Vidcast: Your Car – And Those Who Made It – Are Watching You

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Most of you have heard about the “black boxes” installed in airplanes. They record data such as altitude, attitude, flight speed and so on for the purpose of having that data available in the event there’s an accident. Did you know cars have “black boxes,” too? Only the difference is they record – and (via OnStar and other such in-car send/receive capability) transmit – data about your driving even if you don’t have an accident. The data can be “retrieved” (their term) without your prior consent – and even without your knowing it was “retrieved.”

Some of the data mined has nothing to do with how you’re driving (for example, whether you’re “buckled up for safety”). A great deal of the data captured – and transmitted – has to do with whether you were driving within the letter of the law – speed limit laws, for instance. But the devices also capture data about how “aggressively” you accelerate (and brake) and how far you’ve driven – as well as when and where.

The government – and the insurance Mafia – are both very interested in such data.

Creepy, isn’t it?

Particularly because of this fact: Your car is not commercial property, unlike an airliner – which does not belong to the pilot. He is an employee of the airline. The airline owns the aircraft. It’s not big brother-ish to record what happens on the flight deck of a commercial airliner because it’s not the pilot’s plane. He is not forced to work for the airline, either.

But these black boxes they put into (ahem!) my car and your car … ?

I kinda object to that. Unless the government – or someone else – is going to “help” pay for the thing. Or maybe at least cover routine oil and filter service, maybe tires and brakes. Then, at least, we’d be above-board. Joint-ownership. In which case, I can see some justification for the government monitoring how I drive our duce

But what they want – what they’re “nudging” us toward with the cold steel of a gun barrel in our backs  – is exactly the sort of fascist system articulate by Mussolini (and later, his apprentice with the funny moustache). People don’t see it – because they don’t see the black (or brown) shirts. There’s no goose-stepping. And the racial idiocy is lacking. But the essential doctrine of fascism was not racism.

It was corporatism.

Government and big business holding hands. Both those hands around the neck of the individual. The legal fiction of private ownership was maintained. But you – the “owner” – were only allowed to use “your” property as directed by the government/corporate nexus.

That’s what’s in the black box, ultimately. Inescapable, perpetual surveillance of your driving. Every instance of “speeding” (or “aggressive” acceleration/braking) noted – and dunned. They’ll know where you go, when – and how fast you go. And like so many such things, we never were offered the choice to say yes… or no.

We were simply told this is how it’s going to be – and that’s that.

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  1. You need not look to the past to historical instances of fascism. Clover herself is an excellent living dead example of a fascist in every respect.

    Clover prattles on about safety, and her concern for one of us harming others. In her mind, there is some kind of sacred do-gooder veneer over everything Clover regurgitates.

    But what Clover clearly is, at root, is a nasty little corporatist fascist of the meanest variety. A true disciple of the one and only fascist way of doing every conceivable thing in the one true officially approved way.

    As we all know, our Clover is encountered everywhere we go. On the road. Watching us from across the street, or in the aisles of the store.

    Or working at the checkout stand demanding to see the ID of senior citizens trying to buy beer or shoe goo. At the DMV telling us we can’t be issued an ID or an auto-title because of some arcane regulation that Clover herself is the be-all end-all expert in.

    Clover is the glassy-eyed schlump at the payment window of your electric, insurance, property tax, or all matter of other bills that are provided by monopoly providers.

    Bored and distracted, yet also seething-with-smugness and hair-triggered offense at your slightest breach of the endless protocols. Sour sexless dolts, just itching to show you and all comers who is really in charge of things, and who is truly the smart one, the exceptional one who is steeped in fascist mysteries and always right about all official things.

    Should you give this inhuman termite king of the dunghill Clover the slightest opening to put its boot on your face, it will gleefully do so.

    Like a dog at the gate, knowing you need to come up the path to knock on the door of its monopolist authoritarian master. The Clover paces and awaits, hiding its weakness with its surly snarl and contemptuous growl.

    As Benito Mussolini or one of his speechwriters said: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

    Under this crushing system all the little Mom and Pops are crushed. All the idealistic government enterprises fail. And all that remains is the giant entrenched boilerplate corporate jackboots, who are the only authorized legal suppliers of everything you need.

    Never be fooled by the phony grin of the Clover. He is no Mom or Pop. He has no pride in his ability, only comfort in his power and lack of competitors.

    Don’t be one of the many meriKans still naively thinking the Norman Rockwell world of ‘meriKA in romantic terms still lives. That quaint little country of simple joy of being of service has long since withered up and blown away.

    Other than a few kindly blue hairs doddering off into the sunset, the reality of the pod person who stands as a gatekeeper between you and everything you need couldn’t be further from the old pleasant images of benevolence and goodwill.

    meriKa today, is in reality a ruthless `Monopoly Dictatorship` deceivingly disguised as an overburdened but still caring modern democratic welfare state.

    If you have ever had an issue, then you know all too well, meriKa is a place where one has no opportunity for redress of grievance, and where neither the State nor the Corporations with which it it is effectively merged, feel any sense of accountability to any of the people.

    By long use of subtle and sophisticated methods of mass programming, meriKa has co-opted a whole nation of people into a `Hive` mentality with the State functioning in the sole authoritarian role of the `Queen Bee.`

    Other than a few hustling criminals, and consumers and providers of various contrabands. meriKa increasingly, resembles Aldous Huxley’s ` Brave New World,` in which is described the perfect totalitarian model of commerce and government:

    A really efficient totalitarian corporate state would be the one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their consumerist servitude.

    In the Matrix movie, the Morpheus character says to Neo, “The Matrix is a system Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside it what do you see? The minds of the very people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to defend it”.

    In this the first decade of the 21st Century, the individual meriKan finds himself/herself so utterly dependent upon monopoly corporations and the State bureaucratic apparatus, that even in the unlikely event he perceives his condition for what it really is, it has become all but impossible for him to unplug himself from the `Matrix,` or disassociate himself from the `Hive.`

    This situation is then exacerbated by the programming he has received since Kindergarten, which was designed to render him either unable to see that his life is controlled down to the minutest detail, or which induces in him a state of mass denial and self delusion; a condition known as `cognitive dissonance.`

    Simply put, this means to be in a state of inner conflict, where one is presented with a fact or facts which contradict one’s belief system. What then occurs is “The individual believer must have social support. It is unlikely that one isolated believer could withstand the kind of dis-confirming evidence we have specified. If, however, the believer is a member of a group of convinced persons who can support one another, we would expect the belief to be maintained and the believers to attempt to proselyte or to persuade non-members that the belief is correct.”

    In other words, when one’s erroneous and discredited belief system, whether it be social, political or religious, is shown to be evidently so, there is a clambering for safety in numbers.

    Perhaps at one time, our Clover was an FDR democrat. Or a Nixonian progressive. But that was long ago, before all such idealistic names ceased to exist.

    Like everyone, the more things collapsed, the more Clover joined in the game and learned to prevaricate and justify, to `move the goal posts` if you will. The greater the probability that the belief system, however discredited it becomes will remain the `received wisdom` of Clover and of all the other masses.

    meriKans as a people are in many ways held in a state of `arrested adolescence.` The seemingly public minded veneer is merely a mask for what is in actuality a ruthless Corporate Fascist State, which has no humanity, shows no mercy, will tolerate no dissent whatsoever, and holds absolute control, not by force of arms, or by the use of surveillance cameras and other technological means, but by the use of an indoctrinated mindset which imbues it’s citizens with a `There’s nothing you can do about it` mentality.”

    Whether it’s groceries, gas, or your internet provider, in all cases you have the various `Gatekeepers` of the meriKan `Matrix.`

    All themselves victims and salesmen of the brain numbing propaganda hurled at all of us from childhood, perpetuated in schools and universities and reinforced daily by the state/corporate media.

    The parents, priests, teachers, police, soldiers, doctors, journalists and the `censors` who make sure that nothing is put into print, published or broadcast which will create confusion, doubt or dissension.

    Of course, just a little harmless and minor criticism is published in order to maintain the illusion of democracy and freedom. Lets pile on and shadenfreud about the missteps of Obama or Beiber or Bladerunner. Gossip over the errors of the few bad apples. But never discuss anything which will provoke real debate or action on any contentious subject.

    Everywhere there are the `neighbors` and the `community advocate groups` always attending local meetings. Working on fixing the legislative and legal problems. Ever watchful that no one raises his or her head above the ramparts, or breaks ranks, or ceases to conform or displays any unnecessary signs of individuality. Make sure all the complaints and actions fall within the approved boxes.

    Always ready to pick up the telephone and be the `good citizen, `informing on the neighbour who dares to contravene even the most minor of the countless rules and regulations which press down ever more heavily upon the meriKan people.

    An unwritten code of conduct is used to enforce this `gatekeeper` mentality. The `clover code` that includes being politically correct. Not discriminating. Not being racist or sexist. Not being insensitive. Not blaming or holding any to account. Always seeing the big societal picture, and never concerning oneself with what may advantageous to you as an individual.

    It’s a kind of closed and narrow minded behavior that we’ve all witnessed and then adopted as children, and has somehow become a means by which a whole people’s view of themselves can become degraded.

    The Ten Commandments of this `Clover Code` as near as I can tell are:

    1. Don’t think you are anything.
    2. Don’t think you are as good as us.
    3. Don’t think you are smarter than us.
    4. Don’t think yourself better than us.
    5. Don’t think you know more than us.
    6. Don’t think you are greater than us.
    7. Don’t think you can do better than us.
    8. Don’t laugh at us.
    9. Don’t think that anyone cares about you.
    10. Don’t think you can teach us anything.

    Now it has to be understood that this code describes entirely the attitude and mentality of the overwhelming majority of meriKan people. Never before was there a more perfect tool and philosophy for controlling a society.

    Degrade every man and woman’s self image and belief in their purpose, their ability to excel and shine. Look at the last `tenet`. `Don’t think you can teach us anything.`

    For anyone who has skill or ability, who has some success in some area. And who has tried to impart some of this craft or trade or other expert skill.

    You’ve learned how impossible it is to introduce preferred ways or new ideas to other know-it-all meriKans. meriKans may readily admit they know nothing about a subject, except stubbornly they are always sure of one bedrock bottom dollar thing.

    meriKans are always convinced that you are not someone they should believe, meriKans never believe that you, or anyone can else, can ever teach them anything. There is always a rationalization and justification for why they shouldn’t listen to you, even when it is clear you have skills and knowledge they sorely and painfully lack.

    • Well said. A couple of random thoughts…

      1. What surprises me–perhaps the most–about madame clover is the vitriol. There is nothing short of seething hatred for those who behave as individuals. Time spent berating such mavericks is always time well spent.

      2. I have found that the clover’s hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. If there was a test for identifying a clover, it is surely this.

      • “Time spent berating beating such mavericks c*nts is always time well spent.”

        Clover needs an appointment with the weed-whacker.
        My intent is to find such an opportunity to “enforce “God’s Will” / Darwin’s Law.”
        Got so MANY up here in CloverBeanTown…. It’s unbelievable this is the seat of the American Revolution.
        Then again, we know what you find the Seat….

  2. “But the essential doctrine of fascism was not racism.

    It was corporatism.”

    Eric I’d like to take issue with that statement. I’d say that the essential doctrine of Fascism was STATISM.
    I’ll refer you to the Fascist party platform as published in Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism”
    I’d say that the government/corparation label that’s bandied about originates with the cultural marxists that populate our media and educational system.

    • Hi Kman,

      I use corporatism here because it was the term used by Il Duce himself. Moreover, it’s accurate. Corporations and government working toward the same ends, hand in glove.

      The two have “partnered” – openly. Consider the obvious example – the recent bailouts of GM and the “finance” companies.

      Yes, yes, I understand that absent the state, such could not occur. But in fact it does occur – and corporations by their nature are the natural ally of the state.

      • “corporations by their nature are the natural ally of the state.”
        Actually corporations – not businesses, there is a difference – are creatures of the state. Incorporation is a gunvermin function whereby they declare that THEY will treat corporations as persons.
        But corporatism differs from other types of socialism in that the gunvermin do not to take actual ownership of the means of production, only control over it.

  3. I recall a quote on privacy I came across many years ago in Reason Magazine–that people will sell their life’s story for a Big Mac. It is inexplicable to me that people don’t care about their lack of privacy. A few years ago, when it was revealed that GM could turn a microphone on in your car, I thought: well, finally, people will start to reject blondestar. Nope. Few appear to care. Few appear to care what Snowden revealed–that their emails and phone calls are stored.

    I guess for most people, living life with a choke collar around their neck is just fine. Hey, look at that funny video on youtube…

    Goethe was a wise man–“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

  4. ERIC, “The legal fiction of private ownership was maintained. But you – the ‘owner’ – were only allowed to use ‘your’ property as directed by the government/corporate nexus.”

    But of course the response will be that “your” car is being driven on their – I mean our – “public roads” ergo the right of the state to lay claim to be a good Daddy and keep tabs on his children.

    • Exactly Skunk. this is what some fascist pig (“professor” Harper) in Oz said recently:

      “..the road system is the only example of an infrastructure asset, where the government owns the great bulk of the asset, funded through the tax system and given away for nothing”.

      If it’s funded through the tax system then it’s owned by those that pay the tax, namely FUEL EXCISE (and every other tax imaginable) – “professor” fascist Harper!


      Let them prove they own them.

      The legal fiction of automobile ownership is registration, which transfers real legal ownership to the State and you’re merely the registered keeper. They can destroy it at their whim, whenever you bend or break one of the wet dream laws some politician had.

      Return all plates, including compliance etc., to the State motor registry and refer to it from then on as a “private conveyance” or some description not defined in State literature (NOT vehicle – which is a commercial term in law dictionaries such as passenger and traffic). It then no longer comes under the purview of the State.

      • REV, “…funded through the tax system and given away for nothing”.

        Is it not amazing the idiotic stuff that comes out of the mouths of the “educated”, our “betters?

        Your take on “private conveyance” is interesting. I shall look into this deeper.

      • Rev,
        I thought America was the only place such imbeciles called home.
        Thank you for taking Prof Herpes; would you please feed our chum to a great white? 😀
        I’m still workign on things in the states, but Superfund doesn’t approve of my “clean up efforts.” 😉

    • Yes, exactly. Clover elaborates this “philosophy” in every post.

      He worships the state as a kind of secular deity, but it never occurs to him to ask: What, exactly, is the state? If ordinary people cannot be trusted/allowed to run their own lives, require “guidance”…. who, exactly, is “guiding” them? Hmmmmm. Wait a minute! It’s just other people. Just as prone to making mistakes, but unlike ordinary people, these people are endowed with the power to violently impose themselves (and their mistakes) on others…

      Oops… must turn off mind…. must not think along certain lines….

  5. For you personal edification and review, here is a BOSCH list of cars with EDR’s.

    I first heard about this issue in the Federal Highway Bill by Mr Peters in his article at This is some quite invasive stuff perpetrated on us by the Nanny State.

    Mr. Peters has a great article I just saw today that hits the nail on the head about why I also resent the 1% asking me to subsidize their Greenie Egomobiles, at the American Spectator. Quite bummed that the Collision avoidance radar in new cars floods out Radar detectors, as reported by Mr Peters also.

    Keep up the good work!

    • According to that list, Ford started in 2001 and Toyota started in 2001/2002. GM started in 94/95! Glad my car is not on that list. Notice there are no Hyundai or Kia vehicles?

      Is there any way to tell by looking in your car if it has a black box? A Japanese vehicle from the 90s would probably be safe right?

  6. Just another reason, along with staying out of debt and having something that is actually repairable, to stick with older models! (At least until the goons and thugs outlaw them.)

  7. Good article. I also object to the basic idea of on-going, pervasive surveillance. It is one of the reasons I keep my old truck. I imagine some enterprising souls will come up with some work arounds eventually.

    • Final, I have seen an El Camino powered by a GM 6.5 Turbo diesel. I have a good one and every day, sticking it in my old El Camino seems a good idea. Maybe cam it to make maximum torque much lower and never turn it over 2000 rpm.

      I recently saw a new Detroit Diesel, DD 16 as it’s known. It makes maximum torque at 1,000 rpm. I like that and the fact that that torque number is over 2,000 ft. lbs.

      • I’ve long wanted an El Camino body on a 4WD chassis with a blade on the front. I’d call it “The Snow Chevelle.”
        Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


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