars among people under 35 – who grew up strapped in – and their having been strapped in. For those of us who weren’t, cars were exciting and we looked forward to driving. And we were used to not being told we had to wear a seatbelt and so resented it when told we had to.

This latter is my main beef. I don’t object to seatbelts – or “safety” seats for kids – as such. For those who want to wear them and restrain their kids in them. But I deeply resent and oppose any requirement that people wear and use them as I consider that idea far more actually dangerous than the hypothetical danger of not “buckling up” and driving with kids free-range inside a car.

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