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I think we could all use a pick-me-up. Something to make us feel a little better about the state of things. Submitted for your consideration:

Smiley joe
You are such a Whitney little cunt. Stop your bitching about the cops already. Your from Virginia faggot . Just go visits any state prison ( Sussex 1 or 2 ) nottoway red onion or any local jail and take a tour and see the thugs the cops have to deal with. Your cuck butt would be so quick to call the maligned coppers if some buck assed nigger was about to rob you then shoot you just for the fun of it faggot. Not all cops are bad so quit fucking complains bitch.


Now, if this is what we are up against, we have a shot.

And this is pretty typical, actually, of the “fan mail” that arrives here. It makes me glad. To know that we are up against such people. Barely literate. 8th grade level imputations of homosexuality for having written an article critical of the practice of armed government workers literally stealing people’s property prior to conviction of any crime.  It slays me that there are people out there who countenance such – and who defend those who perform such.

But then, I re-read the “fan mail.”

And feel better.


Gotta grind the organ again and do my little dance with the tin cup . . . we are a little low again this month so far and that’s why. See the pie chart on the main page, right side column.

We’re not far off – but I figured it’d be (per The Chimp’s father) prudent to mention it before we get too close to the end of the month. 

As you know, EPautos – like most non-corporate/MSM media – depends for its survival almost entirely on the support of readers like you.

Even a site that has a six-figure audience (and we do) only gets pennies per “click” from online ads – and that’s if you’re supine and a Good Boy and do not offend the “guidelines” of the corporate entities which control effectively all online advertising.

This site has offended the guidelines by publishing various verboten things. Such things are, however, the whole point of independent media. If we toe the line and publish only the partei line, we might as well be CNN. But then, you wouldn’t be interested – and I wouldn’t bother.

Another way for an independent media outlet to make money on the down low is to publish “guest posts” written (usually badly) by some hack working for an SEO company, fishing for clicks. I get offers to whore this site out almost every day – and expend much creative effort coming up with fresh ways to tell them to go chew raw fish heads.

Also: There are no pay firewalls here – and won’t ever be. I don’t want to charge anyone to read/post/participate – because I know not everyone can afford to pay and the object of the exercise is to spread the word.

But if you can afford to chip in, I shake the tin cup in your direction.

We need you. But unlike Uncle, I won’t force you – even if I could.

Thanks in advance!

We depend on you to keep the wheels turning!

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  1. Upon further review our newest fan SJ is a patriotic American and I for one welcome his sage and poignant repartee immensely.

    I’ve heard folks from Tahoma Park, Maryland so near to the Richmond area like Eric and his houseboat are have some of the highest IQs and are the most well endowed men to be found anywhere in the world.

    Burt Reynolds is my favorite actor and I love watching Deliverance every Christmas along with a freshly killed rodent, whichever one is currently in season.

    If only I knew someone in the zipcode 20912 near Latitude 38°58’57” N and Longitude 77°00’14” W I’d send wise anti-Whitneys a few bucks and think about editing my articles before anything escalated much further. I’d call them on their ATT Mobility cell phone even.

    Alternatively someone could send a notice to the direct allocated direct provider AT&T Mobility LLC
    at 1025 Lenox Park Blvd NE
    Address: 5th Floor
    Atlanta GA 30319-5309

    OrgTechHandle: CINGU-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Cingular DNS
    OrgTechPhone: +1-770-360-8171

    OrgAbuseHandle: CINGU-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Cingular DNS
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-770-360-8171

  2. Appropriate opening photo……get ready to be screwed like a piggie! Ouiee…ouieee…..ooouuuiieee! I just don’t the collective public’s willingness to take it up the ass. Unfortunately, their ignorance will put the rest of us, who do exercise critical thinking, in the same “position”. I fully intend NOT to participate; so they had better be prepared for the consequences of trying to force me to.


    From the linked article:
    “In the wake of the arrest, corrections officials ordered a review of the boot camp’s effectiveness and then ended the program earlier this year. The program had been meant to give first-time drug offenders a way to end of their sentences early by submitting to rigorous military-style discipline, but Department of Corrections officials said they concluded the program wasn’t scaring enough participants away from re-offending.”

    “Scaring” people away from drugs never works. The reason they take drugs in the first place is because they aren’t connected to anything meaningful and are trying to either connect with others or are trying to kill their own emotional pain. The only people who permanently quit using are those who attach to something else that is meaningful to them. The “brilliance” of our current LEO’s and prison system never ends.


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