Woody Harrelson as Hero Cop

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This one looks good:

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  1. Seriously, let me get this straight.
    Woody plays a rogue cop for Hollywood, while today we have a police state in principle brewing.
    So we enjoy a film fantasy involving an individual, but deplore it when it starts to happen in reality?
    Or did I miss something?

    When lawless anti-heroes are heroes, it seems to me the state either cracks down or becomes lawless itself, if not that revolutions are always proceeded by the preaching and practice of license. When chaos results, people cry out for law and order. For but one example, Hitler obliged.

    Or did I miss something?

  2. I’m reminded of that old movie Colors with Sean Penn and Robert Duvall. Seems that after all these years nothings changed only the frequency of the abuse.

  3. Woody is awesome! Looks like a bunch of great actors in this move too. Can’t wait to see it. I watch a special the other night on NetFlix and Woody was the host. He definitely hates clovers.

    • I’ve seen some interviews with him also and he seems like an interesting dude. He’s friends with Willie Nelson – and Willie’s always been cool in my book…


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