Confronting Clovers

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Check out this video of one intrepid videographer confronting Clovers auctioning off some poor guy’s house – taken for failing to pay taxes:

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  1. I think the Free State project has 13.000 commitments so far? Once they get to 20.0000, everyone involved is agreed to move there within a year and create a freedom minded state en masse.

    The videographer, the property owner, and the supporters are the real heroes we can learn from and emulate.

    This guy is a welcome respite from the hordes of East Coast municipal sportsfags and other dickless pigpen stablehands crowing about their boroughkeepers and 4H blue ribbons they won for most congenial farm animal and best in show hoof presentationalism.

    The Roided up three-strike felon defensive tackle from West Villanovia is not really going to invite you to their mansion in Bel Air. You aren’t winning a super bowl ring. You’re a grinning ape who laughs at condescending castrating beer commercials about “real men of genius.”

    Stop daydreaming about shrinking to lilliputian size and riding Tom Brady’s jockstrap all the way to the Playboy mansion where you too will hookup with naked nubile Hungarian models who faun over you in broken English and Kmart lingerie.

    Confronting Clovers takes game. Real game, not bouncing latex pseudogame of the Spanx clad Neo Chicken Georges. Get out there on the hardscrabble and strut about like you own this fruited plain barnyard. Then you’ll have something real to crow about instead of the usual bleating that never impresses the farmer’s daughters and eventually ends in the Silence of the unlawful Lambs who have felt the wrath of Mayor Hannibal Lecter.


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