TSA Molests Three Year Old With Spina Bifida

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Here’s why I won’t fly. The urge to break someone’s jay would be overwhelming:

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  1. “I don’t want to go to Disney World”
    Lucy Forck Bifida Ladin

    Enough is Enough! I have had it with these motherfuckin TSA snakes on this motherfuckin plane! Everybody strap in!

    Lucy Coleman gets a new bunny

    Spinal Bifida can cause hindbrain herniation, hydrocephalus, and devastating neurologic effects due to the spine’s exposure to amniotic fluid, such as impaired motor function. They are often
    socially immature and more passive in social situations. These children have also reported feeling less close to their friends and feel they do not receive as much emotional support from their friendships, with social difficulties lasting into adulthood.

    15% of Londoners have the more minor condition of spinal bifida occulta further down the spine. This is where some part of C5 lamina of the outer vertebrae doesn’t completely close. This can cause back problems and pain. Hank Williams & John Mellencamp suffered in chronic pain from this kind of spinal bifida.

    • I feel for the kid – just as I am enraged by the blue shirted goons who put her (and her parents) through that. I have no doubt – none – that such people (the blue shirted goons) would just as officiously march people onto cattle cars for their jaunt to the crematoria.

      There is only one response.

      Which is why I stay the hell away from airports.

      • TSA maggots are disgusting. It’s prudent to avoid them whenever possible. Here’s two videos of TSA workers and their maggot infested bodies. Warning: maggots, while crucial to closing wounds to keep sick zombies functional, are extremely unsettling to look at!

        NSFW! (who looks at videos while at work?)

        Maggots in a TSA lady’s nipple

        Maggots in a TSA worker’s wounds

        Public servant maggots are distinguishable by the bloated areas caused by their infestations. Another sign is their caloric intake, which is two or three times a normal person’s because they have so many maggots to feed.

  2. The only times I’ve been humiliated by or ashamed of my country was coming or going within the “heimat”. Overseas? It was like going back in time a couple of decades at least when flying was at least enjoyable. My last foray out into the Amerikan Air Gulag, just a week ago, after a three year self imposed exile, I was stunned at all the “bodies” these feds have hoovered up to molest us with. Please God…. let me and the family leave this nightmare!

    • Small and Medium Town Midwest, it seems, has no Heimat, such as one finds in the South, the North East, the West Coast, and in the Major Cities.

      Heimat is a trinity of hereditary-descent, community, and tradition — or even the examination of it— that highly affects a person’s identity.

      The Heimat in Germanic nations found strength as an instrument of self-assurance and orientation in an increasingly alienating world.

      The state shall edge away where we love our Heimat — Kurt Tucholsky, 1929

      The Embryo Speaks (Die Leibesfrucht spricht)
      By Kurt Tucholsky, 1927

      They all take care of me: Church, State, Doctors and Judges.

      I should grow and thrive; I should slumber nine months long; I should not worry about a thing – they all wish me well. They protect me. They watch over me. God have mercy if my parents do something to me; then they will all be there. Whoever touches me will be punished; my mother lands in prison, my father right behind; the doctor who did it must cease to be a doctor, the midwife who helped is locked up – I’m a precious item.

      They all take care of me: Church, State, Doctors and Judges.

      Nine months long.

      But when the nine months are over, I have to see for myself what becomes of me. Tuberculosis? No doctor will help me. Nothing to eat? No Milk? – no State will help me. Torment and misery? The Church will comfort me, but that doesn’t fill my stomach. And if I have no bread to break or to bite and I steal: the Judge is right there to lock me up.

      Fifty years of my life no one will care about me, no one. I have to help myself. Nine months long they kill themselves, if someone wants to kill me. You tell me: isn’t that a strange way to look out for the welfare of another?

  3. If this is part of a program intended to acclimate kids to being felt-up at any time for any reason by a uniformed thug, it may backfire in the case of this little girl. With kids that young, there’s a very fine line between desensitized and scarred for life.

    If, in the future, the sight of someone wearing blue nitrile gloves causes people to curl up into a quivering ball, think of what that will do to the automotive repair industry.

    • I’d like to add two bits.

      First, I only use the purple nitrile gloves when wrenching so I can’t scare myself.

      Second, TSA has not caught any terrorists. Not even one!

      If we want to see the terrorists we need look no further than the mirror, so it seems.

      • …TSA has not caught any terrorists. Not even one!

        Well, when the FBI hires “terrorists” who are so stupid that they had to be escorted through the gate, around the TSA goons, of course they haven’t caught any.

        Remember the shoe bomber whose sole purpose was to see if they could make us take off our shoes at the gate? He got caught trying to rub two sticks together to light the fuse on his Air Jordans. That clown was so dumb the feds had to water him two or three times a week before shoving him into that plane.

        Incidentally, I stopped using the blue gloves too but not out of fear. I found that they just couldn’t get the job done, no matter what sacrifices I made to keep using them.

        • I got some diamond grip something or the other gloves online… when I remember to use them they work pretty good. They are not blue.

      • “Second, TSA has not caught any terrorists. Not even one! ”

        And of course, what would those blue-shirted losers do if they found one? Obese women, flabby middle aged men. Imagine if a real terrorist showed up at a busy terminal, screeched Allah Akbar! and began hosing the place down with an Uzi? What, exactly, would the the blue-shirted losers do to stop him?

        But they are very good at humiliating old people, scaring little kids and fucking with average citizens.

        And that’s exactly what they’re there to do.

        • OT:

          Number one thing not to say at Dubai International Airport(DXB)?

          !الله هو الأحمق (Pronounced AllaHool Al AkNook!)

          (Translation – God is an a$$hole)


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