TSA Cretin Humiliates Dying Woman

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Steve Watson
Oct 10, 2012

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower, a story emerges from Seattle where TSA agents forced a young woman who is dying from leukemia to lift her shirt to expose feeding tubes, removed bandages from her recent surgeries, and broke open an IV bag of saline solution, all in full public view.

Michelle Dunaj from the Detroit area told KOMO News that the incident occurred as she was passing through Seattle Sea-Tac Airport on her way to Hawaii on one last vacation.

“When somebody wants to take a trip – what I call an ‘end of life’ trip because you want to see your family and friends it’s even more important than just a trip,” Dunaj said.

She described how she had called Alaska Airlines before her trip to ensure that they were aware of her plans and that she would be carrying medicines through security.

“I did everything they asked me to do, so I didn’t think it would be an issue,” she said. However, “nothing happened as it should.” according to Dunaj.

She described how the TSA demanded to search her and refused to allow her a private screening, even though it is mandatory for them to do so should a passenger request it.

Dunaj, who is 34 years old and has been told by doctors she has just three to four months to live, said that agents told her “the location is fine,” before ordering her to expose her surgery scars. When a scanner failed to get a reading on her saline bags, Dunaj says a TSA agent forced one open, contaminating the fluid vital to her continued survival. Agents also forced her to expose feeding tubes that she needs because her organs are failing.

“My issue is: It was in front of everyone, and everyone was looking at me like I was a criminal or like I was doing something wrong,” Dunaj told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “It shouldn’t have been in front of everyone.”

Dunaj added that once TSA agents were done searching her, they told her to hurry up and move because she was holding up the security line.

The TSA’s website states that “TSA officers are trained to perform pat downs in a dignified manner and, at any point, passengers can request a private screening with a witness present.” A TSA statement issued late Tuesday, claimed that after reviewing video from the security checkpoint it was determined that “screening procedures were followed.”


  1. 1. Eliminate both “qualified” and absolute” immunity for ALL public officials. This includes, police and firefighters, all court officials, code enforcement and “child protective service” personnel. Require all public officials and employees who deal with the public to purchase and maintain personal liability (malpractice) insurance at their own expense as a condition of employment. You can bet that insurance companies would be more efficient in rooting out the “bad apples”. No insurance=no job.
    2. Require all public officials to maintain a video and audit trail when dealing withe the public. Equipment malfunction would NOT be an excuse and would be grounds for immediate and permanent dismissal and loss of pension. Wearable personal equipment would be mandatory–along with dash cams.
    3. Prosecutors must have NO immunity and should be subordinate to the grand jury. As it stands now, grand juries are “rubber stamps” for prosecutors. Grand juries should be able to indict without seeking a prosecutor’s “permission”.
    4. Civilian police review boards should be comprised of citizens with NO police ties. Those with police officers as relatives would automatically be disqualified from serving on civilian police review boards.
    5. Police agencies should be prohibited from investigating themselves. Outside disinterested agencies should investigate charges and accusations of police wrongdoing, preferably at the county sheriff or state police level.
    6. “Asset forfeiture” should be abolished. It is nothing but a corrupting influence (and a good moneymaker). It is legalized robbery at its best.
    These changes would do much to reign in abuses by all public officials………….

  2. It should always be remembered that the TSA exists courtesy of Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress and presidents of both parties. They aren’t simply rogues who set up shop in airports.

    • Mo, I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but having recently been involved in a three year court case against nothing more serious than a homeowner’s association, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the courts will not help an individual facing outrageous claims made by a group.

      There is strength in numbers. The TSA know this, as does every other organization in the country. A Constitution’s sole purpose is to protect the individual from the collective (the State). When the judiciary become an agent of the collective and ignores Constitutional law, all hope for justice is lost.

  3. A TSA statement issued late Tuesday, claimed that after reviewing video from the security checkpoint it was determined that “screening procedures were followed.”

    Of course they were. They always are. Stolen iPad? “screening procedures were followed.” Broken colostomy bag? “screening procedures were followed.” Contaminated saline solution? “screening procedures were followed.”

    • Yep, just like when the cops beat people half to death for minor traffic violations they give the same determination and even let them keep their jobs. This is the future.


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