2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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The typical modern SUV is a sheet metal pretty boy; either it’s too delicate to be taken off road — or too expensive to risk scuffing the paint up.

Toyota’s new FJ Cruiser’s not like that at all.

It brings back to life the spirit of the original FJ LandCruiser Toyota brought out in 1967 to go up against domestic rough boys like the old (and pre-OJ) Ford Bronco Jeep CJ and International Scout. The new FJ, like its ancestor, is built for serious duty — and for people who know how to use a two-speed transfer case.

The FJ rides on a shortened and narrowed version of the fully boxed steel ladder frame used in the Toyota 4-Runner mid-sized SUV. The engineers shaved about 5.3 inches off the overall length (183.9 for the FJ vs. 189.2 for the 4-Runner) and trims a bit more than half an inch off the width (74.6 inches for the FJ vs. 75.2 for the 4-Runner). The FJ’s more compact overall dimensions give it extra wiggle room in tight squeeze situations — such as getting past a couple of big oaks on either side of a narrow path. The stubbier shape also results in angles of approach (34 degrees vs. the 4-Runner’s 30 degrees) and departure (30 degrees vs. 24 for the 4-Runner) better suitable for off-pavement work. You’ll be less likely to tear off the rear bumper coming down a steep grade — or plow your nose into the dirt trying to make it up one.

There are also front and rear tow hooks you can use to winch yourself out of a mud pit, full underbody skid plates to protect the vitals (oil pan, transmission/transfer case and fuel tank) from rocks, heavy-duty six-lug hubs and a real-deal 4×4 system with High and Low ranges tied into a heavy-duty 8-inch solid rear axle and locking Torsen center differential. (Base 2WD models have a limited slip rear axle.)

The FJ also offers a clutch start cancel feature that lets you use the starter motor to “bump” the vehicle forward — and keeps the truck from rolling backwards if you stall the engine and need to re-start on a steep incline.

Rolling stock consists of P265/70-17 32-inch Dunlop GrandTrek knobbies — and the suspension’s set up to allow generous wheel movement over uneven terrain. You’ve got 9.6 inches of ground clearance to work with, too.

On the outside, the FJ’s protected by hard rubber color-matched bumpers and molded in flares that won’t need the ministrations of a body shop after a weekend trip to the backwoods — or a year of parking on city streets, for that matter.

Use the FJ to push your buddy’s Escalade up the driveway — it won’t hurt nothin’.

The full-size spare’s mounted on the rear gate where you can easily get to it — not under the body, as on some competitors. And the FJ’s two-section rear gate is thoughtfully designed to allow the glass part to be fully opened even with the spare in place and the lower gate fully closed.

But the real clue to the FJ’s seriousness of purpose is what you won’t find on the list of standard features. No chromed 20-inch “bling rims,” for example. Instead, you’ll find four stamped steel 17 inch wagon wheels painted flat black — with no high-dollar trim rings and center caps to worry about losing. Rub up against a curb? No problema. Just dab on some DupliColor touch-up paint and you’re good to go. Steel wheels like this are virtually indestructible — and just the ticket for a real-deal SUV. (Alloys are available optionally if you want ’em, but the FJ looks better with the steelies — and they’re more suited to its nature anyhow.)

Inside, there’s no city-boy cream-colored leather with frou-frou contrast piping; no burled walnut inserts, lamb’s wool or deep pile shag carpets, either. But you can plant your muddy Doc Martens with confidence directly onto the FJ’s waterproofed floorboards — which are protected by thick rubber mats that can be washed out when you get home.

Even the seats are water-repellent.

However, the most appealing thing about the FJ may be its low-ball price — just $22,890 with six-speed manual gearbox and 4WD. Compare that with the MSRPs of two of the FJ’s most obvious competitors, the Hummer H3 ($28,935) and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon ($27,930). That five grand price difference is hard to swallow given that neither the H3 nor the Wrangler Rubicon outlclass the FJ in terms of off-roading bona fides — and the FJ’s arguably the more interesting vehicle of the three.

Then there’s power to consider.

The FJ packs a standard 239-hp 4-liter V-6 — and can accelerate to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds. More importantly, it has the reserves to pull off passing/merging moves that can be dicey in the overweight/under-powered H3. The little Hummer’s standard 220-hp 3.5 liter in-line five seems ok on paper — but it’s unevenly matched to its beefy 4,700-lb. curb weight. The H3 needs 13 seconds-plus to heave itself to 60 mph — and has next to nothing left once you’re up to about 65 mph.

The Wrangler’ Rubicon’s got decent punch thanks to its 4-liter, 190-hp engine and curb weight of 3,740-lbs. But like the H3, it’s less at home on road than off.

The FJ, meanwhile, handles long hauls as well as most “street” SUVs that could never hope to meet it on equal terms when the pavement ends.

Its from follows function cabin also makes much better use of space (especially back-seat space) than the cramped H3 or the two-door Wrangler.

Which brings us to the FJ’s final ace in the hole — curb appeal. From its two-tone exterior/interior treatments, roof rack cage and backward-opening “suicide” doors to its classic-era FJ-inspired shapes and elemental simplicity, this is retro done right.

The new FJ Cruiser recalls all the good things about the original FJ LandCruiser — and brings back to life a moment in time before “SUV” became synonymous with “poseur.”

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  4. Meanwhile In Alternate EPAutos News:

    Mark W. · 1005 days ago
    So officers came to his home without a warrant. He was “uncooperative” meaning he likely did not consent to allow officers into his home. Any confrontation at that point is initiated by the police when they refused to leave even though they didn’t have a warrant. Apparantly the police can just assault you if they don’t want to bother getting a warrant. Then they can arrest you for fighting back, and once under arrest, they don’t need a warrant to search you. How’s that freedom working out for you?

    Lawgirl1707 · 1005 days ago
    Really? Nice comment. This guy just wrecked his car WITH his three small children (the twins being under age 2) in the car and was very likely high. He also has a history of domestic assault. And all the trolling commentary you can say is that the police shouldn’t have acted upon their CORRECT suspicions. You’re really a true pilot for “freedom.”

    warmi67690 · 1005 days ago
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    czimm137 · 1005 days ago
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    – – – – – – –

    Alternate High Castle Time Line – David Ward’s Traffic accident involving children leads to meth lab bust


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        • Prehistoric Texas. Ancient Peoples in a Changing World.

          Dona Ana County Airport Site:
          An Early Historic Native Campsite

          The period between the demise of the Pueblo settlements around A.D. 1450 and the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 is one of the most poorly known archeological periods in the Trans-Pecos.

          Although the period is well-documented historically, the records are often ambiguous and confusing, and frequently contrast with what little archeological evidence there is.

          The Dona Ana County Airport site is the only well-documented archeological site from this time period.

          Though it is fairly ephemeral, the site sheds some light on how the people of the Trans-Pecos lived immediately before and after contact with the Spanish.

          Like those in much of the southern part of the American Southwest, the Pueblo settlements of the Trans-Pecos were abandoned around A.D. 1450.

          This may have been the result of the demise of the influential Casas Grandes regional system of northern Chihuahua, or of an extended period of drought coupled with heavy reliance on an over-specialized agricultural economy.

          But the region was not completely abandoned. The people who remained reverted to a less intensive mobile adaptation that had closer affinities with the adaptations of the Archaic period than with those of the preceding Formative period. That is, they returned to a lifeway heavily dependent on hunting game and gathering wild plant foods.

          The Dona Ana County Airport site is located in southeastern Dona Ana County, New Mexico, just west of the El Paso city limits, along the upper terrace of the Rio Grande. It is in an area once inhabited by the people whom the Spanish referred to as the Manso.

          They were so named, because their first words to the Spanish were “manxo, manxo, micos, micos,” which meant “peaceful ones” and “friends.” The Manso lived in small communities, or rancherías, along the Rio Grande in the immediate area of El Paso, north to Las Cruces. They wore little, if any, clothing and decorated their bodies with paint.

          Men usually wore their hair short and dyed it red. They frequently carried bows, arrows, and clubs.

          The only features identified at the Dona Ana County Airport site were 17 burned rock and caliche hearths. Unfortunately, there is no site map illustrating the actual locations and relationships of the hearths. The question of whether there were habitation structures was also not resolved, because subsurface excavation was limited to hearth features.

          Spanish accounts suggest that the Manso slept outside on beds of grass, or in ephemeral structures consisting of straw, brush, or poles. Little evidence of structures like these would have been preserved at the site.

          However, Spanish accounts fail to consider that the Manso settlements they encountered may have only been the temporary camps of groups who were fleeing from them, and that the structures they described may have been much more ephemeral than was typical for the Manso.

          Spanish accounts of Manso subsistence suggest that they did not practice agriculture, but had an economy that was based on hunting, gathering, and fishing. The Spanish observed the Manso eating horses and mules stolen from them, as well as rats, rabbits, fish, mesquite beans, prickly pear, agave, yucca, mescal, and unspecified roots and seeds.

          A total of 230 chipped-stone artifacts was recovered from the site. Nearly 64% were made of obsidian and the rest of fine-grained chert and chalcedony. This percentage of obsidian is unusually high for the Trans-Pecos, where obsidian rarely exceeds 10% of a lithic assemblage, even at sites directly adjacent to obsidian-bearing gravel deposits.

          The site’s inhabitants transported obsidian nodules to the site from distant sources in northern Chihuahua and southwestern New Mexico, rather than obtaining them from the obsidian-bearing gravel deposits of the adjacent Rio Grande valley.

          The amount and types of chipped-stone debris indicates that knappers conducted all of their lithic reduction and toolmaking at the site. This pattern of lithic procurement and reduction indicates that the site’s inhabitants had a large territorial range and high degree of mobility that more closely resembles adaptations of the Archaic period than adaptations of the preceding Formative period.

          • The problem isn’t that life is unfair – it’s your broken idea of fairness

            Unless you’re winning, most of life will seem hideously unfair to you.

            Rule #1: Life is a competition

            Never fall for the collective delusion that there’s not a competition going on. People dress up to win partners. They interview to win jobs.

            If you deny that competition exists, you’re just losing. Everything in demand is on a competitive scale. And the best is only available to those who are willing to truly fight for it.

            Rule #2. You’re judged by what you do, not what you think

            Write an unpublished book, you’re nobody. Write Harry Potter and the world wants to know you. Save a life, you’re a small-town hero, but cure cancer and you’re a legend.

            The same rule applies to all talents, even “unsavoury” ones: get naked for one person and you might just make them smile, get naked for fifty million people and you might just be Kim Kardashian.

            You may hate this. It may make you sick. Reality doesn’t care. You’re judged by what you have the ability to do, and the volume of people you can impact. If you don’t accept this, then the judgement of the world will seem very unfair indeed.

            Rule #3. Our idea of fairness is self interest

            Similarly we love to hate our bosses and parents and politicians. Their judgments are unfair. And stupid. Because they don’t agree with me! And they should! Because I am unquestionably the greatest authority on everything ever in the whole world!
            [- straw man, pussified claim men must submit to appointed strangers because that’s the way it is, and never could be different.]

            It’s true there are some truly awful authority figures. But they’re not all evil, self-serving monsters trying to line their own pockets and savour your misery. Most are just trying to do their best, under different circumstances to your own.

            [- nice try pathetic mainstream fatwa acceptance programming, screw you and your lies.]

            Maybe they know things you don’t – like, say, your company will go bust if they don’t do something unpopular. Maybe they have different priorities to you – like, say, long term growth over short term happiness.

            But however they make you feel, the actions of others are not some cosmic judgement on your being. They’re just a byproduct of being alive.

            Most of us get so hung up on how we think the world should work that we can’t see how it does. But facing that reality might just be the key to unlocking your understanding of the world, and with it, all of your potential.

            Why life isn’t fair

            Our idea of fairness isn’t actually obtainable. It’s really just a cloak for wishful thinking.


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