Latest Radio (April 1, 2018)

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Here’s the audio clip of my talk the other day with Bill Meyer at KMED radio in Oregon. Mostly, we discussed the Weird way that federal fuel economy regs are being talked about by the mainstream press as being about emissions – an outrageous lie.

Whether you are a believe in “climate change” isn’t the point. The relevant fact is that CAFE regs concern fuel economy, not emissions. And carbon dioxide – the thing they are trying to smuggle into the equation – is not considered a vehicle exhaust emission under current regulatory law.

What these cretins are attempting to do is use CAFE to impose carbon dioxide emissions restrictions without passing a new law or regulation. And to shame people who are annoyed that the government is decreeing how much gas their cars can use by implying they are doing the equivalent of pouring used motor oil down a storm sewer.

As usual, lies and misdirection are necessary when you haven’t got a sound argument to peddle!

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