Skyscraper Burns For Hours – But Doesn’t Collapse

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Have a look at this video:

Tall building literally engulfed in flames – burns for hours. Virtually every floor affected.

But it did not collapse… much less collapse symmetrically at free-fall speed onto its own footprint.



  1. I knew as soon as the MSM refused to show the collapse that there was something wrong. Think about it. Even on 9/11 anniversaries, they NEVER show the footage.

    I don’t claim to know what really happened but the mainstream narrative just can’t the truth.

    Anytime we aren’t allowed to ask questions or to examine the evidence, I am always going to be suspicious. You aren’t allowed, for instance, to question the recent election. You can’t even ASK why several states all stopped counting votes in the middle of the night and then kept counting for days after the election, finding ever more “mail in” ballots until Biden was finally ahead. If you post such a question on social media, you get canceled.

    If everything is on the up-and-up then why not let us ask the questions and get the answers? Wouldn’t that make a whole lot more sense if everything were on the up-and-up and you wanted everyone to believe it?

    • I just have to gently point out that we all DO know what happened. The disclaimer is reflexive since the ad hominem and legal attacks are a constant threat. But even if we’re lacking details we DO know what happened. In the case of the twin tower demolition, and the Kennedy asassination, The Lusitania and the Maine, and a thousand other official lies.

      It appears we’re in the same boat as Soviet subjects were in that we can only be sure of something when it is officially denied.

    • Absolutely, Krista –

      It is telling when a topic is one that cannot be discussed. I also don’t know what happened to WTC 7. But I’d like to. I’d like to know how a 40-plus story building supported by multiple vertical pillars could pancake downward – almost at freefall speed. It seems logical to me that such a thing could only occur if all of the supporting pillars not only failed at once but were cut away at once – else, logically, the collapse would have been asymmetric/partial. A portion would have cleaved away. It would have fallen over. Instead, the whole thing just went straight down. To my knowledge, such a thing has never happened before- or since – except in cases of controlled demolition.

      So I’d like to know how else it could have happened the way it did.

    • I know what you mean. Usually, the gov’t tries to cover their tracks better when they lie. I do not think those responsible care how well they lie. Probably think they are above any repercussions.

  2. Obviously these buildings were not built to the same standards as some other buildings from the city that doesn’t sleep.


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