Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 12/27/2023

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Here’s the audio of my weekly get-together with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah!

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  1. There now exists a petition to bring back the guillotine. I think that is a very good idea, and you will need a whole lot of them because Amerika is chock full of traitors. Even Trump is asking his advisors about this, firing squads, public hangings, and guillotines.

    Sources tell Rolling Stone Trump has been talking about how executions could fit in campaign messaging.
    Trump asked advisers about bringing back the firing squad and the use of guillotines, sources said.
    Sources also told Rolling Stone that Trump has discussed the idea of group executions.

    We certainly are in that phase of the civilization cycle, when the plebs revolt and storm the Bastille to free the J6 prisoners. I think the next full session of Congress we lock the doors and start a military tribunal for all the traitors.

    Congressman, did you sign a loyalty oath to Israel? Yes? Off with your head.

    President Biden, did you fund the genocide in Gaza? Off with your lizard neck.

    ADL president Abe Foxman, did you help coverup 911 for your Jew buddies in Israel? Head chopper for you Jew.

    Chucky Schumer, are you on the AIPAC payroll? No more head for your yarmulke.

    Basically, the entire Congress, and Executive office, and all the media needs to be decapitated for their high crimes against the peoples of the world not to mention the Amerikan tax slaves.

    • The French legal system used the guillotine up until 1977.

      Nothing new under the sun, in 2022, Saudi Arabia beheaded 196 lost souls. They’re wild animals in Saudi Arabia, they’re everywhere.

      Humans, they have to be tamed, they really do.

      There is a photograph of a Chinese executioner next to a guillotine over there.

      Just too much blood and gore, get the deadly death quackcine.

      A nice sterile sanitized death sentence. Death goes from ludicrous speed to plaid.

    • Hi Jack,

      If a man can be sent to prison for selling drugs such as pot that hurt no one, to people who were never pressured to buy the pot, how is it that actual drug pushers who’ve actually harmed (and killed) people walk free – and rich?

      • If you love pot and want to enjoy growing it and smoking it come to Oregon, it is 100% legal. When I ride my bike through my little Oregon town, I smell the pot plants on nearly every block. You can’t see the grow operation, but you can smell it. Oregon pot dispensaries are numerous, in every town with every clever name. You really ought to go visit Bill Meyer in Medford and have him show you this area.

        Corporations like Pfizer did not coerce any fool to get jabbed, they lobbied and bribed politicians to do their dirty work. Example – Pfizer bankrolled the Trump campaign, Trump endorsed the Pfizer vaxx and promoted it, then fools took it. The Orange Clown is a good salesmen, which is what they want to sell the agenda. A politician’s worth is what he will do for the owners and their agenda. The politician’s job is to market the agenda with his charisma. That is why in politics you have smiley faced charismatic liars.

        On your way back from Orygun, stop in to Bryan Hyde in Utah and have him explain Mormonism, the original Amerikan Jews. I don’t know if Bryan is Mormon, but if he is, go to the big temple and then go see Hill AFB and see the roar of freedom, F-16s in the traffic pattern.

        And if you are a good Libertarian, go see the $2 billion NSA complex in Provo. Then we getting home back to Virginia contemplate the fate of the ZOGUSA and make plans to move south of the equator – to flee from the crazy people who occupy these United States of Zion.

        Seer stones + KJB = Book of Mormon


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