You Might Need A Gun…

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In the event of something such as this:

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  1. A Day In the Gunfree Paradise of Australia

    The Republic – Thrasymachus

    Socrates’ position that justice is an important good is incorrect. For the health of a Republic ‘Injustice, if it is on a large enough scale, is stronger, freer, and more masterly than justice’. In the course of arguing for this conclusion, Thrasymachus makes three central claims about justice.

    Justice is nothing but the advantage of the stronger.
    Justice is obedience to laws.
    Justice is nothing but the advantage of another.

    Rather like Stalin’s chicken, says Thrasymachus, a disarmed populace will be that much more loyal to the Republic. The rich will fear the poor. Old men will fear the young. The individual will fear the group. All will fear all, and thus look to the Republic for protection and salvation.

    This is a key reason to hate the state. The ethical egoist sees clearly that society’s justice is only the good of the other and thus incompatible with the pursuit of one’s own self-interest.

    The false virtues of altruism shift the balance of power to the strongest in animal terms, and steal the power of the value creators to serve the ends of the state.

    i.e. The Virtues of Selfishness.(Rand) They sure beat a kick to the head.

  2. No More Gun Owner Lists, Says the Creepaganda Hollywood Elite? Now they want more freedom taken away? Fuck them all. I’m making a Creepaganda List, a No Watch List, don’t even watch these boot-packers for free on the inter tubes, they’re done

    Autozone common stock is at a 3 month low and down again today.

    We’ll see whose flag doth wave and whose stupid Hollywood Sign burns in a nice big bonfire of pissed off Angelinos.


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