Michigan Heroes SWAT Woman… For Having Chickens

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Heroes in Tawas, Michigan had a man and woman caged for keeping chickens on their property.

As shared by WNEM.com, the couple thought they would be given the opportunity to explain why they were keeping chickens but instead they were jailed.

As is explained on RealFarmacy.com, the justification given by the aggressors was that the couple was guilty of the heinous action of “junk and blight.”They want to control our food. Keeping chickens should not get you arrested. This is hardly the first instance of something like this happening. This is the outcome of a legislative move to criminalize backyard farms and small, residential farming operations.




  1. I saw a post somewhere (probably LRC) a few months ago about a couple, also in Michigan, that had their herd of heritage breed hogs confiscated and slaughtered for some bogus reason. I’ll have to see if I can dig that one up.

  2. Our Hitlerian reign of terror- but “It can’t happen here”.

    Now I get it- all this crap about “fighting terrorism” is really “Fighting [the people with] terrorism”.

    • Terrorists are those who oppose the government. Period, full stop. Because the Party is NEVER wrong…. Etc.

      I remember reading stories like this in gradeschool, only it was people behind the Iron Curtain who lived in fear of their government.

      • So true, Jean.

        I remember someone who had immigrated here from an Eastern Block country in the 50’s, telling me years ago, that it was so nice here in America, because you didn’t have to be afraid of the police. Man..how times have changed!

        It’s been building little by little here for the last nearly 100 years- but now it’s just about complete- an authoritarian police-state that would make Stalin and Hitler green with envy. We’re now practicing communism like the world has never seen before. Even in soviet Russia, the redistribution of wealth was never as much as it is here, currently.

        • RE: “It’s been building little by little here for the last nearly 100 years- but now it’s just about complete- ”

          That’s an odd coincidence. That’s about exactly what I was thinking today when I tried to buy some Shoe Goo at K-Mart today.

          I had bought some the day before, in a different store and for someone else while I was there, and didn’t think anything of it while attempting to buy some today for myself in order to extend the life of an old pair of boots. Don’t ask me why I was stopping at K-Mart, let’s just say it was a long day and I thought it would be quick and convent. And, it wasn’t Wal-Mart.

          A little old – seemingly nice – lady cashier told me in a demanding and ugly/stern kind of voice that she, “Needed to have my date of birth!” in order for me to purchase the Shoe Goo.
          I was kind of surprised, and briefly in a flash I thought it was kind of odd how she picked up That Item from the middle of the pile first, then I asked her if she was serious.
          I refrained from asking her if she was retarded as I would have if she were asking for my ID to buy alcohol. But the thought did cross my mind.

          As she held the Shoe Goo inches from the scanner as if demonstrating her power over me she gave me a steely look and said, “Yes! I’m serious!”. As she said that she seemed to morph into a rabid animal standing her ground over a fresh kill and her determination was obvious.

          I was a bit taken aback and kind of surprised by everything but I took it in stride, after-all; we Do live in a police state.

          I told her, “Well, then you can keep it, then.”

          She gave me this look which said, “How dare you!”.

          I looked down at the other items I wanted to give them money for and told her in disgust and matter of factly-like, “You can keep these, too.”

          I brifely thought about an article I read of how regulations are detrimental to productivity.

          As I walked out vowing to Never Ever again shop at a K-Mart so long as I shall live, I thought the whole episode and her reaction to my refusal was due to some whacked out extension of, ‘The War Against Some Drugs’ and an attempt to stop people from sniffing glue or something, and that, wow [I basically thought:] “It’s been building little by little here for the last nearly 100 years- but now it’s just about complete- ” and ‘The People’ are all just about bat-shit crazy right now over their desire to control Everything. Everything! Muahahaha! She prolly sent laser beams of wanting to control me into my back as I walked away.

          [I wonder if she was the mom of the guy at Gander Mountain who demanded a photo ID from me for trying to buy pellets for a pellet gun? And cousins to the people trying to throw someone in jail for having chickens?]

          • I’ve never had that happen. You found a real… well…

            When I buy some chemical or spray paint or something I see an age field appear on the register’s screen and the cashier has always entered some random number or ‘Y’ if it just asked ‘if over 21 or 18’. Even when buying booze most times the cashier just enters a number without asking for ID.

            If she just asked me for a birthdate I would have given her a random birth date. Just lied. I like corrupting databases. If she wanted ID I would have done as you did.

            • That kind of sheet happens to me All_The_Time in this industrial DrugWar-Loving-Military-Embracing city, BrentP.

              I like corrupting databases, too. …But I’ve Just Had It.

              No more.

              I’m walking. And I ain’t coming back.

              I’m rewarding the ok places and avoiding the shit-for-brains places.

              If Only there was a way to short the local businesses who seemed like they were going out of business. …

          • Go back and have some fun. Get another tube of the stuff & when she asks for the ID tell her you wish you could comply, but the cops took it in your last drug bust.

          • I’ve done exactly the same thing!

            Last year, I was buying groceries- full load in the cart. Among the food items and household stuff, two bottles of wine. The sour-faced menopausal frau demanded to “see my ID.” I haven’t been 21 for a long time and the only reason to demand ID of an obviously over 40 man is mindless “one size fits all” Cloverism. And you know how that gets my back up. I asked whether she was serious. “Yes!” she exulted, feeling her petty power swell. “You can keep it, then” I replied. And walked outta there, leaving a full shopping cart of groceries on the conveyor belt.

            Fuck her. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

            • This is the same type of person who is attracted to jobs such as cop and TSA agent. Even when they are stuck in the lowest-level jobs they are still power-hungry control freaks.

              When you stormed out, that Cloverette was probably seething with rage, wishing she had a badge and a gun so she could “teach you a lesson” about challenging her author-i-tay.

            • If asked my birthdate in such a situation, I like to give one that would indicate that I’m 22 (I’m really 52)! If asked for ID, then they can keep their product and lose a sale.

              A few years ago I had to go to a dentist, to get a tooth pulled [Note: The only teeth I have ever had trouble with, are those which had holes drilled in them years ago when I was a kid, by other dentists!] -Bear in mind that I haven’t been to regular MD since 1978, and it had been a good 10 years prior to this incident since I had been to tooth driller- so I was unprepared for the assault on privacy which I will describe here.

              So I goes[sic] to this dentist who was recommended by a neighbor. Upon arriving, I am handed a stack of papers and ordered to fill them out. I glance over the paperwork. It asks for every detail of my life (almost nothing that has to do with dental work or allergies, etc.)- They want my driver’s lic.#; bank account info; employer; ad infinitum; There’s a disclaimer stating that the info can be released to gov’t agencies, such as FEMA, without notification or warrant; etc.!!!

              I tell the receptionist that I am paying with cash, and pull out my wallet and show her a few hundreds, and tell her that therefore, most of the requested info is irrelevant and I am not going to give it. She says “well then just fill out the parts that you want to, hun.”.

              I put my name and address, and check the box that says I have no known allergies, and hand-in the paperwork. She looks at and calls the dentists. He comes, and asks what the problem is…yada yada…. I again state that I’m paying cash and that I value my privacy. [Note: There was also a box on one of the forms that the dentists could check if the patient wants to “opt out” of all the BS.].

              LSS, the dentist was actually NASTY! He said “Fill it out, or get out!”! I got out.

              I found another dentists in the yellow pages, and had to wait about a week for an appointment. Come the big day, I went… There was only page to fill out at his office. I merely put my name and address, and told the receptionist I’d be paying with cash money. “No problem” she says.

              The guy did the job and pulled my infected tooth. It was virtually painless, and the bill was $72. What a difference.

              AND, the icing on the cake: Back in NY, I had had the same tooth on the other side of my mouth pulled 10 years earlier. Was sent to an oral surgeon [So much better than an anal surgeon!]; The ordeal was traumatic; and it had cost me $900! For the very same thing this country dentist did painlessly, and for only $72.

            • My Grandmother, when asked her age, would only say she was over 21. When Anti-Social Insecurity time rolled around, she was told she had to admit to being over 65. So that’s what she was for the next 30 years.
              One thing about Walmart, at least some of the checkers seem to have some common sense and/or a sense of humor. When I was checking out with an R movie, the register alerted, and the lady said this was an age restricted item. I promised her that I would not let my 30-yr old son watch it w/o permission. That was good enough for her.


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