Latest Reader Question: Full-Size SUV Advice?

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Here is the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Gill asks: In your opinion, what is a good full size SUV to buy? My needs: Cargo capacity. Road trips for 5-6 with comfort. Towing a trailer. I’m thinking of the Chevy Suburbun. So far, it’s the only V8 that I’ve seen. Ford’s offerings are V6.

My reply: The Suburban is an excellent choice – but might be more than you need (in terms of overall size). Have you looked at the Tahoe? It is the same thing, basically – just not as long. But same V8s (5.3 standard, 6.2 optional) and general capacities (excepting cargo, which the ‘Burban has more of, obviously).

You might also have a look at the Nissan Armada – it’s in the same class as the Tahoe and also comes with a powerful (5.6 liter) V8, meaty tow rating and so on.

I have been hesitant about recommending the Expedition for the same reason that you seem to be hesitant about buying one: The fact that it no longer offers a V8. However, the twin-turbo V6 in the Ford seems to be pretty reliable – and is very stout. This engine makes more power than the standard V8s in the Tahoe/Suburban and more torque than any currently available gas V8 in this class. The Ford’s tow rating is also best in class. It’s a hoss.

Might be worth a (cautious) look!

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  1. I’m a long time Suburban fan although not as keen on the swept down roof models of late.

    The square rear was good for anything from putting a piece of plywood in the back and loading a couple pallets of feed or seed.

    Basically being anew enclosed pickup was wonderful for towing and 4WD just added to what you can do.

    You can sleep 4 comfortably with reclining buckets. They actually tow better than a pickup.

    And you can get a 3/4 ton 4WD thats comfy and ready for just about anything.

    I’ve lots of experience with Tahoes and Yukons and they are good for most things but just don’t have the room to roam like a ‘Burban.


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