Porky Assaults Guy For Drinking Iced Tea

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Here’s another one…

This guy gets hassled – then face-slammed – for the “crime” of drinking iced tea in public:

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  1. This is why I have no problem with advocating the death of these thugs. (Not murder, just killing, big difference.)

    The 0.1% that aren’t inhuman, vile, disgusting creatures don’t matter; the 99.9% that aren’t worth their weight in vomit and feces make the infinitesimal percentage of semi-human ones not even worth sorting out.

    Heads on pikes. Fuck the state

    • Was that guy actually a cop? Was he a cop working security for the store while off duty? He doesn’t make it clear where his authority comes from. If he is working for, called by the owners, or owns the store then he does have authority to have them leave the property but he does not identify himself as such. If he’s just a cop or some guy wandering around he has no authority to make such a demand.

      • “He doesn’t make it clear where his authority comes from.”

        That’s old school thinking. /Sarcasm OFF.

        A member of the Gestapo does not have to prove where his authority comes from when dealing with a Helot, on or off duty, it doesn’t matter.

        Isn’t that the nature of a police state?

        Heck, it doesn’t even matter if this is a real video or not, the fact is, the state claims the authority to abduct us all and do with us at it pleases.

        “Ya’ll saw the way he turned an innocent act into a crime.” <- That's how a police state operates. Haven't there been plenty of other examples just like it?

        Just one that comes to mind is the guy in prison for building secret compartments in cars, for which there's no law to place him there, he committed no crime, yet he rots.

        • “there’s no law to place him there, he committed no crime, yet he rots.”

          In Bovard’s book “Freedom in Chains” he relates a case in which a vitamin producer was charged with a violation of a regulation that, as it turns out, didn’t even exist.

          This was in the ’90s, at a time when the police state was expanding rapidly under the Clinton administration. In a Walmart store near an Army base where state cops get their “training”, I saw several fatasses in SWAT BDU’s shopping. On their service ID ribbons they had ‘FDA’ in the space that would ordinarily read “US Army”.

          They’ve been arming bureaucrats for years, if not decades. All the alphabet regulatory agencies have police powers.

      • I can see asking the guy to leave (assuming it’s private property). No issue there, for me at least. But this dick – and he is a dick (the cop, that is) – was clearly itching to escalate a petty situation. I don’t think he even asked the guy to leave. He did demand that the guy hand over his can of iced tea – and when the guy declined, assaulted him.

        The video might be a fake – but it shows a commonplace truth about cops.

      • Yeah, an ABC Cop. By law, NC state liquor stores are public and not private property. The hero officer is Rick Libero of the Cumberland County Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Enforcement




        From Free Keene Article:

        One of the most ridiculous instances of a heavy-handed plain clothes officer harassing young people and then arresting one for not following nonsense orders to leave fast enough at his behest was uploaded to youtube and liveleak on April 27, 2013.

        Many sites featuring articles with the revealing video. You observe a disheveled white man in sordid clothing approach a group of black youths and he demands to be given possession of a can that one is drinking from. The young people ask the man to identify and he says ‘police’, continuing to insist that he be given the can.

        The iced tea/lemonade fusion drinker, X, holds the can out to display the label and reads it to the man. He begins reaching for the can, and his intentions are questioned. He then goes into arrest mode, doing a quick ordering of X off of the property, drops the ‘T’ word a few times, and then arrests him for trespassing.

        It’s worth noting that the iced tea/lemonade can was not taken by police as evidence, yet displayed in its entirety for the camera, and clearly not a beverage worthy of any ‘reasonable suspicion’ of a crime.

        • “Yeah, an ABC Cop. By law, NC state liquor stores are public and not private property. ”

          Oh yeah, the great state ABC stores. Where I lived, on the border of NC/SC, there is a big discount liquor store at Carowinds, a theme park on the state line. It’s very convenient to Charlotte and sees a huge amount of cross border trade.

          The store has brands of liquor from all over the world and its inventory makes the state owned stores in NC look like what they are,tiny user-unfriendly closets with bare minimum stocks of a few brands and sizes.

          NC stores have maximum purchase restrictions, which make it hard to stock for a large party. Charlotte dwellers come to Frugal McDougal’s at Carowinds to get liquor for their parties, risking arrest for “bootlegging” by NC ABC coptards when they take their purchases back home.

          NC ABC, like the Virginia ABC has a total monopoly on retail and wholesale liquor commerce, but they fail, year after year to make a profit. How is that even possible? Easy, just put dimbulb bureaucrats in charge of any business, and they’ll fuck it up.

    • Bill Maher is one of those fractured people who defends some civil liberties – and denounces some actions of the police state – but then just as vehemently denounces other civil liberties (free association, self defense) and cheers other actions of the police state (such as throwing people in jail for insisting on their right to freely associate – or not. Their right to self defense, etc.)

      • I run into a lot of people like that. They want government to have all this power but then only applied in ways that align with what they think is best. These people also complain a lot about what government does but to suggest liberty will send them into a fit. See we must have a powerful government but it must follow their opinions in the details. Their views don’t arrive from principle just what they feel on any particular topic.

        • Same. Best example that comes to mind is a girl I know that thinks I should have my house raided so all my guns can be taken because guns are bad m’kay…. But she herself does cocaine and sees no hypocrisy in her views because hey, Obama “did a little blow” in college and he hates guns, and he’s the super cool president who goes on bill maher and the daily show…. She’s what some refer to as a snobby “valley girl” and she has many like minded friends.

      • What people like Bill Maher don’t seem to consider is that even if every citizen-owned gun were magically wished away tomorrow, the troops (FFS, just call them what they are) that shot up that man’s boat will still have theirs.

        Notice that when invading an area with an unknown number of armed citizens, they won’t operate in anything less than platoon-sized groups. If they were assured that they were dealing with a completely disarmed populace, they would only have to operate in twos or threes and could break down a lot more doors that way.

      • That’s what you call a “brainwashed socialist”

        They mirror the neocons in their love for one “kind” of freedom and absolute hate for the others

  2. I love Arizona Ice Tea. I don’t think this cop likes black guys drinking ice tea. A perfect cop is kind of like magician. Ya’ll saw the way he turned an innocent act into a crime. Magic I tell ya.

    • If some guy (without any identification) came up to me and told me to get lost, I would resent it. (especially if I was not harming any one else.)

      I hope that lawyer does eat this up.

      X’s poor taste in rims does not justify being thrown off of massa’s land by the mean overseer.

      This reality is stranger than most fiction I have read.

      • I’ll tell you what. This cop is damn lucky these guys weren’t thugs. I suppose that’s the only reason he targeted them. -easy prey

      • I agree.

        All here gnoe I loathe cRap “music” – and everything associated with that “culture.” But what happened to that guy was absolutely uncalled for. As I watched the degradation-escalation express getting rolling, I had thoughts not fit for print.

        Toward the porker.

        • Eric I’m with you; I’m trying to avoid watching these because those thoughts are becoming intrusive.

          Dead pools.

          • Yeah.

            And my sense of things is we’re far from alone – or even a small minority. I get the vibe that people – rank and file people – are getting close to their limit, too. Even the (rigged) pols are reflecting this, if you read between the lines. Support for “more security” to “keep us safe” from “the terrorists” is waning. It’s dawning on more and more Americans that the real terrorists have shaved heads and wear government-issued uniforms. That “our freedoms” have been taken away, not by al Cia Duh, but by Washington, DC.

            I know a guy – an old guy (mid 70s) who is “salt of the earth,” an unpretentious farmer who loves America, raised a big family, spent time “serving” in the military as a young man. Six or seven years ago, he’d have been appalled by the things we say about the government – and most especially, about “law enforcement.”

            Today, he nods along with me. He agrees things are completely out of control – and, like me, weeps about what we have lost.

            Der Tag Kommt, indeed.

          • Speaking of rigged pols–CNN is running the same psy-op that “90% of people support background checks”.

            Of course they do, and of course we already have them–unconstitutional as they may be.

            But the psy-op is that “people are turning against the NRA”…desperately trying to build consensus, or bully us dumb rednecks and clingers into believing we’re in the minority.

            Except, there have been 72 million background checks since OBomber took office; implying at least 72 million new guns, on the unlikely assumption each one purchased only one gun.

            Ammo is still–nay, is even more–impossible to find.

            CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the statist agitprop mouthpieces are absolutely freaking out; nobody listens to them anymore.

            I don’t know if you guys have seen Rachel Maddow’s incredibly shrill report on Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, and Ron Paul…but it’s a doozy.

            She’s worried. As she should be; the barky-voiced cunt attracts a mere half-million drooling liberal zombies to her “show”.

    • “Ya’ll saw the way he turned an innocent act into a crime. Magic I tell ya.”

      Indeed. That cop is a got-damned genius.

  3. The initial image of the video is symbolic of much that is warped in the unitedstate.
    The “law” is represented by the cop, his patronizing hand stretched out like a god or a devil, wanting everything that is in the possession of the individual: especially his submission and respect, all the while demanding – no, expecting – unconditional unthinking obedience.
    The ‘law’ being impervious to reason and facts or moral outrage plods forward in a robotic way, as if pre-programed in a loop.

    The individual represents mass-man, with his eyes wide open and quite incredulous that even if he follows ‘the law’ he finds there truly is no such thing as ‘the law’ there’s only brute force and the arbitrary whim of men.
    Submission is resistance. Mass-man is just an object in the eyes of ‘the law’.

    The initial image of the video is true art.

    There’s A Lot more in that image than I describe. But I can’t do it justice. Prolly just be boring anyway.

    …Next!? … because it happens 10,000 times a day in the empire.


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