Video Rant: A Tale of Two Bikes

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Here is a quick look at the two bikes BW just left with me for a couple of weeks. One is the new 1600 B “bagger” – which is my kind of animal. It has a 160 hp six cylinder engine; basically, a BMW 3 on two wheels.

The other is the first electric vehicle any major automaker has ever sent me. Because it came on a trailer. It is an electric scooter. A two-wheeled Tesla. I have not ridden it much yet because it hasn’t got much range (70 miles, best case). But I will say that in “dynamic” mode, it pulls like a masturbating chimp.

However, it also suck juice at Teslian rates. I drove it maybe five miles, full-tilt, in “dynamic” mode and rocked it up to its top speed of somewhere around 80-ish… and this lopped 20 miles off the indicated range, leaving 50 before kaput.

Initial impression – this confirms my suspicion that making use of the power/performance these EVs offer kills the range. To get anywhere, you must drive (or ride) slow.

And that sucks.

More to come . . .


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  1. Electric vehicle would have a chance if they could just get the focus off the batteries being the power source and do something else…….

    Even if they get the range up to something more reasonable, they STILL have the weight and cost problems.


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