Drunk “Hero” Drops Gun, Causes Panic

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  1. “It’s the second blemish on her record in nine months.” Damn, her record has far fewer blemishes than the rest of her. Just keep in mind her record is a jukebox 45 of Commander Cody and the Last Planet Airmen doing “Too Much Fun”. Just two blemishes on anything she’s concerned with should be grounds for a medal.

    It’s not difficult to understand her version of right and wrong……ok, that’s most likely a statement just pulled out of somebody’s butt. I doubt she knows the difference between “right and left”. Come on baby, let the good times roll.

  2. ‘glowing praise of her “strong sense of right and wrong” and willingness to impose that on others’
    if that ain’t the very definition of a Clover, I don’t know what is.

  3. That “creature” is ugly enough to scare mice and cockroaches into leaving your property. How does such an ugly beast get a job dealing with people, and not the frozen wasteland of Antarctica? It even makes the fat ugly bald male cops look good.


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