Fake News About “Love” For Obamacare?

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I begin to think maybe Trump is on to something with his Fake News schtick. Which isn’t schtick at all in terms of the obvious, egregious bias of what is styled “mainstream” media outlets such as CNN (back in the ’90s, the letters were said to stand for Clinton News Network).

But what Trump means is “news” that is not stilted but upended. Manufactured to present the outright wrong as the absolutely certain. And not on account of incompetence, either.

The best example being Trump’s victory itself.

In lockstep, the “mainstream” media predicted a route. Presented ominous pie charts and graphs and polls of many kinds purporting double digit leads in key states for… Hillary.

Who ended up losing.

This is more serious than the usual weather man 50 percent track record of accurately predicting whether it’s going to snow tomorrow. When it’s unanimous that Trump – whom the people delivering the pie charts and graphs and exit polls all obviously loathe – is “going to lose” and yet wins anyhow, which is more likely? That all these people simply got it wrong in exactly the same way? Or that they were purposely trying to suppress the real news and stilt the outcome along lines they desired?

Now comes the latest – also from CNN – that “love for Obamacare” is at an all-time high. See here.

It reeks of Fake News.

Do you like Obamacare?  Know anyone who does? Everyone I know loathes it – for both practical as well as moral reasons.

On the practical level, it sucks. You do not get medical care (let alone free or even “affordable” care). You are forced by the government to buy an insurance policy. It is not the same thing as getting “care.” The insurance company is a crony capitalist cartel that will do all it can to avoid paying for “care” while making you pay for “coverage.” People have become hip to this – and they are not in love with it.

On the moral level, Obamacare is odious because it forces people to buy insurance – which in a free country (hearty, phlegmy cough) is an outrage. If you are a free man, you have the moral right to not buy insurance; to not be threatened with violent repercussions if you decline.

Many people – especially young people but also people who are healthy and live prudently – would rather not pay for something they don’t feel a need for and save their money – to be used if something happens and if not, for some other thing. They see this – rightly, morally – as their business and no one elses,hence no business of the government’s.

Yet CNN – and other – “mainstream” organs – are singing in harmony that the same public which favored Hillary by huge margins is also in love with the Not Affordable Care Act.

It’s not going to work. The smoke is dissipating – and we have Trump to thank for this, his many faults and flaws notwithstanding. He is hated, in part, because he exposed them. And because he will not play patty cake with them. His dismissal of a CNN “reporter” was priceless. Why should he treat them with respect?

Why should any of us?

The media, as a class, is not merely corrupt. It is ideologically committed to turning America into something it was never intended to be. And these minions are sweating Trump because he may have upset their plans, even if it wasn’t intentional.

Hillary was a loser – and so is Obamacare. The minority view of people inside the DC Beltway, who live on the upper east side of Manhattan, in San Francisco and LA… isn’t shared by most Americans, even after decades of careful conditioning (including the “reporting” of “mainstream” media like CNN).

Obamacare – like Hillary – was shoved down our throats. Remember “you have to pass the bill to find out what’s inside it”?

Now it’s being upchucked – and that’s exactly the right term.

People have had enough. Of Hillary. Of Obamacare. And the “mainstream” media. Which has all the honor of a $20 street hooker and less class, too.

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  1. Yep, something like 85% in my state qualify for max subsidies, so they’re paying $75/month. Many more are subsidized, just not to that extent.

    OTOH, those of us whose modest HH income is over the “cliff” are now paying $800/month (just for me, wife & kids on her employer plan for $600/month).

    The new premium is a 60% increase over last year’s $500/month, though it’s still cheaper than adding me to my wife’s plan.

    And I’m in my 40s!

    Can’t imagine what someone in their early 60s has to pay for an un-subsidized ACA-approved plan on the exchange.

  2. Thank you for recognizing that health “care” is NOT the same as health “insurance”. Why don’t more people recognize this??
    The terms have been purposely muddled for years, because whoever controls the language can control the ideas.

  3. eric, I’m surprised you denigrated a $20 hooker that way. She/he’s just a cash up front deal where anyone with any sense should know they’re not getting prime beef but backstreet gato taco with various “herbs and spices”. OTOH, what is more odious than a tax forced on you…..if you pay taxes, as everyone who works does, and given to the bankers other hand, insurance?

    The way it’s calculated is prime though, for them. When the patch was booming it was easy to see who’d been there before and who hadn’t. While all those white boys under 40 were buying Raptors, huge RV’s and spending money on every electronic device they saw, the old hands(and green cards) were hunkered down in their old, cheap RV’s, making enough tuna fish salad for supper and next day’s dinner too, never turning a tire between work and work, washing their own clothes and keeping a lookout for the bust sure to follow. Then we all bent over and waited for Obamacare to base our rates on what we made for a while as we sat at the house looking through want ads for new jobs.

  4. The fact is that Obamacare was designed to fail and thus pave the way,by default,to a single payer,Canadian style,socialized medical care system. With that said, the Affordable Care Act,like Social security 80 years ago,was viewed by the Supreme Court as Constitutional because,like Social Security,it was sold as a tax. That’s right,Social Security is an Income Tax and it’s payouts are considered benefits. The whole ACA,Medicare,Medicaid,Social Security etc. Welfare State can be voted out tomorrow,the benefits terminated and there is nothing that any recipient can do about it.

    • I knew without a doubt when I heard that Republican mantra PtB, if the Democrats jumped on board and help pass the Patriot act there wouldn’t be anything patriotic or anything having to do with ensuring the people’s rights. It didn’t take a genius to know it was gonna be bad news. Any bill that size will not be drafted to ensure rights of any sort for the people but for the state. If you wondered what that growling sound you heard from the south it was me just having read that.

  5. How dare you criticize any of Obama’s legacy? Don’t you know history will rank him as one of America’s greatest presidents? This is racism, pure and simple

      • Not only does that make you racist, not supporting the LBGTQRSTUV makes you not only a homophobe but a foot-washing, gun-loving, baccy spittin, big tire pickup redneck wife beater. I gotta admit, if there’s one thing that might get me to church it would be gunsmith lessons and tips for making your weapons more effective, reliable and accurate. Shall we gather at the river……and get a lesson on slicking up your basic AR and a screening of The Wild Bunch. Next week, how to make improvised explosive devices with basic home products with a follow up course on detonation and electronics.

      • Yup. It is verboten to question anyone who is from an ‘oppressed minority’. Witness the recent saga with John Lewis. He is free to call Trump an illegitimate president, but Trump has no right to hit back at a ‘venerated civil rights icon’.

  6. Has anyone else gotten the threat from the Infernal Revenue Service like I just did with the notice that the tax on not being able to afford insurance is over 2 grand this year with the thoughtful hint that many can get welfare so that it only costs “as little as” $75/person/month?

    Great deal for welfare cases. But for a small enterpreneur with revenues varying widely (between 60k and 260k), and no way of forecasting at the mandatory sign up date what that number is going to be, a real nightmare. If you take their stolen subsidy, and then actually make some money, you will be utterly reamed for “scamming” the system. If you do nothing and report nothing, it’s all gravy.

    Repealing it isn’t enough. Roberts has no idea how much damage he did by setting the precedent that it is “constitutional” to require people to buy something. The message needs to be sent that this is never to be tried again.

    As well, the only market discipline there is in the system is the ability to not buy overpriced insurance and not pay for overpriced services.

    • Everything is structured to only consider the clover way of life. We are all supposed to be fungible. Corporate employment, mortgage, car payments, etc. Any deviation from that is made ever so much more difficult with each passing year. It’s intentional IMO.

  7. There are people online that I know that like it. Mostly because they’re young 20-somethings that don’t work for a traditional company and without the subsidies they couldn’t afford coverage.

    My opinion is that the program is a ticking time-bomb because people regard it as healthcare, not insurance. Routine care should be paid out of pocket, and the market should be allowed to work. The result will be lower prices as physicians compete for the business. When was the last time you saw a price board in your doctor’s waiting room?

    However, if you have something serious happen (blocked artery, major accident, etc) then you’re going to want a specialist who is really good at their job. And they’re not cheap. Which is where the insurance part comes in. You pay your premium based on the premise that these life-altering events are rare, so the risk can be spread around.

    This turns out to be way cheaper than trying to pay for everything via the insurance company (who as a middleman, builds their profit margin into every transaction), and who objects to every payment so that their own profits don’t go down.

    A separate conversation would be why insurance is tied to your employer. It might have been a good idea in the 1940s, but times have changed and people don’t work for one firm their entire lives any more.

    • “A separate conversation would be why insurance is tied to your employer. It might have been a good idea in the 1940s”
      No, it was never a good idea. The gunvermin came up with it as a way for employers to get around the (economically immoral) wage controls that THEY had imposed.

    • Exactly! Imagine the cost of car insurance if it covered oil changes and brake jobs? Or detailing. Now imagine the $500 oil change (well, I didn’t have to, I once owned an Audi…). And imagine the outcry over the out of control costs of oil changes. I’m sure that $500 oil change will be perfect, done by the book, by board-certified college educated mechanical engineers. And then there’d be the homeopathic oil change, which may or may not be the same, but probably would be derided by the established system no matter what, driving out any potential legitimate oil change practitioners and opening up the gates for the patent snake oil (change) shysters.

  8. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one wondering where all these Obamacare lovers were coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden. The wailing and gnashing of teeth the last couple of days over the ending of this turd blows the mind.. “People will die if they lose it”, they wail! Never mind the vast majority of newly covered people is under, Medicare……….., so they may as well be uncovered.

    Never mind the more a government is involved in the “healthcare” system of a country, the worse it is. Don’t they ever hear the stories of the horrors of the NHS (British single payer) or Canada’s single payer healthcare’s long lines for simple things? Imagine being deathly ill and having to deal with government bureaucrats? Insurance companies have nothing on these government vultures. Once they decide you aren’t getting treated, you better hope you can afford to do the medical tourism thing, because otherwise your screwed.

    If Trump does nothing more then get rid of most of Obamacare, he is a far better president then the last three put together (granted its a low bar, but remember they are politicians).

    • And while the debate over whether to replace, adjust, or eliminate (guess what the outcome of that will be) Obamacare rages on the media will trot out people who’ve “benefited” from the program. If the long shot bet wins and the affordable care act is just plain eliminated, the media will search far and wide for dead people who “would have lived” had they had Obamacare, while ignoring any stories about people able to actually buy insurance that had coverage they need instead of coverage some “expert” tells them to buy.

  9. Wow. That’s one hell of an article (The CNN piece). The author’s olympics-worthy textual gymnastics to put a positive spin on a negative poll is simply a masterpiece of bullshit.

    As Tom Woods says about so many things, for the amount of money spent I hope we get at least some benefit.


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