Climate Lockdowns

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It is rumored – it has been stated as fact by the Thing itself – that an “emergency” as regards the “climate” is this close to being declared. The Thing’s liver-spotted and quivering finger hovers over the proverbial button and aches to press it.

That it will is certain. The only variable is the matter of when. Not because there is a “crisis,” of course. There almost never is.

Has there ever been one?

Even the acronymical emergency day – 911 – wasn’t much of one. Taken at face value – never sound policy when it comes to anything said by the organs of the apparat – a handful of “terrorists” flew three planes into buildings and one into the ground. It was appalling, of course.

But a “crisis”?

The real crisis came afterward – when terrorist attacks on three places were used to justify terrorizing everyone, everywhere. A “homeland” replaced what had been our country – and along with that came a new apparat named after it. It has been more than 20 years – a generation – since the people of this country could board an airplane or even walk to the gate to see off family and friends without being processed like newly arrived prisoners, even to the extent of being patted down in their most intimate places. Including children.

Because you never know . . .

Then came the “lockdowns” – outside the prison. They were tested regionally, in Boston, first. They have become common in schools, so as to teach the kids they are prisoners. How else to describe being told Authority can imprison you whenever Authority decides it is necessary?

Then came the national “lock downs” because of a “crisis” (cough, literally) over a “virus” people were told was going to cut a swath of death across the country. People accepted this in part because they were used to this already. Once you have accepted your status as someone who has no rights but only privileges – which can be rescinded whenever it is necessary, according to those who grant them – it is just a matter of those who have granted them saying you no longer have them.

That is the lesson of “911” and the “pandemic.” Have enough Americans learned it? Will they fall for it, again?

The answer is unknowable – until we find out. But perhaps – this time – enough Americans will say they have had enough and do what not enough of them ought to have done more than 20 years ago, when all of this began. And what enough of them didn’t do during the “pandemic.”

Ignore the “crisis.”

This is and always has been the key to showing – literally – there isn’t one. The best example of this being the not-wearing of the Rag of Crisis, usually referred to as a “mask.” It covered up the truth. The mass wearing of it enabled the apparat to get enough people to believe there was a “crisis.” But the refusal of just enough people to participate in the covering up of the truth that the only “pandemic” was one of fomented mass hysteria resulted in the eventual ebbing of the mass hysteria.

If more people had refused to participate in the covering up of the truth sooner, the hysteria would have never reached the fever pitch that it did. If enough had gone further and refused to accept being told their right to leave their home and go about their business – and to do business – was now a conditional privilege granted by Authority – the right to go about our business and do business would never have become a conditional privilege.

Authority depends on mass obedience. But when Authority becomes tyranny then it is necessary to disobey it, in order to dismantle the tyranny. The threat of mass disobedience is indeed the only thing that holds tyranny in any kind of check. The Things will only attempt that which they are confident they can get enough of us to accept.

If only – two of the saddest words in the language – enough of us had decided to refrain from buying an airplane ticket after it was announced we live in a “homeland” rather than a country and that we’d have to spread our legs and raise our arms in order to be allowed to board our flight – all of us would be free right now to board a flight without having to spread our legs and raise our arms.

If only enough of us had refused the proffered diaper and had the steel to stand up to the teenager proffering them, they would never have been as successful forcing almost everyone to wear them.

If only enough of us had refused to allow Big Retailers to destroy small businesses by not supporting small businesses that had owners with backbone enough to keep their doors open in defiance of orders to close them (while the Big Retailers were allowed to keep theirs open) thousands of small businesses would not have been ruined – along with the families of the owners of those businesses.

Enough of us did refuse to be “vaccinated” like cattle – and because enough of us acted like men and women instead, it became untenable for the Things to continue with their push to treat everyone like cattle.

It is always enough of us that make the difference.

Will you be part of this noble cohort when the Thing pushes the button?

. . .

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  1. KrustyKlown is an attack module. Eric deep six it. With this AI Chat shit is only going to get worse. Do not reply to obvious attacks.

    • You are one paranoid dude. Whenever you don’t like a post or someone disagrees you call out for the banhammer. Lighten up man. These interwebs comment threads are supposed to be back and forth.

    • Bans aren’t necessary. Heated debates help reveal the truth. Those with shitty arguments reveal themselves.

      I always feel like if I can’t defend my position I probably should have that position. It’s just assholery that I don’t care for.

      • Good morning, Mister!

        I agree with you. As frustrating as it can be to deal with the Cashys and EarthLuvrs and Martins of the world, it is necessary to deal with them. They have monopolized the discussion for far too long – chiefly, via their loudness and unctuous, self-righteous belligerence. They try to shout us down to shut us up. I’d rather shut them up. Or at least, make it plain to the reasonable people following the discussion, that such people are serially disingenuous, dishonest and dissembling.

        This business with Martin and his defense of his “gaitering” – which he desperately wants to convince us isn’t the same as “masking” and besides, he needed to get his “shit” at Wal-Mart – is an excellent case in point. Rather than just concede he did something idiotic for the sake of convenience, he digs his hole deeper and deeper and deeper.

        This sort of thing is good – for us.

  2. This comment software sucks. I’ve tried several times to reply many levels deep below, and my replies don’t appear, so I’m starting over at the top. I’m replying to eric August 13, 2023 At 4:18 pm.

    I don’t share your sense of “evil”, but when say you’re resisting it, the resistance looks like “holiness” to me. Use the words you prefer.

    Yeah. I shopped at Walmart when they required a mask, and I wore neck gaiter emblazoned with skulls, so I guess I’m a hop, skip and a jump from becoming a concentration camp guard. I used this sort of rhetoric in grade school.

    If you skipped professional events at great cost rather than submit to the TSA, that’s your subjective preference, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t think you’re stupid or evil for doing it. I think you’re an individual making individual choices.

    Are you flying now? If so, what changed?

    • Martin,

      You “don’t share” my “sense of evil.” So, you don’t think it was evil to organize and foment a years-long mass hysteria that frayed society to the breaking point, ruined countless people’s lives (physically as well as economically)? That psychologically damaged millions, including countless kids, who were taught fear – and submission – via the god-damned “mask” that you chose to wear, not because you were afraid or believed in the lies but just so you could “get some shit” at Wal-Mart?

      You write:

      “so I guess I’m a hop, skip and a jump from becoming a concentration camp guard. I used this sort of rhetoric in grade school.”

      I did not say you were becoming a camp guard. You appear to have reading comprehension difficulties. Or is it something else? I said you were participating in and so helping to legitimize something despicable and ominous. The kind of thing that can (and has) lead to camps.

      And can lead to worse.

      There is a saying about tyranny: You get as much of it as you are willing to put up with.

      • There were people who advocated severe punishment for those who refused to wear face diapers or be part of that MASSIVE experiment for Big Pharma, all for a virus that, overall, had an infection fatality rate of LESS than 1%. For example, there were police officers around the world who attacked people who didn’t wear face diapers OUTDOORS. There was also a bill in Rhode Island that would effectively RAISED taxes for people who didn’t “take that vaccine” or have their children vaxxed. Health care workers in states or McHospitals that implemented COVID jab mandates LOST their jobs if they didn’t get vaxxed, all for a “vaccine” that has proven to be NEITHER SAFE NOR EFFECTIVE. And let us not forget those mRNA COVID jabs were an experimental pharma product, so they should have NEVER been “Mandated” anywhere. The FDA engaged in shady business to fool the public into believing those “vaccines” were FULLY APPROVED, which the Biden Thing then used to try to FORCE millions of Americans to get vaxxed.

        And now the latest fear porn campaign seems to be about CLIMATE CHANGE/ GLOBAL BOILING. Given the way many people acted & behaved toward those who saw through the COVID hysteria and stood up against it, it’s scary to think what people who fall for Climate change hysteria might wish to do to those who stand up against the latest fear porn or don’t comply with whatever diktats the Biden Thing might wish to decree.

          • Eric,

            I don’t know if you already heard, but there’s a Nobel Physics Laureate named John Clauser who was recently “canceled” for speaking out against the “Government approved narratives” on Climate Change. There are also scientists who recently signed a declaration similar to the Great Barrington Declaration which says there IS NO “Climate Emergency”. Advocates of censorship of people like Clauser claim that climate change is “Settled Science”, but for a while “Settled Science” also claimed that face diapers “Stopped the spread of COVID”, natural immunity didn’t exist, and that MASS VACCINATION would “End the pandemic”, all of which turned out to be complete bull crap. I see the same tools being used for Climate Change hysteria that were used for COVID hysteria.

              • Hi John,

                I’m curious how many climate change grifters there are out there who stand to make BILLIONS off of this green energy push. We’ve already seen Big Pharma AND the military-industrial complex make BILLIONS of dollars the past few years, courtesy of the government.

    • Martin Brock: “This comment software sucks.”

      Classy, Martin. You know you’re a guest here and Eric pays for this sucky comment software so that you may comment free of charge, right? Have some respect. And maybe send him a donation.

      • Thanks, Mister –

        I try hard to deal straightforwardly with people like Martin – but this is not easy when they claim you said things you didn’t and are then obliged to point out you said no such thing (e.g., the assertion that I characterized Martin as a nascent camp guard). I think you’re right, though, that the reason for his pettifoggery is his embarrassment. He knows he caved . . . so that he could (his words) get some “shit” at Wal-Mart. It wasn’t worth it (to him) to tell Wal-Mart to go to Hell and do without their “shit.”

        I don’t know the guy, but from his comments here, I would not be surprised to find out that he’s an affluent person who just wants what he wants and regards as silly those who would question doing without it, even when the getting of it amounts to complicity with idiocy and evil. For him, an EV is just something he wants. Something he can afford to indulge. It does not matter what it costs us. Similarly, he doesn’t mind raising his hands – and spreading his legs – because he wants to fly. It does not matter to him – and those like him – that if only enough of us had refused to fly, no one except criminals in prison would be obliged to spread their legs and raise their hands.0

        Just as “masking” would not have lasted more than a few weeks if enough of us had just refused to do it.

    • You keep referencing you neck gaiter “emblazoned with skulls.” I guess the skulls just show what a rebel you are. I’m sure TPTB are thoroughly impressed with your resistance, did you wear a MAGA hat as well? We all had one job and that was to refuse to comply with dystopian mask and vaxx mandates. The majority failed miserably. If you’re still pureblooded with virgin veins then we salute you. Since you caved on the sheeple shield and still defend its use you get an overall D-. Your reponse to the psyop otherwise known as ‘just the flu’ is not enhanced by your wearing skulls, Richard.’

      • Amen Norman. And as far as Martin’s reference to “camp guards,” he forgets there were millions of metaphorical camp guards in 2020. Remember the mask Karens who went around making YouTube videos of guys not wearing masks with the aim of “cancelling” them? Remember the videos of hysterical men and women screaming at their neighbors and banging on their car windows for daring to leave the house during lockdown? We all learned there are countless potential “good Germans” in our midst who would gladly volunteer for guard duty if called upon.

        • I remember Jason. And to think, all those Kens and Karens carrying on, acting like good camp guards, can only talk the talk. They need daddy Government to hold their hand if they’re to walk the walk.

          The actuarial NPCs at the central Scrutinizer ran the numbers multiple times. They were found wanting. If it were not so, they would have needle raped all of us two summers ago. Heres to all of us who said NO, not one more inch, to masks and forced vaxxes. Huuzzaa.

        • “We all learned there are countless potential “good Germans” in our midst who would gladly volunteer for guard duty if called upon.”

          Yep. !

          And, it was hella disappointing to see their failure to be human beings.

    • A good question to these psychopaths would be “In your estimation, what is the ideal climate of Earth?” I’m guessing none could answer this question.

      Socratic questioning is a very effective tool to cut through the BS.

      • Many would answer ML,

        In their best Forest Gump voice, trembling with fear, they’d shout. “Whatever Goldman Sax or the tee vee says it is.”

    • Net Zero does not call for zero CO2, or even less CO2, in the atmosphere.

      Net Zero calls for fewer CO2 emissions so that the current level of atmospheric CO2 stops rising.

      But that will not happen because over seven billion people, of eight billion, live in nations that could not care less about Nut Zero.

      There was never a scientific reason to want less CO2 in the atmosphere.

      More CO2 enhances plant growth, and more plant growth would support more human and animal life on our planet.

      If leftists really believed CO2 was dangerous, the climate “leaders” would set a good example by significantly reducing their carbon footprint, and they would favor many more nuclear power plants, and they would be using stiff economic sanctions to pressure China and many other nations to start taking Nut Zero seriously.

      The leftists are doing none of those three things. That suggests Nut Zero is really not about CO2. Nut Zero is about political power and control.

      • I agree with your analysis of net zero, especially this:

        “There was never a scientific reason to want less CO2 in the atmosphere.”

        MIT is wrong and clueless:

        “In 2016, a worldwide body of climate scientists2 said that a CO2 level of 430 ppm would push the world past its target for avoiding dangerous climate change. The sooner humankind dramatically cuts its CO2 emissions, the less we will have to adapt to a warmer climate.”

        When CO2 gets to 430, the temperature will probably be the same, and plants will grow faster.

        When CO2 gets to 450, the temperature will probably be the same.

        When CO2 gets to 500, temperature will probably be the same.

        Unless the solar cycle put us into a mini-ice age, then it will be cooler.

        MIT is clueless. Odds are temps are going to drop into the mini ice age with CO2 going up.

        • CO2 always makes the temperature rise but not very much above the current 420ppm (0.042%).

          There are many other climate change variables.

          They will sometimes offset the warming effect of CO2.

          That actually happened from 2014 through 2023, based on satellite temperature data (2016 to 2023 based on surface temperature data).

          But that inconvenient fact got zero attention in the mass media. And if you tell that fact to a leftist Climate Howler, they will go berserk and wave their arms hysterically.

          In spite of the largest nine years of CO2 emissions in world history, there was no global warming from 2014 to 2023. That fact does not prove CO2 can’t cause global warming, but is evidence that warming from rising CO2 can be offset by cooling caused by other climate change variables.

          From 1940 to 1975, there was global cooling as CO2 levels rose. A lot of global cooling was reported in 1975, before the leftists revised the data in the following decades to show very little global cooling from 1940 to 1975. Inconvenient temperature data tends to be arbitrarily “revised”.

      • Even if the USA shut everything down, stopped all gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and coal use in a complete and catastrophic climate lockdown, kills off 2/3rds of the population as the Deagel report suggests, CO2 will continue to go up because the rest of the world doesn’t care how insane we are, and China, Russia, Iran, Brazil and all the Muslim nations will never go along with our economic suicide.

        Chasing Net Zero is political insanity based on junk science. It is Hari-Kari for Amerika. That seems to be the goal, kill the plebs off, crash the system, buy everything up for pennies on the dollar. The idea is to transfer all of the wealth to the .1% and serve the survivors crickets.

  3. I don’t expect a “climate emergency” declaration or lockdowns before the election because however demented he is, Biden and the apparatchiks pulling his strings know that it won’t go down well so soon after the covid lockdowns. Covid lockdowns were temporary, and people were suddenly fearful of a virus whether or not they should have been, but many of them ultimately decided they’d been misled. Geeks who follow politics closely often don’t realize how long it takes for common people to see through the latest “crisis”.

    Climate hysteria is not a sudden revelation, and people know that climate lockdowns are not temporary. If we get a climate emergency declaration and lockdowns, I expect it to accelerate opposition to the hysteria and shift the political winds against the hysteria further. The state is not a monolith. It’s a complex organism with many competing forces within it. If some of these forces go too far, opposing forces prevail over them … for a while at least.

    But decades after 9/11, I still need to wait in long lines waiting to be frisked before boarding a plane. Why should I give up flying for this reason? Other regulations on air travel are so numerous, I couldn’t begin to list them all here even if I knew them all. If opposing these impositions was my top priority, I wouldn’t have flown before the “crisis” either, I wouldn’t drive any car with countless, mandatory emissions and safety features on public roads. Where am I supposed to draw the line? I don’t bother to draw it. I live my life subject to innumerable state impositions, and I always have, and I always will. Like you do. I’ll occasionally break a law I don’t like if I can get away with it, but I have no interest in being a sacrificial lamb.

    Masks were the least offensive of the many ridiculous impositions during the pandemic. I also stood in line at Walmart, six feet away from the family ahead of me, waiting to get in when the store limited the number of customers. I did so not to sheepishly comply with Big Brother but because I needed shit at Walmart, and I was in the habit of shopping there, and other stores were no better if they were open at all. I could have marched outside with a sign declaring the stupidity of it all instead, but I didn’t because no one would have cared anyway.

    I did write blog posts about it, the first one on March 20, 2020, but no one read my blog at the time, and no one reads it now either. I also flew to D.C. to attend the Rage Against the War Machine rally earlier this year, and I enjoyed the trip and the experience, but I’m not under the illusion that our protest changed anything. Should I have skipped it because the TSA still wants to feel me up? I don’t deal with authority this way. You do you.

        • Did you just give me the I’m rubber, you’re glue response?

          I do fly on occasion. There’s no question that in order to get on a plane I have no choice but to go through the security theatre nonsense. However, to the extent they require me to do anything more than just walk through a metal detector, I protest and make it clear to everybody around me and the TSA idiots that what is occurring is a complete infringement upon my individual rights as recognized the US Cont. and otherwise.

          I don’t think you know what being a Goof German means, Martin.

          • No. I asked you a direct question. Thanks for answering.

            There’s no question that in order to get on a plane I have no choice but to go through the security theatre nonsense. However, to the extent they require me to do anything more than just walk through a metal detector, I do that too because there are people in line behind me who don’t care about my protests anymore than the TSA does, and since I’ve already walked through their metal detector, I don’t see the monumental difference between that compliance and the next one. If arguing with the TSA makes you feel better, feel free, but you don’t seem any holier than anyone else to me.

            Yeah. I do know, but I don’t equate a five-second patdown by the TSA with gassing Jews by the millions. It’s more like stopping at a traffic light even though no one’s coming, and I usually do that too.

            • “Who was that masked man, Daddy?”
              “You don’t know? Why, that was Mister Liberty! He saves people from the TSA at airports all over the country by… by… uh… by complaining loudly and saying ‘US Constitution’! If it weren’t for his bravery, we would all have to be humiliated just to get on an airplane.”
              “You mean kinda like we’re being humiliated now Daddy, right after he did his complaining/Constitution thing?”
              “Uh, well yeah.”
              “Thanks, Mister Liberty!”

              • Roland: You love those fake quotes don’t you? Once again, you have no facts to make an argument so you fabricate them.

                Those who are insecure in themselves often mock those who are not.

                These men, however, slander what they do not understand, and like irrational animals, they will be destroyed by the things they do instinctively. Jude 1:10

              • As I said, Mr. Liberty, my German is no better than yours.

                Apparently, you missed the part where I blogged against pandemic hysteria early in 2020 and the part where I attended the Rage Against the War Machine Rally earlier this year. I also attended the Horton v. Kristol debate the year before and communed with my libertarian comrades at Gene Epstein’s party after the event, and I did the same at Tom Woods’ house earlier this year. I spent thousands of my dollars and hundreds of hours of my time in the Ron Paul POTUS campaigns. I’ve spent thousands of my dollars every year supporting Scott Horton and for decades.

                Of course, that’s all mostly just entertainment for me, and I don’t at all think that I’m changing the world, but it’s certainly not remaining silent.

                Besides declaring yourself Mister Liberty, proclaiming your fealty to truth, intellectual honesty and good faith arguments online, and telling TSA agents things they’ve all heard before, what are you doing to fight tyranny, Mr. Holier Than Thou?

                • “I spent thousands of my dollars and hundreds of hours of my time in the Ron Paul POTUS campaigns. I’ve spent thousands of my dollars every year supporting Scott Horton and for decades.” Those are certainly commendable things.

                  But you donned the mask even though it was not consistent with your beliefs. You’ve also stated you don’t intend to offer any resistance if it causes you inconvenience:

                  “Masks were the least offensive of the many ridiculous impositions during the pandemic. I also stood in line at Walmart, six feet away from the family ahead of me, waiting to get in when the store limited the number of customers. I did so not to sheepishly comply with Big Brother but because I needed shit at Walmart, and I was in the habit of shopping there. . .”

                  That is the sine qua non of being a Good German.

                  I’ll say it again, You can keep trying to convince yourself that resisting tyranny and evil makes no difference, but you’re wrong. It only allows it to be perpetuated. Pushing back IS effective.

                  This is devolving into another yes you did, no I didn’t, so I’ll stop here.

                  • Well-said, Mister,

                    He obeyed the odious “mask” decrees and played Sickness Kabuki because he “needed shit at Wal-Mart.” That’s how cheaply freedom is sold out.

                    • Eric, Mister Liberty is a fraud and a legend in his own mind, which is so narrow that it cannot understand fictional quotes used for comedic effect. I’m sure his bitching at the TSA does a fat lot of good. The customer behind him no doubt rolls his eyes and thinks, “Why can’t this jerk shut up and move along so I can get on my plane?” There I go again, making up quotes!

                  • Like I said, I donned a neck gaiter emblazoned with skulls. This one:


                    And it was completely consistent with my beliefs. Attributing beliefs to me doesn’t make them my beliefs.

                    No. It’s more like mocking Hitler than bowing to him, but walking through the TSA’s metal detector is just what any God-fearing libertarian would do because it’s what you do, and you are Mister Liberty, the very embodiment of liberty, truth, honesty and good faith. Must feel good to have such a high opinion of yourself.

                    It’s a convenient place for you to stop.

                    • Martin,

                      You “donned a neck gaiter.” Translation: You obeyed the evil-idiotic decrees. It does not matter what you wore. What matters is you wore it. By doing that, you gave in to the mob. You played along . . . so that you could shop for “shit” at Wal Mart.

                      As far as the airports: I stopped attending media “long leads” – press events for new vehicle launches before these vehicles become available for sale – shortly after the “homeland” was erected and one could no longer board an airplane without participating in a submission ritual. This has cost me professionally.

                      But the expense has been worth every penny.

                      Just the same as what it cost me to avoid ever putting on that stupid “mask” – or anything at all – and openly defying the despicable regime and showing that it can be done to those who were too scared or submissive to do so themselves.

                      It’s a shame you (and others) didn’t buck. That – instead – so many like you obeyed.

                      I hope you won’t, next time.

                    • Martin writes:

                      “Get over your eeeevil hysteria.”

                      It is not I that have behaved hysterically. That would be the weaponized hypochondriacs and those who helped egg them on. You know, the people who “masked.”

                • Hi Martin,

                  In re: “what are you doing to fight tyranny…?”

                  Many of us here took a literal stand against “masks” – and “vaccines” – when there were very few willing to do that. We refused to wear the “mask” – and if that meant we got accosted/kicked out of a store, so be it. I was prepared – like others here – to resist to the extreme, if it came down to that. I would have fought – physically – had it come to that. Not because I am a tough guy or some kind of hero. But because I value what’s left of the freedom we still have and because I knew that this assault upon what’s left of the freedom we still have would have destroyed the remaining freedom we still have. I will not live as a “masked” and “vaccinated” (and tracked) cow. It is why I am so relentless and implacable as regards my contempt for “masks” and everything they symbolize.

                  It is why I will refuse the CBDC if it is ever forced on us. I will not live this way. Period.

                  • You take your stands, and I’ll take mine. You aren’t half as holy as you imagine yourself. Of all the brave, bold resistance to the Man I can imagine, getting kicked out of Walmart for not wearing a mask is nowhere near the top of my list. It’s a token gesture at best and costs you next to nothing while you pay taxes to finance it all.

                    Wearing my neck gaiter is another token gesture, and I know it. Attending antiwar rallies and giving Ron Paul, Scott Horton, and Tom Woods thousands of dollars of my money is a bit more costly, but it’s not much more than a token gesture either, and I’ll never pretend otherwise. You only think your token gestures so much holier because they’re your token gestures.

                    • Martin,

                      I never claimed “holiness.” I simply refused to cower and obey, as you did.

                      Call it a “token gesture” if you like. I had people thank me for showing my face. Including one older woman who told me she was afraid to. Understandably.

                      Perhaps you forget the physical threats leveled at those who refused to “mask up”? People were assaulted by sickness psychotics. People were arrested. There was open talk of general societal excommunication. If risking that – if enduring that – was a “token gesture,” then you have an odd definition of that.

                      By wearing your “gaiter,” you and others like you made it harder for that older lady to risk showing her face. I was ready to punch “maskers” in the face, if they accosted me physically for showing mine.

                      Then there’s the “vaccine.” Have you forgotten the threats of putting people into – yes – camps if they refused them? We came this close to that. And it is only because enough people refused to cower and obey that we didn’t actually get there.

                      Writing a check is easy. Standing up when there are costs involved isn’t.

                      You may call me and others like me whatever you like. But we’re not cowards. And we showed it.

                    • You cower and obey every day in various ways. You just don’t call it “cower and obey” when you’re doing it.

                      I don’t share your sense of eeevil, but when say you’re resisting it, that sounds like “holiness” to me. You use the words you prefer.

                    • Martin,

                      The fact is I didn’t. The fact is. you did. Admitting you bowed to something idiotic and evil is not dishonorable. Repeating it is.

                      That you would describe taking a stand as “holiness” is sad. I hope you come to see that, in time.

                    • Martin: “Of all the brave, bold resistance to the Man I can imagine, getting kicked out of Walmart for not wearing a mask is nowhere near the top of my list.”

                      Martin keeps trying to convince himself he not a coward. The implication of his post is that unless you’re willing to become a martyr, you ain’t nothin’ so don’t try. Fuck that shit. Get some balls and some self respect.

                      Understand that public resistance does have an effect? Among other things, it displays to others less likely to resist that they’re not alone and should also resist, and it fatigues those pushing the tyranny. After about 2 weeks into the plandemic, the assholes pushing the masks became so fatigued by me that they gave up entirely. In other words, my little acts of resistance worked. I never wore a mask and I never got kicked out of any place. They just gave up. If everybody resisted, none of that shit would have ever happened in the first place. NONE!

                      There’s an old saying to the effect that you get what you put up with.

            • Martin,

              To equate the humiliation of being “patted down” by a government geek – that is to say, being handled like a prisoner – with stopping at a traffic light is remarkably obtuse and naive.

              If you cannot see the danger the former represents – that dehumanizing people and treating them like subhumans is what led to gassing Jews by the millions – it did not happen overnight – then either your intelligence or your perception is lacking. I do not say that to insult. It makes me sad, in fact – because there are lots of people who do not see it. And that is why we inch closer, with each new “crisis,” to the camps and all that attended.

              • I don’t think so. Maybe being felt up doesn’t bother me as much. The sense of violation at being touched by a TSA agent is clearly subjective. Maybe confusing it with objective reality is obtuse and naive.

                Everything states do is not a slippery slope to gassing millions of Jews. The TSA was an overreaction to 9/11, but I have no trouble understanding how TSA bureaucrats came up with their protocols. I walk through the AIT, and because I’m sweating, they see a dark spot at the small of my back, so they feel that spot in case I have a razor blade taped to my back. The 9/11 hijackers did it all with box cutters. It has happened to me many times, and I’ve never lost a moment’s sleep over it.

                And they do it while missing the 3×1″ knife in my carry-on bag. This one.


                I always carry a knife in my carry-on bag, and the x-ray machine never finds it because I place it strategically in a pocket next to the bag’s extending metal handle. Outsmarting these measures is a game I play. If they find the knife, I tell them I forgot it was there and let them have it.

                The laughable futility of the measures offends me more than the manhandling, but that’s just me. I certainly don’t confuse this minor inconvenience with being marched to a death camp. That’s as hysterical as the reaction to 9/11.

                • Martin writes:

                  “The sense of violation at being touched by a TSA agent is clearly subjective. Maybe confusing it with objective reality is obtuse and naive.”

                  Violating the person of another is as objective as it gets. It is also arguably the most egregious form of tyranny imaginable in that it lays the foundation for the worst sorts of tyranny imaginable. To be touched against your will by a government agent. To have your person and effects rifled through, without any specific justification. To be presumed a “criminal” of some kind. The men who wrote the 4th Amendment understood why this is – yes – evil.

                  You, apparently, do not.

                  I imagine you also don’t have any problem with random “sobriety” checkpoints, either.

                • Martin Brock: “And they do it while missing the 3×1″ knife in my carry-on bag. This one. . .I always carry a knife in my carry-on bag, and the x-ray machine never finds it because I place it strategically in a pocket next to the bag’s extending metal handle. Outsmarting these measures is a game I play. If they find the knife, I tell them I forgot it was there and let them have it.”

                  Holy shit, you moron. I think you just admitted to a crime. I hope you’re not stupid enough to actually use your real name here.

                  You also employ a manipulative method of debate known as strawmanning, which gives the appearance of refuting an argument, but one which was not actually made. Who in this comment section has made the argument that you claim you have refuted?: “I certainly don’t confuse this minor inconvenience [being touched by a TSA agent] with being marched to a death camp.” Absolutely nobody argued you should equate the two, just as you should not equate a face mask with an “mask” to cover your “asshole.” [your phrase].

                  It really feels like we’re dealing with a narcissists here. You keep making arguments to convince yourself that you’re not a coward, and it’s just not working. You keep making apologies for those subjecting you to humiliation (I know. I know. You claim you don’t mind it and it’s not humiliating at all -just a minor inconvenience for the greater good). You just appear more and more pathetic in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome way. Please get a grip.

                  • Note that it’s entirely possible you would have to go through the same thing, or worse, if the airlines mandated this on their own. After all it’s their ass on the line if someone smuggles something onto the plane to cause an accident or high jacking. As a private company they should be able to set up what ever restrictions they want. I’m sure if it were left up to them the set up would be very similar to what it is now.

                    • Hi Krusty,

                      Maybe. But probably not – as there would be competition. Millions of people loathe being treated like “terrorists” and would probably love to fly an airline that did not treat them as such. Also, one can fly private and avoid being groped. This proves my point about alternatives and it also proves that the training people are put through when they fly commercial is just exactly that. This idea that actual terrorists are too poor to charter a plane is risible. The point, then, isn’t to catch “terrorists.” It is to habituate the average person to being treated like a prisoner; to numb them to violations of personal space that were once regarded as inviolate outside of a prison.

                • You lying piece of shit. “I always put a knife in my carry on bag and they never catch it”. Eric deep six this lying piece of shit. My AI bullshit detector caught him early. Probably come back as another “poster” courtesy of our influencer’s (master class CIA).

              • Hi Eric,

                There actually were “quarantine” camps set up in Australia during the height of the covid mania. Australian citizens were being imprisoned in these camps without any evidence that they were sick or had any transmissible disease. Prisoners in the camps who attempted to escape were recaptured and returned to the camps.

                I guess it was our good fortune that such camps were not set up in the US. But I have little doubt that preparations are under way to establish them here.

                • Indeed, Martin –

                  The prospect of interring the “unvaccinated” was a real one. Also “vaccine” passports – which would have ghetto-ized anyone who refused. They would have become not unlike the people who wore the yellow star – with the absence of their “star” being the justification for treating them as untermenschen. The other Martin trivializes this. He needed to “get some shit” At Wal-Mart. It’s wearying to have to deal with such insouciant people.

                  • Yes it is wearying. The fact of the matter is back when the prospect of forcing people to get vaxxed or fired was real, people like me were scared wondering if we were going to be able to buy food, wondering just how far these insane tyrants were going to go. I was making plans to dramatically lower my standard of living and deal with being treated like a second class citizen while facing the uncaring faces of my former close relatives. Being ostracized and banned from Christmas and other normal get togethers. Knowing some of my in-laws would have been perfectly satisfied with me losing my job or even being detained in a camp for refusing to get injected with a vaxx. Now I still have to relate to them in the same friendly manner. You think I am ever to forget how they acted, knowing in my bones they would react the same way all over again?

                    • Exactly, RS –

                      It’s halting that people like Martin mock those of us who refused to give in. Halting – because he calls himself a “libertarian.” One who gets angry when real ones call him out for his enabling and rationalizing. Ah, but that makes us “holy,” eh?

                • They are called “FEMA” camps. There are so I have been told many of them. Gotta prepare for disasters, natural or otherwise. I for one won’t leave my home until dead. Being Catholic unlike the current Pope, I expect to go to heaven.

                  • You can’t get into Catholic heaven if you call people “lying pieces of shit”. I expect to see you at confession this week young man, and from what else I’ve seen here you will have a lot to confess!

                    • Lying Piece of Shit:

                      Sure you can Jesus did it when he scourged the money changers. Enjoy your time in FEMA heaven

                      You lying piece of shit.

        • I do not, and have not since the invention of the TSA. No, not once. Ever. Probably cost me my marriage, but in hindsight, not such a terrible loss.

      • As a Bavarian/Austrian, I only recently heard the term “Good German.” I know exactly what it means and it’s perfect for describing so many from the Fatherland. And it makes me sad because as Rothbard wrote in his “Progressivism” book, so many of the Catholic Germans, like my family in Wisconsin and Iowa who arrived in North America in the late 1800’s, were defiantly libertarian.

      • Maybe if you had a conscience, you wouldn’t have jettisoned your wife over one more inconvenience when boarding a plane, but anyone can insinuate that anyone else has no conscience for any reason in a social media forum. Good luck with that.

        • Martin,

          Once again – C’mon. You’re smarter than that. The “mask” business served to show people’s true selves. There were irreconcilable differences before; they were just made manifest. A person who understands the evil represented by “masks” cannot compromise on that point without compromising who they are. A wife – or a husband – that demanded their spouse shit all over their deepest held principles for the sake of some convenience – to go along to get along – is not someone you want to be married to.

          Not in these times. Nor the times that are coming.

        • My former wife did the jettisoning, and I thank her daily for it.
          You are one presumptuous bitch Martin. While I don’t usually use such language, you earned it.

          • Amen, John –

            I’ve lost patience with him as well. The EV apologias are bad enough. His defense of “masking” – or rather, gaitering – while mocking people who didn’t – is Cashy Worthy.

        • Good burn though.
          “Where am I supposed to draw the line?”
          Where your conscience dictates, if you had one.

          Maybe if you had a conscience, you wouldn’t have jettisoned your wife over one more inconvenience when boarding a plane.


          • Hi Krusty,

            As I’ve said previously, the “mask” thing was not about convenience. It was about submitting – in an unusually degrading manner. The IRS takes our money but we are not obliged to wear a shirt saying we think it’s necessary – and good. That is what forcing people to wear that vile thing over their faces amounted to. It was a kind of coerced speech as well as a degradation, per se. Bad enough that the government and corporate hyenas attempted to impose that on people. But imagine being shamed by your spouse over it. That isn’t merely a disagreement (as for example whether to take buy a new car or not). It is a point of moral separation. Who could live in the same house with someone who completely disagrees with them on a fundamental moral question? I suppose it’s possible. But it seems like it’d be damned hard.

            • I think too many people forget the timing of how it all happened and are speaking from the advantage of long after the fact. Early on no one was really sure how dangerous the virus would be. Was it another flu? Was it the black plague? How could you know? Especially as there was a panic that was pushed by the usual suspects.

              I think it’s disingenuous to claim that you were sure from the get go that it was nothing to worry about. Nobody knew for sure. And the idea that it was a lab leak and therefore possible biological warfare was enough to give the impression maybe it was a serious thing. At any rate it is usually a good idea to be cautious and act with prudence in a situation with unknowns.

              • When, in Spring 2020, Eric was making videos of the local hospital with NO bodies “stacked like cordwood”, you would’ve known it was all the renamed flu, too. Way back when, the man was on it.

              • RE: “it is usually a good idea to be cautious and act with prudence in a situation with unknowns.”

                That string of words,… reminds me of a word, or two, or three?

                …Coward, pussy, pansy? …Sumthin’ like that.

              • …or, maybe? Germaphobe?
                …Like Eric wrote about Howie Mandel?

                …Really, you could prolly just roll up all four words into one and it’d be about the same thing.

                Afraid of living?

                • You are prolly right. I certainly don’t have the courage of a keyboard warrior tough talking behind his anonymous identity.

                  And I feel such shame for being careful in possibly dangerous situations. Why oh why am I so afraid of living?!

                  • Sir krustyklown complains about, “behind his anonymous identity”?

                    That’s rich.

                    Perhaps, stick to the substance of the matter?

                    I don’t like it you chose cowardly/pansy ways.

                    Learn from your mistakes.

                  • Hi Krusty,

                    Reasonable fear is . . . reasonable. But when it is not, it is pathological.

                    Hypochondria – a morbid obsession with and fear of sickness – is pathological.

                    A concerted effort was made by government in collusion with the media and corporations to weaponize hypochondria. Rather than try to calm people down and offer reasonable advice – the same advice people used to get during any prior serious flu season – everything was done to try to hystericize as many as possible and then to affirm their hysteria via ridiculous sickness kabuki rituals such as “masking” and “social distancing.”

                    Once it became obvious this was what they were doing, it became imperative to resist it.

              • Hi Krusty,

                I knew very early on something fishy was up. How? Because I know wha a “case” is – medically speaking – having grown up in a family of doctors. I knew it was not what they (what they were all) saying on the radio and everywhere else. I knew they were deliberately trying o whip up fear. A case – medically speaking – means someone sick enough to need a doctor’s care, as in a hospital. Not someone who “tested positive.” I knew the Face Diaper thing was idiotic – and evil – from the beginning. My dad and grandfather and all the doctors I was around growing up never wore “masks.” Not outside of the surgical suite. And how could a dirty old bandana or gaiter qualify as a medical device? I then visited my regional hospital and saw there were no bodies overflowing; no lines of dying and sick seeking admission.

                I acted with prudence, all right.

  4. Today the New York Slimes outdoes itself, catapulting the clean energy propaganda with an ersatz, sciency overlay of charts ‘n graphs, yo:

    ‘As the planet registers the highest temperatures on record, rising in some places to levels incompatible with human life, governments around the world are pouring trillions of dollars into clean energy to cut the carbon pollution that is broiling the planet.

    ‘Broiling,’ mind you — lawzy!

    Now let’s pimp some EeeVees, boys:

    ‘Electric vehicles are by far the fastest-growing segment of the auto industry. Teslas are now among the best-selling cars in the country, and Ford has expanded its production of the F-150 Lightning.’

    Sha-ZAY-um! But it gets better, oh yes:

    ‘Government is also helping heavier vehicles go electric. Sales of electric school buses are soaring, largely because of $5 billion in federal grants that can cover 100 percent of the cost for low-income communities. The Postal Service plans to spend nearly $10 billion to purchase 66,000 electric mail trucks — roughly 30 percent of its fleet — over the next five years.’

    ‘In the private sector, Amazon has ordered 100,000 electric delivery trucks from Rivian. Tesla has an electric semitruck, as do several other manufacturers, including Peterbilt.’

    The first paragraph touts non-market transactions; the latter sings the praises of vaporware.

    They don’t call it the Lügenpresse for nothin’, comrades. 🙂

    • Got to love the math lecture from Albert the Idiot:

      “The nature of these exponential curves sometimes causes us to underestimate how quickly changes occur once they reach these inflection points and begin accelerating,”

      No, Albert, exponential increase (if you even know what that means – I doubt it) does not have an inflection point. Maybe you could get BillG to explain it to you.

      >A new analysis by the National Center for Public Policy Research found that Gore’s Tennessee home “guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years.”

      >In one month last year, the report found, Gore’s home consumed more electricity than the average family uses in 34 months.

      >The electricity used just to heat Gore’s swimming pool would power six homes for a year.

      >And this is after Gore spent tens of thousands of dollars installing “green” upgrades, which he was embarrassed into doing when his energy-hogging home first came to light a decade ago.

      >In fact, according to the NCPPR report, Gore’s home used more electricity last year than it did in 2007, before he installed all those energy-reducing features.

      >So where does his “carbon free” boast come from?

      >Gore says he buys “carbon offsets” to account for all the CO2 his home and lifestyle produce.

      Sort of like paying for a substitute if you were drafted (American “Civil War” (sic)).

      BTW, this is the same Albert Gore whoa has bragged about growing tobacco, a known carcinogen which contains nicotine, one of the most highly addictive substances in nature. Does Albert get an “offset” from the thoracic surgeons association?

    • “As the planet registers the highest temperatures on record”
      Despite the fact that temperatures have only been recorded for about 150 years or so. Which is meaningless in the history of climate, or even weather.

  5. Government drones love to pull random numbers out of their butts and use them to boss people around, even though different numbers were OK in the past. In the 1970s, it was 55 mph. In 2020, it was 6 feet. Now it’s 1.5 degrees Celsius. Pick a number – any number, but a very precise number – and make it the Gospel. No need to hire enforcers when there are legions of government-indoctrinated midwits who will do it for you.

    • It was 1.5 degs C long before 2020. If anything, it’s crept up to 2 degs C now.

      My favorite example lately is 101 degs F. Expect to hear it again. That’s how hot the South Florida ocean has gotten, as hot as a hot tub! I heard some Congressman sound this alarm on CSPAN a few days ago, but a little research revealed that this temperature was from a shallow pool of water in the Everglades, not from the ocean off the coast, and it wasn’t even the hottest temperature measured in this pool. A few years ago, the high measured was 102 degs.

  6. They want to make Michelle President. Well who is this person really? Did you know that “her” book “Becoming Michelle Obama” is mocking you? He became a she, Michael became Michelle. The gay man Barak Obama pretended to be married with kids. Go find a pic of pregnant Michelle. There is not a one, because she is a he and can not have kids – they used rented kids who did not look like the parents. Go look it up.

    Here is Michelle Obama when she was a he, doing a workout video:

    Early 70’s Vhs tape has surfaced of a younger Big Mike Obama work out video

    I am posting this to prove to you all that politics is theater, they fool you every time, every election they get your hopes up, like this time around with RFK Jr., but in reality all the candidates are controlled and in the Ziopocket.

    Climate emergency is a political plan, it has nothing to do with climate or CO2.

  7. The Climate is being destroyed by burning hydrocarbons and dirty coal, can’t be denied.
    No denying it is your fault, too.

    However, the massive kelp beds in the oceans drink carbon dioxide like Ka-razy!

    The forests and grasses and all of the plants love carbon dioxide.

    The plants are guilty of using too much carbon dioxide!

    How I learned to stop worrying and love the oceans. Can’t complain, lots of water keeps us alive!

    Just be happy you can donate all you have to the WEF, you owe it to them.

    What We Owe Our Parasites

  8. I taught a couple of classes in prison, so while I am by no means an expert on prison life I know a little something about it.

    The corrections officers were almost all fatter and dumber than the inmates. Now, my inmate-students were not representative of the entire prison population, as they had to be screened to take the class, but definitely most of the students were smarter than the COs despite being convicted felons. One fat CO who escorted me to the classroom several times was later arrested for smuggling drugs to the inmates. I remembered him because he was the only one who carried a billy club every time, and once told me that he “Wasn’t afraid to use it on these assholes.”

    My experience in dealing with the dumb COs was that they could be very arbitrary. Most of the time I was let into the prison with a perfunctory walk through the x-ray machine — far less hassle then you get at the airport. Occasionally, though, they would make you remove your shoes, belt, search your bags, all of that. Once I was simply waved in with no check at all. Once I got hassled by a sergeant because some fat female CO didn’t like me for some reason when I came in. I was totally blindsided by it, I had no idea anything was wrong, she never told me, but all of the inmates knew exactly what was going on and who was behind it. Apparently I had not “respected her authoritah” somehow without even knowing it. But one of the main things that would get inmates in deep shit was any perceived failure to “respect the authoritah” of the COs.

    One thing that I noticed was that control of the prison was more social than physical. Yes, there were razor wire fences and a main gate, but inside inmates were not being physically escorted everywhere, they were more or less free to walk around but if they were not at their assigned time and place there would be trouble. Also some inmates were let outside the main gate to mop the lobby floor, wash the windows and cut the grass. They were unsupervised. They could have tried to run away at any time but they didn’t, because they knew they couldn’t get very far.

    Another thing that stuck in my mind was that the school building and classroom in the prison was not any different than any other school building. If it has not been surrounded by concertina wire it would have been indistinguishable from any other school. If you compare modern schools and modern prisons, they are actually very similar.

    I have always objected to the widespread use of the term “lockdown” in schools, communities, etc. because it is in fact a prison term. Unfortunately there are a lot of similarities between prison life and “free” life, you are constantly being monitored, there are cameras everywhere, any government and corporate buildings require a significant amount of security and “show me your papers” ID to use a computer or even a bathroom, you have to go through metal detectors in schools, airports, and government buildings, and if you are not doing “what you’re supposed to be doing” you will very quickly get unwanted attention from stupid, fat cops, who demand that you “respect their authoritah” and you can get jammed up for basically anything.

  9. Biden was installed by the real power behind the throne to carry out the agenda of said power. That power is Rothschild Zionism, Biden is an agent of that power and does what he is told. And because old Joe never resists that power, all his crimes are white washed, and him and Hunter will never be prosecuted. If you are a good little stooge you get perks.

    Trump, on the other hand, resisted the agenda, and pissed off the power which is now throwing the book at him, new charges every week and statistically some with stick and then (((they))) will put him away. Sadly, all these white middle class Christians have thrown all there hopes behind the Orange clown, who betrays them at every turn. The final act is upon us. Trump is a pied piper leading the magatards to total demoralization.

    Donald Trump Exposed as an Inside Tool of the Zionist Swamp – (List of Zionists In Key Positions)

    Trump was the perfect controlled opposition, he gathered up the aspirations and hopes of the entire conservative MAGA movement then was put away – the final big demoralization as the Neo-Bolsheviks Communist Deep State Demoncraps consolidate power.

    Communists take over by demoralizing the people.
    Demoralization: What Yuri Bezmenov Didn’t Tell You

    Now the joke is that Biden declaring a climate emergency, will only further collapse the economy and the ability of Uncle Sam to service its massive 33 trillion in debt. The next US Treasury debt downgrade, now at AA+ (from AAA) will be a real shocker, because it will happen soon, and no one will be able to deny the new trend of debt downgrades like a banana republik.

    Debt downgrades are a very big deal in the credit markets. Big buyers of Treasuries also buy credit default insurance, and with each downgrade the premium for the insurance goes up, making it less attractive in profit, and higher risk. If the CDS rate goes high enough, the US Treasury will be unable to sell it’s shit paper. That is coming soon – and that means austerity is also coming soon – because to save their credit rating Congress and El Presidente will have to slash spending and pay down debt.

    Currently, Biden blowing hundreds of billions on Ukraine disaster will be looked at in the future as the dumbest thing we could of done. But by then, the pedo perv imposter in chief will be long dead and maintaining 6′ social distancing from the rest of humanity in his grave.

    Like John Maynard Keynes replied to the question of how his fractional reserve scheme ends, he said, why worry about it since they would all be dead by then.

    Amerika is like that train going over the blown out bridge, it doesn’t seem so bad as you coast through the air at zero g.

    • “Total demoralization” as you put it is what Trump’s followers are likely headed for. Some of them have said things like “If Trump loses, America is through!” or “Trump or Bust!” Which begs the question: If they’re beloved hero fails to win in 2024, will they stop resisting and capitulate to the Commies?

      • Hi Jason,

        I agree. Things are rapidly coming to a head. We have a year, perhaps. I don’t regard Trump as any kind of savior. But I do regard Biden and the people behind him as our doom. If they succeed in winning – or stealing – another election, it will be over. They will have acquired unlimited power and we will know it. They will then do anything they like.

        Because what’s to stop them?

        Probably half the country wants them. It is a forbidding thought.

        • @ Jason and Eric,

          I agree, we are headed for a catastrophe far worse than our current situation. Watch for the next debt downgrade. This will drive interest higher, and home prices lower, and push car sales down. We are coming off the lows of the lowest interest rates in the history of man, the Zero Interest Rate Policies of the Fed have created a huge bubble of Biblical proportions – but because we lived inside of the bubble, we have yet to realize how bad it skewed our thinking of reality. IMO the whole EV craze (a popular delusion if there every was one) was driven by the new found wealth of ZIRP and inflated asset values.

          If you can take the time to listen to Mike Sledge and Scorpio hash out the situation, they talk about the coming conservative chimpout and fate of Trump:

          I believe the rise and popularity of Trump is parallel to the rise of Hitler. The collapse of Weimar Germany led to an authoritarian dictator, and likewise the collapse of Weimar Amerika the same. MAGA is the writing on the wall, back in the 1960s we didn’t tell ourselves we needed to make our nation great again – we were living in greatness. But that has all been torn down and now the MSM is demonizing white people and flooding the nation with illegals, and outlawing the white Christian religion – thus the white majority is in desperate need of a savior – and all there is right now is the orange clown who plays both sides and DeSantis slavishing kissing Jewish ass.

          We are heading for a huge disaster for sure, like the train which goes over the blown out bridge, free falling in zero g, doesn’t feel so bad – because they just created 16 trillion in M1:

  10. And how are they gonna enforce this? Im not complying, not even gonna entertain the thought. Plenty of normal people dont care about this green shit, so why are they gonna bother when the Dicktasters try it out

    • Same way they did it in the ’70s. Odd/even license plate days, 5 galons only, shut down distrubution so that stations have huge waiting lines.

      Even the playing field for EVs as a side benefit.

  11. A very good article that I will recommend on my blog this morning.

    My own experience with government scaremongering started in 2003 when the US propaganda to demonize and attack Iraq was at its peak.

    There was no evidence Iraq was involved with 9/11 in any way.
    Iraq had not attacked any neighboring nation.

    I objected to the propaganda and decided to publish a three page off-topic article against attacking Iraq in my newsletter ECONOMIC LOGIC.

    I also discussed the issue with “friends” at our dining room table.

    The push back was huge.

    We just had to attack Iraq, i was told by a wealthy doctor and a wealthy lawyer, both supposedly friends.

    About half of my several hundred newsletter subscribers decided NOT to renew, by far my worst period for renewals since 1977 (and also th worst from 2003 to 2020, when I stopped writing the newsletter.

    The bottom line is the US committed the worst genocide since N a z i Germany by attacking Iraq in 2013 for no logical reason. Oh yeah, the imaginary weapons of mass destruction not being used, and not visible to anyone.

    Total Iraqi deaths were at least 100,000 — the estimates are in a wide range, always higher than 100,000. None of those people deserved to die.

    A coming climate lockdown is easy to imagine, and must be resisted.

    The current climate is the best climate for humans and animals in 5000 years — definitely not a climate emergency.

    The climate was at least +1 degree C. warmer than today from 5000 to 9000 years ago during the Holocene Climate Optimum. Optimum meaning good news.

    CO2 was about 300 ppm (0.03%) during that Holocene Optimum, compared with 420ppm (0.042%) CO2 now.

    The IPCC is predicting the climate will get +1 degree warmer than today in about 50 years.

    Does that mean we will have another Climate Optimum in 50 years?

    Not according to the IPCC.

    That +1 degree C. warmer IN THE PAST period was considered to be a Climate Optimum. Good news.

    But +1 degree C. warmer IN THE FUTURE is predicted to be a Climate Emergency. Bad news.

    Only a leftist could believe that claptrap.

    • There is indeed a reason our species has done so well, and advanced so far and so quickly over the last 10k years. Warmer weather. Warmer is better. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • “The IPCC is predicting the climate will get +1 degree warmer than today in about 50 years.”

      Since they have been wrong on everything thus far, I predict that they will be wrong again …


      “CO2 was about 300 ppm (0.03%) during that Holocene Optimum, compared with 420ppm (0.042%) CO2 now.”

      Since the temperature today is lower than the peak temps in the Holocene optimum, but CO2 is higher, it disproves the theory that CO2 warms.

      The IPCC is a front for government political agenda, they are not scientists, they are paid shills who lie for the state.

      • “Since they have been wrong on everything thus far, I predict that they will be wrong again”

        Easy bet. 100% of long term climate predictions in the apst have been wrong.

        “Since the temperature today is lower than the peak temps in the Holocene optimum, but CO2 is higher, it disproves the theory that CO2 warms.”

        No it does not.
        CO2 is just one of many climate change variables. It does not control the climate. The climate changes as a net result of all local, regional and global climate change variables. The global average temperature has both gone up, and gone down, while CO2 was increasing and causing global warming. That fact ONLY proves CO2 is alone not the global average temperature “control k n o b”

        The IPCC is definitely a political organization, and world politicians even write their Summary Reports. The scientists who write the much longe scientific backup reports find the Summaries do not accurately summarize their findings and beliefs. …

        The link below is to a good article on that subject:

        • @ Richard

          “No it does not. CO2 is just one of many climate change variables. It does not control the climate.”

          The theory of global warming is based on the claim that CO2 forces warming. That idea is held as a theological certainty, and is the basis to outlaw ICE vehicles and natural gas, coal.

          The whole political narrative is CO2 is a pollutant and forces warming, putting mankind in an existential crisis.

          The chart shows CO2 going up during the Holocene while temperatures trending down. Thus the idea of CO2 forcing is wrong, as the chart shows. CO2 and temp are not correlated – yet you keep hanging on to the narrative.

          The narrative is completely wrong Richard, as are you.

        • Water vapor is much more potent in warming atmospheric air as a recent volcano eruption showed when it ejected millions of tons of it. Are we supposed to ban water too?

    • The annual IPCC contest for the scariest name or phrase to describe global warming in 2024 is now open for suggestions. I have submitted “Climate Change Will Kill Your Dog” as my 2024 entry. I thought my 2023 entry, “Climate Doom: was better than the winner “Global Boiling”.

    • “Global boiling” is working for the agenda this Summer because of all the California and WA State transplants dealing with real Texas Summer for the first time, particularly around Austin, where the whole planet has decided it now wants to live, consequences be damned.

      A high pressure system has been sitting on top of Austin for a couple of months blocking all of the rain, and, as a result, the world is going to end without lockdowns.

      • And when the tropical storm or hurricane hit’s the Gulf coast and breaks up that high pressure dome, that will be “climate catastrophe” as well. We do have a climate catastrophe. A bunch of morons that think weather can be controlled with a thermostat somewhere, by the Psychopaths In Charge, and all us thermostat deniers are the reason why they can’t.

      • That phrase Global boiling really caught on with the low info transplants to Az. I never realized there are so many climate scientists, meteorologists, and retards in this world. Experts telling me how hot it is, and that its not normal for Az to be this hot in August. If these people really believe that heat, in one of the worlds hottest deserts is an existential threat, then they should be boiled in their excrement. Lets make sure they don’t spawn any children, and lets make global boiling great again.

        Seems most moved into the valley, which is good. That keeps them about 75-100 miles from me. You’d think, listening to all the enablers that they don’t have summers in California. Phoenix is in the middle of massive wave of heat deaths, if you tune in to official channels. All kinds of stinky new GovCo cheese is needed to combat the harsh effects of ‘Life’ in the sun.

        Homeless crackheads dropping dead is now considered an existential crisis. Most of them seem to be new arrivals, per the heartbreaking sob stories. There was no consequence for their behavior in Cali. Walk around without a hat shooting drugs and smoking crack in Cali, no problem. No one told them smoking rock and shouting at the sun don’t go together, especially in the Arid Zone.

        If GovCo really wanted to help they’d plant more trees, thats it. Maybe leave cases of water on the side of the road for whoever needed it. Although I’m sure the cost for the water would quickly escalate to around ten bucks a bottle.

        All thats required to survive 120+ without air-condition is stay hydrated, wear a wide brim hat, and stay in the shade. We don’t need no stinking cooling buses. What kind of carbon footprint does that produce anyway?

        • ‘President’ FJB showed up at the South Rim of Grand Canyon this week, after illegally designating the nearby Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni [not a typo] national monument, by executive decree.

          ‘Biden’ stumbled down the paved path wearing only a blue baseball cap. But the South Rim’s at 7,000 ft elevation … and aides didn’t let the old fool blunder around for long.

          Too bad nobody set him on a mule like a sack of beans, and sent him down to Phantom Ranch where it really cooks in summer. Coulda been a one-way trip … 🙂

          • It would’ve been really cool if he fell in while standing on the edge taking a selfie. It would give new meaning to me when I stand on the edge and pee down in there.

            • AH HA HA HA … a thousand-foot golden waterfall shows serious respect.

              Especially if you chant ‘Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni’ while releasing it.

          • “Setting aside” even more land. Removed from the market, ostensibly forever. I wonder who owns the adjacent property?

            “Backs Forest Service land” is always a strong selling point for vacation property. “Backs National Monument” probably adds another $100K to the asking price.

            Meanwhile there’s an entire generation looking to buy homes but is priced out because there’s no place to build and NIMBY zoning laws. Maybe they can inherit the grands’ house when they kick the bucket, if the fentanyl and Ozempic doesn’t get to them first.

            • The 20+ years I lived in Vegas 1991-2012 I noticed a reoccurring pattern. Land deal, set-asides involving the BLM One man who perfected if he did not in fact invent this grift, Harry Reid. Full time swindler, part time Senator.

              Ole punchy had no qualms whatsoever about the appearance of impropriety. An early adopter of fraudulent elections he was able to get away with anything. He’d just make the rounds to all the Mormon churches the week of the selection, the bishops would throw some magic dust on him and in fatherly exhortations rile up the congregants to vote early and vote often.

  12. I just don’t see enough people bring persuaded there is a real climate emergency justifying the need for mass climate lockdowns. With covid it was easier to manipulate people because the threat of imminent death was pushed onto people. The climate does not pose a threat to life. What I do see happening is the gradual destruction of more and more areas due to sudden but not necessarily natural acts of God ie wildfires. Fires being fairly easy to set and capable of destroying massive areas and causing tremendous upheaval to peoples lives homes and businesses. Once the fire goes through, people are evacuated for safety and to get them out of the way. Voila! Another area cleared.

    • Upheaval by regulation and “carbon tax” as well. So, maybe no blatant lockdown but make your mobility expensive via carbon tax plus limited by shortages (refineries going up in flames, do they get rebuilt or abandoned as not profitable due to new onerous regulations?). Well, gotta eat so less $$ for weekend fun trips and when gas rationing arrives hopefully you’ll have enough for your work commute.

      Our Washington state carbon tax has driven gasoline to the most expensive in USA. Farmers here are irate over this as their thin margins get squeezed again for ridiculous diesel cost.

      The media here in WA is useless, they parrot the Gov press releases and any natural disaster is “climate change” . I call them “phone it in media”, “drive by media” is too generous for these clueless morons.

    • RS
      “I just don’t see enough people bring persuaded there is a real climate emergency”
      There’s still too many old farts like me, 69 and spent most of my working life outdoors. This is nothing! I’m in Missouri, and back in the summer of 1980, I believe, it got up to 105 to 110 every day for more than 2 weeks. That very same winter, on Christmas Eve it got down to 20+ below zero. I lived down in a creek valley, and it got to 30 below. My point being, I’ve seen it before. You aren’t going to convince me this is new and more scary.

  13. ‘Biden’ fights climate lockdowns:

    ‘On Friday, the US Department of Energy will announce it is spending $1.2 billion to fund two demonstration projects – the South Texas Direct Air Capture hub and Project Cypress in Louisiana. They are akin to huge vacuum cleaners sucking carbon dioxide out of the air, using chemicals to remove the greenhouse gas.

    ‘Energy “secretary” Granholm said the projects are expected to remove more than 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air annually once they are up and running – the equivalent of removing nearly 500,000 gas cars off the road.

    ‘White House senior adviser Mitch Landrieu told reporters these will be the first direct air capture projects at this scale in the US and “will be the largest in the world.”

    ‘Representatives from Battelle, the owner of the Louisiana project, said they would be powering the hub with clean energy bought from the local utility, but have plans to power facilities with renewable energy in the future.’

    Mitch Landrieu is DemonRat political royalty from Louisiana, explaining why one project is going to his state, in the familiar ritual of machine politics graft and peculation.

    Even as blackouts multiply, these giant vacuum cleaners are going to add more load to break the grid’s back. One would expect no less of the vacuous airhead Jennifer Granholm.

    Not mentioned is that these dark, satanic mills are going to suck in and destroy all the songbirds. At long last, Rachel Carson’s 1962 enviro-nightmare of a Silent Spring will come true, courtesy of the US clowngov from hell.

      • Or oceans, especially kelp beds. It would be interesting to see a comparison between the CO2 absorbed by one these CO2 vacuum cleaners, and a square mile of Kelp bed. Which of course we won’t, since it may not play too well.

    • Yup. Pure rent seeking grift. This used to be confined to things like roads, bridges, etc. where the public would at least receive some benefit (albeit at great cost), but now the grift projects bring no benefits whatsoever, and often are literally harmful (clot shots being the best example).

  14. This is big — ‘attorney general’ Garland appoints US Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation, giving Weiss broader powers outside his own district in Delaware.

    This comes after Hunter’s wrist-slap plea bargain got derailed in a recent court hearing.

    Could be that Hunter is going to get prosecuted like any other citizen, for his multiple felonies corroborated by slam-dunk evidence in his ‘laptop from hell.’

    Or, maybe ‘Garland’ just wants to keep Clowngress out of this, until the (s)election is over. Demands for testimony will be met with ‘we cannot comment on a matter under investigation.’

    Never underestimate the abject corruption of the ‘Biden’ crime family, which makes the gangster state of Turkmenistan look like a girl scout picnic by comparison. 🙁

    • Hunter is a candidate for president in the future. When a country gets as decadent as the US / West people like Hunter float to the top.

  15. I can go to Google Maps and see a photograph taken from a satellite that can graph your location, the coordinates are known, an armed drone can hone in on the location of your house and do some damage.

    The Ukes do it and buildings in Moscow are damaged by a drone with some kind of explosive device on it.

    Probably have remote-controlled guidance systems in the boiler rooms of the defense industry out there in Area 52 in Nevada or wherever Area 52 is.

    You have no chance, you’ll be locked down, then the drones can swarm and attack.

    Doesn’t matter where you are anymore, you are more or less locked down right now.

    Send in the drones, it’s all over.

    With no transportation and digital surveillance, there is no hope, you’re the hopeless hapless angry victim, the perpetrators don’t even have to show up at your door. You won’t be driving a car by any means, it’s over.

    When you are on foot, the panopticon will be watching.

    Those are the next steps, believe it. The warnings are in front of your lyin’ eyes. Also, the madness is going to continue.

    You’ll be better off on the north steppes of the Caucasus chopping wood and hauling water. Cook with wood outside, there are no electric stoves, no gas ovens, they build wood burners with flat steel, some use firebrick and the fire is on the ground with a large steel trivet to support an large of some sort. Chickens and ducks, goats and sheep, cattle in the hills. They’ve got it made in the shade over there in those inhabited places in the middle of Eurasia. Might not have much electricity, but they still have it all and they don’t look unhappy about it.

    Where you gonna go?

    Wish I were someplace other than here, down in some honky tonk sipping on a beer – Jimmy Buffet, Great Filling Station Holdup

    You’ll need 20 divisions of armed revolutionaries to overthrow the feckless dot gov.

    Call Putin, Russia has plenty of them ready and willing to kill Americans, Washingtonians and New Yorkers first, you can stop after that.

    Might as well start there, if Clowngress can give Ukraine money, they can allocate funds to overthrow the US gov.

    Might makes right, make it law too. har

  16. Great article Eric. It definitely provokes thought.

    I have an underlying theory about who will comply and who will not.

    I have lived beneath my means my entire adult life. I’m 54. We live in an 1,100 square foot home in a working class neighborhood even though we are technically “Professionals.” We drive old cars. We fix stuff ourselves instead of hiring it out (with some rare exceptions). If we do take a vacation – it is generally with family or friends for a long weekend. Most times, my “vacations” are spent fixing stuff on the house or cars.

    I figure every one week fancy vacation I don’t take is 3 weeks sooner I can tell my soul sucking corporate job to suck it. I haven’t taken one in over 30 years.

    Those who are in debt are truly slaves. This is no exaggeration. They “have” to comply. If they are threatened with loss of income this means no food and no home in a very short time.

    My wife and I got into a heated conversation during the COVID lockdowns, specifically the employer vax mandate. I said with no uncertainty that if it came to it, they would have to fire me. I flat out wasn’t getting it. I also told here that if they forced us back to the office, I would never wear the mask. They would have to fire me.

    She finally accepted this, but it thankfully never came to that.

    It’s very easy to have principles when there are no consequences for following them. If you change your principals at the slightest inconvenience, then you really don’t have any principles.

    Debt makes it nearly impossible to stick to your principles.

    My prediction is those in the deepest pile of self-inflicted debt with be the ones doing the state’s bidding.

    • Thanks, Blake!

      And: You’re absolutely right as regards the cost of defending principles. I do not say it lightly. It is why I am so proud of people I know who decided they would die on this hill, if need be. I mean with regard to the “vaccines” especially. But also the god-damned “masks.” I was ready to go to war over it. If it cost me access to the new cars to test drive, so be it. A man who is willing to work can always find a way to make a living.

      I will not truckle to this crap anymore. Not one step back!

    • I wish we could drive the narrative in the direction of Facta no Verba. The loudest virtue signalers about ‘climate change’ are undoubtably the worst offenders.

      Being debt free is a great weapon against the Borg, congratulations, not many can say that.

    • I’m in complete agreement with Blake. Eschewing the Maskie and the Jabbie was easy for me, though, because I’m retired, and only experienced very occasional and light unpleasantness with door-wardens and volunteer Karens. I did “lose” my church, but was providentially brought into contact with a small “house church” which met faithfully and with naked faces, and I’m now better off in every way. A man with a professional job, on the other hand … well, my hat’s off to you, sir. You travelled a much harder road.

      • I’m still, church shopping since the lockdowns. The first question I ask a prospective pastor is “were you closed on Easter 2021 or did you tell the cops to get out like Pastor Art”

    • “I have lived beneath my means my entire adult life.” As have I.
      One who lives beneath their means always has money. One who lives above them never does.

  17. That is the lesson of “911” and the “pandemic.” Have enough Americans learned it? Will they fall for it, again? – Eric


    For anyone wondering how good Americans treat other Americans during hard times I suggest the movie “The Grapes of Wrath” with Henry Fonda. The movie is about a family trying to survive in the 1930s Great Depression. Very eye opening,,, about people when survival becomes the highest priority.

  18. ‘Then came the national “lockdowns” because of a “virus” ‘ — eric

    And then came … leprosy:

    ‘Researchers examined records from the Leprosy Clinic at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London.

    ‘Of the 52 people who went to the Leprosy Clinic for diagnosis and/or treatment in 2021, all but two reported their vaccination status. Of those 50, 49 were vaccinated.

    ‘An 80-year-old man who has lived in the United Kingdom for 49 years … may be the first to acquire leprosy in the UK since 1954.’ — The Epoch Times, via Zerohedge

    Thanks, ‘Doctor’ Fauci. You did a lot to us.

    • Hi Jim,

      The studies from MIT and the NIH were correct. MIT came out with one of the best studies I read in early 2021 about how the spike protein in the shots went directly to the T4 cells and destroyed them. There were several doctors that said the same thing. The NIH animal studies conducted showed a short increase in antibodies then a very quick reduction that left the immune system compromised and the animals susceptible to any viral or bacterial infections surrounding them.

      I believe this is just the start of what is to come. A part of me is curious what this winter will bring. The other part of me dreads it.

  19. ‘The Thing’s liver-spotted and quivering finger hovers over the proverbial button and aches to press it.’ — eric

    As of today, usurper ‘Biden’ has three ’emergencies’ on his mind:

    ‘Biden has asked Congress to provide more than $13 billion in emergency defense aid to Ukraine and an additional $8 billion for humanitarian support through the end of the year, another massive infusion of cash as the Russian invasion wears on and Ukraine pushes a counteroffensive against the Kremlin’s deeply entrenched forces.

    ‘The package requested Thursday includes $12 billion to replenish U.S. federal disaster funds at home after a deadly climate season of heat and storms, and funds to bolster the enforcement at the Southern border with Mexico, including money to curb the flow of deadly fentanyl. All told, it’s a $40 billion package.’

    But as usual, the frickin’ Ukies — a distant people of whom we know nothing — are at the front of the fedgov welfare line. They paid ‘Joe’ and Hunter $20 million for this privilege. Even the Republiclown nominal opposition continues to extend professional courtesy to protect the illicit income of the ‘Biden’ crime family.

    Less important claimants include disaster scenes such as Maui, and defending the border which in fact is a constitutional responsibility.

    Special kudos to Ape News’ leftist hacks for coining the term ‘deadly climate season.’ Would you like lockdowns with that?

    • You are so right. Jim

      The US led the coup in Ukraine by F-the EU Vicki. The US broke the Minsk Agreement. The US and West laughed at Putin for being so easy. The US armed Ukraine for 8 years. Today their not laughing. They are out of ammo and broke. 300,000 – 500,000 Ukronazis dead. Their only choice left is to enter the war they started. If they do IMO it will be the last war the USA / West starts as the Ruskies are in full blown war mode. Look for a draft soon. Besides kicking out many soldiers over the safe and effective kill shot, new members will have to fight off the trannies and homos in the shower hunger games.

      This summer is looking to be the least deadly climate summer season in a long time. Few tornado’s and zero hurricanes so far. But never fear,,, HARP is near. Our friendly NOAA is deeply involved in the Climate games. Can’t forecast three days in advance but know exactly the weather conditions and temperature on this date ten million years ago…. or more.

      Enforcement at the Southern Border is non existent. Taxxachusetts is now asking its subjects to take into their homes the poor abused illegals. American homeless and Veteran homeless can go fish.
      Also likely another money laundering scheme for the uniparty.

      Maui’s fire was likely arson like those Kanadian fires.

      All $40 billion is printed fiat guaranteed to keep inflation high and the parasites in expensive suits.

      • Just emailed my three Kongress Klowns, objecting like hell to ‘Biden’ spending more on the failed state of Ukraine than on actual Americans here in America.

        None dare call it treason …

        • “a handful of “terrorists” flew three planes into buildings and one into the ground”

          That idea, is baseless in fact, as 8 of the hijackers said they were still alive after 911, and no plane at the Pentacon, and a smoldering dump site in Shanksville with no plane. Then (((they))) pulled the WTC buildings by controlled demolition.

          The government’s 911 story is absurd and ridiculous, and used to frame the Arabs (the patsies) in a super mega crime by the Zionist Occupied Government. ZOG did it.

          911 was an inside job by the usual (((suspects))) to give the US military state an excuse to wage terror on the world, all in the name of fighting terror. 911 was a self inflicted wound, a false flag, to get the wars on, ’cause wars you make mucho shekels blowing the shit out of your enemies and raping the American taxpayers and the value of their currency.

          Since 911, the Middle East nations surrounding Israel have been blown to smithereens and 20 million Muslims are now dead. The purpose of 911 fulfilled, to kill Muslims for the Greater Israel project from the Nile to the Euphrates, which those two rivers are the two blue stripes on the Israeli flag.

          But as the Zionist death machine went north into Syria, blowing the crap out of Damascus and other cities, Putin stepped in an started bombing the Israel proxy army ISIS (which stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service). Proof that ISIS is Israel is that the ISIS commanders killed were IDF and Mossad.

          Putin then became the new Hitler, Putler the new arch enemy of ZOG, so after 911, and after the Russian air campaign in Syria, Jewess Victoria Nuland ousted the elected government of Ukraine (2104 Maidan coup), and eventually this gay actor Zelensky (Ziopuppet) was installed and provoked Russia to intercede in the Russian speaking Donbass – and now Russia is bogged down in another endless Ziowar, which Biden asked for another 45 billion this past week.

          But Russia is winning and the Uke army is destroyed, and Hunter indictment hovering, so Uncle Perv has the goons indict Trump (to distract) and in desperation to cling to power, the next desperate act of the psychopathic loons is to declare a climate emergency, to keep the Covid emergency controls in place, and to up the ante against us. Got to keep the sheep in the pen while they push the elite agenda.

          Trump was ordered by ZOG to attack Iran. He did not, he resisted, so Netanyahu ordered his deep state goons to “flush Trump down the toilet”, which they did by taking his re-election away. Read the David Goldberg notes. Trump is being railroaded into prison. ZOG is flushing down the big orange turd as we speak, and the courts say he is a flight risk. Yep, going to move to Trump Heights in Israel.


          Retired General Wesley Clark revealed to Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman in 2007 the ambitious imperial plans of the Bush-Cheney inner circle:

          “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

          Well they never got to finish off Iran, and Iran has joined BRICS, allied it self with Russia and China, so all the great Zioplans of world domination have gone to shit under Biden. Just look up the maps for Belt and Road Initiative – the main routes go right through Moscow and Tehran.

          So dear readers, watch how Uncle Joe gets tossed under the bus next. And no one wants Komrade Kameltoe either, so maybe her and Biden get suicided in a big fiery airplane crash.

      • In all fairness, most of the Ukrainian soldiers killed in this insane war were not nazis. They were merely drafted and sent to the front lines to be slaughtered. All men between the ages of sixteen and sixty were forbidden to leave Ukraine, locked inside their own country so that they could be forced to fight against the Russian invasion with basically minimal to no training. Even now, young men and being dragged from their homes kicking and screaming and sent to the front. There are no resources to even bury the dead, so Ukrainian soldiers are fighting alongside thousands of dead, decomposing bodies of their former colleagues. Over ten million Ukrainians have fled the country into Poland, which has been overwhelmed with Ukrainian refugees.

        All of this was a deliberate decision by NATO to sacrifice Ukraine in order to fight a proxy war against Russia, in the ridiculous hope that Russia could be defeated despite its thousands of nuclear weapons. NATO and the US government doesn’t give a damn how many Ukrainians are killed in this crazy war. The United States really is being ruled by crazy, murderous psychopaths.

        • Hi Martin,

          I am surprised we even have combat wars anymore. If Ukraine/Russia wanted to win this war quickly you poison the water/food supply. That is how they did it in Mesopotamia through current day Middle East. It is ridiculous that we send boys with guns and tanks out to die…for what?!?! A bunch of fat guys who need campaign donations from defense contractors? Some days the world disgusts me.

          • Hi RG,

            Russia has up until now not really fought this as a real war. Rather, as a “special military operation”. If they fought this as a real war, they would have carpet bombed Kiev by now or even used tactical nuclear weapons. Russia never wanted to conquer Ukraine or to kill large numbers of Ukrainians. Its purpose in launching the invasion was to get Ukraine to stop bombing the Russian speaking areas of eastern Ukraine and, most importantly, to have Ukraine agree to remain neutral and to never join NATO. Russia thought that, by demonstrating its military superiority in a limited way, Ukraine would agree to these very reasonable terms. Russia was wrong.

            As to Ukraine, the Zelensky government is a puppet government, following orders from NATO. It appears that NATO intends to destroy Ukraine so that huge corporations like Blackrock can move on it and take over what is left of the country.

            • I’m trying to understand Putin’s logic here. I forget the numbers, but let’s say 10k or so Russian-speaking citizens of the Donbass killed by Ukraine attacks over the past few years. So now sacrifice 50k and counting of your own soldiers, kill a couple thousand more citizens as collateral damage, and reduce the area to shithole-plus-rubble. And, battle NATO, which has dispensed with any pretense of ethics or morality or concern for anything. He’s either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. Time will tell. But his pussyfooting around is not a good look, and just encourages the US psychopaths.

              • Sometimes you just have to do what rightly needs to be done no matter the cost.

                Americans back in the day were aware of that and is why they went up against the most powerful nation on earth at the time.

                Americans today have forgotten that and is why they have lost their freedoms and will soon lose the nation that the Americans of the time mentioned above thought important enough to die for.

              • The estimates I’ve seen are that about 14000 people were killed by Ukrainian bombing in the Donbass since the NATO instigated coup in Ukraine that put the NATO puppet government in charge. The bombing was not going to stop. At the time of the Russian invasion, Ukraine was still bombing the Donbass and was intending to keep bombing it, because of the Donbass republics insisting on independence from the rulers in Ukraine. The citizens of the Donbass voted overwhelmingly in favor on independence from Ukraine, something that the Ukrainian government had no intension of granting.

                I think that the main issue for Russia was Ukrainian neutrality. It became obvious to Russia that NATO intended to admit Ukraine to NATO. This would permit NATO to stage nuclear weapons right on Russia’s border, just like if Russia had nuclear missiles staged in northern Mexico right on the border with the US. Ukrainian neutrality is a red line for Russia, for the same reason that neutrality for Mexico would be a red line for the US.

                • Hi Martin,

                  I agree with Col. Doug Macgregor’s assessment of this ugly, dirty business. The Russians regard the use of Ukraine as kind of forward base for NATO (why NATO even exists at this point, more than 30 years after the fall of the old Soviet Union, is another thing) as an existential threat. Much as Americans might if Russia, say, turned Cuba into a satrapy and installed missile batteries 90 miles away from us.

                  Why is America involved in this business at all?

                  The Russians don’t want to “roll over” Ukraine – let alone eastern Europe. They want NATO out of Ukraine and that vile cretin Zelensky neutralized. It is none of our god-damned business.

                  I suggest those who “stand” with Ukraine do exactly that. Go stand there. In Ukraine. Put their bodies in the meat grinder. No? Of course not. Such people want others to “stand” (and die). And pay.

                  It is always thus. I would love to see every single “neo-conservative” given a gold and blue Face Diaper – and a parachute. Air-drop them over Baccccccchhhhhhhhhmutt – and leave it at that.

                  • Eric asks why Amerika is involved in Ukraine. That is the $64 billion dollar question.

                    Because our America, our free America, has been hijacked by a foreign power, and this power is not a specific nation, it is Rothschild central banking system. Some call it finance capitalism, others call it Rothschild Zionism. They own us, because they have purchased the House and Senate and El Presidente with their unlimited money printing machine.

                    The USA has been hijacked by the Jewish Zionists. Rothschild created Israel, then has us pay for it. We give it free everything because we are the slaves to the Jew Rothschild, and his private fiefdom Israel. Everyone in Israel is being bankrolled by the USA while our people rot.

                    If anyone goes against this ZOG world system, like JFK, they are killed. JFK wrote executive orders to not allow Israel to have nuclear weapons, so the Zionists got rid of JFK and installed the Jew LBJ who on day 1 in office rescinded all the EOs of JFK limiting Israel to have nuclear weapons. Then LBJ secretly transferred the entire decommission arsenal of Davy Crockett W-54 warheads to Israel, some of which were photographed by Mordechai Vanunu in the secret floors below Dimona. That is one of the best kept secrets of all time, now outed over at Veteran’s Today.

                    LBJ and Biden work for the same Zionist power. JFK resisted it and was offed. Trump resisted it and is now being put away by the Jewish judge in the Jewish court by the Jewish prosecutor. No one gets into office unless they go to Israel first and pay a visit to the Wailing Wall and profess loyalty to Israel first.

                    No western nation is allowed to have a nationalistic or populist government. Just look at Canada, Australia, USA, France, Germany, New Zealand, etc. The people in every nation hate their government, and that government serves ZOG not the people, and everyone knows it.

                    This control is now down to the governors of the states, everyone hates Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, yet she is elected again, and the same for other states, like Calif with Newsome who is literally wrecking the state. Newsome is doing such a great job advancing the agenda that he may be installed soon as Uncle Perv gets the boot or croaks or has a bad accident.

                    None dare call it conspiracy, none dare to call out the Jews as the instruments of the devil. Every single gun control law comes from a Jew. Every war is started by Jews. The Neocons were Jews, Rumsfeld is a Jew, Cheney shabbos goy, Antony Blinken is a Jew, a Rothschild Zionist agent, as is Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan, arch Zionist Neocon who started PNAC. The entire Ukraine fiasco, which is raping the US Treasury, is a Jewish scam all the way. Jewess Janet Yellin, Treasury Sec., personally went to see Zelensky, a Jewish gay disco dancer and now El Presidente of Jekraine. So far the Jews have killed 500,000 white Christian Ukes all for nothing except to advance Jewish interests.

                    The entire abortion project is Jewish, the Jews now say it is one of their sacraments, the LBGTQ agenda is Jewish all the way. Biden’s health czar is a Jewish tranny. Obongo was put into power by the Chicago Jews, Michelle another tranny. Jews own the media, literally they own it all, and can make the Goyim believe anything they want, like Big Mike and his two children.

                    But for some strange reason, everyone refuses to talk about the elephant in the living room. The pastors won’t, the politicians won’t, the candidates won’t, the business leaders won’t, so we are stuck with the Zioparasite sucking the blood out of our nation and no one says a word about it.

              • This was simply bad decision by Putin based on a bad assumption.

                After a CIA-engineered coup ousted the Russian friendly leader of Ukraine, just before he could sign a huge trade deal with Russia, that new leader threated to seize Russia’s Crimean Navy Base

                It is the only Russian Navy Base that could operate in the coldest portion of the winter.

                Russia took that threat seriously and immediately annexed Crimea. There was no resistance from the US, UK and others who had pledged to defend Ukraine in 1994, in trade for Ukraine sending all its nuclear weapons to Russia.

                Based on their experience with Crimea in 2014, Putin assumed he could easily stop the genocide in eastern Ukraine (Donbas region) that had killed 11,000 Ukrainian civilians from 2014 to 2022. Putin was wrong. Unlike Crimea, this time the US, UK and others decided to help Ukraine.

                My best guess is that 50,000 Russians and over 300,000 Ukrainians have been killed so far.

                Every nation involved with Ukraine has been a loser, and not one political leader will admit that fact.

                It is likely that some Ukrainians hold some secrets about the Biden Crime family that will remain secret as long as the US sends a lot of money and military equipment to Ukraine.

    • In Ukraine Russia is doing similar to what the US did to the USSR in 1989. Letting the US strangle itself with debt sourced spending on the defense of Ukraine.

  20. I will not comply. Simple as that. As I told my wife last night, if they try to bring back masks, I will politely decline. If they push the issue, I will get angry. If they push it further, they’ll find out.

    Same with the “climate” lockdowns. I will not comply. I will drive. I will eat meat. I will enjoy life because hey, it’s hot in the summer time! This crisis isn’t about saving the planet, but empowering and enriching the demonic ruling class while enserfing and immiserating us.

  21. A list of possible diktats or desires from the Biden Thing if and when a “Climate Emergency” is actually declared, going by the OPEN calls from the Klaus Schwab types…

    1) Locking down ALL humans, except those deemed “Essential” by the government
    2) ALL farms, particularly family farms, are to be forcibly shut down
    3) Use of ALL gas powered vehicles, stoves, water heaters, lawn equipment, etc., prohibited
    4) A BAN on meat consumption. Afterward, subsequent announcements of mandated consumption of bugs and frankenfood (e.g. Lab grown meat)
    5) Mandated face diaper wearing, this time to “Stop the spread of CO2”
    6) ALL cows are to be put to death, because “Methane”
    7) BANNING pet ownership
    8) Confiscation of anything that uses “fossil fuels”
    9) Seizing even MORE money from Americans and giving it to John Kerry, the UN, Club of Rome, etc.
    10) Forcibly removing people from rural areas and shoving them in those planned “15 minute cities”
    11) Announcements of “Mandated” Carbon credit scores or some other form of social credit score ala China
    12) Mandated implementation of a chip in our hands or forehead to “Resume living normal life” like the Biden Thing tried to do with the COVID shots 2 years ago
    13) Mandated CBDCs
    14) Mandates for people to buy one of those EVs just sitting on car dealership lots if they want to continue driving cars
    15) Extermination of people deemed “undesirable” or “useless eaters” by the regime and/ or WEF

    I’m sure there are other sinister things these psychopaths would LOVE to do under guise of “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet”.

    • Hi John,

      And how are they going to this? They are going to gather 340 million of us into unmarked white vans and toss us into some urban apartment building? They are going to send the police onto our property and shoot all 393.3 million of our pets? The USSA is 3.531 million square miles. That is quite a bit of land to cover. Who is going to do this? The guys that call our county home, who live next door to us, came to our BBQ, and attended school with us?

      Oh, don’t get me wrong there are probably a few out there that would love the power that this would provide…to torture one of their enemies or just the public, in general. Do most people have the capability of shooting a 5 year old in the head or murdering a Golden Retriever puppy? I would like to believe that the sick assholes that are able to do this are far and few in between.

      Evil will not win. Sure, it exists, but for it to conquer it must override goodness, faith, and love. Dark days, months, and even years have been placed throughout history, but man has yet to be eradicated. They will not succeed this time either.

      • Hi Raider Girl,
        Jordan Peterson has some lecture videos discussing human psychology and what man is capable of.
        There was a book written called *Ordinary Men* about a reserve police unit from Germany sent to Poland during the Nazi regime. These men were too old to be raised and indoctrinated by the Nazi’s and were just regular people. The book describes how these men changed and operated under a group think mindset and committed killings under orders. Any of these men could have quit at any time but chose to stay together in support of each other as a unit.

        Alexander Solzhenitsyn describes how an entire country gave way to insanity of Marxism and Lenin and Stalin discovering their system doesn’t work, instituted slave labor camps as the solution to their failed system.

        It can happen which is why we must be vigilant and protest our free will via nonviolent non-compliance.

        • Hi Hans,

          I don’t disregard the potential and expansion of group think. People behave like any other animal when in a pack. Even Mr. Peterson ignored his own understanding of psychology and allowed the narrative to influence his decision making causing him to regret the choices that he made in reference to the shots.

          It takes confidence and a set of steel balls to go against the majority. If people choose to play along to get along in another lockdown than they have proven to us that they are weak and spineless. Regretfully, they will be used as collateral damage.

          I am a little more hopeful than I was during the Scamdemic because of the national boycotts that are occurring and more people (seeming) not to roll over so quickly.

          If we can get people to say “enough is enough” a potential lockdown would end before it would even go into effect.

          • RG: Maybe I’m being naïve, but I don’t think it’s that difficult to go against a wrongful majority. I think it’s just a matter of internalizing the advice of Marcus Aurelius’: “If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.”

            • Hi ML,

              That goes back to my line about confidence and steel balls…most don’t have them. The COVID fiasco showed us that. The majority will go along to get along or they are so insecure that they will look what the lion’s share are doing and just get in line. Do they know it is wrong? Yes. Do they have enough faith in their own convictions to stand alone? Only the rarest.

        • Hans,
          Alexander Solzhenitsyn also expressed his regret that the people did NOT use violent means of resistance. Which is why I hope this scheme won’t work in the US, the most heavily armed populace in the history of the world. When enforcers stop making it home at night, their enthusiasm will quickly wane.

      • Hi RG,

        I’m not saying they’ll succeed with their sinister plans, but they’ll certainly try. I read a story about how they were GIDDY at how many people complied with the draconian COVID measures in 2020, and how that emboldened them to try the same thing with CLIMATE CHANGE. If people comply with draconian climate change measures this time, we’re in serious trouble. These psychopaths had their propagandized cult members snitch on people who didn’t wear a face diaper in public, and they’ll likely also have them snitch on those who continue driving gas powered vehicles or eat meat during a “Climate lockdown”.

        Had it not been for the millions of Americans who own guns, we could have easily become Australia, China, or Canada just at the height of COVID hysteria. Why do you think the authoritarians are so hell bent on DISARMING law abiding gun owners?

        There are people who’ve been so propagandized into believing the climate change narratives and that half the country is a bunch of White Supremacists, fascists, Nazis, etc.

      • Hi RG,

        With all due respect, never forget the Milgram Experiment:

        Far too many people are willing to do the most heinous things if it will ingratiate them to some authority figure. Sad but true.

        It will, of course, fail in the long run, tyranny always does. However, this next attempt may make the actions by communists and others of the 20th century look like child’s play.

        • Mark in BC: The lesson learned from Milgram is that if there is a role model willing to say no to the immoral directive, others will find the confidence to also say no.

          The takeaway: Be the moral role model.

        • The majority of the test subjects said no. But that’s not interesting so the highlight reels are only the people who continued to deliver the shocks.

    • Get them while they are young:

      >High school football season kicks off next week in the Albuquerque metro. If you plan on heading out to a game, there are some new changes that Albuquerque Public Schools made this year.

      >You will need your phone to get into any APS-sanctioned games because they have now moved to cashless ticket sales.

      If it was really about “safety,” they would accept debit cards.
      But no, article states you must use a so-called “phone” (a tracking device) to purchase a ticket. So, the obvious intent is to a) coerce people into carrying one of these devices, b) to condition school children to believe it is not possible to function in “modern society” without one, and c) to enlist the students to exert pressure on their parents to use one of these devices.

      I do not have, want or need a “smart phone” (tracking device) and will not be coerced into buying or carrying one. I guess if I had a child in APS who played a sport, I would not be attending any games. Fortunately, I will not be forced to make that choice.

  22. This next couple of months may be very interesting. My wife works in a hospital and she was telling me yesterday that they notified everyone that masks and other Covid protocols will likely go back into place in the next few weeks. They are expecting another “surge” this fall. All I could say was good god, I hope people aren’t stupid enough to fall for this shit again! Unfortunately my instinct tells me that they will.

    • South Florida?

      Put a large, older Latin man in a white coat raging about case counts in a Cuban accent on TV in Miami, and the sheeple will believe anything coming out of his mouth.

    • I didn’t play the first go around. Definitely not participating in the second. The only thing that changed is I am even angrier than the original propaganda war and I have no problem calling a fool a fool this time. I am not putting up with stupidity or fear mongering.

      • Second that RG,
        First time around I simply walked away when confronted to wear a face diaper; if they try it again I will push past the a*hole and dare them to stop me. I may be old but I’m not a pushover.

        • Doesn’t matter if your an old pushover, like me, or not. The metric of some enforcer knocking down an old man is not what they want to be seen. I’ll take one for the team.

    • I have been seeing many more masks out there lately. I also overheard some morons talking about how they’ve been hearing about a new “covid” surge. They all assured themselves that their vaccines would save them.

  23. I spent two weeks in Maui in July, visiting Lahaina a number of times. Heartbreaking what has happened there, we only encountered warm and friendly people. But I don’t believe for one second that a bunch of fires started simultaneously in two areas of the island separated by about 20 miles, not to mention parallel fires a hundred miles away on another island. This is just too convenient, almost as if some entity was waiting for just the right moment, like a hurricane far away whipping up just enough wind to “warp speed” the flames. Then you read every mainstream news article blaming this on climate change. Taken in view of Canada, Michigan, and other places also into self-combustion, something is afoot. There are no coincidences anymore. So yes, the groundwork is being laid before our eyes for some climate lockdown. Much was learned from Project Covid.

    • This has been going on in Arizona, California, and New Mexico for at least a decade BAC. At first I thought it was Muslim terroristas or would be blamed on them. Around here, they sometimes blame the worst forest fires on a lone bullet from some gun nut, or a stray ember from some toothless hick out yucking it up in the forest. Its good to know that from now on all these fires are the fault of a fraction of a fraction increase in a harmless greenhouse gas.

      I’m sure our crack GovCo investigators are on top of it. Just like they are in Canada. The accountability question is always the first thing to get dropped from the coverage. I cant imagine what type of person would be OK with burning up natures beauty just to push their pathetic agenda.

      I saw a commercial that asked, “Tired of the smoke from wildfires?” Then work to reduce CO2. The group making this and many other absurd propaganda claims, ‘Moms demand Action.” Another deep pocketed BLM type operation. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Especially when you’re the ones creating the crisis.

      • They are getting bolder and more bizarre. From defacing antiquities, to gluing themselves to a tarmac or highway. Now they are resorting to arson. Nothing seems off limits to whatever end game is being pursued here. Humanity, as a whole, has lost its f’ing mind.

        • The ones who block traffic in the name of ‘ending oil’ really piss me off. I’ll be a test case if I’m ever confronted with that. No one has the right to block me on the roads I helped pay for.

          Been seriously considering getting one of those eardrum busting aooogah/dixie horns on my truck. The only worry is that laying that on a group of vaxxed snowflakes is likely to get one of them to die suddenly. I don’t want want that. I’d prefer running them over to giving them the vapors and making them stroke out.

          • Good morning, Norman!

            In re the “stop oil” people: If someone deliberately walks in front of traffic, then it’s on them if they get run over. No one’s under any moral or even legal obligation to stop for these people. They are like a deer that jumps in front of your car.

            • I’m not violent by nature. The idea of someone thinking they can get out in the road and stop me from my business truly makes me see red. I wont be playing that game. I’ll give a courtesy tap on my horn, then a dark PTSD laden version of me kicks in.

              These children should have been raised better. Its a form of narcissism mixed with screaming at the sun madness. It doesn’t bode well for civilization and modernity. The delusion one must labor under in order to hate oil, while living under the constant benefits of the good life it provides… My pea brain cant even comprehend such mental illness.

          • I know you’re just talkin’ shit here, but I hate to see even a mention of being involved in anybody’s physical harm. I’d do everything I could to prevent that unless violence has been directed toward me and I have no choice but to defend myself.

            • Blocking your means of travel IS violence directed at you. I too would be hesitant to use violence in response, but the fact remains.

              • Bingo John,

                I’m not exactly talking shit Mister Liberty. I’m an impressionable sort. I’ll never forget seeing that white boy pulled out of his truck and beaten within an inch of his life. I remember the crazies in Washington and Oregon blocking traffic, then when the driver objects, honks, or has words with them, they pull him out, and commence grounding and pounding. I remember the immortal words of Ole Remus, “Avoid the madness of crowds.”

                I would probably be OK as I keep a hog leg 45LC within reach so all I’d probably have to do is show it and they’d scatter like Roaches. I feel the gun is the ultimate escalation and I’m not inclined to pull it for show. I’d hate to shot someone for vandalizing my vehicle.

                I would have no problem driving forward running over whatever moron had so little sense as to block my lawful use of the roadway, even after being warned with the horn. After all I could make a strong and convincing argument that I was in fear for my life. If I’m faced with the prospect of dirty hippie/jogger/skanks doing god knows what to me and mine, I’m finding the gas and not letting off until I’m clear of the danger. I’ll take my chances with a jury.

    • Hopefully, someday, folks will wake up to the fact that most of the travails of life are CAUSED by the Psychopaths In Charge, who have no intention of really helping us out of them.

  24. “NO” is a very powerful word, which is why the Psychopaths In Charge use it all the time. “NO” you can’t do this, that or the other. Or, a positive reinforcement of “NO”. As in you MUST do this, that or the other.
    Or we might just kill you.
    It’s often been said that in navigating up the food chain of a bureaucracy, one needs to find the one that can say “Yes”. They are the one’s in charge.
    As I often say, more have died under tyranny than have fighting it. Still true.

  25. What is a climate lockdown? Will the military go around house to house and bar our doors with plywood? Military = 1.3 million. The rest of the country = 340 million. Will Uncle Joe disengage our vehicles with an EMP? Good luck shuttering anything manufactured before 2004.

    Under COVID people feared getting sick. I don’t see the same spiel working because of the weather. People don’t fear weather. We live with it everyday. Which businesses are going to voluntarily shutdown? Is grocery shopping prohibited? No school for kids? The consequences of a lockdown will crash the economy and destroy the government. It is kind of hard to take one seriously when they have no pull.

    Biden can say whatever he wants – no one pays attention anymore. The government doesn’t have the manpower to enforce such demands. The rest us just need to give them the one finger salute and go about our lives.

    • I was going to say something, but you expressed my thoughts exactly. 911 and coronaviris were new psyops. “Climate warming” or climate have been around for mellinia, and in the public eye for 50 years. We arent buying.

      • The narratives “Global Cooling”, “Global Warming”, and the all encompassing “Climate change” hasn’t frightened enough people over the past 50+ years, so the globalist/ technocratic elite figure that relentlessly pounding a narrative about “Global Boiling” will frigthen the masses into complying with insane diktats. It certainly worked with their COVID fear porn.

    • People can fear the complications of weather events. Here in Central Texas, in 2017, the big Clear Channel radio station and other media successfully generated enough fear about a “gas shortage” following one Gulf hurricane that supplies were stripped clean for weeks, with Labor Day Weekend seeing a 50x normal sales volume for the period according to the state government agency which tracks such things.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        Would they go along willingly to be locked down because of it? Hell, the meteorologists tell us to stay inside when a tornado approaches or to evacuate because of a hurricane. Do most listen? Nope. If they did there wouldn’t be thousands of videos on YT showing these weather phenomenons.

        Psychologically speaking, people enjoy a little drama now and then. Most of it is a game. It is like the TP Shortage of 2020. People liked the chase of being able to find something that no one else could. The Plandemic gave people an excuse to stay home. They could still come and go as they pleased and the government would throw a few “stimulus” payments their way. Of course, it hurt the business owners and the landlords who depended on this revenue to survive.

        I don’t see people being obedient this go around. The stench of Covid and what occurred is still too new for most to swallow another blue pill.

        • For several weeks after that Labor Day Weekend buying frenzy, actual spot shortages of gas were not uncommon so people didn’t leave their houses other than to go to work or other essential activities. The artificially created “gas shortage” was effective if the goal was to keep the population home for several weeks.

          Even the much-vaunted Buc-ee’s “largest gas station in the world” (at that time) in New Braunfels, TX frequently had bags over their 200 pumps through the end of September as the supply chain worked out the shock.

          Usually, Buc-ee’s has three tanker trucks in rotation, constantly unloading gasoline into the station’s reserves.

      • Hi Roscoe,
        These “shortages” become self fulfilling; some bozo posts a picture of empty shelves on “social media” and all the lemmings rush out to clean out the remaining stock wherever they can find it. Always cracks me up around here whenever they predict a major snowstorm everyone runs to the grocery store to buy up all the milk and bread, two things that don’t keep for very long. I just make sure I have a sufficient quantity of beer and wine. 😆

        • The big Clear Channel radio station in San Antonio had just picked up Gas Buddy as a sponsor earlier that summer. I don’t think the “shortage” was a coincidence, but station management came to rue that short sighted decision over the next couple of weeks as staffers frequently called out absent due to their inability to fill their tanks.

    • Maybe they’ll set a few “wildfires” in an area or an adjacent area. Seems to be the m.o. of these climate lunatics.

      • Don’t give them any ideas. We’ve already had suspicious “wildfires” in Austin this week, one right on a major commuting route for the technocrat class commuting to work daily.

    • I dunno, RG. The sheeple sure did go along with the lockdown in Boston after that marathon fiasco. And, as I recall, yes, the military/cops did actually go door to door. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the average American. Sure, there are plenty who have seen the light after these last couple of years, but I still think that most will just do whatever they’re told.

      • I agree with you Floriduh man,

        The number of people who’ve learned how to say NO, has grown, maybe even doubled these last few years. Still far to few to make it hurt for the Garbage Elite. Seems we’re destined to live on a prison planet. All because the majority is to stupid to have have nice things,


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