Ben Affleck is Ok With TSA Grabbing Your Dick

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But not his:


  1. I guess I posted this to the wrong thread a few minutes ago. Didn’t realize there was already a TSA bash going on elsewhere…


  2. There were hundreds of concentration camps, with all kinds of different purposes. I think the whole TSA, DHS, Bowl of Alphabet Soup bureacracy regime is very much a type of “final solution.”

    What it accomplishes is to take a wealthy society of 311 million men and women and turn it into a sort of administrative hive of 155 million drone males, 155 million drone females, and 1 million queens who produce honey and maintain social order for the scarce plutocrats who are the only thing resembling males in this scenario.

    There is a reshuffle in play. Motorized transport has been designated as an untechnology and the holocaust is well finished. You can still fly, drive, build and maintain motorized transportation devices, but you can not do as a man.

    You are also unable to ride and be made to feel like a queen or woman enjoying the mating behavior of your man.The 310 million drones role is to disdain flying and driving. Its dangerous, bad for the environment, and an imposition on those who have dutifully abandoned the societal evil. Women must now harp and scold all males who display any type of prowess or pride in their motorized chivalry.

    Men are only keep us safe, gun down paoching smuggling border violators, keep us in strict social compliance, are faithfully consistent and have no individual advantages over one another.

    There is no American crotch to be grabbed, that’s the moral of the TSA theater tableaus at travel concentration hubs across the homeland. The crotch as it were is on page 1742 of Obama Care. Its the lever at the voting booth. Its the womb of the envelope we write out our checks for, pay our bills to, lick them shut with a fiscal offering supplication to, and hand over to the eggs and sperm of the mailman, bank, utility, airline frequent flyer club, mortgage holder, flight path, interstate fallopian tube superhighway vagina national blow doll sex surrogate.

    The security apparatchiks, the plane inspectors, the swarthy would be bombers, the shuffling submissive masses wearing yellow stars, red white and blue stars. Tim Osama/Osama Bin Laden’s mission is accomplished. The international banking caliphate is complete. Allah Bernanke Rothschild Akbar.

    The 15 trillion US economy is harnessed and tamed by the keepers of the hegemon. It can control the 60 trillion worldwide economy now for the endless final Reich.

    There is no more teeming shores of traders and worker bees outside the hives. Always they need a passport and ID now. 7 billion drones and pollen processors, all doing the holocaust shuffle.

    • Para. 3 s/b you can not do so as a man.
      Para. 5 s/b men are only those who keep us safe. poaching not paoching.
      Para. 6 s/b national blow up doll sex surrogate.

      You aren’t a man darwinally competing for a mate. You are a man insofar as you serve your national hive, provided that your geographical hive serves the United Nations of hives. Further proviso that all honey you produce is IMF approved fiat banking conglomerate honey that evidences your debt and obligation to the hive.Your wife and daughters aren’t your queens, the police state itself is the queen you borg collective drone, submit and obey, thank you for your cooperation.

      • And now for the latest “buzz”… I have to laugh because just the other night I dug out my old ‘Outer Limits’ DVD set and watched ‘ZZZZZ’.

  3. One of the comments:

    I was in line once and thought that, “They`re training us to do the Holocaust Shufle.” Men´╗┐ in uniforms telling us to shut up, take off our clothes and submit to authority etc etc etc. All they need to do is replace the X-Ray booth with a shower stall. They got us to part 8 of the ten point extermination program…

    While I hope this country is not that far gone, I did find this disturbing.

    • I saw this coming along quite speedily back in 2006 when I passed through LAX. I knew right there and then where things were headed. Fast forward to 2009 and I tried out one of those scanning devices at a dead quiet airport and when they told me how to hold up my hands in that “don’t shoot” position is when I said to hell with it. That’s when I quit flying for the duration. They can all burn in hell. And as for Afleck? Son of a bitch just deep sixed any residual respect I once had for him.

        • I was thinking the same thing. The PTB have to be so proud of themselves and how many clovers they’ve created. Clovers already have their cadence down and love every minute of it.

    • If he condones ‘dick touching’ he amd his wife / children should have their ‘dicks’ and or other private genetials felt by the TSA. BTW didnt he board private planes and he , himself doesnt not get his ” dick ” touched?


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