Heroes And The First Amendment

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Another example of “our freedoms” being protected:

PS: Note the “heroic” flag in the cop’s car. The cop can barely speak English, too.

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    • “We pay for this service too!”

      Payment for this service is extracted from us through the implied threat of deadly force. Have a safe day, citizen.

  1. There’s a reason they call them pigs. I’d be asking them to cite the law AND the precedent that made it illegal to film a building from a public place. THEN I’d demand the owner of the building (not the CEO of a business within it) try to charge me with some sort of trespass. It’s almost as bad as China.

    • He did alright; but the first question after an affirmative to being detained is “what is your RAS?” (Reasonably Articulable Suspicion)

      That’s the pig’s justification for a “Terry stop”; and he must have it. It’s the first trigger-click before “probable cause” leading to an arrest.

      If he can’t articulate it, the clock’s ticking. He can detain you for a “reasonable” time–varies by jurisdiction. But at that point, he’s vulnerable to a 42 USC 1983 “color of law” charge–remind him of it, and make it painful for him that he doesn’t have RAS.

      You DON’T have to show ID. You may have to state your name–and nothing else. Only if you’re arrested must you give ID.

      I gleaned the above from Boston T Party’s excellent book “You and the Police”. It’s a two-hour read if you’re just bolting through it…highly recommended.

      He did well with his “am I being detained?” After the first denial, he should have walked.

      I’m learning the mantra: “Am I being detained? Am I free to go?” “What is your RAS?” “If you have no RAS, I am free to go.” “You are in violation of 42 USC 1983; should I call my attorney now or later?”

    • It’s worse than China.

      The Chinese at least leave you in peace when it comes to personal petty vices. No “safety” Nazis demanding you “buckle up” – at gunpoint – or telling you (also at gunpoint) how much soda you may drink.


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