Hero Cop Shows Us How Manly He is

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By intimidating a college girl:

What a control-freak sadist – and pussy.

Take away his costume and his gun, I wonder how tough he’d be against a guy.

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    • “… and these people wonder why they’re hated with such passion.”

      I’ve touched on this before, but again:

      The interesting thing – the thing that ought to concern them – is that ordinary, responsible people now hate them. People who do not commit crimes (as in, violations of natural law), but get harassed and fleeced (and worse) over “offenses.”

      The uniformed thugs are losing the support of the non-element. The people who – in sane times – would support peace keepers.

      But who loathe law enforcers.

  1. She was arrested for obstructing official business. Hmm.. That’s excessive right there. The turd could have just asked someone else. That was abuse of power and the cop made sure with his specious questioning that he had some probable cause for the arrest.

    “This is how you got to where you’re at..” says the redhead cop.

    Well no shit. Being singled out and intimidated for a manufactured arrestable offence and then having the audacity to question the intimidation leads you straight into their hands.

    Notice they didn’t even search the guy that went up to the cop car and spoke to her, let alone tell him to go away.

    • Once again the underlying tone is ‘shut up and obey, child!’.

      Somehow everything got twisted in this society where mature and responsible has become behaving like an obedient little girl. I am starting to challenge people on this and so far nobody has engaged it. Why is it ‘childish’ for an adult to make his own decisions, to assert himself, his rights, but ‘adult’ to simply obey and accept what others decide for him?

      I started doing this because I got sick of being called childish because I don’t accept what our self proclaimed betters have told us on face value.


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