Why Are The Domestic Extremists All White?

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Perhaps you have seen the loathsome “no more hesitation” target practice sheets (see here, if you haven’t) provided to the Department of Heimat Sicherheitsdeinst by an entity called Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. They depict old men, young mothers, pregnant women – even a little boy. Anyone who has seen these cretinous confections has been dismayed – and outraged. What sort of sick mind would even think to create such things – let alone actually create them? And can you imagine the reaction if someone made shooting targets depicting cops? No doubt there would be two-in-the-morning SWAT raids and probably a Waco-style barbeque of the offenders.hes lead

But I’d like to bring up another aspect of this despicable affair that’s just as telling – and perhaps even more dismaying. The same government that hectors the country relentlessly about diversity is apparently very happy with a certain homogeneity when it comes to portraying “domestic extremists” on shooting targets: White older man; white young mother; white grandmother; white little boy.

No diversity at all.

This is of a piece with the none-too-subtle efforts to depict Ron Paul supporters, constitutionalists, Tea Party people – in brief, any who disagree with the current administration – no, any who disagree with authoritarian, collectivist government – as racial enemies.

They’ve made this rather explicit.

I’m reminded of something cruel and awful from the past – something many of you who are over 40 may also remember: The Official Running Nigger target. In the ’70s, these were commonly seen at gun stores and elsewhere. Their purpose was to turn black people into things – less than human things – in the minds of people who weren’t black. So as to make it easier to treat black people as less than human.nigger target

And now, history is repeating itself – only this time, it is white people – in particular, anti-government, liberty-minded white people – who are the “niggers.”

But, there’s a difference. This time, there’s no outrage. Or rather, there’s no outrage from officialdom. This is startling – and, alarming.

Even in the darkest days of segregation, it would have been inconceivable for the government to order a few million “running nigger” targets. If someone within the government had done such a thing, he’d have been cashiered right quick – even in 1950s America. There would have been abundant – and very public – mea culpas.

And now, here we are in 2013 – and the government has ordered a bunch of “shoot whitey” targets – and no one seems to have noticed, much less care.

Oh, they care that harmless-looking old men, pregnant women, grannies and little boys are depicted as shooting targets for government thugs, in order to desensitize them to shooting old men, pregnant women, grannies and little boys in actuality – when the time comes. But no one seems outraged that all the targets are white folks.

Apparently, people of color cannot be “domestic extremists” – and for them, “hesitation” is still protocol.

One can draw several conclusions from all this:

First, it’s indicative of the racial hatred or at least contempt that bubbles beneath the seemingly placid, even-toned lectures of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. They may not have actually ordered the targets (though who knows? maybe they did) but now that the existence of these targets is public knowledge – and not a single apologetic word has been forthcoming from the executive – we can reasonably assume there is no outrage within the executive. Which is another way of saying, they approve of these things.Because we can fairly assume that had the “no more hesitation” targets depicted pregnant black women and small black kids and black men there would have been an eruption of not merely apologies from the executive but a witch hunt of McCarthyite proportions. Any official of the government remotely involved would not only have been summarily fired, he’d be publicly vilified and perhaps even brought up on “hate crimes” charges.Barack Obama, Eric Holder

But here, silence.

And as Sir Thomas More once pointed out, silence is taken to mean approval.

We have a new Imperial Wizard, it seems. He may not wear a white sheet – but he’s the same sort of person.  A racialist – or a racialist fear-monger. It means the same thing, ultimately.

The government – the Obama government – may simply be using these odious targets for the age-old purpose of divide and conquer. Enrage whites – and egg on their fear/race hatred of blacks. Anything to prevent blacks and whites from thinking of themselves – and one another – as individuals.

Individuals in the same crosshairs, ultimately.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. Thanx to satellites and other technology, weather prediction today is quite good.

    I was among the last to leave St. Bernard Parish when Katrina zeroed in on my home. How did I know when to leave? Mostly by knowing precise barometric pressure. The high pressure recorded on both sides of the storm track made it quite clear that the storm would bullseye my home.


  2. “Let’s assume the naked ape’s activities are changing the climate. Is that necessarily unnatural – or bad?”

    It’s bad for humans. The planet couldn’t care less. The planet is and will be fine. People are going away.

    They should change the name of the campaign from ‘Save the Planet’ to ‘Save our Asses’. That would be more appropriate to the actual goal.

    • But is it necessarily bad for humans? Or rather, all humans?

      To illustrate my point:

      We’ve had two fairly mild (by “normal” standard) winters, which has meant I haven’t had to burn as much wood to heat our house. This has saved me work – and money. Shorter, milder winters would be a positive benefit for me. Whether as a result of natural cyclical changes or AGW.

      And the downsides (such as warmer summers)… ? Sure, of course. There’s that to take into account. But everything is a balance, with pros – and cons.

      The AGW people not only assert their claims as fact – they assert only the negatives.

      This further inclines me to suspect their motives. That what they advocate is really about generating fear – in order to control.

      • Yup, so warmer climate benefits you in the winter but it will be detrimental to those living on the coast if the sea levels rise so society will have to adapt which modern man isn’t going to do well.

        Regardless how the climate changes, many will adapt accordingly and many will not, but in any case, that’s life. Life is change. Only the arrogance of man wants to keep everything constant and comfortable.

        Of course the AGW movement is all about control. What better mechanism with which to make a case for controling an entire planet than its climate?

        I laugh when gov’ts talk about controlling the planet’s climate. If they had that kind of knowledge then weather reports would always be right, tornadoes and hurricanes would be predictable, and there’d never be another drought.

        • Don, with rising temperature those living on or near the coast experience inclement weather long before sea level rises dangerously. This winter the weather in south Louisiana has been dreadfully sloppy with record-breaking warmth and rainfall.

          Winter thunderstorms are no longer a rarity.


  3. Reg> “Tinsley, I know you’re convinced that mankind is a threat to nature…never mind that mankind is in fact part of nature.”

    I’m with you Tinsley. And, man is a force of nature Boothe, since we went over billion humans, a negative force.

    • ” And, man is a force of nature Boothe, since we went over billion humans, a negative force.”

      Man is no such thing. In fact, humankind is such a tiny, insignificant presence on earth that we’re SUBJECT to all the forces of nature, and we have no impact that will last for even the blink of an eye, relatively speaking.

      • Had this discussion with the Dean of Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech who was on the ICCC panel and she said that the globe’s environment is a system far to complex for anyone to claim that they can model it, understand it and try to control it.

        Common sense really and what most people already knew. She also said that given that, to even talk about gov’t policy is meaningless.

        She also mentioned the benefits of a warming climate: new species of animals are being discovered that until now were hidden under the polar ice caps and some of them may even be medically beneficial.

        In short she said that, regardless what anyone tells you , the science is still WAY out.

        • Right on Coop. I remember reading that it is virtually impossible to accurately model one cubic meter of the Earth’s atmosphere. And these bumbling asshats at the U.N. want me to believe they’ve modeled the whole thing? Hell they can’t even predict the weather with precision for the next week. It follows that we should have major doubts about the IPCC and other government actors’ global climatic predictions for the next century; especially considering their transparently fraudulent activities in the recent past.

          • I just mentioned to Eric that if scientists had that kind of knowledge of the climate then the weather forecasts would never be wrong, tornadoes and hurricanes would be predictable (preventable) and there’d never be another drought.

            But, as you mentioned, they cannot do any of these things even on a local level yet they’ve convinced people they can control the entire planet’s climate with mandates.


        • Not being able to understand a complex system ever stopped a statist or control freak. I’ve come to understand that being able to realize what one does not know is probably a higher order function. The world however is ruled by people who plow ahead without pause for their ignorance.

    • Tre Deuce, you might be with Tinsley, but neither of you addressed the issue of manipulated and fraudulent data, censorship of dissenters in the AGW camp, the global politicization of environmental issues to move us off the land and into little concrete boxes in the cities, and “population control” a.k.a. democide, ad nauseam. The fact is, anytime I see someone ‘planting evidence’ and ‘fabricating testimony’ I will err to the side of protecting the innocent and vote to acquit. I don’t dispute that man often craps in his own dinner plate, but as witnessed by the recovery of the area surrounding Chernobyl, man’s impact tends to be exaggerated (http://news.mongabay.com/2005/0906-Chernobyl.html).

      The most egregious examples of environmental damage (like Chernobyl) are at the hands of government itself or sanctioned to it’s legal creatures, large corporations. Since most third world “weed people” and other “useless eaters”, to quote the elite, don’t have many cars, electricity or even running water, they don’t appear to be a global environmental problem. So that means to negate these perceived evil effects of prosperity and productivity one would need to kill off the prosperous and productive. Since it’s typically affluent and educated first worlders that are concerned about real pollution and environmental impact, that course of action ought to really improve things here on planet earth, huh?

      I surmise that since you are both on an automotive site, you enjoy the conveniences of individual transportation that modern technology has delivered. Therefore you should freely acknowledge that you are part of the problem. Logic dictates that you should be proactive to correct your part in it. So…who wants to check out first? Not me.

    • New Orleans News Feed Not Aired

      The USSA lost that battle. The elite cabal and their mercenary private contractor armies won. In this disaster 90 billion dollars in privately held wealth disappeared, all of it belonging to the medium sized or little guy. The PTB use these type of events and wars to hide the effects of their bankster money printing scams.

      Also, surprisingly, a racial imbalance in the death stats for Katrina does exist. But guess what? Statistically more white people died than their population percentage suggested should have been the case.

      Are blacks better at survival, or was there rescue racism during hurricane Katrina against whites and not blacks?

      Only 28 percent of New Orleans was white population, yet Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals indicates that whites constituted 37 percent of the storm’s fatalities in the city. What really happened there?

      Mercenaries from companies like DynCorp, Intercon, American Security Group, Blackhawk, Wackenhut and the Israeli company Instinctive Shooting International fanned out to guard private businesses and homes of connected cronies, as well as government projects and institutions.

      Within two weeks of the hurricane, the number of private security companies registered in Louisiana jumped from 185 to 235. Some, like Blackwater, were under federal contract. Others have been hired by the wealthy elite, like F. Patrick Quinn III, who brought in private security to guard his $3 million private estate and his luxury hotels, which received a lucrative federal contract to house FEMA workers.

      Individual citizens were disarmed leaving them subject to the whim of criminals, who by definition do not subscribe to the rule of law, and mercenaries, many of whom had recently been deployed to Iraq for combat.

      The Posse Comitatus act forbids the use of US troops to police citizens or to be used as law enforcement. The elite using mercenaries proved to have a way around this regulation to achieve their agenda without having to declare martial law.

  4. The picture of the little boy bothers me the most. I can just see a police officer with this no hesitation training blowing away a 6 year old with a cap gun.

    • WOW, that’s an amazing conversation. You’re right: if even one percent of this guy’s claims are true, we’re all in for some real ugliness, and soon!

  5. And speaking of diversity…it was ultimately diversity that did in the USSR. Certainly, their poor economy, technological backwardness and gross disregard for basic civil rights were factors, but the rise of ethnic nationalism was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Here’s basically what happened:

    The Soviet Union was not really “Russia,” but a union of more than 100 distinct ethnic groups, with Russians as the dominant ethnic group. One of the Soviet Union’s main conceits and a central theme of their propaganda was that these ethnic groups lived in unity and harmony because they considered themselves proletarians and Soviet citizens first and foremost.

    In fact, communism was touted as an antidote to the extreme nationalism of, say, 1930s Germany, and communists believed that conflict between ethnic subcultures was fomented by the bourgeoisie to distract the proletariat from their oppression, and that ethnic nationalism would wither away under the unifying bond of communism. Lenin appealed to non-Russians in the old czarist Russian Empire that they would have self-determination under the Bolshevik regime.

    As it turned out, the Soviet Union allowed cultural pluralism to placate the minorities, but sought cultural assimilation to the dominant Russian culture and language. For example, Kazakhstanis, Lithuanians, or Azerbaijanis who wanted to practice medicine or law had to take their medical/bar exams in Russian, even if they were working in areas where only their native language was spoken.

    Over time, the population of ethnic Russians declined and the minority populations, particularly in Central Asia, became the majority in their republics. The Soviets cracked down brutally on any nationalist movement or desire for self-determination in the republics.

    With glasnost, old ethnic tensions came bubbling to the surface leading to everything from peaceful resistance movements to open ethnic civil wars. Eventually, republics declared their independence and the Soviet state was powerless to resist.

    We would be wise to learn this lesson, as we are not immune to the same fate.

    • “Diversity” has an economic (ethical) aspect as well.

      If you have a population comprised of groups with radically different economic/ethical ideals – e.g., free market, liberty-minded people on the one hand and socialist/redistributionist/collectivists on the other – then you have a recipe for extreme social tension.

      That’s part of what we’re dealing with in the USSA. The “gibs me dats” vs. the “leave me alones.”

      One side or the other must ultimately prevail.

      The “gibs me dats” will eventually destroy everything – themselves included. But they may take the “leave me alones” with them.

  6. Vibrant diversity everywhere but not on paper targets. Read earlier about a state college in the people’s republik of Wisconsin that has a ‘white privlege’ course where white students have slogans like is white skin fair and various other 2minutes hate bravo sierra drawn on their face with markers. The day after the election I was at the gas station and the customer in front me looked around and over his shoulder and told the story of an illegal immigrant stealing his id and creating credit card accounts and applying for some freebies from uncle sugar to the cashier. We have the German glance now in the rainbow utopia. I always wondered what it was like living in a totalitarian technocratic dictatorship but never wanted to find out first hand.

    • “Diversity” is just another racket – a tool used by the political class to foment tension and thereby enhance its power.

      What makes it a potent bogeyman is the fear of being labeled a “racist” for objecting to virulently racist things (e.g., black history month) but that is beginning to wear off, thank god.

      • Dear Eric,

        The irony is that genuine diversity is a good thing that would be maximized under free market anarchism.

        Instead, the fascist clovers have killed genuine diversity and substituted PC “Diversity” with a capital “D.” They have given diversity a bad name.

        And speaking of “diversity,” if self-styled champions of diversity really meant it, wouldn’t they be championing diversity among the states, instead of imposing uniformity at the federal level???

        Wouldn’t they be upholding the right of Arizonans to civilian gun ownership, even as they demand the total civilian disarmament of Kaleefonians?

        Diversity with a capital “D” is like “Pro Choice.” It’s Orwellian Newspeak.

      • I am wryly amused by those who boast of American “diversity” while they champion a genetic mixing of the races. Don’t they realize that with enough genetic mixing there will be no diversity. The White Race is the most vulnerable and will be the first to go irrevocably extinct in such a mixing.

        When King Badouin of Belgium visited America in the 1950s he noted that America resembled a mosaic rather than a melting pot. In my opinion the mosaic being lost forever in the meltig pot would be an incomparable tragedy. Judging only by results, the Holocaust would pale in comparison.


        • Dear Tinsley,

          The key is to put free choice first.

          The point is that true champions of free choice should be willing to accept the real world results of untrammeled free choice in every facet of human life.

          One must never social engineer outcomes at gunpoint. That is what the champions of ersatz “diversity” are doing.

          I myself, by contrast, am willing to live with whatever happens if the NAP is upheld 100%.

          • I accept it but I don’t have to like it. I am a champion of freedom of choice who hopes that enough members of my kind will care enough to voluntarily choose to do whatever they lawfully can to avoid White extinction.

            Why that bothers some people is still a mystery to me. If members of other races want to perpetuate their race I really don’t care and I don’t see it as cause for ill feelings between Individuals. In fact, respecting others is simply being civilized.


          • Dear Tinsley,

            I doubt the world would become “homogenized” if the NAP were upheld 100%.

            That’s why the NWO is so determined to eliminate natural, real world diversity, and substitute ersatz PC “Diversity.”

          • Dear Tinsley,

            You probably already know my views on the matter of “race.”

            I don’t worry about “races becoming extinct.” According to my understanding of biology, there are no “races” (plural) on the planet today.

            There is only one, single race, the human race. From a scientific perspective, so-called “races” are merely variations within the one human race.

            Therefore the issue of “extinction” applies only to humanity as a whole, not any subsets within it.

      • I accept it but I don’t have to like it. I am a champion of freedom of choice who hopes that enough members of my kind will care enough to voluntarily choose to do whatever they lawfully can to avoid White extinction.

        Why that bothers some people is still a mystery to me. If members of other races want to perpetuate their race I really don’t care and I don’t see it as cause for ill feelings between Individuals. In fact, respecting others is simply being civilized.


      • I have always detested pretense, and where race is concerned I disabused myself of it decades ago. Unfortunately, very few Whites seem to have done so.

        I’m convinced that more young Whites have been killed and maimed for the sake of Liberty and Justice for All, and so-called “equality”, than have members of any other race. How many Redneck American boys have killed Germans and been killed by Germans in two great wars, supposedly for the sake of the Great Principles supporting America’s Unanimous Declaration?

        Interestingly the American Ideal is a product of the Scottish Enlightenment that has now been generously shared with nearly every people on the planet.

        I will never apologize for being White.

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

        • Dear Tinsley,

          I hear you, loud and clear.

          No one should ever have to apologize for his ethnic origin.

          If one is a bona fide individualist and libertarian, then one understands that human virtues or shortcomings are never collective, but always individual.

          Guilt is not “contagious.” One does not become guilty merely by being born with a certain shade of skin.

          One is guilty of something only if one as an individual participates in violations of the NAP.

          For example, henchmen such as Janet Reno, John Ashcroft, and Eric Holder should feel guilty as hell for their crimes against humanity.

          Their skin color has nothing to do with it.

        • Well, let’s not forget the (roughly) 9 million casualties of the first World War – almost all of them pale-skins, almost none of them fighting for anything we’d fight for (the right to be left alone – liberty – etc.) but rather for “king and country” (or Kaiser or Czar) and all the rest of it.

          • There was something on the tsars of russian and napoleon and so forth on the history channel the other day. The number of dead struck me with the same point wrt this topic.

            If all those millions of people had lived, there wouldn’t be this so-called problem now.

  7. What I find crazy is how quickly the rhetoric of the nation has shifted within the last 5-7 years. Ever since the start of the financial crash, the conversation has become more violent and polarized.

    Before 07-08 nobody realized our government was The Matrix. With the help of Ron Paul and the liberty movement more and more people are waking up to the truth only to realize how late in the game it is and just how badly our government is preparing to fuck us.

    People are pissed but the worst part is that it’s only going to get worse. The nation is a revolutionary powder keg just waiting to explode. We are one major market melt-down away from full scale civil unrest.

    No matter how much we try to warn those clovers who are closest to us, they refuse to listen. Friends, parents, grand parents, sons, daughters, wives and husbands refuse to believe that within the next few years we will be unlike anything the world has ever experienced. They will beg for more government to help save them…I’m not a religious person but I feel only one phrase properly communicates my sentiment towards whats coming in the near future. That is:

    “God help us all”

    • And once that revolutionary powder keg explodes…pray to God that we don’t end up like the French, Russians, or Iranians did with their revolutions!

    • Hi Pedro,

      I’m not a religious person, either – but I share those sentiments.

      My only comfort is that people are waking up. My only real concern is that it may not be enough – and not in time.

  8. First, it’s indicative of the racial hatred or at least contempt that bubbles beneath the seemingly placid, even-toned lectures of Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

    As I do periodically, I caution anyone against believing that any of the racial divisiveness (or more accurately stated, official contempt of white people) now pervading Amerika is the work of Barry Soetero and his token cabinet. While Barry and his gang of puppets no doubt wholly embrace this hatred, the codifying of it into policy, official or otherwise, is not their doing.
    Remember -and I cannot state this strongly or often enough: no “president” of the United States has ever been anything other than a figurehead. Barry Soetero is no exception (the last president to make any moves on his own was John F. Kennedy – and look how that turned out for him).

    You see, it is now in the best interests of the ruling bankster-industrialist criminal cabal to have the American people fully at each other’s throats. This will cause (or so they hope) irreconcilable divisions among the various demographic groups that make up the erstwhile “land of the free,” divisions that will only accelerate and consolidate TPTB’s power. Barry Soetero seemed the ideal figurehead for the current era (indeed, he might very well have been groomed for the role since his day of birth). He was talentless, pliable, shallow, and of parentage that were themselves tools of the Establishment. To groom such a hollow creature to be an inspirational figurehead to all the “right” Amerikan demographics (i.e., the soldiers of the Free Shit Army) and an alienating force to the rest of the country must have seemed the perfect long-term project for TPTB. That it took fifty years to pull off tells us just how long their plans have been in the making.

    So, in conclusion, while Barry Soetero and Eric Holder might seem like Idi Amins in the making, don’t by the bullshit. Amin was his own man when it came to the horrors he fomented in his own country. Barry’s and Eric’s hands are tied unless their PTB masters untie them.

    • Except that nobody put a gun to these bastards’ heads and said “Hey! Mofo! You’re going to do this and this and that OR ELSE!” They do this willingly and thus they are complicit.

      • In Barry’s and Eric H’s case, that’s probably true. But there are many others within the power structure who undoubtedly have had a gun pointed to their head, perhaps even literally (think, as just one example: SCOTUS Chief Black-Robed Tryant John Roberts casting the swing vote to uphold Obamacare as “constitutional”).

  9. Makes me feel like the DHS is preparing for something… I know the crime statistics in my area here. The largest threat to me and my family’s personal safety is supposedly young black males. But at least I can defend myself against them, or anyone, if needed. I can’t say the same about gov’t thugs. Defending myself from them in any way would only end in my murder. I don’t generally fear black people. But gov’t thugs of any color make me so nervous I seek to avoid them in any way I can.

    • Hallelujah, preacher. The Lord works in mysterious ways. The Lord has mercy.

      The State and its Minions are the devil himself. He sometimes pretends to let you go, but its always so he can enjoy watching you squirm before he really lets you have it.

      The Devil on Penn State – On the NBC “Peacock” USSA Network

      Melek Taus – Peacock Angel/Demon Depending on your faith

      1 Pride

      In Latin superbia, this is a apparently the father of all sins and is otherwise known as vanity or narcissism. Pride caused Lucifer to fall from heaven into hell. Pride is to love yourself and to be big-headed; to be arrogant, over-confident and blind to the concerns of others.

      Animal symbols – The horse, lion, and peacock.

      Colour – violet

      Punishment – broken on the wheel.

      2 Envy

      In Latin invidia, envy is jealousy for others. You might be jealous of what they own, what they can do or simply who they are. If you wish for others to fail, this is also envy.

      Animal symbol – The dog

      Colour – Green (we still say ‘green with envy’)

      Punishment – constant freezing water.

      3 Anger

      In Latin ira and otherwise known as wrath, this deadly sin is the cause of violence and war. This is a common sin of the young. It is what happens when you allow your temper to control your actions. Anger leads you to seek revenge or take the law into your own hands. It is also the sin of disliking or discriminating against others for no good reason.

      Animal symbol – The bear

      Colour – Red (when you are angry you ‘see red’)

      Punishment – dismemberment. This means that you will be cut up into pieces over and over again and then again.

      4 Sloth

      In Latin acedia(neglect of duty), sloth is laziness and apathy. Because you don’t work, others have to work harder for you. Cowardice is often considered to be part of this sin.

      Animal symbol – The goat

      Colour – light blue

      Punishment – snake pit.

      5 Greed

      In Latin avaritia and otherwise known as avarice, greed is most associated with people who wish to get rich at any cost. Greed causes you to want ‘things’ more and more. Covetousness is a characteristic of greed. Greed leads you to want or covet other peoples’ things. As a result you may cheat or betray and ultimately you may steal and rob.

      Animal symbol – The frog

      Colour – Yellow

      Punishment – boiled alive in oil. Apparently the oil was of a very good quality. Not sure how this makes a difference.

      6 Gluttony

      In Latin gula, gluttony is too much of anything but particularly food and drink. But gluttony is also thoughtlessness, waste and unwillingness to share with others. Anything more than you need is gluttony.

      7 Lust

      In Latin luxuria, pursuit of physical (body) pleasure at the expense of the spiritual (thoughts). Associated with adultery and having sex without the purpose of having children.

      Animal symbol – The cow and snake.

      Colour – blue

      Punishment – fire and brimstone (lots of it). Remember the scene in Shrek?

      Animal symbol – The pig (what else?!)

      Colour – Orange

      Punishment – forced to eat snakes, rats and toads.

      • Blasted Belphegor! Here’s the correct 6 and 7

        6 Gluttony

        In Latin gula, gluttony is too much of anything but particularly food and drink. But gluttony is also thoughtlessness, waste and unwillingness to share with others. Anything more than you need is gluttony.

        Animal symbol – The pig (what else?!)

        Colour – Orange

        Punishment – forced to eat snakes, rats and toads.

        7 Lust

        In Latin luxuria, pursuit of physical (body) pleasure at the expense of the spiritual (thoughts). Associated with adultery and having sex without the purpose of having children.

        Animal symbol – The cow and snake.

        Colour – blue

        Punishment – fire and brimstone (lots of it). Remember the scene in Shrek?

        Belphegor – The Ghost Driver – Der Geistertreiber

      • 4 Sloth … Cowardice is often considered to be part of this sin.

        Tor, cowardliness is not doing the moral/honorable thing out of fear; usually manifested by inactivity — like a deer frozen in your headlights. This inactivity is very similar to the inactivity associated with laziness, hence, cowardice is sloth.

        I believe sloth is the number one sin committed most by clover.

        • Agreed, Larry.

          I see 3 components. Both we and the deer need to do the moral/honourable & life sustaining thing.

          The deer is blinded, by an unknown light source. Its not moral or honourable to just stand there, or to rear up on his back hooves or to bull rush the lights antlers first.

          His best action would be to double back the way he came and to walk at a reduced speed, hoping eventually to get far enough away to regain his sight.

          Likewise for us here on Eric’s blog and tele-heimat. We are “blinded” by outrageous government usurpations. We don’t want to remain frozen, hoping for the best. We’re rationally seeking methods to escape our momentary incapacity and get on with our lives.

    • Hi Preacher,

      Any sensible person, I think, should fear “public” (i.e., government) thugs far more than any “private” thug – or thugs. Simply because we have no legal right to defend ourselves against the predations of the “public” ones. To raise a hand against one such – even in egregious circumstances – is almost invariably regarded as a “crime” under the law. The only legal recourse we have is to Submit & Obey – and hope they are merciful.

      To date, most of us have done as we are told – Submitted & Obeyed – chiefly because while we know in our guts we’re being wronged, we console ourselves with the notion that we’re still allowed some liberty, permitted our homes/families and recreations (albeit limited) and that our physical lives are not – for the most part – directly threatened.

      But we have come to a fork in the road. I suspect many people are beginning to realize that everything is now directly threatened. Including their lives.

      In which case, there is no longer any upside to Submitting & Obeying. And no real recourse but to resist – come what may.

      • The fundamental problem IMO is the social con. Maybe it is my own experience, the environment which I have lived in or my experiences in government school.

        When everyone else believes the con it leaves a person standing alone. That aloneness drives the submission in those that know better I think more than just being allowed to retain something. Think what would happen if the jury system worked and people at large believed as we did. We would still be free regardless of the government’s laws. Every thing would get nullified.

        The great con is the problem. I think some people are having more and more trouble seeing the government as good intentioned and stupid. But instead seeing it’s true diabolical evil nature.

      • “But we have come to a fork in the road. I suspect many people are beginning to realize that everything is now directly threatened. Including their lives.”

        Re: NOLA.com Years ago I often got kicked off for saying things that displeased some asshole. It rarely happens anymore.

        I respond to nola.com Opinions every day as purgelies.

        Many years ago in nola.com lawyers would often challenge me. I beat them up so badly and left their bloody heads on stakes so regularly that they hardly ever fuck with me anymore. The cumgargling swine just can’t handle the WHOLE truth.


  10. It’s worth noting that these targets are no longer on the website. I bet they got a real shit blizzard of reaction to that particular screwup. Talk about taking off the kid gloves…..

    • I was talking with Dom the other night and told him in a way I was glad these targets were made. It shows their hand. Shows what sort of creatures we’re dealing with. The more they do, the less “kooky” we look. It’s getting harder and harder for anyone to say we “exaggerate,” that “it’s not as bad as all that.”

      No, we don’t.

      It is.

      Res ipsa loquitur

      • Dear Eric,

        The more they do, the less “kooky” we look. It’s getting harder and harder for anyone to say we “exaggerate,” that “it’s not as bad as all that.”

        It was inevitable. Another case of “Stein’s Law.” Something that cannot go on forever, must eventually stop. For example, “quantitative easing.”

        In the early stages of creeping cloverism, the encroachments struck sheeple as “not as all that bad.” Metal detectors at airports.

        But clovers by their very nature, are incapable of self restraint. They cannot leave it at that. Just like other sociopaths, such as serial killers, serial rapists, serial child molesters, they feel compelled not just to continue, but to escalate.

        They have now escalated to the point where some the sheeple are actually waking up to that fact, and unwittingly proving that we were right about them all along.

        It’s about time.

      • Eric–

        That’s what I’m talking about when arguing with Don re: “when IS it time?”

        Because it’s slowly happening right in front of us: the de-legitimizing of the State while we maintain the peaceful moral high ground.

        Their abuses continue mounting; the moral outrages all come from their side. This is merely the latest–and it’s a doozy!

        The cops’ reaction in California. The continuous TSA abuses, most recently that cute, tearful wheelchair-bound three-year-old; you couldn’t design a worse PR fuck-up! These “no-hesitation” targets.

        Every day the evidence piles up, piles on, mountains of grief on the peoples’ backs.

        Don–THIS is how we’re winning!

        Because as more and more people see these abuses–and their moral outrage grows–they come to our side.

        And one day, when a Cpl. Guerena (the ex-Marine who was killed in a false SWAT raid in AZ) defends himself he’s a hero in the peoples’ eyes. Better yet–his neighbors come to his defense.

        And THAT’S when it’s the “right time”. Not before.

        • It seems you are drawing a subjective line in the sand.

          How is the TSA abuse of that little girl not the tipping point? Or the cops body slamming the pregnant woman? How many more little girls must go through that until it’s time? How much evidence is “enough”? Who decides?

          You mention someone defending himself against a SWAT raid. Who will that be? How will he know that enough “evidence” has piled up? You also talk about it as if you are certain it will be someone else and not you. We’ll wait for the “signal” from someone else and THEN we’ll spring into action.

          I think trying to quantify when the “right time” has come is wrong, it has to come naturally, for everyone individually. When and if the time ever comes where I feel myself backed into a corner and I’ve had enough, then my time will have come. Damn how everyone else feels. If I’m expected to wait on a moral majority then I’ll never get anything done.

          I think everyone can act locally and morally in defense of freedom and if others don’t get it then that’s the best you can do. But no action is consent IMO.

          I think it’s a bit naive to see the abhorrent continued federal, state and local transgressions against honest, hardworking people and say “we’re winning”. That’s almost statist-like propaganda and a bit disingenuous I think.

          I read a blog entry by KDC on LRC today about how people are simply refusing to pay property taxes in Detroit and there’s nothing the city can do about it. That’s what I’m talking about! Simple nullification. That’s action. That’s literally putting your money where your mouth is.

          We need more of that.

  11. Look at Holder’s fat head. He shouldn’t let them photograph him in profile. He looks whiter than I am, and his head is way fatter. Ever wonder why ugly assholes like him end up in government?

    I’ve heard it said that “politics is showbiz for ugly assholes with no talent”. Seems that bureaucracy is also a refuge for ugly assholes who would be unemployable without a GS grade.

    God damn. I know he can’t help being ugly, but he COULD stay home.

  12. Hey Eric! You say: “Even in the darkest days of segregation, it would have been inconceivable for the government to order a few million “running nigger” targets. If someone within the government had done such a thing, he’d have been cashiered right quick – even in 1950s America. There would have been abundant – and very public – mea culpas.”

    Well, maybe it is unlikely that the Fedcoats would have ordered a million such targets, but inconceivable? I was reminded of a bit of ancient history from back around 1990 or so the BATF was caught doing just such a thing. A bit of searching turned this up:


    Excerpt follows:

    “”The Good Ole Boys Roundup” — a weekend of picnics, volleyball, rafting and beer-drinking — has been an annual spring event in the southeastern corner of Tennessee since 1980. Attendance is apparently open to ATF agents, members of the FBI, other law enforcement officers, the IRS, the Customs Service, the Secret Service, even Canada’s RCMP — as long as they’re white. Fun-seekers are greeted at the entrance by a “Nigger Checkpoint” while another hand-lettered sign nailed to a tree asks, “Any Niggers in that Car?”

    Racist paraphernalia to rival any at the largest KKK rally, is readily available. On sale are such items as T-shirts bearing the likeness of Martin Luther King in the crosshairs of a rifle scope, emblazoned with the slogan, “Our Dream Came True.” Another shirt features O.J. Simpson with a hangman’s noose around his neck, while yet another depicts white police officers with a black man spread-eagled across the hood of their patrol car and a caption reading “Boyz on the Hood.” And for those wanting to indulge in a little sportsmanlike shooting, fake “Federal Nigger Hunting Licenses” can be purchased onsite.”

    End excerpt.

    It is sad but true that far too many of the people who seek to have government jobs, jobs that give them control over other folks lives, are just… well, they are broken, they are bullies and torturers. A couple of decades ago, they targeted black people. Today they target white freedom loving folk. I don’t think they really care who they target, just as long as they get to fantasize (and sometimes act on) their dark, murderous, impulses. These Fedcoats are not like you or me. They are sick, most likely sick beyond any chance of healing, and as dangerous as a cobra.

    • From my experience, cops of all stripes group people into three categories:

      1. Cops
      2. Family of cops
      3. Scum

      So if you don’t belong to groups 1 or 2, you’re fair game.

      • > “From my experience, cops of all stripes group people into three categories”

        That’s too bad, Rich. I live out West and have known some wonderful people who would give you the shirt off of their backs. And, who, by-the-way, happen to be sheriffs.

        Sheriffs are elected by the people in their counties and swear their oaths to the constitutions of the US and to their state. The ones I have known would look you in the eye and inform you that their oaths to office is not to the federal government; not to the state government; not to the country or other local government but, rather to the US and state constitutions.

        Now I understand that there are sheriffs who ignore or dismiss their oaths. It is the people of that sheriff’s county who have the power to terminate the employment of the bad sheriff. Try doing that with the chief of police in any city.

        The sheriffs I have known and respected are folks who I I would not hesitate to cover their six because I know they would do it for any law abiding citizen. Their attitude is that most people are sheep and there are others that are wolves. But, some of us (sheriff’s and non-sheriffs) are sheep dogs. The sheep are afraid of the sheep dog and keep their distance but when the wolf shows up, they line up behind the sheep dog for its protection. The sheriff’s I have know have been good men.

        • I appreciate that Larry but the deputies are the ones out there abusing the people. As Edmund Burke said:

          All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

          The “good” cops who are aware of the abuses say nothing. Even the ones that perceive themselves as good would still enforce unconstitutional laws for fear of losing their jobs. I have a scenario I pose to cops whenever I get the chance. You notice that someone is carrying a firearm, and it turns out he doesn’t have the state-approved permission (i.e., a permit). He has not committed any crime other than not having the permit. Do you abide by your oath to uphold the Constitution and let him go, or do you arrest him? After all, you can’t require a permit for a right. Then watch them tap dance.

          • And dance they will. Vigorously! And with that dead-horse argument “it’s the law”. Imagine having a guild of state-financed plumbers who give unto themselves the “right” to barge into your home and check for toilet seat violations. That your throne hasn’t been “inspected” and the requisite thieving taxes and stickers not affixed to the porcelain god. And do you think for one minute that some robot, some “hero”, wouldn’t write you up for this full of shit absurdity? Not on your life… they’re in it for the Benjamins and they don’t care about us.

          • except the plumbers guild is about a step or three away from that now.

            They did it through licensing, registration, building codes, requirements for sale, building inspectors, union rules, etc and so forth.

            Yes, it’s not that bad yet, but the same principles have already been in place for ages.

  13. First of all what sort of a sick mind creates such things and notice that the supposed “threat”, i.e. GUNS, are face on and almost impossible to identify. The message simply is to shoot first and ask questions, if any, later.

    • HIVE



      I base my own opinion on noting the rapidly increasing numbers of naked apes and the melting glaciers. There is also an inertia involved in climate change. We may not yet have begun to experience some of the damage that is sure to come.

      WHEN DID THIS BECOME A HIVE appearing in LewRockwell.com today is an interesting read. Much of the damage done by overpopulation is not as obvious to the young as it is to Geezers who were fortunate enough to experience America when there were less than half as many inhabitants as there are today.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • 1) Glaciers need to melt. They have to melt from time.

        2) Once one accepts ‘overpopulation’ and the need for humanity to be managed one accepts the very premise of the control freaks who run things and who have been running things since the early 20th century. Accepting that premise is very dangerous and an intellectual slippery slope to the dark side. It becomes difficult to maintain one’s footing on that slope.

          • 1) Glaciers need to melt. They have to melt from time.

            Don’t worry, they are melting. Rapidly.

            The human footprint on our planet is enormous. It simply is not possible that it does not affect climate.


          • Some glaciers are melting. Others are growing.

            All the control freaks are doing is launching a con.

            All we are seeing is the cycle of nature.

            And I still believe the technology of this age may very well be to liberate carbon and renew the earth for continued life.

        • Tinsley, there is more than a little “inconvenient truth” refuting your ‘planet-overrun-by-naked-apes-glaciers-melting-we’re-all-gonna-drown-OMG!’ paradigm.

          Try this on for size: http://www.iceagenow.com/Growing_Glaciers.htm

          Or how about this little blast from the past: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2008/03/16/you-ask-i-provide-november-2nd-1922-arctic-ocean-getting-warm-seals-vanish-and-icebergs-melt/

          The planet, the population, the solar system, your sleep patterns, gun-vernment, societies and on and on and on, all run in cycles or waves. I firmly believe that your hopes for a massive reduction in the Homo Sapiens population will be coming to fruition in a city near you soon (and probably a lot sooner than we care to admit) because we are heading into the deep of saecular winter just about now. Things are going to get worse, a lot worse probably, before they get better. It’s long past time to prepare for this.

          As I point out to anyone that hails from the misanthropists’ camp; there is virtually nothing you can do about all these perceived evils in the world (besides educating and informing) without using aggressive force against others. You have no right to do this and anyone you or your preferred actors attempt this against has the right to defend themselves. Government intervention and the use of “their” monopoly of force has put us where we are today. If you don’t grasp these concepts then you don’t grasp the NAP. Violating the NAP is what dooms us to repeat the wrongs that have already been done; always with the best intentions of course.

          You can’t go back and save the big cypress trees. I can’t go back and save my Cheyenne and Blackfeet ancestors or the American Bison. Like so many other nasty little tidbits of human and natural history, it’s a done deal; time to move on. And don’t buy into the bovine excrement being fed to you by the watermelons even if they work for National Geographic or NOAA; I’d like to think you’re more intelligent than that.

          Academia and therefore most of the scientific community has long since been taken over by “well meaning” socialist clovers (i.e. the FSA). The prominent “experts” and “authorities” credentials are therefore tainted, their opinions heavily biased and their agendas barely concealed for anyone engaging in rudimentary critical thinking.

          But if you can’t recover from the effects of the 1950’s and 60’s misanthropic Flavor-aid you seemingly consumed that’s no one’s fault but your own. And if you find this world so repugnant, you are still free to leave the planet any time you like. Someone here will clean up whatever mess you leave and then we’ll move on.

          • As long as the glaciers continue their rapid melting, the human footprint continues to grow, and the planet continues to warm I will continue being convinced that the naked ape* is affecting climate in a very dangerous way.

            There is simply no way that the naked ape is not affecting the planet in a negative way.

            No one is going to convince me of anything by smothering me with blathering, or piss on my leg and convince me that it’s rain.


            *Although I am one I find precious little to like about the critter.

            • I’ll take a different tack…

              Let’s assume the naked ape’s activities are changing the climate. Is that necessarily unnatural – or bad?

              Isn’t it a false premise that climate is static? Isn’t “climate change” perfectly normal? Isn’t it true that atmospheric C02 concentrations were much higher during the dinosaur era?

              And let’s assume AGW is true. Well, aren’t there also benefits to a warmer climate? Longer growing seasons/faster plant growth/ability to grow productively in areas not normally productive equals more (and lower cost) food…

              And if I don’t have to burn as much wood in winter, it saves me money as well as hassle.

              Just some food for thought….

          • Tinsley, I know you’re convinced that mankind is a threat to nature…never mind that mankind is in fact part of nature. But doesn’t the fact that even the Met Office has had to acknowledge no net rise in global temperatures for sixteen years give you pause? How about Michael Mann’s fraudulent “hockey stick” graph? Or the glaring politicization of the issue with the UN’s Agenda 21 and their Intergovernmental, not Inter-scientific, Panel on Climate Change? How can you ignore the flagrant data manipulation at East Anglia a.k.a. “Climate Gate”?

            Anytime the “authorities” plant evidence and manipulate data I raise an eyebrow and start looking for the real agenda. In this case it’s the dissolution of our national sovereignty and absorption into a world gun-vernment where our wealth can be more effectively confiscated and redistributed. Climate Change nee Anthropogenic Global Warming is an excuse to strip us of our freedom of movement, (relatively) inexpensive energy and life itself. And I presume you don’t have too much problem with the latter from some of your previous posts, so long as it’s not your life or the lives of your loved ones.

            That being said, I too believe man has an impact on his environment. But I’m convinced it’s more a local phenomenon such as the “heat islands” cities can become. We also see nasty pollution in China these days too. There are undoubtedly other third world shit holes with similar local environmental problems. But the operative word is local, not global.

            The PTB have an agenda and will use whatever means are necessary to accomplish it. Even if you agree with their goals, at least be intellectually honest and acknowledge the pseudo science and data manipulation they’ve been proven to engage in with respect to AGW. People with “settled science”, a real consensus and irrefutable hard evidence don’t engage in shenanigans like this. So, likewise don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining when the alleged net decrease in glacial ice or increase in global temperature has credible science (and numerous credible scientists) along with un-massaged data refuting it.

          • “No one is going to convince me of anything by smothering me with blathering, or piss on my leg and convince me that it’s rain.”

            OK, T. But you’re not going to convince anyone either.

            ‘He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts.’

      • “The human footprint on our planet is enormous. It simply is not possible that it does not affect climate.”

        Easy for you to say, but you can’t provide a single credible source for this claim. Until some of your green weenie scientists can show how human existence has even a miniscule effect on the climate, you’re just scaring yourself with imaginary boogers.

      • Atmospheric CO2 today is 350 PPM which is the lowest in like forever. Look at the large swath of desert from north africa thru north china…Global warming and increase atmospheric CO2 would turn this area into jungleland. I WISH humans had a larger impact on climate!!!

        The “Greenest” God Damn vehicle you can drive is a God Damn Boeing 747 at full speed! It is a sign of drop-dead stupidity that people say a Prius is “Green” and a Hummer H1 is “bad for the environment”.

        • The more anti-life that the powers that be expose themselves to be the more CO2 must be good for life.

          Like ice building up, CO2 can’t keep being sequestered forever without dire consequences for life on this planet. To lock up water and carbon prevents life from using it.

          life on this planet, at least most of it we know of, requires CO2 and H2O and that’s exactly what our combustion technology creates.

      • Climate Change Timeline – 1895-2009


        Younger Dryas

        Abrupt climate change

        The Younger Dryas saw a rapid return to glacial conditions in the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere between 12.9–11.5 ka BP, in sharp contrast to the warming of the preceding interstadial deglaciation. It has been believed that the transitions each occurred over a period of a decade or so, but the onset may have been faster. Thermally fractionated nitrogen and argon isotope data from Greenland ice core GISP2 indicate that the summit of Greenland was approximately 15 °C (27 °F) colder during the Younger Dryas than today. In the UK, coleopteran fossil evidence (from beetles) suggests that mean annual temperature dropped to approximately 5 °C (41 °F), and periglacial conditions prevailed in lowland areas, while icefields and glaciers formed in upland areas.[10] Nothing of the size, extent, or rapidity of this period of abrupt climate change has been experienced since.

  14. Eric,
    First time poster. I’ve read your essays for some time, there’s no one writing on the web whose thoughts are more succinct than yours.

    The discussion of these targets brings up a larger issue for me and that is one of manipulation and incitement. Extending beyond what we’ve been told (vs something we know as fact), Who has purchased these targets? Who’s using them? How long have they been available? Why would a company publicly display these on their web site? All we know as fact is that these targets appeared on the companies web site. A company that has millions in contracts with DHS. A useful tool, perhaps?

    The reaction to them was oh so predictable.It’s all so perfect: the target subjects, their ethnicity and the timing.This has the distinct smell of provocation.

    Anything to prevent blacks and whites from thinking of themselves – and one another – as individuals. And I might add, anything to keep them from acting in concert with one another against a real threat, a real enemy.

  15. Maybe that same company could come out with a new line of RN targets…Katrina Edition…where there are various piece of merchandise being looted. I.E. Have one running with a flatscreen and make sure you don’t shoot the tv. Another one could be running off with a couple of cases of beer…make sure you don’t shoot the beer. Etc…

      • Great video. That is our #1 problem in a nut shell. The plague of the FSA which is destroying civilization.

        It’s not a race/religion/nation/politic thing. To be more accurate, the RN targets should come in all hues. The RN problem infects all skin colors and cultures in the world. White/Asian/Black/Hispanic – “Running Niggers” are always robbing Peter and paying Paul.

        I know those types very well. I’ve been in their homes, churches, community centers, and neighborhoods since I was a teenager.

        Those officers “on duty” filling their carts will not only pick that Walmart clean, they’ll even donate some of it to their neighbors/churches/community centers/welfare case workers.

        If the niggers of the world would only realize the government, churches, schools, communities centers are the first things they need to loot, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        Looting Protocol. 1=loot first and 12=loot as a final resort.

        1 large government institutions. 2 small government institutions. 3 individual government workers. 4 large churches. 5 small churches. 6 individual church staff. 7 large businesses. 8 small businesses. 9 individual businessmen. 10 poor individuals 11 middle-class individuals 12 rich individuals.

        1-3 Men of Brute Force 4-6 Men of Mystic Force. 7-9 Men of Relative Advantage Force 10-12 Individuals of Individual Merit.

        The reason you rob first the poor, secondly the middle-class, and lastly the rich? If you do it in any other order, the vast mobs of poor become unstoppable and seize power and rule through the force of their numbers.

        • “White/Asian/Black/Hispanic – “Running Niggers” are always robbing Peter and paying Paul.”

          Just searched youtube (albeit cursorily) for “Asians looting” and “Asian looters.”

          Nah, didn’t think so. Those pesky “Asians” must be too busy defending their places of business from the real thing while their kids are off at Johns Hopkins studying to become your favorite doctor.

          • So you’re a yellow supremacist? That’s cool. Asian do make up 7% of the 1.5 million gang members in the USSA, so some are willing to loot or worse.

            Hispanic gang members 47 %
            Black gang members 31 %
            White gang members 13 %
            Asian gang members 7 %

            USSA Total number of gang members 2000 750,000
            2009 1,000,000
            2013 1,500,000

            Gang members who are under 18
            40 %
            Gang members who are female
            8 %

            I’m all for anyone who wants to voluntarily segregate, and restrict unwanted groups from their housing and business enclaves. Only not with state assistance.

            What I’m not in favor of is hundreds of millions of Americans being declared “running niggers” and free range hunting targets for any goon in a US or UN uniform.

  16. Oh yes, we must all keep on hating as many others as possible. This zeroing in on one “race” for the targets is not strange at all. But just think of the outrage if they were all Hispanic, or Indian, or Jewish, or firemen, or UN soldiers, specific politicians or world figures…

    The real problem is that the outrage would come mostly from those specific groups, but especially those either in power now, or those who had the greatest history of racial discrimination in the past.

    Far, far too few people can see the difference between justice and revenge. And the powers that be have used that carefully to manipulate as many people as possible for a very long time.

  17. There are three simple rules for today’s American culture of diversity: 1) Don’t be white; 2) Don’t be male; and 3) Don’t be heterosexual.

    • Great article, and I love your idea of making COP target sheets. after all, they may need to take down a rogue cop and hesitation can be fatal, right? The millitary does the same thing BTW, so all this means is the cops are becoming more like a millitary in mentality and tactics. I know, no shit, right? at least it’s official now.

      As for the “all white” aspect, I think it’s simpler than you may think…cops ae already MORE THAN READY to kill non-whites without even the slightest hesitation, so they needed to retrain them to see EVERYONE as deserving of instant death, not just minorities. That way everyone gets harassed and killed equally.

      It’s refreshing to see the mask come off and more people are seeing just how corrupt the system really is. Polie always forget…they have the equipment and backing, but we have the numbers. All we need is the reason, and they’re providing it every day.

      • No need to draw attention to ourselves by making cop targets. Ordinary human silhouette targets are more than adequate. I can freely use my imagination when filling the target full of lead.


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