A Window Into The Future Under Obamacare

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Note in particular the part about this woman’s doctor contacting The Authorities:

Alorah Gellerson, a bold young mother in Maine, wasn’t able to breast feed her child, but she decided that the next best thing was to refuse to give her baby GMO-soy formula, and to feed her goat’s milk that included celery juice, instead. Though her child was said to ‘love it and grow like a weed’ the Department of Health and Human Services is threatening to take her child and put the infant in foster care.


After Gellerson told her personal doctor about her decision not to feed her infant GMO-soy formula, that pediatrician turned her into the DHHS. What ensued is simply Orwellian. She had to stay overnight in the hospital, was told what ‘approved’ commercial formula she could feed her baby (mostly containing GMO soy, and are probably DHA/ARA-enhanced), and was threatened that if she did not follow the strong advice of the DHHS that she could face losing her child to a foster family.


  1. My question about this is simply, why did this woman not immediately fire the doctor and walk out of his office? I have done so to doctors that strongly insist that I take statins. In a nation of sheep, people like this doctor are more than willing to shear the fearful. The medical profession relies implicitly on government granted monopoly to peddle this pernicious pablum. One need not participate, in fact, participation almost guarantees suboptimal health. It’s not in the interest of the medical/big-pharma/insurance complex to have individuals take responsibility for their own healthcare.

    • She would not have had the chance.
      OTOH, should there be a problem with the brake lines of his car, while she’s still in “training to be a state-approved female caretaker.”
      Note, she does not own the child – she is merely there to provide state-sanctioned care to the child the STATE owns…

      Yet people think WE are crazy…

  2. Obamacare includes random and unannounced home visits, especially for anyone in these “high risk categories”

    Families that have users of tobacco products in the home
    Families that have children with low grades or poor attendance
    Families with children having physical or mental disabilities
    Families with individuals who are serving, or formerly served, in the Armed Forces
    Anyone living in a neighborhood lacking compliant facilities
    All low-income families.
    Pregnant women less than 21 years of age
    Families with a history of child abuse or neglect
    Families with previous interactions with child welfare services
    Anyone with a history of substance abuse
    Anyone deemed to be in need of substance abuse treatment


    • Yep.

      And, before you know it:

      Anyone who has a history of espousing anti-government opinions (indicative of mental illness).

      Anyone who possesses guns – or is thought to (potential “danger” that just be “assessed”).

      Wait for it.

      Won’t be long.

      • Another threat on the horizon. Obamacare requires a database with far more information on us than anything now in existence. It’ll include all our biometric data and much more.

        Check out the fascist system you have to join in India if you want to work, drive, cash a check, or open a bank account thanks to a douchebag billionaire “phil-mis-anthrope-ist Nandan Nilekani:

        India’s biometric ID project is nearly at 400 million people now.
        Summary: Through the National Population Register and Unique Identification Authority of India, India’s is digitizing over a billion citizens’ biometric records for public access in a centralized system. If you want to verify Apu Koothrapali’s shoe size to buy him a pair of shoes, just look up his CPD(corporate protocol data) online and then point click ship.


        Many of the world’s poorest people have no documents to say who they are. In their dealings with employers and the state, you could say, they don’t fully exist. For them, a universal ID is an affirmation of personhood, a condition for civil liberty rather than a threat to it. In practical terms, the potential benefits are exciting. In Nigeria, biometric audits reduced the number of pensioners by almost 40 percent. India’s ID program seems to be saving far more than its cost of $3 or less per enrollee.


        Nandan Nilekani – the billionaire scourge of India – a scumbag Bloomberg Nanny and Bill Gates Eugenicist shit sandwich

  3. When a woman can’t breastfeed, high quality raw milk from a goat, a cow, or a sheep will all feed a human baby as long as the baby is able to digest lactose (seldom do you find a baby that cannot digest lactose).

    I think that, for those of us that are religious, God would justify lying to your doctor when it comes to keeping the evil ones away from your baby (your doctor is likely one of those evil ones and probably cannot be trusted). For those of us that are not religious, there is no reason not to lie to your doctor.

    • One reason raw milk is so much easier to digest compared to pasteurized milk is the friendly bacteria in raw milk that facilitate the creation of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down milk sugar and which many humans are unable to produce) in the intestine where it is needed. That is why lactose-intolerant people can drink raw milk without a problem. Pasteurization kills these friendly bacteria.

    • Lying, in and of itself, is not a sin. The 10 Commandments says “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Lying to “the authorities” to protect yourself, your family, or “your neighbor” can be a positive thing.

      • “Lying to “the authorities” to protect yourself, your family, or “your neighbor” can be a positive thing.”

        Indeed – because you are under duress. Lying to a government thug is exactly like lying to a kidnapper or rapist or common street thug. Whatever it takes to improve your position – and undermine theirs.


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