Hero Cop Blasts Dude 14 times

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This video’s pretty rough:

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  1. In another report on the case from a local Valley magazine, the Modesto Anarcho:

    “In the short video that was just released, Manteca Police Office John Moody is seen responding to call and racing up to a residential street. He then comes up to the car with a gun drawn ordering the person inside to come out. A man emerges and places his hands up, only to trip on his car seat belt. As he falls the police officer opens fire on him, shooting Ernest a total of 13 times, in both the chest and the face. Duenez was then handcuffed as he bled to death, as Moody ‘secured the scene,’ mainly looking for anything that resembled a knife or other weapon that could be used to justify the shooting.”

    That puts it in an entirely different light, doesn’t it? The mag is clearly a Marxist publication, but they are closer to the community where the murder took place. Also from their article:
    “This action by police of shooting an unarmed suspect, only to then handcuff them when they clearly need drastic and immediate medical treatment is perhaps the most disgusting aspects of the entire case. Like Oscar Grant, who was shot and killed on New Years Day, 2009, on a BART platform outside of Oakland, CA, Ernest was shot and killed by a police officer and then essentially left to die without any direct medical attention. While paramedics did eventual arrive on the scene, this was only after he was handcuffed and has suffered major injury. It is almost a full 7 minutes between the time that Ernest is shot until paramedics arrive on the scene and give aid to him. During that entire time, as the video shows, police instead busy themselves with handcuffing Duenez, removing his clothes, and checking the scene for items of interest. ”

    Read the article in full here:


  2. Somehow it seemed necessary to unleash that much gunfire on someone with a knife? What a douche. He obviously lost count of his “double-tap”. That’s why DHS needs all those hollow points.

    The cop then asks if someone’s got a knife to cut his shirt off with.. Why not use the one you reckon he had on him pig?

    I didn’t watch and carefully listen to the whole vid, but I bet the cop’s story changes.

    • It seemed way excessive – and trigger happy – to me. Like the cop was looking for an excuse to kill the guy.

      Mind: In most states, a not-cop is required to retreat before he may use lethal force. To use lethal force before one attempts to retreat is typically sufficient to bring down felony charges if lethal force is used.

      That’s for us. People not “trained” to deal with crisis situations, assumed to be pissing ourselves from fear.

      Now, a cop is allegedly “trained” in the judicious (loud coughs) use of force. This cop opened fire before the guy – even assuming he did have a knife – was able to get out of his vehicle/seatbelt. He closed the distance between them.

      Knife – vs. gun.

      Why couldn’t the cop at least have waited until the guy charged him? If the guy with the knife had done so, I’d accept what the cop did. But shooting someone armed with a weapon that cannot kill you from 10 yards away before they actually come at you is a pussy move – and (as I see it) judicially sanctioned murder.

      • What I saw was an obvious murder. The cop was lying in wait. He pulled out and pursued the truck, started screaming with his gun drawn, then opened fire as soon as he had a clear shot.

        This was a murder, followed by assault on the woman who came into the yard right after the shooting. The video shows anyone watching that cops are cowards, bullies, murderers, tyrants, liars and totally untrustworthy. Those are their good points, too.

        Can anybody see this video, or any of the hundreds more just like it that are out there to view and wonder why a California rapper would say, “Fuck da Po-lice” ?

        • I agree, Ed.

          The cops continued to draw down on the guy after he was clearly dead – or on his way to being dead. Motionless. 14 rounds in him at close range. And the cunts wouldn’t even let the guy’s wife (or girlfriend) comfort him as he lay dying.



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