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In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, John I. Waltman, a district judge from Trevose, Robert P. Hoopes the director of public safety for Lower Southampton, and Bernard T. Rafferty a Bucks County deputy constable were scooped up in a sting that involved laundering $400,000 they believed was derived from drug sales and fraud.

Via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said that in his position, Hoopes has authority over all police, fire, and emergency operations in Lower Southampton and previously operated a legal practice in Doylestown.

Besides being a deputy constable, Rafferty controls Raff’s Consulting LLC, a corporation registered with the state in 2011, the office said.

The sting operation was conducted by undercover officers and a confidential witness.

From June 2015 through November of this year, the defendants allegedly conducted three money-laundering transactions.

At one of those meetings, Hoopes’ badge was visible on his belt, according to the indictment.

As part of the scheme, Hoopes, Rafferty, and Waltman obtained bogus legal and business documents that provided the cover for money laundering, prosecutors said.

During one transaction described in the indictment, Hoopes drove an unmarked Lower Southampton police car to an office building in Feasterville-Trevose carrying a check from Rafferty’s consulting business in the amount of 80 percent of the cash, according to the indictment. The other two men waited outside in the unmarked police car.

In exchange for the check, undercover officers gave Hoopes a duffel bag filled with at least $100,000 in cash, prosecutors said.

Afterward, the men split their cuts and then deposited the remaining funds back into the Philadelphia bank account for Rafferty’s business, prosecutors said.

As part of the conspiracy, the men allegedly attempted to broker the sale to the undercover officers of a bar in Feasterville-Trevose to be used to launder money. They asked for a broker’s fee of at least 10 percent of the bar’s sale price, according to the indictment.

The men also allegedly planned to obtain a sham default judgment in Bucks County court and fraudulently enforce the judgment to provide funds to launder bank-fraud proceeds from an overseas account.

The full indictment can be viewed here: Bucks County Money Laundering Indictment.

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  1. “He Has Erected A Multitude Of New Offices, And Sent Hither Swarms Of Officers To Harass Our People, And Eat Out Their Substance.”

    This can equally be said about Thomas Jefferson and all the other founders as it was about George III.

    The American Revolution was an erection of a multitude of new offices that sent swarms of officers out to harass the less powerful people and eat out their substance.

    • Hi Tor,

      Some of that is true; but until 1787 (when the “Con”stitution replaced the Articles) there was a very real decrease in the power of the central authority. You’re quite right, though, that taxes did not disappear and – to some degree – increased for the average person.

      Many of the Founders (I know, that word) were consciously trying to recreate the “British system,” just without the King and Parliament – and with them (the ruling elite) in charge.


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