Video Rant: Why Insurance is a Mafia

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Here’s a rant expounding on the subject of insurance – and why it has become a mafia:

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  1. Health care fields continue to dominate the highest-paying jobs in the Denver metro, based on the most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released in April.

    Limit the market with massive regulation, scare the hell out of the population with negative stories about how horrible everything is, and cash in on the fear. Oh and continuously push sugar on the population while blaming the health effects on lifestyle choices.

    Hey why f*** up a good thing, right?

    • Hi RK,


      I look around me when I am out and about and it seems at least every third person is severely overweight. In checkout lines at the supermarket, I watch as these fatties purchase gallons of HFC-sweetened soda and tea and “energy” drinks. Ordinarily, I’d just feel sorry for them. But these fatties are the ones forcing me to subsidize their “health care.” To pay for their diabeetus and cholesterol meds. The system enables such people, encourages them – or at least, there is no negative incentive to discourage their poor decisions.

      One of my best friends is extremely overweight. Love the guy, but it annoys me that he and I pay the same rate for “health insurance.” I would actually pay more – because I’m self-employed and have to buy it on my own rather than obtain it through corporate employment, as my friend does.

      He’s almost 400 pounds. Sedentary. Eats too much of the wrong foods. He’s a heart attack waiting to happen and if not that, his odds of becoming diabetic and crippled before he’s 60 are high.

      I’ve got a normal BMI and exercise regularly. The odds of my needing any kind of quackery/poultice are probably a fraction of his. Yet the “coverage” does not discriminate. Premiums aren’t based on my particular physical condition – or his. Neither of us would need to get a physical evaluation prior to being issued a policy, the policy cost based on our health.

      This is bizarre as well as unsustainable and outrageous.

      It is exactly the same as mandating that a teen driver with multiple at-fault wrecks to his credit pay the same for “coverage” as a 40-year-old guy who hasn’t so much as door-dinged a fender in decades of driving.

      • Because for you to pay less wouldn’t be ‘fair’. Notice how ‘fair’ is always a way to stick it to the prudent and responsible? Notice how in any situation where the irresponsible, imprudent, etc have the advantage nothing is done to make it fair? For instance when the risk taker has a risk payoff the gains aren’t transferred to the prudent. (well there used to be investment and interest rate mechanisms to do that but those went away a decade ago) But when the risk taker loses…. well then time for bailouts. Same thing for medical care.

        • Hi Brent,

          Exactly – unfortunately… and I’m not having it. I won’t pay for maternity care and substance abuse and so on. If they decide to SWAT me, so be it. I just don’t care.

          Here’s an irony, too – a really vicious one: Right now – like a lot of people – I literally cannot afford health insurance; I’m self-employed and recently divorced. It’s been a not-great year. The cost of one of these policies – “bundle mandated” – is exorbitant for a self-employed, middle-aged guy. Despite my being in excellent health, no chronic conditions, no bad habits and several good ones.

          But I can’t afford it; it would mean literally not paying my electric bill, or caring for the cats (I have five). So I get punished by the IRS. I get hit with a $695 bill by the government for not buying what I cannot afford because of the government…

  2. Don’t forget about how car insurance forces you to buy 3rd party parts that aren’t guaranteed to actually fit. They don’t cover car rentals either. If you’re not lucky enough to have a mechanic friend and a car that can be borrowed from another friend, you’re gonna have to pay for a rental for possibly a month. That’s a lot of money waisted while your insurance company keeps sending out garbage parts that don’t fit the car. Not to mention the amount of hassle you need to go through to get OEM parts from their greasy hands

    • Amen, my Young Apprentice!

      Or even two months! (For those in the peanut gallery: Very good friend of mine had her car struck by a deer. New car, had it less than a year – full “coverage” by a name-brand company. The evil shysters foisted low-rent aftermarket crap parts to repair the car – and they don’t quite fit right. Now she is having to haggle with them over replacing these parts with correct factory parts. This has been going on for months. She paid Top Dollar for her insurance. Which makes the case as to why it’s a waste and an outrage to do so. She’d have been better off just paying out of pocket, because she’d have a properly fixed car and probably more money in her pocket, not having had to waste money to be “covered.” Well, if the mafia weren’t able to force her to be.)

  3. Of course it is. It IS a legalized Protection Racket. Don’t buy it, they come and rob you of your money, your car, your house, etc. Now with OBOZO-Care, I am experiencing something insidiously new I never heard before, regarding any insurance, healthcare, car, house or otherwise. That is “friends” and customers attempting to argue that my personal lack of participation is making their Health Insurance cost more!
    Excuse ME? Now the system is resorting to Marketing Peer Pressure, lying to those who DO buy into the Mafia, and encouraging them to brow-beat their peers to participate! My personal purchasing habits have NEVER been a subject of discussion, much less an outright DEBATE, until this OBOZO-Care Crap came along! This is how nasty and pervasive this shit has become. My response is rock solid, and flawless, however. I tell them if that BullShit were true, A: then the 1%ers who already DON’T participate would have already brought down the whole insurance industry, (which they haven’t) and B: I would have to be charging my own auto repair customers ten times what I currently do, because of all the people who DO NOT use my shop for service (which I don’t do, yet still mange fine without) That second one really stops them dead, because here I am, an undeniable fact, solvent and doing only as much as any one man can do in a workday, yet I stay in business. In the face of these 2 undeniable FACTS those who try that shit with me shut the fuck up or change the subject! Why? Because they KNOW it is a racket and a lie, and they want everyone else in the same wolf’s den to be eaten by the same wolves, that’s why!
    Now if that “everyone must play for this to work” BULLSHIT were true, the industry would have gone bust years ago, which it hasn’t. This is a clear-cut case of PC of the Wallet, something NO ONE has ANY business dictating to another free man. My financial priorities are MY responsibility, and the consequences are MINE ALONE, and to even suggest that any one man is the cause financial burden by not paying into a Protection Racket is Orwellian as fucking hell! I’m considering doing my own “discrimination against anyone waliking in my door and saying ignorant shit like that to me. I intend to send them AND their more down the street with their ass on fire. I already turn away 50% of what comes to my door, just based on their bad attitude, expectations of “instant gratification” car service, etc. People have actually asked me to charge them on a “sliding fee scale” like I am Social Services? To these people I tell them they are crazy and go find someone else to bullshit, it ain’t hapnin’ here! I have even run off some longer term customers who have ventured into “advising” me on my personal and business practices….and I don’t care if I never see them or anyone they know, ever again. When I run out of decent human beings to help with my skills, I’l find something else to do for a living, to hell with the sheeple, past present and future! Society USED to have a collective rebellion against shit like this, I don’t know when exactly it was, but somewhere along the way they all got castrate AND lobotomized at the same fucking time! I can’t deal with mass-stupidity!

    • Sorry for the spelling errors above, my fingers can’t keep up with my brain when I’m pissed, and my arthritis isn’t helping matters, lol!


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