Ditch Your Car . . .

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Something else which would have been thought impossible once upon a time – like having to allow a government worker to stick his hands down your pants in order to be allowed to board an airplane – is happening.

People are signing up – clamoring – to “ditch” their cars and ultimately, their driving – in favor of being driven around in a car owned and controlled by the corporatocracy.

That’s not how it’s marketed, of course, by Lyft and Waymo and all the other various congealing enterprises devoted to getting people out of cars – and into the passenger seat.

A passenger seat owned and controlled by them.

It’s being marketed as “mobility” – but it’s actually the antithesis of that. True mobility means being free to move as you like, at your whim, unscripted and unscheduled, as fast or slowly as you like – and without your movements being monitored and catalogued and controlled by others.

The “mobility” being marketed by Lyft and others is the same kind of “mobility” enjoyed by toddlers on a leash connected to mom’s hand – only without mom’s benevolence. It is “mobility” in the same way that Obamacare is about “affordable” health care and the “Patriot” act was designed by patriots.

Lyft, the “ride-sharing” company, whose business model depends on people giving up their cars – and thus control over their own mobility – says 150,000 people (mostly Millennials)  have already signed up for its teeth-aching Ditch Your Car program – under the terms of which they agree to abandon their personally owned car for a month in exchange for a “bundled” package of “transportation alternatives.”

These include “short-term” (hourly, daily) rentals and non-driving “alternatives,” such as bicycles and mass – government controlled – transit. The program commenced this week and runs through Nov. 6.

Lyft’s chief strategy officer Raj Kapoor says this is the camel’s nose under the tent of a “generational shift” in attitudes towards cars and driving.

“Young people care about access,” he says. Italics added. “Not ownership . . . their identity is not tied to a car as much as it used to be.”

He’s right – but for the wrong reasons.

And it is not accidental. It is intentional.



First, some background:

Lyft’s founder is anti-car zealot “urban planner” John Zimmer. He’s an Agenda 21 Exalted Cyclops who predicts – who salivates at the prospect – that “by 2025 private car ownership will all but end in major U.S. cities.”

It has been dream all his life.

Whether it is our dream is another matter.

Lyft and the rest of them are not alternatives to personal car ownership, they are purpose conceived to replace it. In order to transfer control over mobility from us to them. This has been in the works a long time. Technology now makes The Dream feasible and the fusion of money and power that is the corporatocracy (the mix of government and corporate power) makes it all-but-inevitable.

It is probably not accidental that car ownership has been made expensive and thus burdensome. The true purpose of the endless mandates issuing from the various regulatory apparats has always been to escalate car ownership costs to the point that it requires years of debt indenture with the end goal being literal unaffordability – for the young especially. At the same time, make driving arduous and unpleasant, especially for these same young.

Turn them off to cars – and to driving.

Give them apps to swipe, screens to stare at. Picture Neo from The Matrix inside his goo-filled embryonic cocoon thing . . .  before Morpheus unplugged him.

But the Millennials dance (see the picture accompanying Lyft’s promo).

They do not care – or grok – that in a corporate-owned ride-share, they will be returned to a state of infantile dependency. Every time they decide to go somewhere, the controllers of mobility will know where.

And of course, they will control how you get there, too. If they decide to allow it. Read up on Agenda 21.

Whatever goes on in the car – and wherever the car goes –   will be Lyft’s or Waymo’s or whomever’s business. But not yours. Because it is their car. And – psssst – it won’t be free, either. You’ll  be dunned each ride as well as micromanaged.

How enticing.

To hasten that day – about seven years from now – cities are being made as car-unfriendly as possible. Road space is being winnowed down; three lanes become two (in time, one – and then, eventually none).

Parking has been reduced – and made more expensive.

This is not coincidental, either.

“Cities of the future must be built around people, not vehicles,” Zimmer says. “They should be defined by communities and connections, not pavement and parking spots.”

Italics added.

But who will be “defining” these “communities”?

It will be technocratic Agenda 21 nudgers like Zimmer.

He wants to “(put )people, not cars, at the center of our future.”

Our future, friend Zimmer? Does anyone recall a vote being taken? An appointment made? Yet somehow, this guy and a few other guys just like him have their hands on the steering wheel and are jerking hard to the left, into that parking lot – where the next step will be a government gun telling us to get out.

The glib effrontery of Zimmer, et al is both startling and revealing. The urge to control is so taken for granted that guys like Zimmer aren’t shy – much less chagrined – about stating their goals, openly.

Read more about Zimmer’s “vision” here.

Millennials – having been raised on the gruel of micromanaged modernity, don’t begin to understand the collectivism they embrace. That it will mean the end of freedom for them and everyone else they drag down with them.

As a friend of mine once observed, the problem with collectives is that someone has to run them. Think Stalin.

Or Hillary.

Soupy generalities such as “the community” are cover for being ordered about by an elite minority of technocrats, regulators and politicians, who will impose their will upon the majority.

The nudge will come at bayonet-point, as it always does.

The majority still has numbers but lacks juice – political power, connections. Money.

Zimmer, et al (this includes fellow technocratic elites such as Elon Musk) have all of those things in abundance.

And they’ve been deploying them with the artfulness of Guderian’s panzers during the French campaign.

Make cars progressively more expensive via regulatory folderol. Make driving a hassle for teens and young people. Don’t even let them drive – not really – until they are 18. Meanwhile, immerse them in apps and tablets and social justice LBGTQSUV intersectionality.

The thing is, self-driving cars might be cool if we controlled them. If we owned them. If we could tun them off and on as we like.

But we won’t control them – for the same reason we don’t control the airplanes we are allowed to fly on. They are not our equipment and so not under our control.

And the lie that “mobility” will ease the financial burden of transportation is almost too obnoxious to bear. A car once paid for is essentially free transportation. “Mobility” means paying, endlessly – like rent, which is exactly what it is.

But the hidden form of payment will be the dearest.

In order for Zimmer’s vision to be realized, it will  also be necessary to nudge people into urban/suburban stack-a-prole living conditions, since it is nor practical and probably not technically feasible to have ride-sharing and other such forms of “mobility” out in the hinterlands.

Will people currently living in the hinterlands be allowed to retain their personally owned, under-their-control “mobility”?

Ask Zimmer.

. . .

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  1. “Young people care about access,” he says. Italics added. “Not ownership . . .”

    That right there says it all! One day, we won’t even be allowed to own the very clothes on our backs! We’ll rent them instead on a “per-trend” basis. Once the next “trend” period begins, we’ll then be forced to swap our entire wardrobe. Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of progress!

  2. Lyft….Uber…any of them….why am I thinking if they know I am carrying…with a license of course….concealed and not open carry…they will have some big issue with that?

    These characters don’t strike me as gun friendly at all.

    • Of course, Alj. Why would these commies be gun friendly?

      Of course, they’ll force their drivers to “not discriminate” and thus to pick up unsavory characters going to or from ‘the ‘hood”, who are almost definitely not only armed, but dangerous; but the middle-class upstanding law-abiding white guy who is complying with ‘the law’ will likely get tossed out on his ass if found out.

    • They prohibit drivers from carrying, regardless of local laws allowing it. So if they find out you are, you will be done driving with them.

  3. Eric:

    I thought Agenda21/2030 was designed to ban living in the Hinterlands…Biodiversity, etc, until some small fragment of the arable land was under production, and the UN dictated what everyone planet wide does. I believe that is why the CA Delta Smelt and other water BS happened on my Coast. Their plan is to solve the population “problem” the same way Seattle solved the commute problem…by refusing to build another inch of highway, and let the commuting pain drive people away…Water storage in CA for 15-20 Mil people, 55 Mil currently…

    Not sure why they are flooding the cities with homeless, drug addicts however if they are trying to force everyone there…living costs/priorties/renter mentality has reduced the indigenous population reproduction to below replacement rate, so I understand flooding the border with new “surfs for the Oligarchs”…

    • Hi Stuck,

      Nothing’s perfect!

      Keep in mind that the Agenda 21/30 “inner party” who are fully aware of the end goal are the minority; the “outer party” – the media, government bureaucrats, the average Blunt Skulled Clover – are useful idiots who serve the purposes of the “inner party” by accepting and advocating the superficial reasons for all of this (e.g., “emissions” and “mileage” and “safety”).

      So, you’ll get occasional conflicts, such as you describe. But the overall agenda continues to move in one direction…

  4. One problem is the idea that we’re going to live forever. I’m sure I’m not the first one to say this but the one thing I wish could do with a time machine is go back and tell 18 YO me that I won’t feel like that forever and work isn’t a means to an end. When you’re young the old guys like to tell you about how you have “your whole life in front of you.” like you have all the time in the world. What they don’t tell you is that you’ll spend a major chunk of that time working, probably doing something you won’t enjoy very much. You can work for your future self or you can work for the banks. These days of course it’s getting harder to avoid working for the banks. I think the kids just don’t think they’re going to not ever want to work, or that somehow someone else will take care of them when they cannot.

    The other problem is that every business wants to have a subscription business model. They look at how every month they pay hundreds of dollars to their phone company, their cable company/ISP, their health insurer… and they want to get into that business. Recurring revenue streams. Don’t have a one-time sale, get them on the hook for a “Service” that will pay forever. Preferably for a fundamental function that doesn’t have a lot of maintenance overhead.

  5. This is why I object, in principle, to the fetish of modern technology. Every “advancement” will be initially optional and then de rigueur, every time. People in some cases will need some prodding with the bayonet to accept the changes but will quickly fall in line with those enthusiastic about technological transformations.

    Thus mine is not a “technology would be a good thing if we could choose to use it or not” view but “technology past a certain point is intrinsically harmful to liberty and an opiate the masses will not reject.”

    Hoard those copies of Road Kill in which some guys bring life to old cars and beaters without fancy hydraulic lifts and a half million bucks of heavy machining tools.

  6. Oregon is currently seeking approval to toll the freeway mileage around Portland, starting with pilot projects but eventually expanding to all of I-5 and I-205 from the bridges across the Columbia down to Wilsonville.

        • Hi Greg,

          Appalling. Lenis was a mass-murderer; the enslaver of Russia. A statue in his honor is as despicable as a statue of Hitler. But Hitler is a no-go for some odd reason.

          • I was tempted more than a few times when working at Bangor (WA) to take a ferry to the People’s Republic of Seattle and give that statue a washing down with my “hose”. But never mind that a man in my position shouldn’t risk a “urinating in public” and possibly an “Indecent Exposure” charge just to make a well-deserved point. My training in avoiding any “conduct unbecoming, etc. etc….”

            Any Volunteers?

            • Hi Doug,

              The ignorance and hypocrisy of the left is startling. It boggle me that both Lenin and Stalin are regarded as “just historical figures” while Hitler is the apotheosis of evil. One can walk down the street wearing a T shirt with Stalin or Lenin’s face on it and not fear assault … try that with a Hitler T shirt.

              And no (for the sake of any Clovers reading this, not you!) I’m not defending Hitler. I’m pointing out that – apparently – mass murder is okay if you do it in the name of socialism. Just leave out the national element.

            • Not me, Doug! My piss is too good to touch that piece of feces statue.

              Hmmm…maybe I could fling some feces at it? That would seem more fitting, anyway.

              • Morning, Nunz!

                This Lenin statute stuff is why I focus on the evil of coercive collectivism as opposed to its communist (or other) variety. Lenin and Stalin get a pass (just as most of what the Democrats and Republicans do gets a pass) because it’s not perceived as “Nazi” – that is, racially/nationally motivated. Mass murder and its variations are just fine… provided it’s of the “ok” variety…

                • Ya know eric, I think that is exactly why today’s big government, and it’s propagators (Like the media) are so obsessed with decrying “racism”- as it’s the only thing that separates them from the Nazis.

                  • Hi Nunz,

                    The blind spot with regard to the mass-murder of leftist authoritarian collectivism has to do with the fact that so many Western intellectuals were (and are) sympathetic toward it. But the lesser mass-murder of the authoritarian right (as it’s styled) draws torrents of condemnation not because it committed mass murder but because of who it mass murdered and also because it advocated nationalism and one particular form of racism.

                    The only form that’s verboten.

                    Put another way, mass murder and dictatorship are okay… provided its polyglot and “diverse.”

                    • Isn’t it ironic too, Eric, that the very ones who decry “racism” the loudest, are in fact the real racists- because they couldn’t care less about someone who murdered tens of millions of “generic white people”- but at the same time rightly condemn those who did the same to a much smaller number of Jews…

                      So what they’re really saying is that the life a Jew is infinitely more valuable than the lives of others; and that they don’t care if the mechanisms of tyranny and genocide are inflicted on the masses now, as long as those things are not specifically directed at “minorities” like knee-grows, jews or queers.

    • It’s not just liberal areas of the country trying to toll interstates. Indiana is hoping to toll ALL the interstates statewide.

      • Transurban in Australia is trying to toll ALL roads in Australia, including dirt tracks used in the bush. Of course, all roads in Australia are paid for by fee simple, our tax dollars. By using cameras they want to toll you even when you cross the road to see your neighbour.

  7. Have never understood the “rental society” mindset that seems to be becoming more prevalent. Never really having your own thing,, ever. Never finishing paying for something either.

    An example: A friend had a nice rental apartment in a four flat a few years ago. I think he ended up living there three years, it was a nice place that was affordable too (very rare in my area to be honest). Two of the tenants were still the original residents from when the building was developed in the mid 1970’s. So those two people had been paying rent for forty years already! If they had bought condos instead, they would have likely paid off mortgages decades ago!

    Granted for the landlord they are dream tenants, never a problem, never late with the rent, half of the building never turning over, never asked for updates other then paint, the other two apartments have been remodeled twice (in some ways I hope I find such tenants when I have rentals). They likely have paid for the whole building by now……..

    But yeah, they will never stop paying. They will have to pay to live there as long as they live there. Even though they have lived there decades, it will never be theirs.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people simply want to be cared for. Where someone else carries the burden. The modern government schools amplify this. The government allows them to vote their neighbors into paying for it.

      They don’t want freedom and do not value it. That’s only becoming more popular.

      • Brent,

        Quite right

        This is one of the few points I disagreed with Ron Paul about.

        He had famously claimed, numerous times, that “Freedom is Popular”.

        Obviously it is not: it is hated, feared and actively thwarted by political and social forces of the “left” and right” both.

        Of course, this is nothing new, for the vast majority of man’s history this has been the case.

        Your average person does not want freedom or liberty, they want instead what people have always wanted:

        1 – To be fed.
        2- To be entertained.
        3- To exercise petty power and control over their fellow man.

        The “Great Leaps” forward in history have often coincided with those brief period of time when a small but committed minority of freedom loving folks and refuseniks have told the established order to fuck off and seized freedom.

        These moments are brief, explosive and all too rare, sadly.

    • Rich,

      I’m convinced that a great deal of what is driving this mindset is the “cashless society”.

      Your average 20 something has never had a job, or even lived in a world, that dealt with or paid hard cash or currency, it’s all shifted and taxed and credited with plastic, sail fawns, direct deposits, automatic payments, computerized accounting and government tax withholding.

      They never see it, never touch it, it just comes and goes and is never accounted for or held to anything that is tangible in the real world.

      In world where nothing is real, and a government structure where nothing is ever truly “yours”, they figure, Why bother?”, easy come easy go, pay for whatever makes life easier, it’s all a bunch of ephemeral 0s and 1s anyways.

      • So true, AF!

        I watched a vid this morning in which the speaker, whose family/kids like to play Monopoly, decided to give them REAL FRN’s to play with, instead of Monopoly money (i.e. the government’s Monopoly money, instead of Hasbro’s).

        The result?

        All players, other than the 7 year-old girl, used different strategies when playing the REAL currency (They all became much more conservative).

        Cold hard cash in the hand teaches real world economics virtually instantly. Mere numbers on paper/screens, which only represent money, create an instant disconnect.

  8. As with any “embryo” that has been hatched since 9/11/2001, all they understand is that moronic brainsucking palm-pilot-idiot-phone. These morons deserve the Orwellian 1984 SUCK-ciotey they are enamored with. And it isn’t just limited to these brainless twits, either. People of my age, 50+, are falling into this crap-trap too. You can’t hardly find one person who does not have that “thing” lodged up their ass 24/7, answering every little buzz, tweet, ring, dingle, bullshit nanny-call. Most are incapable of holding a 30 minute conversation without “callus-interruptus” every 5 goddamn minutes, or less! The attention span of people has gone to the shitter, and they don’t even notice, much less care. Forget critical thinking, or having an actual dialog, for God’s sake, they just can’t handle it, nor do they even want to try.

    • I’ve been using various “devices” since the late 1990s. It took me a long time to figure out how to make them do my bidding instead of the other way around. These things should be here to make our lives simpler not more difficult. Once you decide to control your devices it gets much easier. First thing is to have two devices, one for work and one for home. That takes care of most problems because when the work day ends the work device is powered off, assuming you’re not one of those suckers who gets himself into management. Then turn off nuisance notifications from apps and social media. Set up a VIP list so that women in your life can reach you, and maybe your kids if you have them well trained. Everyone else can (and will) leave a message.

      By telling my devices what is whitelisted instead of letting everything though I’ve found that I don’t really need to put my phone in silent or do-not-disturb anymore. I still do just because robocallers continue to be a problem, but otherwise everything will be there when I get to it.

      Society hasn’t had time to come to grips with these devices, and it does feel good when someone you care about contacts you. But now that the shine is coming off for most people they will need to figure out how to come to terms with ubiquitous connectivity, because it isn’t going away.

    • 30 minutes? Feel respected. I can’t get five.

      I have reached the point were I don’t even bother to see most people in person anymore. Visiting them has become a competition for attention between me and their phone. Seems texting, surfing or taking a call in the middle of a two party conversation is no longer considered rude.

      If I want their (mostly) undivided attention, the only way to get it is by calling them. Even then, it is pretty easy to tell when they are surfing or texting someone else at the same time, when their responses consist entirely of ‘uh-hu’, ‘yeah’, ‘ok’, but not full sentences.

      Confronting them is pointless as their response is always, and I mean always, self-centered, defensive, dismissive and of the ‘But I have to…..” type. The concept that it is rude in not even considered.

      While I don’t wish them ill, I won’t shed many tears when the develop a glioblastoma or become sterile from frying their brains or crotch 18 hours a day.

  9. As a millineal myself, I can’t stand the majority of my generation that look like the ones in the above picture. Thankfully there are a few of us who are still freedom loving. My gen z cousins (who are more like nephews because of the age gap) who range in age from 14 to 20 all love vehicles and the ones that can’t drive yet are already looking for their future car. The two oldest drive v8 pickups. I can’t say I haven’t played a part in it. Also we all grew up in the rural south. Anyway, it’s things like that which keep me from becoming hopeless.

    • That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. I honestly don’t know how things have come to this. I do know that the anti-car army started forming in the middle 1960’s with Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at any Speed book igniting the war on cars as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s cabin was alleged to have kindled the Civil War. The car industry almost ground to a halt in the middle 1970s to the mid 1980s, but early fuel injection technology allowed car companies to meet increasing emissions and fuel mileage demands on companies. Following the Clean Air Act of 1990, which has run its course, cars became increasingly complex. Performance always suffered with a ratcheting up of Corporate Average Fuel Economy. Following the latest legislative round in 2007, it has gummed up performance to a degree that I believe that today’s cars are actually dangerous. Beginning in 2011, fuel economy requirements began to phase in and today, in 2018, all that’s available are turbo charged 4 cylinders. All of this has threatened what makes men love cars. All the while, collectively, my generation sat on its ass just taking the abuse. We have no effective spokesman for the private automobile. The last time car lovers had a legislative victory was in 1995 when the 55 mph national maximum speed limit was repealed, spearheaded and abetted by a small group called the National Motorists Association. Check them out. We need new members. http://www.motorists.org.

      • Hi Swamp,

        If some well-heeled Libertarian would back me, I’d be a tireless donkey pulling this cart. Hell, I already am. The problem is we haven’t got enough juice behind us. Imagine what would be possible if a Libertarian version of Arianna Huffington came along and bankrolled a juggernaut for our side for once…

    • My two kids 18 and 20 love cars too. My 20 yr-old man/boy loves motorcycles as well and just anti-upped for his first brandy new one. Most of their friends love cars/trucks too.

    • Josh, it’s good to hear stories like yours. Of course you’re from the deep south with the only people seemingly having half a brain now is from the southern states with the exception of Ca. and Fl.

      My paternal ancestors left the south after the War of Northern Aggression since the Union and carpetbaggers fairly much left them with nothing after having been successful businessmen and entrepreneurs.

      The maternal side emigrated from Canada after having emigrated from Scotland. And on that subject, Robert the Bruce gave us our family name, Turnbull, after one of my grandfathers in the 1310’s saved Robert’s life from a raging bull. It was said he killed the bull and evidently Robert was grateful since he bestowed a name, land and money to the guy. BTW, next year we’ll get to see the new movie entitled Robert the Bruce. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8000908/

      • Thanks for the story! That’s really cool! I don’t know a whole lot of detail about my ancestry going back that far unfortunately. I do have a lot of Scottish blood in me though, hence my chosen handle.

    • I work with quite a number of millennials. They have trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and rock crawlers. They laugh at men wearing dresses. They hate going to the city. They take selfies from the top of the mountain they just climbed with their (broken screen) smart phones. They call their wives “the old lady” and it’s a tossup if they like their dog or their kids better. And I’m afraid they still have a ton of debt to pay for all those toys, although they might be better horse traders than I give them credit. I just know what I made when I had their job and no way could I afford that and hope to retire someday. Of course none of them went to college. Some of them “only” have their GED.

      • I’m an engineer, so I make a decent salary. Other than my Charger and a few guns, I don’t have a whole lot of toys, because I don’t like debt. Also, the two cousins I mentioned earlier are pretty good horse traders, so to speak. Both of their trucks were well used, but in decent shape when they bought them.

        I have seen folks that I know make a lot less than me that have a brand new $80,000 F250. A while ago I was talking to my Dad about that, wondering how they could afford one of those. Dad told me they probably leased it. Funny thing is, I would rather have a basic Ram 1500 that I could pay cash for than a fancy land yacht that isn’t even mine.

        • Nah, Josh- lease or buy, the sucker still eats the depreciation and related expenses. These idiots “afford” the ridiculous vehicles [Not that an F250 is ridiculous…I have one- but it’s nearing 20 years old, and rusty] because they’re broke debt slaves. They put all of their income into these debts, and have no cash; nothing in reserve. Probably couldn’t come up with $1000 in cash if their life depended on it.

          Repo rates on new vehicles are very high. They buy ’em…drive ’em for a short while; miss a few payments, and BOOM.

          I was listening to Dave Ramsey T’other night on youtube… someone called in, and mentioned that her husband had one of the trucks, and his monthly payment was $940 !!!!! I can LIVE on less than that (and often do).

          I love driving by the local factories when I go to town to go shopping. You see the parking lots filled with late-model cars….while the people who own them are inside working for $9/hr……

          And then they complain about “de ebil rich people” and want to elect socialists to rob the people who can rubn their own lives successfully, so they can give it to them…..

          I get a kick out of that Dave Ramsey show though (I rarely listen though- his pseudo Christianity is insulting to those of us who take the faith seriously)- It’s amazing how many people call in, making 6 figures, and they’re freaking broke and heavily in debt! These people make more in a year than I do in 10 years (By choice- I keep my income below taxable level)- yet I don’t owe anybody one red cent, and don’t work very hard; and lead a nice life. What the hell’s wrong with the fools? They mortgage their lives away, and for what? Most of ’em don’t even have anything to show for it.

        • JtB: I have the same situation and same general field of employment. I live on a cash basis so I seem and often feel rather poor compared to the people around me. All I can figure is they are in debt up to their eyeballs dual income households. There’s no other way.

          Nunz: “And then they complain about “de ebil rich people” and want to elect socialists to rob the people who can rubn their own lives successfully, so they can give it to them” That’s exactly my feeling on the topic. I need to condense the thought into something short. Punishing the Prudent which is what I normally use is too vague.

          • Brent, maybe just quote their hero- Karl Marx- “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”- so if you have any ability, you become an automatic victim; and if you have any need (because you’re too lazy and irresponsible to support yourself and your sprogs), you’re an automatic beneficiary.

            In their scheme, somehow “need” entitles one to the fruit of someone else’s labor; but ‘ability’ means that you are responsible for yourself and 30 other troglodytes.

            And somehow that is called “equality” and equity in the new perverted universe where words have no meaning…..

    • JTB, as much as I despise what’s become of our generation, I’m beginning to realize that it’s not our fault (for the most part, anyway). It’s always the previous-gen elites that cause us and future gens to have a bad rep via “social engineering”; all for the sake of greed and control. We’re just simply a byproduct of that.

      Thankfully, though, there are still a few of us that can actually see through the BS of so-called “progress”.


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