Heroes SWAT Raid Man in DC

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In the capital city of the Land of the Free, a businessman and his family were subjected to a violent paramilitary raid for suspicion of exercising one of the freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Nearly 3 dozen armed SWAT agents held the family at gunpoint and even used a battering ram to rip a naked child out of the shower. The incredible use of force was initiated because of D.C.’s infamous gun control laws. Even more shocking is the fact that the homeowner could still be put in federal prison, despite the fact that not a single firearm was found in his home.asshole heroes

At around 8:20 p.m. on July 7, 2012, about 30 officers in full tactical gear came banging on the front door of Mark Witaschek, a successful financial adviser, brandishing a search warrant for “firearms and ammunition … gun cleaning equipment, holsters, bullet holders and ammunition receipts,” according to The Washington Times. Once Mr. Witaschek’s 14-year-old daughter allowed the officers inside, they immediately began pointing firearms at everyone in the home, starting with Mr. Witaschek and his girlfriend, Bonnie Harris. Both were upstairs when they were accosted and handcuffed.

Mr. Witaschek described the treatment of his children to The Washington Times. ”They used a battering ram to bash down the bathroom door and pull [my 16-year-old son] out of the shower, naked,” said Witaschek. “The police put all the children together in a room, while we were handcuffed upstairs. I could hear them crying, not knowing what was happening.”

Officers were as gentle with Witaschek’s belongings as they were with his family. “They tossed the place,” he told The Washington Times, and provided unreleased photos of the damage to his home which he estimated at $10,000.

For all this trouble, officers seized four items from the home:

one handgun holster
one spent brass casing of .270 caliber ammunition
one box of Knight bullets for muzzle-loading rifles
one live round of 12-gauge shotgun ammunition (which Witaschek claims was an inoperable shell that misfired years earlier, kept as a souvenir)

News story here.

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    • New Fallujah, Michigan

      A cannon shot from New Fallujah
      Public pensions are at risk when a city collapses

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        • We are still in civil war turning. Since 1913: The prohibitionists versus antihibitionists. War on Monopoly. War on Business. War of the sexes. London, Rome, East Coast Bankers, they have eviscerated America, and left only 12 federal reserve districts of plunder.

          The hunger games are about the hunger to live your own life and enjoy things. They keep men hungry and dissatisfied to harness all their energies into great machines to turn the turbines of their fiat currency fans.

          The goal of the civil war is always reconstruction. After the plunder, and the elimination of competition.

          America was reconstructed mercilessly, by the 39th congress, 1867+, there were only United States citizens, the state and local citizenship constructs had vanished, becoming entirely subordinated to the new Soviet man. The federal United States citizen..

          This war on drinking and driving, deadbeat dads, poverty, drugs, men, women’s emancipation, gay rights, gender equality, those are all smoke screens and cover stories.

          Since NAFTA, and 1994, all competing American jobs have gone elsewhere by design. No industries now compete with the American Government. The freedoms you used to have are now virtual freedoms. Things you can play a game about, see in a video, watch on TV or in a movie, but never do in real life, except as a facsimile and according to their rules.

          The slaves are marginally better, the starving, the gays and women too. But the households are decimated and indebted. It’s all anarchy of the elite now and limited false choice for everyone else.

          Everything that happens in America is instantaneously beamed back to the controlling panopticon. All this progress if false. Because it all predicated on the long slow cold civil war against all the people. You can fool all the people, if you only fool them a little at a time.

          The Four Turnings

          The Anglo-American Saeculum
          CLIMAX OF
          TO CLIMAX
          (FULL ERA) TIME FROM
          ONE CRISIS
          CLIMAX TO
          NEXT CRISIS

          LATE MEDIEVAL (1485)
          Wars of the Roses

          REFORMATION 51 years (1536)
          Protestant Reformation
          (1517–1542) 52 years (1588)
          Armada Crisis
          (1569–1594) 103 years

          NEW WORLD 52 years (1640)
          Puritan Awakening
          (1621–1649) 49 years (1588)
          Glorious Revolution
          (1675–1704) 101 Years

          REVOLUTIONARY 52 years (1741)
          Great Awakening
          (1727–1746) 40 years (1781)
          American Revolution
          (1773–1794) 92 years

          CIVIL WAR 50 years (1831)
          Transcendental Awakening
          (1822–1844) 32 years (1863)
          Civil War
          (1860–1865) 82 years

          GREAT POWER 33 years (1896)
          Third Great Awakening
          (1886–1908) 48 Years (1944)
          Great Depression
          and World War II 81 years

          MILLENNIAL 30 years (1974)
          Consciousness Revolution
          (1964–1984) 51 years? (2025?)
          Global Financial Crisis
          (2008–2029?) 81 years?

        • That one was in East Fallujah, of the Obamalands, also known as Toledo, OH.

          Toledo abandoned homes

          What if we agree on the old deal and allow homeless people into the peopleless homes? No system. No administrators. Just an open door policy. Just normal human decency.

          Private property requires people be in possession of it at least some of the time. A house boarded up and unattended for a year is no longer private property in the usual sense.

          A fish can’t own a bird’s nest. Neither can a pig. A banks can’t live in a house. Governments can’t live in a house. If a bank forecloses, as is their right, they need to make arrangements to occupy or otherwise utilize the property.

          Otherwise occupancy esheats to the neighbors and the neighbors find some use for the property or put in a tenant until such time as the owner makes proper arrangements. The property is to be unharmed, except for normal wear and tear. The rents collected can be sent off to the property owner of record.

          Neighboring owners/renters become occupants in situ for as long as it takes. Whatever arrangements they make are of course superseded at short notice by the returning owners.

          Use it or lose it theory of property. You don’t lose it for good, but rather your ownership is subject to a dynamic mitigating system, should you use it contrary to custom.

          Just a thought.

          • Hi Tor,

            Probably, none of that would be necessary if real estate and income taxes were abolished. Land, as such, is not very expensive in many places. It’s the perpetual cost of paying rent to the government – and the cost of complying with “codes” – that make it expensive for people to live.

            Almost anyone could could come up with say the $5,000 or so it takes to buy an acre of land in my area. (Especially if one had 100 percent of every dollar one earned – not 80 cents or 70 cents or 60 cents of every dollar after federal/state/Obamacare taxes, etc.). And if one were not required to “build to code” – and pay all the costs associated with that – a man could erect a serviceable structure for very little. It might not have running water or power (those could be added later, as funds permitted, if desired) but a home it could be. What’s wrong with a little cabin in the woods?

            Oh. That’s right. We’re not allowed that.

  1. eric, no cause was mentioned. I suspect it would only reflect badly on ME if I could understand their thinking. More to come on this for sure.


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