Try Hacking This

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h/t to JQ from TBP for this video.  I am sure the government isn’t capable of things like this, just ask Michael Hastings, oh wait…

This makes me want to drive something like this:

model t

Good luck hacking that you muthafudga’s.

kid in shades giving the finger


  1. I’m surprised Toyota hasn’t threatened to sue over this video allegedly having caused a drop in sales of their ever-popular Smugmobile.

    With more and more cars coming with bluetooth (and wifi, in some cases), how long before we are encumbered by yet another government regulation mandating firewalls integrated into such systems? Firewalls with, of course, a requirement that they be accessible to authorized officials.

    • One thing I would be quick to do if I was concerned about someone wanting to hack my car (or had a car that could be hacked without someone having physical access) would be to write some software to check the systems for foreign software or changes to stored file sizes.

  2. It is disturbing at the very least.

    It would appear that it is possible to cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and then erase evidence of tampering. As someone noted: You get on the 6 o’clock news.


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