No One Ever Really Builds Anything…

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The abject stupidity of the POTUS’ reasoning is portrayed in this awesome video.

The best line is:

“It’s important to destroy their sense of individualism while they are still young…”

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  1. Its easy to think like a serf. And interesting that the serfs can’t even begin to try to imitate us. They just throw vague labels that someone in authority says apply to us. We’re all tax evaders gun nut right wingers in a religious cult with Ayn Rand on our dashboards like a capitilist virgin mary.
    Let me see if I can channel the hive mind.
    You are just a stakeholder here. You provide content and pay the bills here. Your opinions are just one of many of equal value. You have no special rights. SILENCING DISSENTING POSTS VIOLATES THE FOUNDING principles of the internet. The brave men of DARPA are part of the brave men in uniform who keep us all free.There would be no internet if they didn’t fund its invention and allow its conversion to civilian use.
    The internet is a big new virtual national park we can all use as long as we remain stewards of this precious resource. That is why you have a moderator. Dom is like the park ranger on this section of the public cyberspace.
    You obviously didn’t provide all the computers and wires that make up the world wide web.
    We are all spiders weaving together. Each view is like a fly the web catches. The page views ad up. The more visits the more flies you catch the more ads you can hang on the web threads like a billboard. Thank you for posting this informative video. The more you know the more you see the more you can say somethinng. Blog safely Eric my friend. WE ARE ALL DOING A HECKUVA JOB.


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