Video Rant: BMW X2

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Here’s a quick and soggy look at the BMW X2, which is a kind of custom-bodied version of the BMW X1 – which is a compact crossover SUV. The point of the exercise was to make it (the X2) not look like just another crossover SUV – but without compromising the crossoverness of the thing.

They succeeded!

PS: EP is under water. The hurricane left my place – my basement – under about 4 inches of water; it’s a major mess – and will be a major expense. I may not be as prolific with the rants for a few days as I gut the place of ruined drywall and carpet. I wishI could afford ServPro or some such, but the government has rendered my finances precarious.

. . .

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  1. I want to leave CA but have to admit the only think to worry about is earthquakes, as long as you do not build in areas at risk of fire or mudslides. AZ here we come

  2. Even if you had homeowners insurance, it’s unlikely the basement flooding would have been covered. It didn’t cover my flooded basement after a tornado in 2008 (it did cover most of the other damage though).

    If you get to it quick enough, (unless there is sewage) you may be able to save the carpet. If you can dry it out before it gets moldy, you have a chance (don’t forget the pad if it is one). If you have or can borrow an carpet extractor (like the ones Servicemaster has) pull as much water out of it as you can. I know in this day and age, you dump wet carpet, but I remember people managing to save flooded carpet when I was a kid without problems. If its the thinner commercial type carpet, it’s likely the indoor-outdoor kind which can be dried out without problems with fans. You will want to steam or extractor clean it later.

    Keeping mold from growing is your biggest thing once the majority of the water is out. Keep the air moving so it has a chance to start drying. Get the wet drywall out as quick as possible since mold loves wet drywall. Let the fans run down there at least a month, even if things are dry to the touch. Wood framing can hold a lot of water.

    I didn’t rebuild the lost basement rooms for a couple years. It worked out ok, because I took the time and redesigned it to suit my needs. Good luck, you have a lot of work to do.


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