$3 Billion and Counting

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It used to be – how much money can we make? It is now how much money can we lose? At least, that appears to be the reasoning behind “electrification” – the neutral-sounding term commonly used to describe the out-regulating of everything that moves that isn’t battery-powered – in favor of everything that is.

Practically every car company has bought in, as it were – and it is costing them, literally, billions.

Maybe, eventually, everything.

Ford just revealed it expects to lose $3 billion – so far – on “electrification.”

In saner times, the losing of $3 billion would be reason enough to pull the plug. But not when it comes to “electrification.” Ford said it expects to lose more billions – through at least 2026. And this provides the impetus to build two million more battery-powered money-losers by 2026.

Emphasis on “build.”

As opposed to sell.

More exactly, build and sell at a profit.

Aye, there’s the rub.

One can build as many of something as one likes, just the same as one can dig (and fill in) as many holes in the backyard as one likes. According to Marx, this is how “value” is created – as by labor. The flaw in Marx’s reasoning is that there may not be value to others in the labor. If Marx had been right then we could all get rich by digging holes in the backyard and filling them in again. Or by hopping up and down for eight hours every day. But we generally get poor – and tired – doing either because there are very few other people willing to give us money in exchange for our digging (and filling in) holes in the backyard or hpping up and down all day long.

Isn’t this what “electrification” amounts to? Just keep building them! Build more of them!

And yet, even with an unprecedented push – via regulations and subsidies – to “electrify” cars, only about 6 percent of all cars sold are battery-powered and that is probably at or very close to market saturation in that there are only so many people who can pay what it costs to buy an EV and the rest aren’t interested in paying for one.

Battery-powered vehicles are luxury-priced vehicles, which excludes people who are looking for economically priced vehicles – which constitutes the bulk of people in the market for a new vehicle. One of the most incandescently absurd propositions underlying “electrification” is that most people can afford to buy a battery-powered vehicle that has a luxury-vehicle price, with the idea that people who can afford to buy a luxury-priced vehicle are interested in a compromised vehicle being a very close second.

The rule has generally been that when you pay more you get more. But when it comes to battery-powered vehicles, you get more liabilities. Apologists can make all the excuses they can muster but the fact remains that buying an EV means buying into long waits before you can drive, alarming reductions in how far you’re able to drive depending on the weather and myriad related annoyances such as having to reduce the use of the heater in the cold and the AC when it’s hot in order to eke out a little more range in order to avoid another long wait in a possibly very inconvenient or very sketchy place.

How many people will willingly pay the $50,000-ish it costs to buy the typical EV in order to experience that when for the same or less money they can avoid all of that?

Well, ask Ford!

It has sold about 17,000 of the electrified version of the F-150 pick-up, a vehicle that Ford has otherwise had no trouble finding more than half-a-million buyers for during the same 12-month period. This indicates that the Lightning – the three-ton half-ton version of the F-150, on account of the batteries it packs rather than engine it lacks – is appealing to a very small percentage of buyers. Is it enough to justify continuing to build this vehicle?

Almost certainly not.

At least, not without adjusting the price of the thing to reflect what it costs to build the thing. Ford has in fact already done a little of that, increasing the Lightning’s price (as well as its other battery-powered vehicle, the “Mustang” Mach e) several times over the past 12 months such that it – the Lighting – is now about $15,000 more expensive to start than it was at the start.

But even that is probably not enough.

To make money on the Lightning – as opposed to losing it – Ford would probably have to ask at least $80,000 for it. The problem is that at that price, there would be very few takers, which has little to do with it being battery-powered, per se but a helluva lot to do with it being way beyond the means of probably 90 percent of the people buying cars.

And trucks, too.

You cannot make money building nothing but cars that 90 percent of the potential market cannot afford. Yet that is precisely what “electrification” amounts to and – as this column has observed previously – that appears to be the point. By getting the car companies to build cars 90 percent of the people cannot afford, you get 90 percent of the people out of cars.

Meanwhile, Ford’s chief financial officer, John Lawlor, says “electrification” will proceed, no matter what it costs. In the manner of digging even more holes in the backyard – and hoping someone finds value in it.

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  1. Out here in SW Oregon it is freezing ass cold, yesterday it was blizzard white out conditions. So 95 days past the sun low point, the solstice on 21 Dec 22, I was freezing my ass off when I was working outside tonight. Fresh snow on the mountains, all next week forecast is more cold and snow.

    I see a beat up Prius missing the passenger headlight for sale. No one wants it. And as I walked the dog, I thought, you know if climate truth every came out the entire electric thing would implode. Liberty Daily ran a Tony Heller article, on how Mann lied about the hockey stick temp spike.

    Tony Heller’s website is excellent, read his post on how the IPCC fudged the temperature data. They simply cherry picked temp data to make it look like warming.

    If for some reason, this information gets out to the public, then the climate crisis hysteria and Marxist agenda would implode – and that means the electric car market would turn into a malinvestment boondoggle, a ridiculous woke unhinged from reality nightmare, a bottom line bleeding loss taking down the whole company – and that will become intolerable to the share holders – and CEO heads would roll.

    Yes, that could happen. And it is freezing cold outside – which negates the stupid MSM claims. There is no global warming, it is a hoax, and eventually that will have to be acknowledged.

    The real problem we have is that most people have no idea about any of this. Most people do not know that the science behind global warming is all fabricated fakery. They do not know that CO2, is a minor trace gas, and human made CO2 does nothing to earth’s temperatures. They have no idea that CO2 variations will have no effect on ice age progression, they do not know we are 8,000 years past the interglacial optimum temps, and that the earth is cooling like it always does.

    • HI Jack,

      Yes, but this is why they changed the lingo to “climate change” … which encompasses any “change.” It’s brilliant PR/psychology, I will give them that.

      • Yes, they changed the meme to climate change, and if you look it up, it still means anthropocentric global warming – officially, at least, between scientists – but as you say, the public is fooled because the MSM points to any change in the weather and says THERE’S THE PROOF!

        Normally, I couldn’t care what these liars say, as I know, the corporate media is bought and paid for by advertising and infiltrated by Operation Mockingbird, but they want to shut the entire economy down on this stupid hoax they are promoting.

        FoxNews: Climate czar John Kerry says Biden will impose more mandates, go farther than Inflation Reduction Act

        “The Biden administration plans to roll out executive orders and climate mandates affecting automobiles and trucks to reach a 50% reduction in emissions by the end of the decade, according to Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry

        During an interview with Yahoo News last week, Kerry spoke on President Biden’s plans, but also on lifestyle changes people may have to make to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

        Net Zero? You mean no CO2? What the hell are they trying to do? Net zero means that you will have to shut everything down to reach that goal because virtually everything we do as humans involved combustion and the release of CO2, including breathing. The two biproducts of combustion are always H2O and CO2, and they want to make that zero?

        Yes, you can do that, if we are all dead, or all living in a cave. And they are justifying this draconian death cult agenda based on a total hoax, that CO2 is causing warming. No, it doesn’t.

        If any engineers in the auto industry are reading this post, please read this:


        Or maybe Eric, email them that link, because I am sure you must know some insiders at Ford and GM.

    • Morning, Jack.

      “They simply cherry picked temp data to make it look like warming.”

      Since my background is in photojournalism (not fruit harvesting), I think of it as cropping. Take a graph that shows that covid “cases” were on the decline already, continued to decline when a mask mandate was imposed, but then went through the roof a week later with the mandate still in force. Crop off the first part and the last part and – voila! – the “science” shows that masks work!

  2. “Have you hard that Ford is building a new truck in West Tennessee? Whut — you’re not surprised?


    “Could we create a truck that gets better and smarter the longer you own it?” the vid goes on.

    Well, guess what: I don’t believe it, and I don’t care.

    Don’t need no smart truck.
    Don’t need no smart TeeVeeeeee.
    Don’t need no smart house.

    You boys just pick up your silicon chips and get along now. Don’t y’all have a Nambla meeting to attend?

  3. “electrification” will proceed, no matter what it costs.’ — Ford CFO

    Or who has to be put out of business. Woke spear carriers for cliiiiiimate change are limiting gasoline retailers near Denver, Colorotten:

    ‘The Louisville (Colo.) City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday in support of a 2022 ordinance limiting the number of gas stations to six – with an exception carved out for one more (for a total of seven) if big box stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club build a store that’s 80,000 feet or larger and includes a gas station.

    “The proposal for a cap but not a full ban on new gasoline and automobile service stations is in recognition that there will continue to be some demand for gasoline and automobile service stations as more EVs enter the market and gasoline vehicles are transitioned out of the market over time,” the City Council’s report reads.

    ‘One letter from resident Channah Horst [says], “If you are a climate denier then my plea falls on deaf ears. If you acknowledge the peril our planet is in then it is your responsibility to do what you can to help us make changes in the way we live. In other words — do not make it easier for me and my fellow residents to keep using gasoline.”


    ‘Channah’ echoes a classic, masochistic leftist trope which goes, ‘Please raise my taxes so we can have more progressive rates.’

    Bend me, shape me
    Anyway you want me
    You got the power
    To turn out the lights

    — The American Breed, Bend Me, Shape Me

    • Hi Jim,

      My bet is that “Channah” is either a government worker herself or a hausefrau, unworried about where her next meal is coming from or who will provide it. Any takers?

  4. Way off topic, but I will be the first to admit I will happily slam politicians for bad policy. Once in a blue moon they surprise me.


    This is actually good policy and would put citizens in charge of their own health decisions while keeping health insurance companies out of the loop. Of course, I know Biden would never sign this, but hopefully, a change in 2024 would allow something like this to pass into law. It is also a great way to get rid of Medicare, which isn’t going to be around for most of us.

    Good job, Chip Roy, I hope your legislation is successful.

    • Amen, RG –

      In the meanwhile, we still have the option to opt out, as by having nothing to do with the health insurance mafia or its captive white-coat bitches (pardon the language). Deal in cash – and deal only with doctors who aren’t the bitches of the system.

      • You are preaching to the choir now, Eric. 🙂 I haven’t had health insurance in close to 6 years. I just save the premiums that would have gone to Anthem in my stash so if something does arise, I have the funds and don’t have to deal with middlemen, fights, and denials. One wouldn’t believe how doctors/dentists are willing to negotiate when cash is introduced into the equation.

        The demand (or more aptly put, fear) is what allows the health insurance companies and government to control people’s medical decisions. Get them out of the mix by offering tax incentives for every American to start saving for their health and keeping Uncle Sam’s grubby hands off of it. HSAs are also a great tax shelter with no income limitations. Of course, this should be voluntarily. I don’t like mandatory guidelines on anything.

      • That’s great in theory, Eric, but my question always is: “Where can I find one?” I’ve been asking for years, and nobody ever gives me a solid answer, as in, “Dr. Bill Smith is independent and has served me well. His phone number is…”
        I’ve been told to look on such-and-such website, but then I find only “virtual” visits, which are “virtually” worthless.

        • Hi Roland,

          Homeopathic doctors are rare. Unfortunately, there are some who claim to be, but once you see them, they seem to follow the tried-and-true allopathic method. There is no guarantee that the first meeting will result in a “win-win”, but it is more of a process of elimination until you find the doctor that is the best fit for you. To be perfectly honest, most of the people that I use are not “doctors”, but healers. I deal with individuals who specialize in reflexology, massage therapy, natural herbs, and healthy eating, etc.

          I am including a website below. I would avoid someone who does not want to meet in person. I am sure telephone and video conferencing work for some, but I want to make sure the person I am dealing with is real, has an office setting, and the certificates to back it up. I do not want to be dealing with some working out of some back alleyway.


          A lot of homeopathic methods are from pure research. Lots of reading, talking with people who have experience, but really a lot of trial and error.

          • RG,

            With the way the Biden Thing is, if HSAs became reality, they’d likely try to find some way to seize money in them to send to “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!”, make it possible for funds in them to be used for this ESG crap, or even say that you HAVE to take the latest mRNA jab from Pfizer, Moderna, etc. to have such an account. This regime is increasingly out of control.

            • Hi John,

              Like most things in life the system is full of loopholes and side steps.

              HSAs are already a reality they just are offered to a small amount of the Republic. This legislation would circumvent the mandate that an individual would have to have a HDHP (high deductible healthcare plan) to participate in one.

              It also would allow a tax deduction up to 3x more than the current deduction.

              In essence, it bypasses the greedy hands of the health insurance companies.

        • I wouldn’t go near one of these allopathic medicine hospitals or doctors (except in the case of say a broken leg, they are good at fixing that sort of problem), a better solution might be to look for a doctor practicing an alternative more natural medicine, like chinese herbal medicine, a naturopath or homeopath or an herbalist or maybe NGM.

          A long time ago if people got sick they read a book on herbs, you look up the symptom and it tells you which herb to use.

          Homeopathy, the same thing, you can do search online and it will tell which homeopathic medicine to use, then you drive to the store and buy it.

          People usually get sick because of toxins or deficiencies or trauma.

          deficiencies….the biggest killer on the planet…malnutrition…starvation…..they are taking control of the food supply so it will be weaponized…mass starvation to help their depopulation agenda….

          Another field of thought is NGM, new german medicine, it says people can get sick because of trauma, for instance heart problems is connected to conflict in your life/mind. This an interesting new concept to check out.

          Another very old concept is people can get ill or insane because they have allowed a demon into their body, back then sometimes a priest would say a prayer and command the demon to leave the sick person, some say it worked…..

          This 2500 year old good evil concept of sickness is now used in allopathic medicine, they say you are possessed by an evil germ/virus and they can cure it with poisonous drugs and vaccines, it is the most profitable business in the world and the doctors are held up as gods, highly paid, the very top of society the ultimate hero’s, (they are really drug pushers). This model is way more profitable then priests getting demons out of people.

    • RG,
      “I hope your legislation is successful.”
      Fat chance.
      “Live long and prosper”
      The current gang of Psychopaths In Charge have no intention of letting us do either.
      Even if successful, it only forces one to play the tax game in greater depth. Even if you are allowed to participate in such HSA, there is nothing but gravity and friction keeping them from taxiing it at a later date, at 100% if it pleases them to do so. Same for IRAs and 401Ks. Playing tax games with FedGov is still playing a game by their ever changing rules.

      • You sound grumpy, John.

        The HSA can already be taxed if it spent on anything other than medical expenses. Everything we own, purchase, and use is taxed multiple times. If Uncle Sam doesn’t have his hands all over it his brothers, Uncle Dave (state) and Uncle Bob (local) do.

        I applaud Mr. Roy for at least trying to privatize the system through elective decision making rather than forced obedience (Medicare). It allows the individual the freedom to handle their own health care dollars. Is it perfect? No. But, some liberty is better than no liberty.

  5. Recall Alert: Ford F-150 Lightning Batteries Are Catching on Fire

    The Ford F-150 Lightning recently experienced a stop-sale due to an unidentified battery problem. A few models were sparking flames after going through the production line.

    the trucks were assembled with improperly produced battery cells. The cells were built over a four-week period at a Georgia plant from SK the supplier.

    This Ford F-150 Lightning recall puts the total at 10. Nine other recalls are related to a loose bolt in the transmission leading to roll-aways, failing windshield wipers, flickering parking lights, improper airbag deployment, loose wheel lug nuts, a driveshaft fracture, separating steering column wiring, and failing trailer brakes.


  6. I suspect much of the seemingly suicidal EeeVee spending by U.S. automakers is the result of their collective shock at their apparently seriously declining ICE sales in China — the huge market the U.S. automakers once dreamed of dominating. Increasingly stringent emissions rules, including those in China, would seem to be another contributing factor.

    On reflection, I am amazed at how the gradual yet steady tightening of emissions rules alone has served to remove from the U.S. market entire categories of simpler, less costly, and yet magnificently functional ICE cars and motorcycles — with the unstated goal of eventually eliminating most ICE vehicles. I often wonder whether, if the present U.S. emissions rules were permanently rolled back to, say, levels from the mid-1990s or earlier years, some of the more memorable ICE designs from those eras would reappear.

    • Hi Bill,

      It’s incrementalism – with regard to emissions. They kept lowering the allowable levels to the point at which only “zero” emissions – at the tailpipe – were allowable. Without any restraining cost-benefit analysis. Thus, we passed the point of diminishing returns about 30 years ago. If – as you said – the reasonable standards of circa 1995 had been retained there would be no problems, either as regard air quality or cars. We’d have an even wider variety to choose from than we did back then – and back then we had a horn of plenty compared with now.

  7. ‘Meanwhile, Ford’s chief financial officer, John Lawlor, says “electrification” will proceed, no matter what it costs.’

    At some point, Ford can’t and won’t be bailed out. This is actual wealth being destroyed for nothing. Like Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.’ Ford cannot burn up billions and think it will stop and even less so that it will create profits in the future.

    A little history lesson. Remember Atari the unstoppable video game company of the late 1970’s and early 80’s? It hit on the idea of making video games based on popular movies. At the time ET. Now the idea of a game based on a popular movie actually is a good idea, used to this day. However rushed development, poor gameplay and the stupid decision to make more copies of the game than the remaining installed base of Atari 2600 (it was declining at that point) put the company into bankruptcy. The shipped four million copies and three and a half million ended up being returned.

  8. Maybe a little off topic but, over the past decade or so I’ve stayed at a wide range of hotels. Invariably, the more expensive the lodging the more relentless is the “Green Messaging”. Whether it’s linens, soaps, lighting, plumbing the more it costs the “environmentally friendly” are the little signs that litter the room(how is putting all this crap on plastic stand-up signs “helping” with the ol’ carbon footprint?)

    BTW, the best shower heads are in the cheap hotels that cater to the journeyman laborers.

  9. “Meanwhile, Ford’s chief financial officer, John Lawlor, says “electrification” will proceed, no matter what it costs”

    He gets his orders from the higher ups. Ve mus alle follow ze orders.

  10. As in GM’s new lower-case ‘gm’ logo, Ford refrains from capitalizing its Model e™ business.

    Apple released the iMac 25 years ago. Now fuddy-duddy auto makers think trendy lower-case letters are gonna wow Wall Street. iDoubt, iSnark, iPuke.

    True confessions:

    ‘Creating exciting new EV’s that drivers really want. But just don’t know it yet.


    HA HA … dream on, supercilious clowns.

    Insulting your customers’ intelligence — while fecklessly fantasizing that you’re Steve Jobs, actually inventing products that didn’t exist before — has always been a winning business strategy. /s

    • That bullet point – “Creating exciting new EV’s that drivers really want. But just don’t know it yet.” – also shows that they are desperately trying to write the way the cool kids do, i.e., by putting periods where they don’t belong.
      The next item – “Batteries that go further.” – is an admission. Further is not the same as farther. I stick to my old AP Stylebook (from before they became woke):
      Farther refers to physical distance: He walked farther into the woods.
      Further refers to an extension of time or degree: She will look further into the mystery.
      So Ford is right. Their batteries do go further, seeing as how they’re further along in the development cycle than previous batteries. But they don’t go farther than IC vehicles, which is a big part of why most of us don’t want one.

  11. “It seems to me that once that individual is (or those are) identified”

    Isn’t it obvious? It is the criminals who print this counterfeit currency (dollars).

    Real money is honest. Fake counterfeit money is a lie.

    It is dishonest.

    Once the money is faked, everything else eventually follows.

    They are using the worlds real wealth to pay for our death and (open air prison) imprisonment. Right in front of us all day everyday. Like Dr Ron Paul has been shouting for decades -End the fed (central) banks and restore real money.

    Sound money.

    Or, continue to enjoy watching our decent in to actual Hell on earth.

    Just my 2 cents kids! I am going to go ride my motorcycle. It is beautiful outside today! 🙂

    • Ya ya ya, it’s all doom and gloom. I get all that, but it would be helpful to have the specific names of the individuals directing the auto makers’ death march to EVs. It’s certainly not obvious to me.

      All you’ve managed to do is articulate the “obvious” tautology that “they” is “them.”

      • It’s a system, Mr. L, comprised of many individuals who are groomed and rewarded over time for their loyalty. Look at Ford CEO Jim Farley. From his official bio: In addition to his various roles at Ford, he currently serves on the boards of directors of the U.S. China Business Council and Harley-Davidson and is co-chair of the Future of Mobility Commission. US/China, Future of “Mobility”? Hmmmmm…

        Ford and GM are mentioned in the Smoot book as prominent CFR member Corps, along with Pfizer, Merck, Etc. The membership roster of individual members is on their site, all 5,023 members. Whattaya gonna do? Here’s a Hollywood portrayal of someone who figured out who “they” are from a 1981 episode of Barney Miller. He references the Trilateral Committee but same difference. Imagine the treatment these days?


  12. They outlawed owning gold. They outlaw possession of certain plants. My prediction is ICE cars will be straight up illegal to possess for private individuals in 5 years. Maybe less. The car companies have been told and are acting accordingly. No one will go out of business because the money will be printed for them like it has been via bailouts and is likely being done in an ongoing fashion. Full on Soviet style.

  13. Eric, related to Ford, I got a bit excited today when I read this headine: “NEXT-GENERATION FORD RANGER LINE-UP EXPANDS WITH LAUNCH OF SINGLE CAB AND SUPERCAB MODELS”. Available with 6-speed manual in any
    configuration. Good news! Or so I thought; it turns out the article applies to South Africa. Too bad we don’t have the same automotive choice and freedom in the USA 🙁

  14. Thomas J. Watson, jr. reinvented the 100 year old International Business Machines, turning it into a technology powerhouse in the 1960s by creating a “standard” line of computers called System 360. Although completely missing the boat on the value of software, he nonetheless created the modern concept of portable and scalable computing by using the same basic architecture across the line. The System 360 computer line could grow as the application grew. Revolutionary for the time.

    More importantly, junior’s shift away from tabulating to computers led to massive growth for the company. IBM became a household name, even though most people really had no understanding of computers or how they functioned.

    Ford and GM leadership is having their “Tom Watson” moment. They want to be the change agent that takes their tired, old incremental growth industry and transforms it into something new and exponential. Transportation as a service or autonomous driving or electric drivetrains. Doesn’t really matter, just do something and hope it takes off. Because incremental growth isn’t going to make you a case study in the MBA program.

  15. Having worked himself into a sopping lather yesterday when Ford’s ‘model-e’ division parked electric trucks in front of the New York Stock Exchange, today EeeVee fanboi Al Roooooooot doubles down after investors yawned:

    Ford Laid Out Its Plans for an EV Future. The Market is Getting It Wrong — MarketWatch headline

    Yeah, right — Mr Market is so-o-o-o wrong! If Al Rooooooot could make money trading, he’d be a portfolio manager, not an ink-stained wretch.

    Meanwhile, Ford’s ‘model e’ division doubles down, big time:

    ‘Ford said Friday it plans to start production of its next-generation electric truck in 2025 at a new factory campus, called Blue Oval City, located about 50 miles from Memphis, [with a] 500,000-truck production target.

    ‘Together with South Korean battery maker SK On, the two companies are spending $5.6 billion on the complex.

    ‘While sales of the F-150 Lightning have been brisk, the car company recently ran into challenges at its factory in Dearborn, where it makes the truck.’


    Sales of 17,000 Lightnings is ‘brisk’? Welcome to the Lügenpresse, friends, where the casual lies just roll on like the tides.

    • yesterday when Ford’s ‘model-e’ division parked electric trucks in front of the New York Stock Exchange

      did they catch fire?….lol

      Recall Alert: Ford F-150 Lightning Batteries Are Catching on Fire

  16. It’s only money, 3 billion dollars is spent by the gov every 15 hours at 194,000,000 dollars an hour.

    8760 hours in a year, a 1.7 trillion dollar budget.

    1 700 000 000 000/8760 = 194,063,926.94 dollars per hour being frittered out the window by dot gov, to the penny.

    330,000,000 poor souls in the US can come up with 3,000,000,000 dollars easy.

    For only $9.00 per citizen, Ford can be saved.

    You’ll be de facto mandated to purchase a lease for an electric vehicle. You won’t have the car to drive on your own, you’ll have to rent one when you can. You have to do your part, buy EV bonds!

    You will be forced into the market and you will pay for the debt accrued to develop EVs.

    The old socialize the costs and privatize the big money profits right into the right hands, not yours. Like NIO, was 67 USD per share, was at a low of 1.87 USD, now is 8.87 USD per share today. EVs are a gamble, a swindle, ain’t gonna work.

    Al Capone said Wall Street is a racket, he was right on the money.

    The Market Mavens have it figured out and the answer is monopolize everything, the Vampire Squid rules.

    As always, it is your fault.

    The real estate stocks are being brutally pulverized if you haven’t noticed. Hitting new lows everywhere, don’t worry, it is only temporary.

    Gotta mind your pints and quarts.

  17. Manufacturers going broke selling EV’s….maybe it is a feature….

    The wef/ccp run the G7 governments…brandon is a ccp employee….

    Part of the ccp/wef agenda is destroying the G7 from within, they already took over the government……

    part of the agenda is herding everybody into 15 min city/death camps where there will be no cars, no mobility

    the ccp/wef are working as a team right now to take over the planet….all the G7 have wef/ccp controlled governments…the people in those countries do not like that new ccp/wef government…

    France Burns As Million Protesters Rage Against Pension Reforms

    France is engulfed in turmoil following President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial decision to raise the retirement age. Over a million people participated in nationwide protests on Thursday, transforming urban areas into scenes of chaos. These demonstrations, the largest in years, have triggered fuel shortages, hundreds of arrests, and even claims of “civil war.”

    more than 900 fires were reported in the streets of Paris on Thursday night — in one of the most violent days of protests in a while….

    with massive police brutality in a violent crackdown…just like blackface’s police/military brutality against the truckers in canada

    blackface’s response to the the trucker’s…. looked like a typical ccp chinese communist party response, like Tiananmen square….because it was…

    the ccp/wef run the government now at all levels…macron is a ccp puppet….so you are getting a typical ccp chinese communist party response, like Tiananmen square

    the J6 demonstration response and trials were the same….a typical ccp type response

    massive protests are scheduled for Germany early next week….another wef/ccp controlled country…

    This all comes as a banking crisis spreads across the Western world.


    • Your government is pushing EV’s? Why?

      the ccp/wef has infiltrated all levels of governments, taken control

      Who benefits the most from the EV vehicle conversion? china does.

      All the most important components in the new EV’s are all made in china.
      80% of the lithium fire bomb batteries in EV’s are made in china….in factories powered by coal….lol
      Then you are dependent on china for replacement parts, etc., in effect they take over the whole vehicle supply chain. Vehicle production then centralized in China.
      the chinese are taking over the electric car market, they are starting to export their EV’s worldwide, their EV’s are supposed to be advanced and cheap, they will kill off the other manufacturers……

      the chinese make most of the chips, maybe the shortage was to help their EV launch….lots of their cars coming here soon
      at this rate everyone will be driving a chinese car soon, a lot of electronics in your car are made there already…….
      no wonder tesla moved a lot of production to china…
      china…..it is where most rare earths are processed; and most of the mineral supply-chains for electric vehicles lead there, with existing supply sewn up.

      With more EV’s the grid has to be upgraded, most of the equipment for expanding the grid is made in china.
      The largest beneficiaries are the Chinese manufacturers of electric transformers, cables, generators, etc. since almost none of that stuff is made anywhere else anymore.
      If there is a war and china detonates a neutron bo mb that takes out the grid, they get to supply all the replacement equipment, another win for them.

      What about all the vac cin,,,,,es and drugs the government has been pushing, all the ingredients come from china, they benefited the most from the bat germ bs narrative.

  18. NPR reports that “California’s drought isn’t really over, despite all the rain.” Why? The next drought is coming:

    “We always have to be ready. Drier times could come again as soon as next year. As the climate gets hotter, California’s extremes are expected to get more extreme.”

    So, citizen, don’t ever be relieved or thankful or optimistic or happy. The next bad thing is just around the corner.

  19. “Meanwhile, Ford’s chief financial officer, John Lawlor, says “electrification” will proceed, no matter what it costs.”

    Sounds just like the Great Leap Forward in Mao’s China, comrades.

    • the wef/ccp with the brandon puppet took over so they force/threaten/bribe/coerce everybody to conform to the agenda…you go along to avoid imprisonment or death….

  20. I got yet another spam email of desperation from Audi a moment ago. The first was “at least $19,000 savings… as much as $20,000 or more combined savings” on an E-Tron lease.

    OK, the second was “2.49% APR on select new 2023 models”. They’re financing at a loss, aren’t they? The prime interest rate is what? 5% or something?

    Fucken E-Tron starts at $105K. I’d bet anything that “select new 2023 models” only includes their hybrids or EVs. I think almost every vehicle in their lineup — outside of S/RS — are hybrid at best now.

    I’m going to enjoy every second of Audi USA swirling down the drain! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. Gosh.

  21. It’s really disturbing to see blind obedience to ideology crowding out the pursuit of profit in the business world. “No matter what it costs” is the mantra of political hacks, not competent CFOs. We see exactly the same thing when it comes to getting a needle in every arm or sending money and weapons to Keeeeeve. The premise is that if we don’t go all-out on Policy X, then we will all be dead.
    None of your selfish arguments against EVs will matter WHEN WE’RE ALL DEAD!
    Your “right” to bodily autonomy will give you no comfort WHEN WE’RE ALL DEAD!
    Your isolationism won’t save you WHEN PUTIN TAKES OVER THE WORLD AND WE’RE ALL DEAD!

  22. I saw this yesterday….And I had a thought. If Ford would have taken say, 1 billion of their projected loss and put it toward buying politicians, regulators and informing the public of the downside of EEEEVVVVs…..then they could build even more F150s, Mustangs and Broncos which they make a profit on. I guess I am not smart enough to be a CFO of a major corporation.

  23. I am seriously wondering if this electrification of cars is a flash in the pan. I am no expert on cars like Eric, but I do know that fads in cars come and go.

    I will be much happier when the current huge frog mouth styling on the front of nearly every car – huge open grill looks like an open frog mouth.


    Scotty Kilmer (the popular youtuber mechanic) memed those front ends with a bullfrog with an open mouth. Once you see it you will never get it out of your mind.

    • What I can’t get over are the “smooth mouth” looks of EVs. Seems as though it just looks weird without something like a grill up front, to me anyway. I’d rather have the frog mouth!

      Granted, numerous ICE designs include outrageous grills. That I’m not a huge fan of either but still better than smooth mouth IMO.

      Also, I can’t get over how dumpy and stupid looking Teslas are. Even if they had a bad-ass supercharged V8 in there, I wouldn’t care. They just look stupid. Can’t get over it. I think there’s maybe *one* Tesla design that doesn’t look stupid but I don’t remember which one.

      Remember the trend of fake exhaust pipes and over-emphasized exhaust tips?! That was all the rage of an “entire” 3 years ago. Now, even cars with an exhaust pipe, they try to hide it! I always look on every car to see if it has an exhaust, if not… hard pass. Don’t care what it is! If so, even if I’m not a huge fan, “at least it has an engine!”

      • Saw a BMW the other day and something looked weird with the grill. Took a moment, but then I realized that I wasn’t seeing a radiator, just flat plastic. Looked at the badge and saw it was their EV.

    • I agree with you, Jack. I don’t see this lasting very long. The “wow” factor has worn off for most of my tech guys who were big into this technology. Everyone else couldn’t give a fig about an electric car.

      There are too many problems with electric cars for them to be successful. Sometimes I think the car manufacturers are going along with just to show the left that this isn’t going to work. Of course, that has never stopped anyone (namely a business) from cutting off their nose to spite their face.

      1. The cost of an EV is one of its biggest issues. Not only the purchase price, but the repair price.
      2. Next, is the manufacturing of the battery and the ores that it takes. Many of these come from overseas from Dragon Country and I have to inquire what becomes of the electric batteries (and software chips) when China decides to invade Taiwan. They won’t be sending them to the USSA.
      3. The environmental hazard that EVs cause. If an EV gets into a crash the repair costs are expensive to the insurance companies, they basically label it as totaled. Where does the battery go? The junk yard?
      4. The fires. The fire department. The hours (and water) it takes to drown a flaming battery.
      5. The toll it will take on the electrical grid which is already about 40 years behind the times. It still takes fossil fuels…got to pump out that diesel or coal or nuclear to keep that charging station going.

      These will not last (nor will their manufacturers). EVs aren’t even as popular as those other fads…VCRs, CDs, or Pokémon Go. These organizations are trying to push something onto the public that the public doesn’t want. It all ends the same way. Death to the corporation.

    • Gasoline is expensive, it ain’t 25 cents a gallon anymore unless you live in Venezuela. So to save gas, designers all try to make the car as aerodynamic as possible. The goal is a low Coefficient of Drag (Cd) and a low square foot of the front end facing the wind (A). The goal is the lowest CdA as possible, and those interested in fuel economy regularly calculate that value:


      The fuel economy king is the 2000 Honda Insight:

      Cd = 0.25 (unitless)

      Frontal Are = 20.0 feet squared

      CdA = 5.00 (which is extremely low)

      (My little Geo Metro has a CdA of 6.79 which is also very low, and air drag is a factor because it only has 50 hp)

      The goal of the fuel economy hobbyist is to cut all the other drags down, like wheel well, tire rim, front end, etc. Some even remove mirrors and windshield wipers, anything that causes drag is eliminated. Then you go for weight, reduce the weight to lower the rolling resistance along with loosening the wheel bearing nut just a little and using some super slippery grease.

      People actually do this, lol. Mostly nerds. Maybe some engineers too.

      So where I am going with this, is that the “eco modders” always try to block off the front end grill drag. So what is the point of this huge grill “frog mouth” in the age of bettering aerodynamics? Makes no sense at all.

      Most of you out there probably don’t care about hypermiling, but check this out:



      • gas….25 cents a cup….it costs 6 cups of gas at 25 cents each to drive down for one $2.00 cup of coffee….soon people won’t bother….make your own for 10 cents per cup (coffee)….

  24. Slightly OT but did you guys see the news of the Southwest pilot who passed out at the controls the other day? Supposedly he “fainted” but was unconscious when taken off the plane and I haven’t been able to find any further information. Gee, I wonder if he was “fully vaxxed”.

  25. ‘Meanwhile, Ford’s chief financial officer, John Lawlor, says “electrification” will proceed, no matter what it costs.’ — eric

    ‘Vamos a electrificar, hasta la muerte,’ Lawlor would say if he were a latin american caudillo: Electrification to the death, comrades!

    What we have here is execs in a staid old mature industry, fantasizing that they are running high tech Silicon Valley startups. Their bedtime reading is Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future, by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. It extols the rewards of going pedal to the metal to birth a 10-times better product, not a timid incremental improvement.

    Unfortunately, EeeVeeees are an ‘incremental decrement’ to IC-engined vehicles. Other than neck-snapping acceleration, they offer only reductions in range, utility, load capacity, and convenience. The world is not beating a path to these degraded ‘battery included’ transport appliances, just as Dean Kamen’s Segway didn’t change the world either.

    So now it’s down to watching the remorseless burn rate gobble up Ford’s ‘Model e’ business, as it cannibalizes pokey old ‘Ford Blue’ [unhip gas-burners, dig] for cash flow.

    ‘Transactions of decline,’ the late urban planner Jane Jacobs used to say: the more they sell, the more they lose.

    Ford coulda done better just buying kilo bars of gold (trading at mad-dog $2,020 this morning) and burying them in the ground for five years. Goofballs …

    • We’re talking about DC-powered cars (literally and figuratively), not AC-powered chairs.


      Please tell me that’s what we’re talking about.

  26. Remember how Rush demonstrated that Hillary / Barry / Moo-chelle’s book sales were really just lump sum buys & that the real product was tucked away in a warehouse somewhere? The public was led to believe that gazillions of people couldn’t wait to read the thoughts of our betters. The reality was few actually gave a shit & the betters knew it.

    My cynicism leads me to believe this is the case with EV sales numbers. Sure, we see a Tesla around every now & then. But never see any other EeeeVeees prowling the streets. 17,000 Ford Lightnings, eh? Like the folks in Missouri say, show me.

  27. From where I’m sitting, there’s an usual aspect to this that few people are talking about. It wasn’t that long ago that corporations were generally criticized because they “socialized” expenses due to “externalities”, i.e., the damage that they created to external things like the environment did not matter and that tab was picked up by taxpayers.

    Socialized expenses and privatized profits. That was the mantra.

    The reason that corporate boards would blow off such concerns very vocally and happily was because they “have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders BY LAW.” Basically the maniacal corporate message amounted to, “so shut up because we HAVE to make money for these shareholders! that’s the law!”

    So point being, where TF has that “fiduciary responsibility” gone? Now corporations are planning on losing money for years on end?!?! Because fuck you, that’s why?!?!

    HOW IN HELL does any sane person go (or keep) long on the stock for these losing-on-purpose corporations?? How does that make an iota of sense?!

    Every aspect of this situation is just suicidal insanity. While the virtue signalers deserve all of it, everybody else does not. Nobody asked for this shit quite clearly. But here we are.

    • Hi XM,

      You raise a very interesting point – one that has given way to “ESG” as the new “responsibility,” which of course is no longer fiduciary.

    • ‘So point being, where TF has that “fiduciary responsibility” gone?’ — XM

      Ask the spectral wraith “Joe Biden”:

      ‘The U.S. House failed Thursday to override “President” Joe Biden’s first veto — of a Republican-led bill that would have banned the consideration of environmental, social or governance issues in retirement and other investment decisions.

      ‘Republicans failed to mount the necessary two-thirds votes needed in the House to override the president’s veto of the “ESG” investment bill. The override failed on a 219-200 vote mostly along party lines as most Democrats opposed.’


      Fortunately, individuals can still buy coal companies, oil producers, gold miners, and uranium processors all day long … and there ain’t jack shit the sorry likes of “Joe Biden” can do about it.

      Or if that’s too complicated, just stack kilo bars of the barbaric relic in your ‘furnished basement.’ My precioussssssss!

    • “HOW IN HELL does any sane person go (or keep) long on the stock for these losing-on-purpose corporations??”

      Because a) the Federal Reserve artificially incentivized stock market through Zero Interest Rate Policy, and b) of the corporations go under they will get bailed out by the government, like GM

      • ‘[if] corporations go under they will get bailed out by the government, like GM’- X

        Starting today, comrades — but banksters first, as usual:

        ‘Bloomberg just reported that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is convening the heads of top US financial regulators Friday morning for a previously unscheduled meeting of the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

        ‘The meeting will be closed to the public. The Treasury didn’t say what time the meeting would begin, and it wasn’t clear whether the council would issue a statement following the meeting.

        ‘The step comes as regulators continue efforts to instill calm following the recent failure of two mid-sized lenders in the US, the near-collapse of banking giant Credit Suisse Group AG before its government-brokered takeover by rival UBS Group AG, [and today’s alarming plunge in shares and bonds of Deutsche Bank].’ — ZH

        Nothing to see here, folks: our banking system is strong and robust — the envy of the world, actually. 😉

    • @XM “HOW IN HELL does any sane person go (or keep) long on the stock for these losing-on-purpose corporations?? How does that make an iota of sense?!”

      It makes no sense, unless you are a libtard woke moran who believes in pink gay transgender unicorns flying over rainbows.

      Wokeism is a fad, as are electric cars, as is zero interest rates, as is unlimited free money for any startup so long as it fits the gay unicorn agenda.

      Thus the excess of free money is what powered the electric car fad, and now that trough has been pulled away as interest rates seek new heights in the Amerikan banana republik.

      The wave aspect of this sea of change is covered over at elliottwave.com. which is currently allowing a “free pass” until the end of March. They cover this collapse of SPACs and all that fancy finance that bankrolled the pink unicorn insanity.

      Has anyone considered that Ford could go bankrupt over their foray into electric vehicles which have already saturated the woke moran buying needs? Who says we are going to have an electric car only future? My bet is on company that maintains a conservative long range investment in the proven car consumers want, gasoline vehicles.

      Pray tell, what happens to this malinvestment into the woke agenda when the fad ends? Go woke and go broke. Are electric cars just the latest ‘flash in the pan’ in automotive sales?

  28. Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” demonstrated the only peaceful and somewhat effective response to corrupt government and the companies that conspire with it to enslave the people.
    Stop doing any business with them.
    (Don’t bother voting because its a waste of precious time. The vote count is as controlled as the final list of candidates.)
    Either we revolt with weapons that kill or we revolt by stopping the free market engine that supports the looting scum.
    There is no other way to avoid slavery and return to individual liberty.

    • CommonLawConstitution.org

      One way to get rid of unjust laws…….

      in the trial by jury…… the law…the legislation is also on trial and can be cancelled by the jury….the jury has that power…this is how you get rid of bad unjust laws….


      • “The primary function of the independent juror is not, as many think, to dispense punishment to fellow citizens accused of breaking various laws, but rather to protect fellow citizens from the tyrannical abuses of power by government.
        The Constitution guarantees you the right to trial by jury. This means that government must bring its case before a jury of The People if government wants to deprive any person of life, liberty or property. Jurors can say no to government tyranny by refusing to convict.”

        Fully Informed Jury Association http://www.fija.org

  29. This whole worldwide, unified push to “electrify” is so obviously artificial and self-destructive (much like the self-destructive “Covid” monomania), but it doesn’t seem that any particular individuals have been identified as being behind it (save Elon). To a casual observer, all of this has the appearance of an organic movement.

    What would cause all the manufacturers to be in lockstep or Ford’s CFO to say that “electrification will proceed, no matter what it costs.” This is another example of crazy, self-destructive monomania. Who is the marionette pulling the strings?

    It seems to me that once that individual is (or those are) identified, the fight against it would be much easier because one could point out their destructive hidden agenda (like it was done with Pfizer, et al). I find myself saying things like “they” want to kill the ICE car. My question is who specifically is the “they?” Once we understand that, the “they” can be attacked and discredited. Until that occurs, those opposing it will just be branded as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.

    • Re: “What would cause all the manufacturers to be in lockstep or Ford’s CFO to say that “electrification will proceed, no matter what it costs.” ”
      Because the big boys made a backroom deal. They know that the Feds and their in-kind state’s will force the ICE out.
      It will be simple and with many tricks:
      -registration fees will skyrocket for ICE
      -road use will be taxed to the moon for ICE
      -any ICE user will be labeled a polluter. this hits all ICE old-new, doesn’t matter.

      The average joe can do math and when ICE is forced higher than EV, they will buy EV. The people that can’t afford all of these higher costs will be out of cars, which they want.
      They question I have is, what will deep red states do?
      In the mostly rural places in the US, there is a large percentage that can’t afford to drive now, even beaters. The big boys don’t care, it’s their means to an end. But deep red states will know it will kill any productivity a small town/state has.

        • IMO, the top 0.1%. But it won’t matter if you name by name, it will all be censored anyway.
          Maybe what would help is a video of the backroom deals? But again censorship won’t allow the masses to see it.
          Some pretty amazing video’s of crap has already come out, and then the next ‘big story’ gets fabricated and all is forgotten.

        • Mr. Liberty, here’s one name:

          Nicknamed the “Einstein of energy efficiency”, Lovins, an adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, has been one of the world’s leading advocates and innovators of energy conservation for 50 years. He wrote his first paper on climate change while at Oxford in 1968, and in 1976 he offered Jimmy Carter’s government a blueprint for how to triple energy efficiency and get off oil and coal within 40 years. In the years since there is barely a major industry or government that he and his Rocky Mountain Institute have not advised.


          No one ever questions the assumptions of this douchebag. He holds court in his Snowmass enclave, inviting leaders to enjoy a tax deductible sojourn to his institute for a few lectures and powder days. The antidote for the goom-and-doom types, he offers salvation in the form of pie in the sky schemes to fix what’s not broken. And the only way is to destroy man’s achievements in favor of his preferences.

      • What do you mean “will?” In the EU that’s already happened. One big reason for the 2.0L inline 4 is because of EU taxes on more displacment. There are citys that have banned ICE engines, only allowing electrics. And there’s a push to force gasoline engines to reduce their NOx output.


        It is a easier sell in Europe for sure, they’re used to being surfs on the estate. But as we’ve seen, if the EU cuts off their arm the US policy makers dream of the day when they can cut off both, and a foot too.

      • 3 Billion Dollars would buy a LOT of Lawyer’s time to tie this Electric Car thing up in court for years and years. If Ford really wanted to keep selling ICE cars.

        It’s all a matter of what the bigger scheme really is.
        Stay tuned.

    • If I had to pick one it might as well be Soros. Acting out as an agent for a certain tribe (Rothschild) of European bankers, who pull the strings of the Fed. End of the day I’m sure he’s just a stage manger, with someone (or Thing) pulling his strings. Its telling how leftists react when Soros is criticized. Makes me think he is a proper target, what with all the invective they throw at anyone who dares call him out

    • Hi Mister,

      “They” is a kind of shorthand-synonym for the technocratic managerial overlord caste. It includes the extremely wealthy who (my opinion) resent the relative affluence of the ordinary folk, as it renders their magnificence less shiny and (more important) less important to those who do not have it. What I mean is there’s an element of sadism at work here. They want us to suffer – in the manner of a feudal lord over his serfs.

      • It seems to me that without being able to identify “they” by name, the opposition is just shadow boxing. Fighting an anonymous or invisible enemy is a nearly impossible task.

        There is clearly one or more individuals setting this agenda and directing the players’ execution of the plan. We need whistle blowers to come forward with names. We needs texts or emails showing the agenda being set and directed.

        • There is a great book by Dan Smoot titled “The Invisible Government” from 1962 that lays out who “they” are. Just like the renamed flu scam, it’s not one thing. Here is Smoot’s summary blurb:

          Communists in government during World War II formulated major policies which the Truman administration followed; but when the known communists were gone, the policies continued, under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson. The unseen they who took control of government during World War II still control it. Their tentacles of power are wrapped around levers of political control in Washington; reach into schools, big unions, colleges, churches, civic organizations; dominate communications; have a grip on the prestige and money of big corporations.

          For a generation, they have kept voters from effecting any changes at the polls. Voters are limited to the role of choosing between parties to administer policies which they formulate. They are determined to convert this Republic into a socialist province of a one-world socialist system.

          This book tells who they are and how they work. If enough Americans had this information, our Republic would be saved.

          There is a touch of anachronism but the history to date then plus the history to the current day makes it clear to me that the same players are playing the same game, we are just much deeper into the endgame.

          Gutenberg free online book link:


          • “They are determined to convert this Republic into a socialist province of a one-world socialist system.”
            Historically any way, socialism was a national economic system, while communism was an international socialist government system.
            A one world government system would be communist.
            Communists love the term socialist. It keeps the heat off their backs.

            • What “they” are after was, subsequent to Smoot’s work, summed up by Gary Allan in his 1971 book “None Dare Call it a Conspiracy” as global hyper capitalism for a very small group and communism for the rest of the people. This puts a finer point on it, judging by what we are seeing today. In line with Eric’s observation, they want to not only guiltlessly but virtue signally party on the big boat free from accusations of hypocrisy a la Orwell’s Animal Farm, while the rest of us suffer the horrors of communism all in the name of fighting “climate change” or “racism.”

              • And “they” keep you on the 3×5″ index card of allowable opinion, as Tom Woods calls it. ‘30% tax or 27.5% tax, citizen. But dare not assume taxes in general are wrong.’

        • The CFR looms large in many accounts of who “they” are. Got me to thinking about a post on Economic Policy Journal from March 2018, in the early/middle Trump years, well before Joe Biden had even thrown his hat in for a run for president in 2020.


          From link:

          While in New York City, I took the opportunity to meet up with a couple of acquaintances at the Council on Foreign Relations to get the establishment pulse on President Trump, his policies and the economy.

          Not surprising, CFR people are not very impressed with Trump.

          Indeed, when you walk into the CFR offices, you are greeted with a portrait of Joe Biden. (Picture seen in link)


          6 years later and all that water under the bridge, that’s some shit right there, huh?

      • I think “they” is the roster over at the WEF. Sure, there’s the leaders of the cult like Soros and Schwab but without their faithful followers, none of this would be possible.

        So we can name the names all day long but it’s quite a list as far as I know!

    • No specific names here, but there are a lot of wealthy individuals who own shares of wind farms who are very interested in offsetting their jet-set lifestyles by greenwashing their investment portfolio. Just search for (state) wind investments and you’ll see all sorts of private equity announcements. And with guarantees of power purchases, along with direct subsidies providing an abslute floor, it’s a no-brainer deal if you have the cash on hand. Doesn’t matter if it breaks the grid as long as the payback works. The trick is to flip them before the maintenance schedule sucks up margins.

    • Here’s another group of “they” that are running the big show:

      One subcommittee member, whose name in the spirit of our times is of course redacted, seemed to realize the concept was too hot to discuss in public. She “suggested removing mention of MDM” — this, from a member of the “MDM subcommittee”! — and “framing” the subcommitee’s efforts more in terms of “directing people to clear information about elections procedures.” Another member recommended CISA “point more to state officials and state laws to make the authoritative source of information less controversial. In other words: “Let’s make it sound like someone other than the hated us is running this thing!”

      The Rasputin characters behind the curtains have the ultimate luxury of being in control of the meeting minutes. If they wish to be discovered they will be. If they do not, they will not.


  30. It may cost them 3 billion but I suspect Ford is attempting to Jack up the MSRP on their ICE vehicles to recoup the loses.

  31. I wonder what Ford and GM were told behind the door by these government stooges of what will the future be and how they will participate in it? Their decisions to proceed with this insanity are not based on sound business acumen, but pure politics and future monopoly and control.

    • I think I smell another big fat bailout on the backs of the tax slaves. Just like with the SVB depositor bailout.
      You can do most anything if the FedGov guarantees you not only can’t lose, but will gain.
      Until FedGov goes tits up, and we ALL lose. Bet your ass they will suck us dry on the way down. At gunpoint, as usual.

  32. In fascism, corporations make products and services according to government agendas instead of market forces. And here we are. A completely fascist country where small businesses are extinguished in favor of government controlled corporations. Like the jew friend said to his gentile counterpart – yes we do control everything and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

    • I disagree only in that the state and corporations are in collusion, not one working on behalf of the other. Corporations are in control of the market, with the assistance of the state, and the state makes certain demands in return. I think they’ve tripped a wire with EVs, and the corporations won’t survive it without a whole lot of brand new money created out of thin air. Which they’ve never balked at before.

      • The Jews control everything!

        Yeah, right. Sure they do. Another crock of shit from some damn dumb kyke. Jews know how to baffle you with bullshit.

        A Bernie Madoff house of cards is what you see. “You Jewed us,” words spoken by a financial Jewish guru about Bernie. Now you know. How stupid is that?

        Spell it ‘Judas’, about the same.

        What else is new?

        I don’t have to listen to some stupid Jew when I have to make a beeline to the bathroom. Mother Nature rules there.

        Stop listening to the horseshit the Jewish Jews love to feed you.

        Putin ain’t gonna. Putin has heard enough, time to bomb the shit out of the Ukrainians, same difference.

        Ukrainians? Who needs them? Nobody! Phoenicians are no more, gone a long time ago. Sumerians, all toast.

        No more Manhattans, no more Mohicans, there can be no more Jews too. You can’t enslave them, just have to kill them. Whatever works the best.

        By now, genocide is a feature, not a bug.

        Even when you kill them with kindness, the crazy Jew still cries out in pain.

        Go all Fiddler on the Roof and send them to The Pale, if that doesn’t work, march them north to freeze to death.

        The world will still be here after all of the Jews are gone, just another hard day on the planet at that point.

        Sometimes, you have to call a spade a spade.

        “We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States.” – some stupid collectivist who needs to die sooner than later

        No need to name her name, delete it from the Akashic Record.


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