Dom in DUI Check Point

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This happened last night on the way home.

These maggots do the DUI check point by night and the safety check by day, same spot.

I cut out three seconds in the middle to lose my SSN from the video.

Notice the Phero get all bent up when I don’t answer his question the way he wanted.

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  1. dom, I ask a favor here. Could you set up the RSS feed to use bookmarks such as X Marks that sync between countless computers, phones, etc.? My yahoo doesn’t work well, I won’t use Google, haven’t in many years. Nothing is quite as easy as the extra taskbar I have for X Marks that puts all my RSS feeds on top and in a hidden side bar. It’s so easy……so doggone easy

  2. So that’s what it’s like.
    I’ve never been through one of those CheckPoint Charlies.

    When I was growing up, that check point was my idea of what it would be like if America was invaded and conquered by the Soviet Empire or 1940’s Germany.

    Even now, it’s so strange to me how so many people find it acceptable and call it a good thing when it clearly is not a good thing .

    Let it be said throughout the land, “Let Freedom Be… Muffled” …?

    • Freedom is a muffler….. Attached to the end of the 30.06 you use for “pest control” purposes.

      Quick impression for ya…
      “Oink, Oink, BANG, F*ck, I’m dead.” It’s getting easier to consider every day.

      Works both ways, this detachment from one’s fellow man. The Piggies are dropping away from “us”, seeing us as less than human tax/revenue targets.

      We see them as parasites, to be eliminated for the common good, BEFORE the surveillance state is born.
      Guess who’s likely to win, IF we ever get off our fat civilized asses?

      • “In some epochs one must travel the entire gamut of madness in order to come to reason again.” – Benjamin Constant

        The French Revolution has some lessons for certain people. I was meaning to spend some time and hash something out, but I’ve not enough time, so here’s a few thoughts to consider, maybe go read some of the descriptions of where “Quick impressions” can lead to, and see if you really wanna go there. I know I don’t:

        … “a peasant’s revolt that carried the aristocracy along with it. […] The sadistic misogyny of the Revolution reached unbelievable proportions.” ….

        … “to achieve the goal of liberty as quickly as possible, it should be clear that the means must not contradict the ends. For if they do, the ends are being obstructed instead of pursued as efficiently as possible.” …

      • Would you care for some 165 gr. spire point, soft point boat tail bullets with that sir? Perhaps a 110 gr. accelerator that virtually explodes on contact? Let’s see them trace that round. Another lie by the state. High speed bullets rarely yield anything that can be traced to a single gun.(as in less than 99.99% and even the suspect is suspect) 25/.06 anyone?

        • Well, I screwed up. I mean less than the .01%…..and even that is highly suspect if it’s claimed to be to a specific gun.

        • Boat tail? Why of course.
          Most idiots have no idea what ‘boat tail’ means.
          So, by all means, pass it around.
          After all, wHAt comes around, goes around.
          C’est la vie

          • Bevin, that exploding bullet thing scares me…well, at least for now anyway. 🙂 But I will check back in a couple of months, things may deteriorate.

          • Dear Gary,

            Brugh Joy, a famous Jungian psychologist whose workshops I used to attend told one timid woman participant who spoke of her terror of amorphous “predators in the dark.”

            Brugh told her “Yes, but what if you think of yourself as the predator in the dark?”

            Anyway, take two Valiums and call Eight in the morning.

            He’ll counsel you on boat tail vs. flat base, soft point vs. hollow point vs. full metal jacket. You’ll feel much better in short order.

          • Garysco, you been talking to my old b&c? She’s on me to take SSRI’s, says it would “calm me”. Shit, I don’t wanna be calm. It’s the only thing that keeps this old body going. Cumbyah…..just be quiet so Cholley Jack don’t get the wrong idea and don’t point anything at him. Muffle those cymbals, he don’t trust ’em. Bevin, my door is always open for counseling, been doing it for years. If you don’t like my answers just remember who came to who.

  3. No attitude. Just another one of the peons getting uppity at having to stop and prove that he’s done nothing wrong.

    • “Uppity” equals – in the mind of a cop – any hint of less-than-abject obedience. To fail to cringe and mewl and immediately comply with any barked order.

      • Boy! If the response to “You gotta attitude?” would have been wrong then poor Eric would have to pick him up at the police station, and then bail out the car. What a dick!

  4. If I get stopped in one of these again I will greet the cop with “Heil Obama!” From there I will address the cop as “comrade” and my DL, insurance card, etc will be called “papers”. I will be polite with out any attitude, doing this all very seriously in a respectful police state manner.


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