LP Gas as a 4 cylinder car fuel source.

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Hi Eric I have a question: Is LP gas/bottled gas/propane suitable or more to the point a viable alternative to gasoline or petrol?
Can it be ‘piped’ into a normal carburetor? Seems it would have to be after the engine’s conventional fuel pump.
If carbs are out what is the alternative? Retro fitting a fuel injection system would seem very, pricey and may not be financially viable.
Any readers got experience in this regard as it could be a real winner with Nat Gas now starting to look a potential alternative fuel of the future for virtually all classes of vehicles.

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  1. dave,
    i purchased a police car with bi fuel engine, propane and gas. it is ford expedition, year 2000.
    the lpg tank was too small for our use, we paid $3500 to install 50 gallon tank. with our 500 gallon tank for house heating, which altered to function as car filling station, we do not use gas stations any more. at $1.28 to $2/ gallon, it works well so far.

    propane in liquid form, it is stored under low pressure, about 100-200 psi. (domestic water is about 50 psi), compared to cng compressed natural gas, is stored in gas form, at 3000 psi, which requires much tougher tank. also, it takes different type of refilling station. such stations are hard to find.

    in foreign countries, propane powered autos are very common. cheap and clean. forklifts in warehouse in US are mostly propane powered for its clean exhaust.

    propane is abundant, and domestic, cheap, easy to handle, and compatible with gas powered engine, gentle on engine, thus lasts longer, etc. it should be much more widely used.


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