Reader Question: Where Are the Bodies (Again)?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike writes: This is just effing nuts! For the whole duration of the SARS Cov-2 nonsense, we’ve been gas-lighted by the mainstream “news” (yes, that needs to be air-quoted) and now mainstream entertainment has hopped on the bandwagon.

And yes, I watch too much television – but I’m getting cured of that good and hard. Show after show after show is depicting the bodies being stacked high, needing refrigerator trucks brought in, hospitals massively overrun and practitioners suffering from overwork and too many deaths. I’ve done some searching and I can’t find a single case of that actually happening in the U.S.

Even in New York, some hospitals went to capacity briefly, but others were at or below normal, meaning even during the worst period only a few hospitals had more than usual patients, and overall bed capacity in the region was not strained. As far as I can tell, none of the added capacity has been used anywhere. I’m happy to be fact-checked on this if anyone has conflicting data. So WTF?

Is this punishment because they couldn’t rig the election sufficiently to get an immediate call for Plugs, Cellar Denizen? I’m reminded of two old references.

The first, is the Mark Twain quote: “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” In our case, it’s governments and media around the world presenting fiction as truth and basing policy on it.

The second is a 60s movie called Guide for the Married Man. It’s the “Deny, deny, deny” segment. Gaslighting at it’s finest. Until this year I thought this scene was stupid because it would never even come close to working. Well, it turns out that it does work on 95 percent of the population.

What bothers me the most is that I have found damn few people who have asked the hard questions and have done the homework to find out what is really going on. Two in my circle of work mates and acquaintances. That’s it. Everyone else believes “it’s really bad.” I see people everywhere who are perversely enjoying it: “Move over greatest generation,’cause you never had to deal with this crap!” No, they were just taken away from their families for years, traumatized, shot at, maimed, killed. But yeah, I get it. You’re all heroes now. Okay, this was useless, but it felt good to say it.

My reply: It is necessary to say it. Two plus two does equal four. Not five. Letting these weaponized hypochondriacs get away with setting the terms and conditions of the discussion means there is no discussion. Question all assertions; demand facts – call out bullshit for the bullshit it is.

And it felt good to say it!

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  1. I have started handing out (and posting near high schools) a playing-card-sized printout that says: “Did you know? If you ask the Ministry of Public Health where you can find scientific proof that “the virus” causes or spreads disease, they will not respond? Try it!” It includes a QR code to the government web site contact info.

    This is because I have written several times and I know the Gesundheitfuhrers don’t respond. Of course this is also in Uruguay, so irrelevant to anyone else who might read this. Unless it gives you an actionable idea.

  2. I always enjoyed Eric’s videos of his daily drive-by of the local hospital a few months ago. No bodies stacked up like cord wood. No commotion. Nothin’. Since the hysteria’s being re-ramped it might be time to restart those.

  3. A local hospital has 21 intensive care beds. According to someone I know that works there, four are set aside for Covid patients. So when those four bed are filled, they talk about how they are at “capacity” even though the other 17 beds may still be (and often are) unused.

    Hospitals are milking this for all it’s worth. There is no extra “crisis” outside of the continuing everyday crisis that they do nothing to solve. Because they really don’t want to “solve” it.

    • The wife works as an admissions clerk at a local hospital, the largest one in the region. She was laid off earlier this year, along with hundreds of others at the supposed peak back in the spring, because the place was virtually empty, all while the local media kept saying they were overwhelmed. She’s back to work now, and things are pretty much normal. Yes, there are a few “covid” patients, but nothing close to capacity. And yet, the media is already starting their BS about being overwhelmed. It’s sickening. And oh, by the way, if you’ve been to the grocery store in the last couple days, that whole cluster fuck seems to be rearing its ugly head one more time, at least here in my area. No TP, no paper towels, spaghetti sauce and canned goods wiped out. Here we go again!

  4. I know virtually all of my friends and relatives were citing the images of refrigerated trucks outside of NY hospitals- “See? This is REAL! This is serious!”.

    The real reality: The trucks were indeed there…but only because the many people who die in NY from any cause weren’t being buried, because of the government’s restrictions which had put the kibosh on funerals, and so the morgues were full…and thus they needed extra space to put corpses….

    Just goes to show how easily people can be manipulated by the media. Unfortunately, what is shown on the Tee-Vee is the accepted reality to most people- even trumping what they see with their own eyes. And no matter how many times people egt a glimpse behind the curtain (WMDs!!!) …..the majority still choose to believe, and refuse to boot the liars from their living rooms; in-fact, just the oppossite- now they most have a screen with them no matter where they go.

    The media is more so our enemy than any politician, because without the media, the pols would not be able to foist upon us the alternate reality necessary to win the hearts and minds of people, and make them into obedient slaves who not only willingly comply, but who actively beg for more.

    • This never ends until they find a way to consolidate the power gains forever without it. Then Biden will have suddenly cured the COVID. Nothing will have changed but how they define it. Then we get the next bug some time later.

      The only way it actually ends is masses of people ignoring their edicts or mocking them. After last weekend I may be ready for malicious compliance that amounts to mocking them. Open resistance beyond what I am already doing isn’t feasible, but I can mock.

      I’ve also noticed something, the older the people are the less the fear mongering has worked on them. They don’t wear masks unless coerced into it and they are supposed to be the most vunerable. Some of them are over 90 years old and doing just fine. It’s all about having a good immune system, not masks or anything else. But they isolate us and do all this psychological harm to damage our immune systems.


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