So Much for the Fifth Amendment

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Here’s a video taken by a woman at an internal “border” checkpoint – where people are ordered by BDU-clad geeks wearing opaque Tough Guy sunglasses to declare that they are “citizens.”

These checkpoints are often 100 miles inside the United States and the people forced to pass through them have given no reason to suspect they’re “illegals” or have done anything illegal.

As if that mattered.

Armed government geeks detain the woman for declining to answer their questions. For refusing to “help” them in their “investigation.” For declining to give evidence that can and will be used against her.

So much for the Fifth Amendment, eh?

Of course, that went out the window decades ago. Along with the Fourth Amendment, which used to protect us from unreasonable searches. The courts having ruled that it is “reasonable” to stop people at random and compel them to submit to a search/interrogation, absent any reason to suspect they’ve violated any law at all.

And now, this.

Compelled to stop at a “border” checkpoint nowhere near any border. Threatened by armed geeks demanding submission to their interrogations else you will be “detained.”


But far more so, the many favorable – to the armed geeks – comments posted on YouTube, where I found the video.

Americans are becoming instinctively authoritarian.

They are ready for what’s next and inevitable.




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  1. Americans are lashing out like cornered animals. This poor lady does not want to be interviewed by some Asshole Pravda Inquisitor about her hurricane experience. I think she has the right idea that the rest of us should adopt towards these predatory smiling jackals.

    The official rain gauge 3 miles from me registers 76 inches of rain for the year. 38 of that was in the last month. The river is still a mile away from me here at this point here in the Houston Metro. But who knows how long that’s going to last.

    My assigned middle school is still intact. But the high school has a foot of standing water in it. The nearest grocery and shopping area is under four feet of water. I live in what used to be a private area, but it’s been annexed by the city of Houston and all the taxes have been being hoovered downtown for years and years.

    Even in what would seem to be an affluent area. Everyone is a bunch of humiliated broke ass hoes. In a capitalistic society, a man would be free to go out to some unowned land and start to make something of value happen. It is what any other mammal would be allowed to do. But alas we don’t live under capitalism, but rather regulatoryism. And the regulatory ball and chain keeps getting heavier and heavier.


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