Confronting “heroes”

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Thank god for cameras! The people confronting “heroes” in this video would have received wood shampoos if they didn’t have them. Since they did, the “heroes” were compelled to keep their urge to administer wood shampoos in check:

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  1. Former hero dislikes the bad publicity his crime brought him. Is try to get a gag order. The victim? His own two year old son.

    He has already gotten the blue discount, as he has been allowed to move out of state (for a job) as he awaits trial. Who else gets to move when they await trial? Probably nobody.

    If the gag order is put in place, the victims mother won’t be able to use social media, talk about her son to the media etc.

    Think crimes committed by cops are rare? They aren’t. All the stories I have posted on epauto over the years have been local to me (Indiana just outside Chicago). I doubt the cop crime rate in my area, is not above average either, not like their ever has been a study about that.


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