Reader Question: More on Those Un-PC TDI VWs

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: I read your article about the Free at Last TDI VWs. I called my dealer after work, very happy (I bought a Passat, narrowly deciding against the diesel, the day before the news hit that VW had “cheated.” I called to offer cash for one of those cheating diesels, but they would not sell. I suppose that they had rules about it). The dealer said that they had used diesels, but that all the zero-mileage one had been released last year, and were, of course, all gone. Foiled again.

My reply: It depends on the dealer – and the region.

The situation is similar to what happens when there is a low-volume/desirable model that is farmed out only to some dealers, who have better connections or stronger pull with the company.

Few dealers want to admit that they aren’t among the favored and can’t get a certain car you want.

I’d cast a wider net.

I’d also consider one of the used ones as these will be even better deals. One of my didn’t-wanna-be-rekonized (Elvis voice) sources tells me that it’s a snap to find circa 2015 models with less than 30,000 miles on the clock for $12k or so.

That’s about a third of the price of a new Prius – for a much better car that will almost certainly last longer and will definitely save you money!

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  1. I’ve found a lot of 2015 models with 30k or less. But the prices are $17,000 and up. Would like to know where he’s seeing them for $12,000.


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