Saturday, September 21, 2019
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GM 2008 H3 owner

OK I love my 2008 H3. Has anyone hacked the GM monitoring system so that it can be neutered?    

Ignition coil price ranges significantly, why?

I came across this car parts question and wondered what your take on it was myself: "... I’ve acquired an old beater car that needs work. Specifically it needs a new ignition...

Toilet Paper Oil Filters

My question is about the effectiveness of these type of oil filters. They have a long history and it is obviously less expensive to change a roll of toilet paper then...


Can you give me the history on the origination of the term clover?

Never drove, what sort of car should I get?

Hi Eric! Found your website through and I think it's awesome. I will try my best not to be a clover as I take to the roads. What advice do...

1971 Camaro

Hey Eric First off man love your site I always come on here to read everything you have to say about cars and about our "loving a caring" government. I bought a...

Q 7

which is better buy between Audi Q7 3.0 TDI or 4.2 TDI

Score one for FL!

Too bad I just paid the stupid 158$ red-light-scam-camera fine this past Monday... Florida judge rules red light cameras unconstitutional

2001 Saturn SC1

I am in the market for a "new" car, and I found a 2001 Saturn SC1 for 2850 with 141,555 Miles. Is this reasonably priced? (I am in California). Is there...

Fuel Economy Cars

As my monthly gas bill runs about $300 a month for my older model 4runner, I am looking to downsize. I am interested in the following models: Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio,...
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