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I just read about the attacks in Paris and the first thought that came to mind was how helpless it would feel to be unarmed in such a situation. To have no chance whatsoever. To be at their mercy.

Maybe you could run away. Or hide and hope for the best. But if you were cornered in a room or unable to retreat – what then? Beg for mercy? Or, not.

But die, regardless.

I hope Americans take a lesson and never surrender their right to armed self-defense.

The state’s goons cannot protect you and what’s more, have no interest in protecting you.

No one values your life more than yourself. No one values the lives of your loved ones more than you do.

Never forget this.

And never let them turn you into cringing two-legged cattle, helpless before the butcher.



  1. It’s interesting…
    The Daily Post, I think it is, up here in Beantown, has a headline SCREAMING about the EVIL NRA making it possible for POSSIBLE terrorists to LEGALLY buy guns.

    Funny, isn’t it?

    We can’t say NO to the “refugees,” but MUST give up OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to self-defense.

    I think the Muzzies have it right, there: Kill the “infidels” (Clovers). Kill the collectivist pussies who demand we be slaves.
    THEN we can, “Make America Great Again.” Let’s get back into the first world, instead of being a mediocre banana democracy.

    Maybe if we kill the lawyers and lying reporters, we’ll have a chance.

    • The ruling so-called elite make their choices based on what makes people slaves. This includes their selective introduction of immigrants.

      • I know, Brent.
        But my tune hasn’t changed in about 10 years; I’m just more vocal now.
        And casting a broader net, now I understand how evil our own Elite are…

  2. CHAPTER I.: Of Sympathy.

    How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it.

    Of this kind is pity or compassion, the emotion which we feel for the misery of others, when we either see it, or are made to conceive it in a very lively manner.

    That we often derive sorrow from the sorrow of others, is a matter of fact too obvious to require any instances to prove it; for this sentiment, like all the other original passions of human nature, is by no means confined to the virtuous and humane. The greatest ruffian, the most hardened violator of the laws of society, is not altogether without it.

    As we have no immediate experience of what other men feel, we can form no idea of the manner in which they are affected, but by conceiving what we ourselves should feel in the like situation.

    Though our brother is upon the rack, as long as we ourselves are at our ease, our senses will never inform us of what he suffers. They never did, and never can, carry us beyond our own person, and it is by the imagination only that we can form any conception of what are his sensations.

    Neither can that faculty help us to this any other way, than by representing to us what would be our own, if we were in his case. It is the impressions of our own senses only, not those of his, which our imaginations copy.

    By the imagination we place ourselves in his situation, we conceive ourselves enduring all the same torments, we enter as it were into his body, and become in some measure the same person with him, and thence form some idea of his sensations, and even feel something which, though weaker in degree, is not altogether unlike them.

    His agonies, when they are thus brought home to ourselves, when we have thus adopted and made them our own, begin at last to affect us, and we then tremble and shudder at the thought of what he feels. For as to be in pain or distress of any kind excites the most excessive sorrow, so to conceive or to imagine that we are in it, excites some degree of the same emotion, in proportion to the vivacity or dullness of the conception.

    That this is the source of our fellow-feeling for the misery of others, that it is by changing places in fancy with the sufferer, that we come either to conceive or to be affected by what he feels, may be demonstrated by many obvious observations, if it should not be thought sufficiently evident of itself.

    The mob, when they are gazing at a dancer on the slack rope, naturally writhe and twist and balance their own bodies as they see him do, and as they feel that they themselves must do if in his situation.

    Persons of delicate fibres and a weak constitution of body complain, that in looking on the sores and ulcers which are exposed by beggars in the streets, they are apt to feel an itching or uneasy sensation in the corresponding part of their own bodies. The horror which they conceive at the misery of those wretches affects that particular part in themselves more than any other; because that horror arises from conceiving what they themselves would suffer, if they really were the wretches whom they are looking upon, and if that particular part in themselves was actually affected in the same miserable manner.

    The very force of this conception is sufficient, in their feeble frames, to produce that itching or uneasy sensation complained of. Men of the most robust make, observe that in looking upon sore eyes they often feel a very sensible soreness in their own, which proceeds from the same reason; that organ being in the strongest man more delicate than any other part of the body is in the weakest.

    – Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments and on the Origins of Languages (Stewart edition.) [1759]

    Viva La Bam – Best Of Don Vito(R.I.P.)

    Arrest, trial, and conviction
    On August 18, 2006, Margera was arrested at the Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood, Colorado, for groping two 12-year-old girls and was subsequently held with bail set at $50,000. He posted bond around 10:00 p.m. the following Monday. As a condition of his bond, Margera was ordered not to possess any alcohol, drugs, or weapons, and was not permitted to contact the “victims.”

    During a preliminary hearing on February 1, 2007, the arresting officer, Melissa Mayne, testified that Margera called her and a fellow officer “psycho bitches” during his arrest. He was represented by Pamela Mackey, the same lawyer who defended Kobe Bryant.

    There was an arraignment hearing on March 5, 2007 at which he pleaded not guilty. A motions hearing occurred on May 25, 2007 and a five-day jury trial was scheduled to begin on August 27, 2007. In August, Margera was accused of 12 felony counts for violating his bail conditions and if convicted on those counts he could have faced up to 18 months in prison.

    The criminal trial started October 22 in Golden, Colorado. In court, two days later, Margera’s attorney argued that his client had been playing his “goofy, outrageous and vulgar” television persona for the young teens. The girl accusing Margera was “shocked” by his actions, according to witnesses. The prosecutor said Margera was “out of control during this public event. He was so intoxicated that he peed his pants while with these children.”

    On the second day of testimony, a teenage boy testified that “he was sitting near the table where Margera was giving autographs and saw him grab at girls who came around the table for photos”.

    On the third day of the trial, defense attorneys portrayed Margera as a “benign bumbler” and argued that Margera’s signature arm movement may have been mistaken for breast fondling.

    His sister-in-law, April Margera, told the court she had “never seen Margera fondle anyone, on or off the show.”Upon cross-examination, the prosecutor asked April if she saw her brother-in-law fondle girls; when she said “no”, the prosecutor “showed her three pictures, one of Margera apparently trying to kiss a woman’s breast and two of him apparently trying to fondle women’s breasts.”

    The defense and prosecution made their closing statements on October 31 and the jury started to deliberate the case in late afternoon. Margera’s defense attorneys at the time stated that they “concede he was profane and outrageous but contend he was just playing the role of Don Vito.”

    On October 31 he was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault on a minor and acquitted on one count. After hearing the conviction, Margera collapsed on the floor and yelled, “Just kill me now!” as guards restrained, then removed him from the room.

    On November 1, 2007, he was put on suicide watch. He was held at the Jefferson County Detention Facility until his sentencing on December 20, 2007. He faced between two years to life in prison.

    On December 20, 2007, Margera was sentenced to 10 years of “serious” probation, to be served in Pennsylvania. He was further ordered to not portray the character of “Don Vito” in any capacity (appearing on television, writing books, autograph signings) while serving his sentence. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender in Colorado and Pennsylvania, to receive an evaluation of his mental health and to work on his problems with alcohol.

    Health issues and death
    Throughout most of his life, Margera was obese and had difficulty exercising due to his weight. He also suffered from strabismus, which made him partially blind on one eye, as well as serious alcoholism. According to his nephew, Bam, he also suffered from depression following his conviction.

    In October 2015, Margera collapsed in his West Chester, Pennsylvania home and was rushed to the hospital, where he remained in a coma for five days. According to family, he was suffering from massive organ failure due to years of obesity and alcoholism. Despite initial improvements in the weeks before his death, he died on November 15, 2015, from kidney and liver failure at the age of 59
    – –

    What a nasty lot most Americans have become. At least if this story and the many like it are all true. Slithering accusatory snitching creeps of the lowest sort. Insensate, inhuman, inanimate demons, detached from all soul and feeling. Stone sober unblinking, fightless morally vanquished two little one little no little indians. No little indian boys.

    The un-personing and institutional incarceration and murder of a pathetic old drunk “reality star” from MTV

    • “Heathens will breed heathens so
      Everybody’s suspect I must check your ID
      Cuz you lookin sheisty you might be intelligence
      Someone that Del’s against
      Opposite or positive
      When I drop the law against nature be faithful
      Why should I hate you we ain’t that different
      We may act differen’t in some ways
      But we still grouped together like a fuckin survey”

      -Del Tha Funkee Homo Sapien

      Some (very few) rappers are actually motivated by things outside of money. I know you probably wouldn’t care for the actual music but I think you can appreciate his lyrics.

      • “Fuck Earth, I want to live on Mars somewhat closer to the stars
        And farther away from dumb civilization with no mental stimulation
        They changed the constitution for your red white and blue friends
        Exterminate nuisance, no one listens to what you said
        The online is touching your head

        With brainwashing, with propaganda about your fearless leader
        Who got two hundred body guards so you can’t touch him either
        Bodies disappear, obviously of fear, lobbyists can’t get near shit
        Everybody’s spirits are under control, computers run with the soul

        Elitists defeat us, they live by the beaches
        Bubble dome over the hemisphere, so you can’t enter here
        We live in the dumps with mutant rodents
        With blood red eyes, saliva drips for opponents
        Scratch your ID chip off ‘coz everybody own it”

        This came out almost 16 years ago before computers were wide spread. He’s not trying to be some studio gangster. He translated pretty well with the few intellectuals of my generation. I grew up with this – Del is to me as Pink Floyd was to you.

        • Teren Delvon Jones (“Del” net worth $3 million) is a cousin of O’Shea Jackson (“Ice Cube” net worth $100 million).

          Money made via the market is real, someone is finding value in his art.

          Del is the blue avatar first appearing at the 0:58 mark. If it means something to you then it’s art, regardless of what anyone else thinks of it. Clint Eastwood verse lyrics by Del. 38th best song of the 2000s per Rolling Stone.

          Quora Question:

          What’s the objectivist take on hip hop, rock & heavy metal music?
          Is it wrong to find pleasure in this kind of music if I want to be an objectivist?

          Answer by Daniel Spector, Phd, microbiology, current high school teacher

          Actually, I think objectivists would consider the question irrelevant. Objectivism requires personal freedom. You listen to whichever music you like.

          Some objectivists may dislike hip hop/rap. Objectivists may dislike the “irrational” nature of some of this genre of music.

          However, the only thing objectivists really have to agree on is not to initiate the use of force. Since you listen to the music because you wish to, and do not impose it on others I can see no real concern.

          If you live by reason, you can be objectivist. Personally, I suspect that as you travel down such a path, you may change your music preference. It doesn’t matter though.

          I at least lean towards objectivism (with some reservations at times). Nevertheless, I teach at a public school (private ones do not typically pay enough, but I do work at a charter), and I spend much of my free time with video games.

          • I’ll be honest I didn’t know he was related to Ice Cube. Nice to know Rolling Stone added him to their list!

            I believe your assumption is correct – my taste gradually has changed over time. So, its only fair to think it will continue to do so.

            Good words Tor! If you teach like you write on here – you are making a difference. I learned early that if you can help even one person than you have done good. So, keep the thoughts flowing.

            Playing video games is fine to the extent that it doesn’t become unhealthy. Seems like every kid ive observed play today’s games lose themselves in it. As a kid me and my friends would drown ourselves on the Genesis (Madden ’95!) on the weekends but enjoyed being outside most of the day. The console was for the night.

  3. I don’t see how anyone’s at war with anyone these days. How low does your IQ have to go, that you consider your locally fenced and branded cattle your comrades worth risking your life for?

    The details are just too absurd. Passports were found. Electronic databases were monitored. What fakeass garbage such things are.

    Who even cares who kills which artificial cohort of document holders. To honor whatever toilet paper scribblings of Koran and Bible Manifesto Tri Cornered Hat short panted ravings and all the rest of the primal stone chiseling idiocies.

    Or the modern leftist nationalist mobs of new idiocies to replace the ancient idiocies to champion there more recent lunacies.

    I guess the Deftones almost died. That at least would have registered as something I could wrap my head around to even be slightly concerned about.

    Be a clover and help fund the forcing of all humans being chained to various territorial tracking systems. Reap the rewards of caging your fellow predators.

  4. What exactly is the upside of recently making France 10% muslim.

    To whatever degree “white” society has outperformed other societies recently, it seems like all the gains are being handed back, and now one is better off in the middle of nowhere, than anywhere near a suicidal Western Civilization that can’t exterminate itself fast enough.

    The first step has to be admitting how pathetic it all is. At least black men are self-aware of their deficiencies.

    The notion that suburbanite and white males are better off is ludicrous to assert anymore.

    What good is the right to shit-talk on the internet going to do you.

    At least in China or India, there’s abundant legitimate jobs to be had, and you can work yourself up the ladder, though of course you do start at a far lower beginning point.

    You have a couple of children, and you work the older ones to an early death like slaves, but your younger ones have somewhat of a chance. You claw your way higher with each generation.

    What hope is there in Western Societies, other than escapisms into police dramas, war movies, mindless media, games, and delusional imaginings that the man on the street is in any connected to the wars and struggles of international warfare welfare commerce.

    We’re still wandering around mumbling about the days of teepees and canoes like they’re somehow going to come back again, if we wish hard enough and double down on our self-denials and contributions to the common good.

    Wake up niggers. Talk Radio, Politics, Economics, and Newspaper Bix Nood is just spinning rims and gold plated chicken legs for castrated and eviscerated ghost tribes of living dead white niggers like ourselves.

    Every single thing you know and believe has been proven a lie. You’re defenseless and domesticated to the point of helplessness. There’s no one to even cry to, except such small remnants as you’ll find in places like this.

    Do learn about Bowlby and Ainsworth and attachment theory, only apply it in reverse. What you need is detachment capabilities.

    Stop the ghost dancing and fully discredited superstition mongering already.

  5. Stuff like this only increases the police state. And it won’t stop one terrorist and won’t protect one civilian (in fact that civilian is in danger of being killed by his “own” security force).

    Just look at the TSA. I took a flight down to Orlando for a family thing (nephews “make a wish”). First time I have been on a plane since 9-11. They have zero chance of stopping someone wanting to create mayhem. All they are doing is completely useless. But very annoying for the traveling public.

    Sharp items are “prohibited”. Make a wish gave each of us two pin buttons each (nine people, 18 pins). All of them made it past “security” without a problem. In fact one of the government drones commented on the one my brother was wearing…………..

  6. liberté, égalité, fraternité, allahu akbar, bix nood

    au suicide est indolore. la mort culturelle amène de nombreux changements.

    we’re sailing softly through this sun. into a broken stone age dawn. walking sunny meadows in our mind, making waves across our time,
    we’re never gonna be the same again, we’ve seen the way it’s got to end,
    reverse eugenics, such a sweet dream, we fly so high, such a strange magic, and I can take or leave it if I try.

  7. The disgusting thing is, the Liberals are still saying it’s our own fault, or climate change is causing terrorism, and they hate us for our freedoms.
    I have posted on FBook that we need to kill them. ALL of them. And their satanic supporters, like Zuckerberg, Soros, Koch, Gates, et al.

    We’ve tolerated enough, Muslims have been this way since 1300 AD. And TPTB need to be slapped down, hard, “permanently” (Next generation will still have to do the same…. Perennial as the weeds.)

    Zuckerberg is already on record conspiring with Merckel to ensure no negative “hate speech” will survive on Facebook’s pages – despite the additional rapes, murders, robberies occurring in Germany, and the new issues in France…

    • The masses must never be told that the modern French Government has been interfering in the middle east for a century. I watch the news coverage and it is all portrayed as while the government of France was just standing there minding their own business… Again. The same thing again, an event occurs and people are left ignorant to believe it is just a bunch of crazy people instead of a war. A war their government has be waging on various levels for some time.

      Had the sykes-picot agreement never been implemented you would have a point about the longer conflict going back a thousand years. However the government of France is one of those institutions which has created conditions and interfered with aerial attacks and more since deciding the boarders in 1915. Including as recently as last month. But the people must feel they were attacked out of the blue instead of examining what has been on-going. Then they might to a stop to things that don’t benefit them.

      Attacks such as these are to achieve the same purpose as sanctions and attacks on infrastructure the people use. Neither works but that’s why they are done, this idea that people would then stop the governments that rule them. Problem is, they never know what those governments have been doing so all that happens is they rally around them.

      The immigration issues today also must be deliberate. It’s the government of France doing something to the French people as it is in the USA, Germany, and elsewhere.

      It’s a game of manipulations and there is only one set of puppet masters trying to bring about what they want. They just need people to accept it.

      • And the French organized one group against another or so the group thought but France then used those people to fight against a well-organized group, the first to ever go toe to toe with France to try to get independence. It eventually fell apart when the Brits got their asses handed to them by India. Pakistan and others then joined in and kicked the Frenchies out and then the Brits.

        One of the laments of the British people who were totally brainwashed into thinking other countries owed them a living was the realization “the empire is dead” during WWll. No shit, and the new badass in town took over and it’s been the US’s call for everything done since. When the Saud’s worked a deal to sell oil to the US the US threw the Brits a bone and let them in on the oil profit against the wishes of the Saud’s. Up to that point the British took 90% of oil profits….at the point of a gun naturally.

      • Yes, we (and the British, and the French, and the Dutch) have a habit of sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong.
        However, the enmities and animosities of the Crescent predate most of that. Spain comes to mind, as does Tripoli, and the basis of the Crusades….

        I still think the best way to contain them is to be as ferocious as they are in their attacks on us.
        If they hit 1600 PA Avenue, I’d not care that much.
        They want to hit 16 Elm street… And 24 Maple. And 5 Main street. And so on, until we are all enslaved.

        Got to at least admit, they’re honest in their intent to dominate….
        Our “leaders” are much more subtle, much more venomous. And our leaders are ideologically aligned with “them,” so – FTAFTFH, and force-feed them until they burst.
        ALL of them.

        BTW, I think there’s more than a single set of puppet masters, but they’re aligned in intent. they’ll hash out their differences later, basically, once we’re all enslaved properly (totally, mind; body; spirit.)

    • Jean, Sweden in particular is up the shits. Medics now have to wear paramilitary gear when going into muslim no go zones. That is no go for nommuslims. Grenade attacks, rape gangs, etc. Sweden now #2 country in world for rapes. All committed by muslims. And if you say anything against muslims in Sweden you go to jail. No shit!!! You won’t find this on mainstream media. Only the alternative news sites cover this. BTW muslims have been this way since 620 ad. 5 times they have invaded Europe, leaving behind a mess each time. Now they are being invited by Soros and Gates to take over Europe and impose sharia law.

      I predict within 2 months that Germany and Sweden will experience Paris attacks. And not that the Paris attacks started at 9pm but no cops show up till midnight. Another false flag operation.

      • Not that the 1st amendment has much behind it now but if you’ll check out the “civilized” countries of the world and most of the rest, you’ll find speaking your mind in them will get you in deep doo doo. The US is quite unique with the 1st amendment.

  8. “You cant stop what’s coming”

    We will lose all of our guns. People really have become that ignorant and dependent on their government. Even if we tried to fight back we would be against what the Branch Davidian’s were. It’s okay to wait 20 years before admitting wrong doing and for people to think “oh, but that was ‘back then.'” They win.

    More hilarious is the ‘child molester’ defense. Julian Assange – they just needed to make him out as a rapist, pedophile, or whatever to tarnish his reputation. David Koresh – was he a child molester? Who freaking knows – but the ATF only needed that to safe them. That and a lifetime movie!

    Michigan militia will later on become known a sex cult engaging in satanic worship.

    • With Koresh the government’s entire case for what they did falls apart when it becomes known that Koresh visited with the local sheriff regularly. The man walked into a place the local government has complete control of. The fedgov could have grabbed him any time they wanted. No armed standoff, no attack, no nothing. What went down is what they wanted. They wanted the confrontation. They wanted to show the nation what they do to kooks who want to live on their own terms.

      • Yea and that’s why its hard to believe in real change. Even if you try you’ll be made out to be a ‘Hitler.’ Here we are 20 years later and now its ‘safe’ for the ATF and the Gov to come out and ‘admit the past, deny the present.’

        • Nobody cares. If you tell people just the lies that government admits to, the ones that came out 10,20,50,100 years later as reason why not to believe them now you’re a conspiracy kook. The track record means nothing to them even if they are presented with it. They’ll stick by the outdated official narrative on those things too. The Spanish sunk the Maine.

          Hundreds, thousands of years go by and the same cons work over and over and over again.

          This thing in France, no backstory, no historical context, not even mentioning what the government of France did last month. No. Just random happenstance and crazy people. Emotional manipulation. People won’t bother learning on their own.

          It just seems so hopeless.

          • Couldn’t agree more!

            It’s obvious that many of the people committing mass shootings feel slighted and probably have been. Doesn’t justify their actions but maybe we could prevent more if we didn’t chalk them up to be pure evil. Somehow we still retreat to primitive beliefs about the unknown.

              • Let me know when you find the minimum. I’m not always verbose. Now and again a single word, single syllable is dead on…..but not for WP. BTW, what’s happened to Tor?

    • Some of the Michigan militia were tried in our local federal court (northern Indiana). They were found innocent of all charges (various gun, fraud, terror and other charges). The government was ordered to return their guns, which of course they made it as hard as they could for them to do (they had to come back to Indiana to claim them).

      At least some times juries aren’t sleeping on the job.

      • It’s refreshing to hear about those types of victories. It’s just unfortunate that known militia’s will be the first taken out by the GOV. Notice how its our own friends/ family members ignorantly carrying out these orders. In the words of an old college buddy – “Cops are the biggest gangsters.”

        They also rape. At least gang members have that as a punishable offense within their ranks.

  9. You should see these videos from colleges all over the country. The great majority, or at least the one’s shown, would gladly give up YOUR guns even if it came to killing you to get them. That wasn’t a view in my day.

    Oh, I had a couple people take me to task for being a “pacifist”(the going term back then) politically but being armed all the time. clover was alive and thriving back then. If someone can’t see the difference between being armed and not supporting war they’re beyond help.

    A friend and I got stopped by the DPS one day simply for harassment. They were searching my spotless car and pulled a revolver from between the passenger seat and the console. One of them held it up to my friend and said “What’s this?” in a very derogatory manner. My buddy replied “Looks like a revolver to me”.

    Another one(there were 3, one a rookie just observing how to harass people you don’t like the looks of)turns to me and asked why there were only 3 live rounds. I told him straight out because the other three obviously hadn’t been necessary. Back then there was nothing they could do since going through counties on he way to your permanent residence allowed you to carry a loaded handgun. I think it still does in Tx. but I don’t want to find out like that. Luckily, they had an emergency call come in and had to leave but wrote me a loud muffler ticket before they left. I had the receipt for the mufflers in my billfold showing they were less than a months old. Of course having a 12:1 CR and a Duntov solid lifter cam did make it louder than stock, plus the fact they were 2 1/2″ straight through Cherry Bomb glass packs.

    From that time on I carried a shave kit and a change of clothes in every vehicle so I could use that excuse if someone gave me shit over being armed. I had one ask me once if I was expecting a shoot-out since I had a Hi Power with a couple mags, an AR with two 40’s back to back and an Uzi with extended mag. I told him it seemed better to have it and not need it than the alternative.

    • The people committing crimes with guns are the people who were not allowed to own them in the first place. You get pulled over and harassed for owning something legally because of the implications. It must be nice to try to take everyone’s guns when you know that you and your family will have secret service protection for the rest of your life.

      • Guns are simply the aside to the situation. Having a disarmed populace you can literally rob of everything they have is the goal. No guns just makes it easy peasy.

  10. Bingo Eric.

    I thought the same thing. How would it be to be un-armed. The only people who have guns are the bad guys and the bad guys with costumes and badges.


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