“hero” Asks: Why Are You Making Things Difficult?

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The “hero” demands entry to this victim’s home – no warrant or probable cause – and when the victim of this “hero’s” aggressive violation of her rights asserts her rights, the “hero” accuses her of “making things difficult.”

The woman is asked whether the person being looked for is there; the woman replies no. The “hero” refuses to accept this, tries to trick the woman into opening the door so that he can forcibly (against the consent of the woman) “check” the house. The woman’s refusal to obey is “uncooperative” and “childish,” says the “hero.”

This gives insight into the way “heroes” think. To a “hero,” the duty of the populace is to submit and obey their every command, even when these commands have no lawful standing. If a person questions, it becomes “disorderly conduct” or – worse – “resisting” and out come the Tazers and the guns.

This filthy swine – and the language is necessary because accurate –  is clearly abusing an innocent person and that person is effectively (legally) powerless to do what she could have done had this filthy swine not been wearing a government-issued costume.

That is, defend herself and her home against this filthy swine.

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