A Cop Who May Be a Hero…

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He’s on the right track, at least:


  1. Black holes have reputations for “sucking everything into themselves” because the ones initially observed were so much more massive than anything in their vicinity…

    Our statements are not in conflict, I spoke only of replacing the sun with an identical mass. No orbits need be affected, as long as the replacement black hole retains the identical mass and of our existing sun.

    This is only theoretically true, since the smallest observed black hole, “Lenny,” is three times the mass of our sun. “Lenny” has a large star in orbit around him, Lenny has such violent “winds” that 95% of the mass of his star is being expelled outward away from them both, not being sucked into his gravity well.


    Our sun+solar.system rotates around the black hole Sagitarius A once every 220 million years. Our orbit is 26,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way. The radius of the black hole is 100 times the distance of the earth to the sun(93 billion miles) and has a mass 4 million times greater than the mass of our sun.



    The way scientific consensus works, is you hear what they want you to hear. Until an advantageous angle arises for them to discuss recently discovered facts about our galaxy, you’ll hear nothing about it. Just the same old tropes about 9 planets, the asteroid belt, and all the other incorrect blathershite.

    Suni Chilling In Her Space Crib at 230 miles above the Earth

    • Scientific consensus as far as I see it is about maintaining a political social club hold on knowledge and information. It’s just a fancy fair sounding way to do the same thing an intellectual class has always done, serve the ruling class. To preserve the existing order.

      Pure science practiced freely would be chaotic. People would not know what to believe except by their own wits. This cannot be permitted to have a well controlled social order. Hence peer review and consensus. A political, a social way of channeling science such that knowledge enhances the social order instead of undermining it.

      Scientists can cheat all they want if their conclusion fits the existing order. There will be no punishment. No loss of rank or career consequences even if discovered. Reputation may be ruined a century after the scientist is dead but that is about as bad as the downside gets. However a small error with a paper that does not fit in with the existing order will ruin a career. Even a perfect paper that does fit could do so.

  2. Most comprehensive survey ever of American law enforcement on gun control by the PoliceOne website:

    More than 15,000 verified law enforcement professionals took part in the survey.

    1 Will banning magazines over 10 rounds reduce crime? 96% No
    2 Effect of banning some semi-autos? 71% None 21% Increase crime
    3 White House proposals effect on cop safety? 61% None 25% Worsen
    4 Opinion of cops who publicly oppose new laws? 71% favorable
    5 What would you do if you’re sheriff or chief 72% Oppose them
    6 What would stop large scale shootings? 29% more permissive CCW
    16% more guards or paid security 20% more instituioning of mentally ill 14% improved screening for mentally ill 8% longer sentences
    7 Effect of an armed citizen at a shooting? 90% fewer casualties


  3. Libertango – A Cappella Version – From The Movie 12 Monkeys

    What if we all lived in a world ravaged by a Hundred Years War against sound money by a world cartel of USSA federal reserve banks known as the 12 Monkeys?

    Modern technological warfare is highly destructive. Only a few centuries ago, wars involved fighting between armies; and the civilians were spared. Cannons were directed only at the opposing army and never at villages filled with women and children.

    Modern technological warfare, today, now means general destruction; civilians on the losing side can expect to be plundered, killed or raped. Cities filled with civilians are targeted for mass destruction. If you look at videos of trucks driving through post-war Germany in 1948, you will witness places like the city of Bremen being simply miles of rubble piled up on either side of a makeshift road cleared for traffic.

    World War II leveled many cities of Europe which were part of the Axis. The Axis being the demonized evil speakers of German, Italian, and Japanese, so cursed by the equally evil speakers of several other languages all of whom were good loyal customers of American armament merchants who wanted everyone to be safe and well-armed.

    After the war, both the winners and the losers turned to re-building their countries. The devastated cities began to heal; new, modern factories were built. People went back to doing what they had been doing before the war. By 1970, a traveler could hardly tell there had been such terrible destruction and loss of life just twenty-five years earlier.

    That war was nothing compared to the war on sound money being fought by the 12 federal bank monkeys. Let us consider fiat money and its consequences.

    At Bretton Woods in 1944 Henry Morgenthau and Harry Dexter White outmaneuvered John Maynard Keynes, the British Delegate to the Monetary Conference, and the Conference ended by accepting the American “diktat” for the post-war monetary structure of the world: the dollar was to be as good as gold for purposes of international payments, and the US promised to redeem for gold dollars held by other national central banks at the rate of one ounce of gold for each $35 dollars tendered for redemption.

    This was a structure doomed to failure from the start, and US promptly began to abuse its “exorbitant privilege”, as France’s General de Gaulle called it, and to send dollars abroad in payment of its trade deficits.

    At least, the promise of redemption of dollars for gold did act to restrain somewhat the expansion of credit in the US. There was a general respect for the dollar and its relative scarcity produced only mild inflations in the countries that received dollars.

    The post-war US ran a mild but constant fever of credit expansion. But then, in the 1960’s, the credit expansion fever surged greatly higher in order to finance the Vietnam war and the loss of US gold in payment of dollar-redemption that had accelerated to an unacceptable pace.

    President Nixon delivered the killing blow to sound money on the fateful day of August 15, 1971. It was then the US had to default on its promise to redeem dollars for gold. It was said this would only be a “temporary” suspension, Nixon assured everyone. In politics, nothing is ever more permanent than a temporary measure. From then on the dollar became the full-fledged fiat currency of the world.

    Thus the world entered into the era of Globalization; torrents of dollars inflated the reserves of the Central Banks of the world; world trade boomed because trade deficits were now easily “settled” with fiat dollars.

    World trade had heretofore been an exchange of goods for goods, with gold only moving to settle transitory differences. That was now not the case: goods were no longer paid for with goods; in international trade, imported goods were now paid for with exported goods and with dollars, of which the supply was abundant.

    Here we begin to see the effects of fiat money as the world’s currency. The destruction of the 12 monkeys.

    Cheap goods from the under-developed countries began to flood the economies of the developed countries, with insufficient compensating purchases of goods on the part of the under-developed countries. Industries began to move out of the developed countries and into the under-developed countries which enjoyed burgeoning export sales.

    De-industrialization of the West set in under globalization, which was constantly extolled as the new, modern and progressive structure of the world’s economy. Old industrial buildings were transformed into structures harboring cafés, restaurants and art shops.

    The de-industrialization was masked with credit expansion facilitating consumption, not production, which was un-economic under the globalization scheme. Stagnant or falling wage earnings were supplemented with easy credit for the masses.

    This all happened because the money the world has been using since 1971 is fiat money, not real money. But still, at this date, you hear very few voices recognizing this fundamental fact. No one dares speak about the 12 monkeys.

    Modern war means destruction and death for masses of people. When WW II was over, the destruction began to heal. The cities were rebuilt, the survivors went back to what they had been doing when the war broke out: they returned to earning their livings with work, doing what they knew how to do. Normality returned, generally speaking.

    But now consider the effect of fiat money on the whole world, and the war on sound money.

    The whole productive structure of the world has been overthrown. The factories that have vanished in the developed nations cannot be rebuilt. Globalization makes them un-economic forever.

    The illusory prosperity of the developed nations of the world today is sustained only by credit expansion, not by savings. The West has been living like an heir to a great fortune, wasting away its inheritance.

    The West is now bankrupt. The continuance of a whole way of life is now in danger of collapse, because it is becoming impossible to expand credit any further. The Chinese are in no better situation: their supposed prosperity is crumbling as the policy of expanding credit in the West comes to a halt and the markets which China has supplied all fade away.

    The 12 Monkeys, and the Welfare State they funded with fiat money, has produced millions upon millions of humans who have grown accustomed to a good life based on credit and welfare.

    After WW II, the people of Europe went back to doing what they did before the war. Today, to what can the unemployed of the West return? There is nothing to which they can return, because the factories are gone. The people of the West have largely forgotten the accumulated productive know-how that was built up over centuries.

    City-dwellers and suburbanites cannot go back to farming, to raising live-stock, or to the thousand trades and manufactures that used to exist. Even those few who could, have not done so; the millions of unemployed in the West are no longer used to working hard to keep body and soul together and survive; they no longer accept the proposition that life implies struggle and physical work.

    Fiat money has destroyed humanity’s normal way of life; a way of life in which men and women could find their places and were thankful to have them. That old way of life is gone; the old attitudes toward life and work have been erased.

    This destruction by the 12 federal reserve banks is many times worse than the worst destruction of any war. That is where we are today. This is what fiat money has brought to the world. Fiat money is the child of the arrogance of human intellect, which has sought to invalidate the laws of human nature which have regarded the precious metals as money for thousands of years, and sought to substitute an intellectual construct for the real thing. Now we are going to pay for that arrogance.

    What now? Nobody knows. Unquestionably, we are headed straight into fearful problems never seen before. The 12 federal reserve monkeys have led us to an unbearable dystopian alternate reality. Before us lies only horrific experience of living in a world where those in power have no skills, and those who can work and produce are at the mercy of the all rich and all powerful predatory 12 monkeys of the one world superpower, a power which knows only the power of looting and the power of death and destruction.

    12 Monkeys Theme – Libertango – Naoko Terai Violin Version

    12 Monkeys Theme – Libertango – Movie Soundtrack Version

  4. Jamie Lynn Russell, a 33 old pregnant woman in severe pain went to the hospital in Pauls Valley, OK, a lovely small town with 6,000 charming locals, should you ever care to visit.

    While there, the loving nurses in that hospital found Jamie uncooperative, being she was in too much pain to lie down, so they asked a heroic Pauls Valley police officer who happened to be nearby to help obtain her full compliance and total cooperation with their important commands and procedures.

    Unfortunately for Jamie, this heroic officer discovered two prescription pills in Jamie’s pocket that weren’t in an official pill bottle with Jamie’s name on it, so of course he had no choice but to immediately take her to jail on suspicion of being a drug criminal who was endangering everyone else in Pauls Valley, OK. Her personal pain would of course have to wait until after his important public duty could be discharged.

    Over at the jail, Jamie was placed in a holding cell where she was to await processing and investigation to determine where she obtained the two pills. When they came for her two hours later, they discovered she had died sometime during her detention in their holding cell where she was kept prior to their getting to the bottom of her potential drug crime and flagrant disobedience .


    The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation of course cleared the jail staff of any criminal wrongdoing. They were just heroes doing a thankless and dangerous job.

    The OK state medical examiner later performed his complementary and mandatory service of slicing open dead people to determine what statutory classification to assign the fact of their being dead.

    This medical hero determined that Jamie had died from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. This type of pregnancy is where an embryo implants outside the uterus and tries to grow into an infant in the absence of a womb. Jamie evidentially found this condition to be unbearably painful and stressful, seeing as it led to her unexpected becoming dead.


    • More proof that evil cannot be “necessary.”

      As in “Government is a necessary evil.”

      This is not “necessary.”

      But it will be inevitable as long as we foolishly believe that government is “necessary.”

    • .She initially slowed down as if she were gonna stop and then as she got closer she accelerated toward him and tried to get around him. making contact with him. The officer in fear for his life, fired upon that vehicle..

      As a bicyclist I have to deal with situations much like this often. That includes ‘contact’ with driver’s vehicles. However, if I squeeze off a few rounds towards the offending vehicle I will be going away to prison on multiple charges for probably the rest of my life even if no persons or property are harmed. Why? In the case where there is contact, after ‘contact’ is made the vehicle has past by and no longer a threat. Of course as a mundane I would also forfeit the rest of my life if I fired at someone who was accelerating their vehicle directly at me before contact as well. Fearing for one’s life is not an acceptable excuse for a mundane.

      The double standards for these paranoid bullies with badges is remarkable and growing.

      • She’s creeping along at 3 to 5 mph, quick let me squeeze off a few rounds at close range, then when she’s dead and the car keeps moving forward, I can say she drove into me and I feared for my life.

        Definitely the third “smart” little pig in action here.

        • I’ve had people almost back into me at the grocery store. Imagine if I pulled my gun and pumped eight rounds into the person and claimed “officer safety.”

          Oops. That’s right. I’m not an “officer” and my “safety” is only relevant when it becomes a justification to issue me a seat belt ticket.

          • I’ve been hit while walking by drivers three or four times. I am right in front of them in a cross walk or crossing past a drive way and they just start moving and drive into me. I’m 6’4″ tall and am right in front of them. But if I were a cop I could have shot them dead.

            • Yup – though of course we wouldn’t do such a thing. Only “heroic” costumed thugs are prepared to kill at the drop of a hat.

              Then mewl they felt their “safety” had been compromised.

  5. At 1:34 of this video this super partiotic pig declares his love of Obama’s drone strikes. Fuck this super patriotic pig. All these douchebags who are trying to come across as patriots are simply neo-cons showing their “better” side because now working for the government isn’t as fun as they’d hoped. You can bet your ass that if gun control laws that excluded cops and ex-military, these wannabe patriots would be all for it.

    • Yep, Jacob. I noticed that, too. He’s just another skinhead with a badge. We don’t need sheriffs or any other “law enforcement” tax leeches.

      A cop pretending to be on the side of the people he’s paid to harass is still going to harass us. As Reece Banner in the movie ‘The Terminator’ said of the cyborg killer:
      “It’s what he does. It’s all he does.”

      If the guy really wanted to be convincing, he should grow some hair and take off that ridiculous costume he wears every day. He’d still be a cop, but he might be able to fool more people.

      • Dear Jacob, Ed,

        My take is twofold.

        1. The fact that some LEOs feel obligated to make such declarations should be put in the plus column.

        2. The LEOs who do make such declarations are not ipso facto “good guys” who are on “our side.”

        The real issue is not whether they as individuals are “for real.” The real issue is whether the Conventional Wisdom is changing.

        If it is changing in our direction, then we are gaining ground.

        These LEOs are merely tell tales attached to an auto body mockup in a wind tunnel. They are mere indicators of which way the wind is blowing.

        Whether they as individuals have really seen the light is not important.

        • “The LEOs who do make such declarations are not ipso facto “good guys” who are on “our side.” ”

          Agreed. My own view is that, as LEOs, they’re not to be trusted.

          “The real issue is not whether they as individuals are “for real.” The real issue is whether the Conventional Wisdom is changing. ”

          Conventional wisdom is a false construct, and it changes to suit the needs of the constructors. What seems to be the real issue to you may be a non-issue to someone else.

          “If it is changing in our direction, then we are gaining ground.”

          That’s a big ‘if’.

          “Whether they as individuals have really seen the light is not important.”

          To me, it’s of primary importance. While I may gather information by observation, my learning process must also include discernment. I ask myself, ‘What message is this video pushing?’. The answer that comes back from my earlier experience is that the video is pushing the idea that the cops are on my side, and will defend my rights.

          That idea is so laughably false that I want to point it out to my fellow viewers. My fellow viewers are free to form their own opinions, of course.

          • Dear Ed,

            I’m not sure what distinction you’re trying to make.

            But to clarify, to me the CW is not Truth. It is merely “consensus reality.” It’s what the mob feels obligated to defer to.

          • “I’m not sure what distinction you’re trying to make.”

            “Conventional Wisdom” is a term used in the mainstream media to claim that they know what the rest of us believe to be the truth. It’s bullshit, in other words.

            When some newstwit mentions “Conventional Wisdom”, he’s usually about to insinuate that some earlier lie he foisted off on us is now widely accepted as gospel by simply everyone in the world.

            My dad, rest his soul, used to use a great old Southern expression to dismiss such bullshit as “Conventional Wisdom”.. He’d snort and say something like: “Conventional Wisdom’s ASS!”

            You already know that what’s presented in the mainstream news media is utter bullshit. Once you simply stop watching it or listening to it on radio (or reading it), you’ll probably also stop using their false constructs to frame your own views.

            It just takes time, pal. Stay at it. Practice saying “Batshit!”, or “Conventional Wisdom’s ASS!” Pretty soon everybody will think you’re a Southerner. Shit, that right there would make it all worth the effort. 😉

          • Dear Ed,

            I’ve found that it helps to read what someone wrote before “rebutting” them.

            Otherwise you may find yourself “rebutting” someone who already said the very same thing you did.

        • We are affecting the Wizcon(conventional wisdom[J.K.Galbraith]), aka the “great lie.” This amorphous hodgepodge of plausible misrepresentations and half-truths maintains the status quo and justifies the PTB, it’s aka the “scientific consensus,” England and several other nations have parties designated as Libertarian, though they have little to do with our beliefs.

          Here are some other prior Wizcons corrected:

          1 George Washington’s dentures were made of gold, hippopotamus ivory, lead, and human and animal teeth(horse and donkey).
          2 people knew the world was roughly spherical before Columbus discovered America. Most disagreed only with his estimate of the distance to India. It’s likely he had Chinese maps of the Western Coast of America before his voyage.
          3 the fiddle hadn’t been invented in Nero’s day, during the fire, he rushed into Rome to organize a relief effort, which he paid for from his own funds. He opened his palaces to provide shelter for the homeless, and secured food to prevent starvation among the survivors. He devised an urban development plan that made it more difficult for fires to spread.
          4 Vikings’ helmets did not have horns.
          5 Iron Maidens never existed, they were pieced together from museum artifacts to create spectacular objects used in private for-profit carnival exhibits.
          6 the original chastity belts claiming to be medieval were fakes. In the 19th century they began to be used as anti-masturbatory devices due to the widespread belief of the time that masturbation could lead to insanity. They were mostly sold to gullible parents for use on their teen-aged children.
          7 the pilgrims wore ordinary Elizabethan attire, not tall buckled hats. Just like Europeans, American boys of the time wore dresses until they were breached at the age of 7.
          8 the first Thanksgiving occurred at the Spanish colony of Saint Augustine, Florida in 1565, long before the pilgrims.
          9 the phrase “let them eat cake” was coined by Rousseau, Marie Antoinette was only 10 years old at the time the French peasantry were starving due to a shortage of bread.
          10 people in the middle ages lived into their 60s, it’s infant mortality that skews their lifespans lower.
          11 Less than 1% of the American Revolution battles were fought using guerrilla warfare and non-traditional tactics. The war was won by an American army according to standard European warfare doctrine, and by America’s financial and strategic alliance with France.
          12 Napoleon Bonaparte was slightly taller than the average Frenchman of his time. After his death, his height was recorded as 5 feet 2 inches in French feet. This corresponds to 5 feet 7 inches American. His nickname of The Little Corporal was only a term of affection.
          13 Mexico’s independence from Spain occurred on and is celebrated on September 16th.
          14 Italian dictator Benito Mussolini did not “make the trains run on time”. Much of the repair work had been performed before Mussolini and the Fascists came to power. Also, accounts from his era suggesting claiming the Italian railways had a legendary adherence to timetables was mainly propaganda, not reality.
          15 It is not necessary to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person’s report in instances where there is evidence of violence or of an unusual absence, investigations begin immediately.
          16 Embassies and consulates remain a part of the host country they are located in.
          17 Sushi means “sour rice”, and refers to the vinegared rice used in it.
          18 Microwave ovens don’t cook food from the inside out, radiation decays exponentially due to the skin effect. It doesn’t directly heat food much beyond the outer regions of the food.
          19 the shelf life of a Twinkie is 25 days, it remains on a store shelf only for 7-10 days.
          20 the expression “rule of thumb” was originally coined from a law allowing a man to beat his wife with a stick, provided it was not thicker than the width of his thumb.
          21 the X in Xmas stands for the Greek letter Chi, the starting letter of Χριστός, or “Christ” in Greek.
          22 Black holes do not necessarily suck up all the matter in their vicinity. If our Sun was replaced by a black hole of equal mass, the orbits of the planets would be essentially unaffected.
          23 Meteorites are usually found with frost on them, due to the coolness of the upper atmosphere.
          24 When a spacecraft reenters the atmosphere, the heat of reentry is caused by the adiabatic compression of air in front of the spacecraft.
          25 Bulls and Cattle are dichromats, so red does not stand out as a bright color. They recognize perceived threats due to historical experience or muscular morphological imprinting which incites them to charge anyone they believe is a threat.
          26 Dogs sweat mainly through their footpads, and primarily regulate their body temperature through the use of panting.
          27 Lemmings do not engage in mass suicidal dives off cliffs when migrating. They occasionally unintentionally fall off cliffs when venturing into unknown territory, if they have no knowledge of the boundaries of their environment.
          28 Bats have eyes and are capable of sight, echolocation is a primary sense also used by some humans, being one of over 20 human senses.
          29 Most chameleons change color to regulate temperature or as a form of communication.
          30 All scientific facts are theories; sets of principles that explains observable phenomena in natural terms.
          31 Evolution makes no attempt to explain the origin of life or the origin and development of the universe. Biological evolution describes the process by which species and other levels of biological organization originate, leading individual forms of life back to common ancestors. The theory of evolution deals primarily with changes in successive generations over time after life has already originated. The scientific model describing the origin of the first organisms from organic or inorganic molecules is known as Abiogenesis, the current theory for explaining the early development of our universe is the Big Bang model.
          32 Evolution is not a progression from inferior to superior organisms, it doesn’t necessarily result in an increase in complexity. Populations often evolve to become simpler with lesser amounts of protein genomes.
          33 A penny dropped from any height will only reach about 35-45 mph in our atmosphere.

          • 22 Black holes do not necessarily suck up all the matter in their vicinity. If our Sun was replaced by a black hole of equal mass, the orbits of the planets would be essentially unaffected.

            Completely untrue. Planetary orbits are a balance between gravitational and centrifugal forces. If the sun’s mass increased, in order to maintain its same orbital distance, the earth would have to speed up its orbit. Double sun mass would require 1.414 times the orbital speed, as centrifugal force goes as the square of velocity.

            • Some physicists say yes – some say they can be even smaller (much smaller). Remember the concern a few years back about the superconducting supercollider in Switzerland? Some worried that a micro-black hole might be created – and thus, destroy the earth!

              I’m not physicist or astronomer – just a guy who is interested in both subjects. The material I’ve studied has it that a sun must be of a certain mass in order to become a black hole. Ours is not massive enough – and thus, its eventual fate will probably be a white dwarf, following its red giant stage.

          • If the sun were to be collapsed into a black hole, the radius of the event horizon would be about 3Km. With enough energy, a black hole could be microscopic in size (as with the LHC). A black hole of that size would evaporate almost instantly.

            • “A black hole of that size would evaporate almost instantly.”

              Here’s what makes my jaw drop and my eyes boggle: Where did the mass go? Did it just pop out of existence? Is there another universe, perhaps, it “pops” into?

          • My problem with the list above is number 20, rule of thumb. From what I understand, this referred to using the first joint of the thumb to estimate an inch. The “wife beating” thing is wrong.

          • Did it just pop out of existence?
            Black holes evaporate through a phenomenon called “Hawking radiation.” It’s a quantum effect.

          • “this referred to using the first joint of the thumb to estimate an inch. The “wife beating” thing is wrong.”

            Rich, you’re right. The wife beating definition is a lie made up by a bunch of feminist dykes who can’t wait to strap on their dildos and get busy. 😉

          • “this referred to using the first joint of the thumb to estimate an inch. The “wife beating” thing is wrong.”

            Ok, but a penny hitting you edgewise at 45 mph would fuck you up.

    • Good point, Jacob.

      But, there may be hope for this one. Maybe. I try to encourage that because numbers are not on our side. The more who see the light, the better it will be for us. If this cop has experienced a moment of clarity and begun to question the “the law” – and his role in enforcing it – begun to think about the system and how it really works (and for whom) – perhaps he will fully awaken and remove that stupid costume and grow some hair….

  6. The sheriff doesn’t see the connection between US violence abroad and the threat and reality of US violence at home. He’s a normal Amerikan in that regard.

  7. Shayne Heap @SheriffHeap – Twitter Tweets – Oldest first

    The jail looks great, inmates recently finished painting the inside of the pods (aka cells). Inmate labor is a wonderful thing.

    ECSO joins forces with local and federal agencies to take down drug trafficking.

    Multiple speeding tickets lands defendant in jail. Yesterday a 22 year old Elbert County man pled guilty to speeding 76 in a 50. The had 7 other passengers in the car near midnight when he was stopped by an Elbert County Deputy. The defendant had 17 prior traffic convictions, including 8 prior speeding convictions. An Elbert County Judge sentenced him to a $200 fine and three days in jail. He’s supposed to surrender himself to the jail on 11/18.

    “”The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.” -Samuel Adams”

    Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance – This powerful documentary which is being co-produced by the wife of a retired state trooper suffering with PTSD explores the darker side of law enforcement as it tells the stories of police officers and their families who are now suffering the mental anguish of the careers they chose, which has led some to suicide.

    In light of recent events Sheriff Heap is offering FREE concealed handgun classes at the Elbert County Sheriffs Office. Class size is limited and registrations are first come first serve.


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