How They’ll Make Us Eat Ze Bugs

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Well, now we know how they are going to get us to eat ze bugs – and (they hope) take the drugs. They are going to use the excuse of “containing” the bird flu to kill the birds – chickens – and cattle, too. In this way, they’ll have succeeded in reducing the “emissions” of carbon dioxide emanating from the animals we eat – without having to convince us to stop eating meat.

There just won’t be any to eat.

Not for us, that is. The “elite” – as the agglutinators of power who like to use it to control others like to think of themselves – will have all they can eat. Just the same as they have and will continue to have private jets and 10,000 square-foot homes with thousands-of-gallons of liquid hydrocarbon fuels on hand to power their homes and keep their meat cool in the Viking ‘fridges they’ve got that most of us can’t afford – and cook their meat on gas ranges they’ve decided we’re not going to be allowed to have.

Evil can be ingenious. Or at least, devilishly clever. It’s an important distinction. The ingenious invent things that change things for the better; Nikola Tesla is an example of an ingenious man. Elon Musk is an example of a clever man. He knows how to game the system – using Tesla’s name. Tesla understood alternating current and developed practical uses for it it that included literally lighting up the world.

The next clever thing is the same old thing – again. Another “pandemic” – only this time one that requires killing-off poultry flocks and cattle herds rather than staying six feet apart and wearing “masks” to “stop the spread” – though no doubt those things will be back again, too. They are necessary props for the success of the theater. There will be “testing” – so as to generate “cases” – which will be used to impose “masking” – all the rest of it, again.

Just in time for the almost-here-selection, again.

But the pending “pandemic” – already here, actually; the “spread” having already started – will serve the additional purpose that’s been stymied thus far of getting most of us to stop eating meat and start eating ze bugs. The “elite” have tried to get us to eat them voluntarily; that hasn’t been working. They have tried guilting us to eat them, telling us that eating meat results in “emissions” – of a piece with the tactics they’ve been using (successfully) to drive the car out of the showroom in favor of the device.

But it’s been much harder to get people to give up chicken and beef (and milk and cheese and everything else that’s made using milk). People like eating meat – and most do not like the idea of giving it up for a plate of crickets or a smoothie made of liquified maggots. There is also the problem of people who do not need stores to get meat – or milk. Or eggs. These people are a big problem for the “elites” because they are far less controllable. People who are not starving being harder to control.

The bird flu/cow pox – or whatever they’ll eventually decide to call it – will solve that problem by turning it into a “public health” problem. Of a piece with way – last time – small businesses were put out of business so that big businesses that were allowed to stay open, so as to agglutinate into the coffers of big business the money that had kept small businesses open. And to drive independent small business owners into dependent employees of the big businesses many of them ended up having to go to work for, after their small businesses were put out of business.

The “elites” will no longer have to rely on no-long-selling claptrap about the “climate changing” because cows are farting. They will instead say people are dying – or going to – if “we” (meaning they) don’t “do something” to “stop the spread” (again). And – the scary part – they just might actually die this time.

You have probably heard them say so. The new “pandemic” – they tell us – will be much worse than the last one; in which case it might actually be a pandemic. And people would be scared. And scared people are much easier to control, as H.L. Mencken observed more than a century ago.

Much more receptive, too, to a cricket cracker slathered with maggot spread. Especially when that’s all there is left to eat.

. . .

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  1. This is basically what George Carlin’s 2005 bit on us not being in the big club was about.

    We operate as a mercantilist/fascist economy where it really is the controllers vs the rest of us.

  2. Our band The Refusers rock song: EAT THE BUGS

    “Klaus Schwab’s Economic Forum Great Reset has declared war on the food you like, they’ll screw your life. You’ll own nothing and be happy. Eat the Bugs!

    Insect farms will play a role In your dinner bowl. When cows eat grass they make too much gas! Crickets and black flies are the food of the future. Eat the Bugs!”

    Free streaming song link

  3. Okay , you guys win …
    . Stealing all my comments before I can type ….
    So I’ll start
    “ commenting on the stuff I encounter during Puerto Rico deep dive 2.0…”
    RE “Libertarian Realistic Bailout Locations …Halfway House edition “
    Presently In Arecibo ,okay …..but differences with the Dominican Republic..are rather profound..
    Stay tuned for details 👍

  4. o/` Eat the bugs!
    No we will not eat the bugs.
    Eat the bugs!
    No we will not eat the bugs
    Eat the bugs!
    Never, never, never, never will we eat the bugs
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no
    Oh, mamma mia, mamma mia
    Mamma mia, eat the bugs!
    Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have put aside a bag of bugs, for me, for me, for meee …o/`

    • If you don’t eat yer bugs, you can’t have any pudding!
      How can you have any digital social credit score Bitcoins unless you eat your pudding?!

      Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb?
      Mother, should I trust the government?
      Goodbye, blue sky.
      Hey you, standing in the road, always doing what you’re told, eat yer bugs!
      And get yer Shot! Just a little pinprick.
      There’ll be no more aaaaaaaaah!
      But you may feel a little sick.

      They’re gonna send you back to mother
      In a cardboard box.
      You better run.

      Eat yer bugs!
      If you don’t eat yer bugs, you can’t have any pudding!
      How can you have any digital social credit score Bitcoins unless you eat your pudding?!

  5. Ze bugs will have to taste much better than the bullshit sandwich they’re feeding us now, and that’s un-likely. Remember that Joe Biden isn’t stupid; no, he’s demented. People who vote for him are stupid.

    • Hi Robin,

      Demented, yes – some. But I submit many are also pathological. Sadistic losers who lust to punish others to make themselves feel better about their failures as human beings. The archetypical angry soy boy/screeching blue haired harpie being cases in point.

      • Hey Eric,
        During the covid hoax, I surely did take note of every cashier, door checker, clerk, bag boy, etc., that became instant tyrannical assholes. They made a choice. When I was young in the 70s and 80s, people would bend the rules to help each other out. Look the other way, if no ones getting hurt, no harm, no foul.

        Now, every fucken body wants to sick the violence squad on you. Tell on your neighbor, call the hotline, tell security, call 911, and just be absolute perfect fucking assholes when given the slightest chance to do so.

        Every smiling “associate” you see. Remember how big of assholes all of them were. They made the choice to be part of big govt. and corporate evil. They’ll surely do it again.

  6. I can hunt for all the meat I need. If they try to stop me from doing that, well, the 308 win is avery versatile cartridge

    • It’s amazing how TPTB (or ‘Creeps’ as I like to call them) can’t make us do anything, even with all their order following goons, they can only ‘tell’ us what to do (while pretending they possess some moral authority over us). People are reality generating beings that must bring into existence the chains which binds us through our compliance. ‘NO!’ is the most powerful word in the universe.

  7. So ; I have a choice.
    Eat Z bugs or eat cow, pig and chikin, or just do the Soylent Green on the “elites” that are pushing this crap.
    I vote for option 3.

  8. You eat good by the sweat of your brow.

    I have a freezer full of frozen goods, it’ll be awhile before I starve.

    Forcing people to eat a cockroach salad is more or less cruel and unusual, a punishment meted out by self-righteous judgmental assholes, shitheads.

    Force feed Klaus bugs all day long and fois gras his liver. The hogs will eat him, no problem.

    People are omnivores, carnivorous habits never go away.

    It’s Friday, all of the kikes in Jewland are fasting at sunset and won’t eat until sunset tomorrow.

  9. When a parent, has had no way to feed their babies for a day, and there is no certainty that tomorrow will bring the food truck, They are going to go to the eleitist mansions for what they need.
    The elitists count on the stariving kulaks coming at them with wooded hay forks or maybe a scythe. They elitists are betting their lives on it. Sadly for them, we will come with at least firearms. Sadly for the world, eliminating the mosters who created their famine will not bring food after the elitists are eliminated.
    The world is going to starve. Between starvation, disease and predation, I believe the earth will lose 3/4 of the population.
    Happily, God Jehovah/Yahweh, Wins in the end.

  10. No more rural living….off to the 15 min city……limited mobility, no cars…weaponized surveillance and control….water rationing…speech surveillance…..mobility tracking…rationing gas, heat, electricity…

    control of food supply…no more cooking/food ownership… hoarding/stocking up or growing/independent supply… will be a service delivered daily by the government… maybe insects 3 times a day…with your meds included……..if your social credit score/cbdc balance is too low or cut off…no food for awhile…till you comply….

    The insects they want us to eat have parasites, the problem is to kill the parasite you have to overheat the insects while cooking this destroys the protein in the insect being cooked, so it is not worth eating, you are better off starving….

    purpose?….weaken the prisoners in the 15 min cities….

    Insects Contain A Structural Component In Their Exoskeletons Called Chitin Which is Toxic To Humans

    Birds can assimilate insects….humans can’t assimilate insects…plus they are poisonous….

    The goal is keep the slaves weak, stupid and sick…then they are less of a threat..

    To be strong and healthy humans need meat, fish and dairy products, plus fresh fruit to be healthy and strong….the slave owners want to ban these and make the slaves eat poisonous insects….

    Part of the cull of ….what the slave owners call …..the useless eaters……..

  11. The rich will always be able to afford the luxury of five-count shrimp and Kobe Beef…for them there is never a shortage. I cannot understand why they would want to starve the remaining population. A well fed population is a complacent population, ensuring the rich their continued lifestyle. History.

    • Don’t forget that there is a strong neo-Malthusian streak among our betters. A lot of them truly believe that there are too many people. A massive famine is a feature, not a bug.

      And as far as complacency, I think we showed them during lockdowns that there are no worries in that sector.

  12. Does anyone recall the dystopian Sci-Fi flick “Soylent Green” (future dystopia scenarios being a common theme in 70’s sci-fi)? Not only is the climate of 2022 unbearably hot all the damned time, thanks to the predictions even then of “Global Warming” (which are more dogma than anything approaching true ‘Science’), but also the population explosion (think of Erlich’s then-current boo, the “Population Bomb” and predictions of doom and gloom thanks to widespread baby-making). The masses, eking out their meager and humdrum living, subsist off processed foods from the quasi-Government Soylent Corporation, consist of small rectangular cakes, “Soylent Yellow” and “Soylent Red”, made of differing plant mixtures, but what folks really go for is the new-fangled “Soylent Green”, supposedly that color due to use of hydroponically grown plankton. Any “real” food is for the few and privileged rich, as inflation has rendered most earnings and savings meaningless, ala Weimar Germany. However, the one enduring “profession”, naturally the oldest one, endures, mainly in trade for living in relative comfort, wearing of nice clothes instead of whatever rags one can scrounge, and eating luxury foods like steaks, eggs, jams, and fresh fruit. The protagonist, NYPD detective Robert Thorn (Charlton Heston), investigating the murder of a Soylent executive, “liberates” a steak and some salad, which he and his roomate, “book” (researcher) Solomon Roth (Edgar G. Robinson, who would pass away shortly after the filming) eagerly devour. Roth finds out from his retired academician friends that, in fact, the Earth’s oceans are becoming more and more sterile, thus their ability to supply the plankton for Soylent Green is dubious, leading to the conclusion and the tagline at movie’s end that Soylent Green was made from PEOPLE.

    Thankfully, it’s just a movie, and nothing’s ever said of how rural Americans would have long reacted to such artificially-induced food shortages. What’s not commonly appreciated is that in times past, rural folks were either self-sufficient off their own land, or had the ability to barter among themselves, and thus were somewhat immune to the vagaries of Kosher-manipulated banking…provided they didn’t mortgage their farms. Even more suburban households often had fruit trees to supplement their diets, and/or kept chickens or even swine, and, of course, the famous “Victory Garden” was a natural outgrowth during WWII of not only having something to do, but to supplement one’s ration “points” which a family could get by on, but tended to be monotonous and/or subject to corruption.

    Space doesn’t permit describing how the PTB do seemingly EVERYTHING to discourage that type of self-sufficiency.

    • Hi Doug,

      I never watched Soylent Green (I was afraid it would give me nightmares), but I knew the ending (thanks to YT) very well.

      In reference to how rural people will survive, like you, I noticed it is continually left out. As part of their homeschooling class my kids (several years ago) was assigned a book titled “Eager” that came out in 2006. Basically, it was metropolis living and the robots had taken over everything (the jobs, chores, driving the bus, etc.). The only jobs left were teachers at the local university. It was the prerequisite of the 15 minute city. No one owned a car, but you could rent one, but you were not allowed to go more than a few miles. The children in the book inquired about living in the country, but the parents described them as anti social loners who did not wish to participate in society. There was no further talk of them for the rest of the book.

      Basically, the gist of my long winded paragraph was the elite have no idea how to handle the rural and semi rural areas which is why it is never mentioned. The outcome (from what I have read in numerous/articles) is that the urban areas will cut us off for choosing not to “cooperate”. There is no mention of pitchforks and torches or coming after those who have the ability to survive without government.

      • The SG movie was a film adaption of the 1966 dystopian novel, ‘Make room! Make room!” by Henry Harrison. As much a libtard social commentary about the usual lament of the “rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer”, it again takes a perspective which most of us in “flyover country” find arrogant and downright repulsive…that the policies of this country revolve about what goes on in the District of Criminals (DC) or Jew York.

        The realities are that a New York City holding 40 millions of souls, implying likewise a five-fold increase of the US population to about a billion, would have collapsed long beforehand if there’s little to nothing that most of the people have to look forward to in life. Part of this is alluded to in the movie with the heavy-handed methods of the overworked NYPD, and the use of the converted garbage trucks, i.e., the “Scoops”, to haul off rioters to presumably their doom, to become those little green wafers that the masses wait for every Tuesday.

        While no one can truly live to all that (s)he wants by his/her lonesome, even out in the sticks, the ability to survive independently goes way up, the further one gets from the cities. And it’s that independence that those that presume to wield power fear the MOST.

    • When it got bad in Venezuela….the neighbor’s pets started disappearing….

      When supply chains break down…after 30 days… food…..cannibalism….

  13. Governments have used starvation to manipulate their slaves many times. It often does not end up well, for the government. After all, those in government are edible. If you cook it long enough, you can eat anything.

    • The rankest form of stupidity was shown by the invading Germans in 1941 when they were greeted by the Ukrainians and those of the Baltic republics as LIBERATORS. All they had to do was to hold their prejudices against the Untermensch in check long enough to complete the downfall of the USSR. Too arrogant to see that, which ended up being their doom.

  14. Some random thoughts on this in no particular order:

    -Why was there no appreciable “global warming” during and after WW2? WW2 was a vast worldwide orgy of fossil fuel production and consumption on a scale never before seen. Yet those years were relatively cooler, what with the cold weather of 1941-42 freezing out the Third Reich, the blizzard of 1950, and the downright chilly 1970s when predictions of a new ice age were everywhere—and it was blamed on pollution (which we cleaned up).

    -What about diseases ze bugs carry? Ze bugs are perhaps the greatest threat when it comes to contagious diseases—ya know, malaria, bubonic plague, Lyme disease, all those goodies. There’s a deep evolutionary reason why people are grossed out and scared of bugs—they bite, sting, and carry diseases.

    -You’ve no doubt heard of trucker’s strikes: It wouldn’t surprise me to see a farmer’s strike. They’ve already happened in the EU. And a farmer’s strike in the Heartland, aka America’s bread basket, flyover country, land of the deplorables, would send shock waves around the world.

    -These sorts of things often backfire spectacularly. Just ask Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI, Czar Nicholas II, or Shah Reza Pahlavi. We may be reaching that point.

    Oh, feel free to put this on T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

    “They’re not trying to control the climate. They’re trying to control YOU!”

  15. There are calls for mass testing of chickens and cows, likely using the same PCR tests that were faulty to begin with but used as a tool to frighten people. Remember when “Cases! Cases! Cases!” were used as justification for all the draconian COVID measures that had NO effect other than causing MASSIVE damage to society? The establishment has also been trying to make people think that small farms were “destroying the planet” but that LARGE industrial farms were goooooooooooood for the planet.

    The feds also want to give Moderna LOTS of money to develop a bird flu vaccine. If one is developed, I suspect the Biden Thing AND establishment media will run a HEAVY propaganda campaign similar to what they ran for the COVID jabs. And if people see through the BS and don’t vaxx themselves and any livestock they own, the government may well try to FORCE people (and livestock they own) to take them.

    If and when authoritarian governments try this crap again (this time disguised as stopping bird flu), people en masse need to yell out “HELL NO! WE WON’T DO THIS AGAIN!”

    • No need to yell anything, they aren’t listening to the little people anyway. Just refuse. And when they try to force it, make it stick.

      The real lesson from the COVID damnpanic is that the bulls#!t failed in places rural enough that real people were able to refuse. It failed in places where the militia has not been disarmed and/or forced underground, where people can and do practice armed self defense. It was a problem where the shrieking hysterics could gain critical mass, in the urban hellscapes where mobs rule, and where the mobs enforcers could work with little fear of effective consequences.

      • Hi Ernie,

        As has been stated here and elsewhere, we potentially face another IQ test with this fear porn campaign about bird flu that the establishment wishes to run. Unfortunately a lot of people failed the last IQ test (COVID, face diapers, and the experimental pharma products falsely called VACCINES) but did wake up to the fact that the experimental mRNA jabs they’ve injected themselves with are NOT vaccines. I’ve read elsewhere that the percentage of people who are on their 10th COVID shot (per the latest recommendations by the CDC) is LOW. As for the bird flu fear porn campaign that the establishment wishes to cook up, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how many people refuse to comply with nonsensical government diktats if and when authoritarian governments try this crap again. But another thing WE should do to try to stop this crap from even happening, is spread the word about what THEY’RE trying to do.

      • Agree, Ernie.

        The elites will be as successful as taking away food as they are at taking away cash…I don’t believe it will happen.

        Not every individual is reliant on Uncle Sam and not every farmer (or backyard in America) is going to allow someone to waltz on their property and take away their livelihood. People will refuse to fight for a foreign nation, a large corporation, even their homeland, but many are willing to battle (and die) for their children, personal property, and stomach.

        Terrifying people to stay home for the flu in lieu of a place most really did not want to go to anyway is much different than taking food from your mouth. Starve people and see what happens.

        The Plandemic may have gotten shots into 65-70% of arms, but it did not get it into 100%. The current Administration is not building fear into their citizens, but blazing a trail of lawbreakers. If your government lies to you, cheats you, and believes they have the right to kill you…are they your friend? Would you lay down your life for an enemy that thinks you are disposable? I would hope many would answer no. The willingness to go along to get along only buys one time, because in the end we all replaceable.

        • The slave owners call the slaves an invasive species…destroying the planet…the excuse….so will be forced out of rural areas into 15 min city/prisons…

        • I like the way you think. I agree hunger is one of the strongest motivators. In good and bad times food is what brings people together, we are constantly planning or making our next meals, sharing recipes or going out to eat our favorite foods. It is an extremely deep seated and evolutionary desire to eat good healthy food. So for the elites to assume that people will simply sit complacently in their hovels waiting for the food truck to arrive with their rations defies the drives that make us human. People can and will learn and do amazing things to survive. Even Scarlett O’Hara learned how to farm.

      • Once your mind becomes clear, once you understand what pathetic lying PsOS our entire ruling/political class is, resistance becomes much easier. Being a part of the group that declines to be controlled has its advantages, besides, acceptance of our message is growing. Hopefully the final outcome will be the elimination of the entire parasitic class. No more will North America be their home.

        every morning I wake up with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart over the fact that I didn’t take the orange goo. What a time to be alive.

  16. Nor will the elites give up good freon for the next gen propane-based refrigerant. Their limos, private jets, and 10,000 square foot summer homes will be quite comfortable in the summer. To hell with the rest of the world.

  17. Problem: Need a good scare just before the election, but not something that pisses off your base of miscreants and perverts.

    Solution: Another pandemic.

    Problem: Two cases is not a pandemic.

    Solution: Bring out the forecasters to prognosticate, estimate and speculate. “What if” the public into a belief that the unseen world of viruses is trying to kill them.

    Fact is, we live in a planet that’s awash in single cell organisms. If you buy into the evolutionary narrative, they were here long before humans, or even mamals. They’re basically chemicals that move around and replicate. By weight, number and variety they outnumber everything. It was once thought that the oceans were virus free due to the salinity of the water. Then someone put a drop of ocean water into an electron microscope and oh boy was he surprised! Too many to count. In one microscopic drop of ocean water.

    Yet the fish live. Scuba divers are far more at risk from the bends than from a rogue virus. At any moment there are nearly infinite viruses in the air, nearly all are benign. Except for a few specific types that have been studied so much that they can be synthesized in a Chinese lab. Why anyone would wish to do so is beyond my ability to comprehend evil, but here we are.

    Only God knows how many heartbeats you have.

  18. ‘The new “pandemic” – they tell us – will be much worse than the last one.’ — eric

    It is really too early to play that card again. A vaccine-fatigued public is in no mood for a ‘Covid-24’ sequel. I just can’t get excited about the bird flu boogeyman.

    What ever happened to the generalized mayhem of the 1960s? Assassinations, riots, hijackings, mysterious terror groups blowing shit up in the US and Europe. Patty Hearst robbed a bank with the Symbionese Liberation Army. Charles Manson ran a murder cult in Commiefornia. Our cup overflowed with the crazy.

    Two months from now, the DemonRat convention in Chicago could light up that town like 1968. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin of the Yippies; Tom Hayden of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); Black Panther Chairman Bobby Seale; David Dellinger and Rennie Davis of antiwar group MOBE; and John Froines and Lee Weiner, who were alleged to have made stink bombs—were tried on charges of criminal conspiracy and incitement to riot.

    Sounds like a plan! 🙂

    • Big problem with your Chicago scenario is that the Daley machine actually ran the town back then and could exercise some degree of control. I do not think that is the case with the current Shitcago rulers. Things could get real, really fast. I think I will stay away.

      • Right, and back then the cops beat the crap out of everyone that was there, too bad for your civil rights. There was some commission afterwards that labeled what happened as a “police riot”….duh, stating the obvious. Will be the same this year if things get out of hand; meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • ……wasn’t there a “real j6 insurrection “with an actual Capital bombing ….. 1969??
      Someone convicted S Sondberg?
      Later pardoned by Clinton?


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